Zola | Easiest and Most Helpful Wedding Registry | How It Works

Now that you’re engaged [engagement ring sparkles] Let the planning begin! [happy engaged couple shows off her ring] Zola makes it easy to register for tons of gifts [Scanner gun buzzes] Not like that [Scanner gun drops into trash can] [Mobile phone appears with Zola’s online store] Think things like What you need [Several traditional wedding gifts shown] Or actually want [Gift cards, a bike, record player are shown] Anything you want [Props describing cash and honeymoon funds appear] Seriously anything You can even add gifts from other stores to your Zola registry so guests can shop all your gifts in one place Speaking of guests they’ll love how personal your registry feels [personal photos are added to a Zola registry] Price matching, gifts for every budget, and free shipping will make them smile, too We’ll help you stay on top of it all [Mobile phone appears with push notifications from the Zola app] When you receive gifts, you can choose to ship them right away Wait until you have room for them or exchange any before they ship Transfer cash gifts to your bank anytime And know exactly who to thank So you can enjoy newlywed life [Couple seen having breakfast] And your 20% post-wedding discount Let’s build your dream registry together Zola [Zola dot com]

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