Zoë Kravitz on the Wedding Speech that Made Her Cry, Being Catwoman

-Zoe, I’m so happy you’re back. Thank you for coming back.
-What’s up, man? -It was fun to sing with you.
-It was perfect. It was everything
we needed to do. -Yeah, ’cause usually we’re
competing on the show. -Yes, and I figured
you picked this because I couldn’t technically
beat you at a duet. Although, I think
I actually might have. -Oh, my God,
don’t be ridiculous. You can’t win in a duet.
You have to be one. -Totally.
-And that’s what we were. -We were one.
-We were one. -We won together. -We had choreographed
face-smushing at the end, which was great.
[ Laughter ] I love when people get so close
to the singing — Anyways, thank you
for doing that, pal. -Yeah, man.
-Congratulations. Since I’ve seen you last,
you’ve gotten married. -I have.
-Hey, congratulations. That’s the best.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s so cool. Oh, my gosh, it’s the best thing
in the world. It’s so awesome.
-It was beautiful, yeah. -The wedding was great?
-The wedding was very good. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Did your dad, Lenny,
who we love, did he sing? Did he talk?
-He didn’t sing. Yeah, he gave a speech.
-He did? -Yeah, he gave a speech. -What’s a Lenny Kravitz speech
like? -It was beautiful. It was funny because I planned
this wedding very well. And one thing I didn’t really
think about was speeches just because, I don’t know,
it totally slipped my mind. So the night before I was like, “I guess I should probably ask
you guys to say something.” And so the next day at
the wedding my mom, you know, opens, like, a journal, and she’s written
something beautiful. My dad said when he saw that,
he was like, “[Bleep]” [ Laughter ] -“I didn’t do that at all.” -But he went up and gave one of
the most beautiful speeches I’ve ever heard,
and I was in tears. And it was — it kind of made
the night. -Aw, I love him. That’s awesome. Thank you very much for coming
to our show. You just flew in from London because you’re filming
“The Batman.” -Yes.
-And you are Catwoman. -Yes.
-Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s so fun.
-It’s pretty cool. -How is it going so far? -I’m legally not allowed
to say anything? -Exactly, right.
-But it’s good. -Yeah, it is good?
-Very good. -It’s a good cast.
-The cast is amazing. It’s funny because sometimes
with big movies, it can almost feel like
it’s just bigger than you, but everyone is
so excited about this story. Just everyone is so invested. It’s just a really good energy
on set. -Everyone wants to make
this work. -Yeah.
-That’s awesome. I want to talk about
“High Fidelity” ’cause I love the book. I love the movie.
-Me, too. -With John Cusack. And now I know I’m going to
love the show. And then the music supervisor
for this — -You might know him actually. -Yeah, I think I’ve seen him
on the Oscars. Questlove is actually
the music supervisor. [ Cheers and applause ] -I’m doing too much.
-I mean — -I’m doing too much. -You know,
he doesn’t take requests. How did you get him to do this? -I stalked him. -[ Laughs ]
You did? -You’re laughing, but yes.
-You did? -Yeah, he’s really busy,
you know? And I was texting him
and texting him. And the blue to white ratio
on our text was — -[ Laughs ]
Really? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -But eventually he was —
he came through. -Like, what would you ask him? -I mean, he is an encyclopedia. So especially on a show
about music and records, you know, if we had
any kind of question about “Oh, the character needs to find
an incredibly rare record. What record would you be
so excited to find?” And I would get, like, just
pages and pages of information. It’s incredible. -You have the biggest record
collection I have ever seen. It was like a storage facility. -Yeah. Near 100,000 right now. [ Audience ohs ]
-If the show was “E.R.,” and you need, like, a doctor
to tell you, like, how things actually go,
he was our music doctor. -Okay, yeah, he was
the doctor of music. -Yes.
-No, he knows everything. -Yeah, it’s crazy.
-That’s so fun.


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