You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Floor / Door / Table

ladies and gentlemen the secret word tonight is floor f l double or really you’ll be at your wife three thousand result ultimately owners
of america present double faster pronto yes friends it’s a groucho summertime by popular demand from your letters
rating histories in the acclaim of critics buddy so it’ll plymouth beaters
radios selected shows from you’ll bet your life a colony groceries bulldozed and
transcribe from hollywood groucho marx is on vacation friends and
will return in the fall until then it’s fun and lastly tweak this summer as
we proudly present some of the best of groucho was passed show and areas ball one and the old lady his name out of love here i’m a democrat i was not a problem
about couples tonight mister fenner man who’s place to try to
a thousand up while we invited some college students to the program tonight
and just before we went on the air our studio audience selected missionary elemental sp and preston still get welcomed him back
to life it’s a it’s a good bye to you divide two hundred dollars it’s a kind
of like something you find around the house and mary ellen and nicholson and uh… preston there’s only dismayed and didn’t at demands and was the reason in patent going right along and way from mary ellen while i could email me just uh… mary briefing typewritten when you talk to uh… to
friday call you nineteenth nineteen means and uh… what is your agent preston that one but that come into your tender missus elders occidental uh… were you doing well i’m i’m studying industrial
psychology are you going to accident and singing don’t have to spend a dime
electives understand means you can ninety fea my view girlfriend and i wasn’t there and what do you taking in school business education when you’ve got a good meetings when you have a nice and jobs thank you which is on my own view now what do you get when you graduate
nicholas men thank you very distinctly eventually canteen but don’t worry about it egregious get
better but it’s on the things you study in
school role corporation finance economic theory liverpool was just a little jim abnormal psychology when you get home about they said and psychology really useful
in everyday life for example when you made a pretty good at what you look for
psychologically well cardiologist dot personally compatibility common interests and see what you’re looking for their
son shot but if they cannot read right along the ocean and you have you study psychology
manning missing what is developing when she needs to be
looking for i won’t be she thinks the same thing
with the boys do pinning down still wondering if they cut but right here uh… most reassuring couple and that you make a difference any
things that come in very handy with all those babies night on a play back to life in just one
minute you had a chance of a thousand dollars sort of when the question if i say something of interest every
it’s the greatest advance in driving these inconveniences the self-starter that’s what people are saying about the
sensational you’ll be solo feature full power steering the makes during the steering wheel
practically effortless with de soto full power steering you can turn but we’ll be there that he
solo firedoglake or the power master six using jost one finger it’s literally as easy as dialing a
phone be so hopeful but full power steering works even when
the cars at a standstill that means to you far easier parking an easier driving the
ball speeds and over all kinds of roads experience the mobile field effortless
steering de soto lfo all power steering tomorrow the security sold open with
beers and has to take the five-mile trial in either the mighty the sole fired all
night one hundred and sixty horsepower
v_-eight engine or the handsome the sole power master six and remember all dealers who sell desoto also sell plymouth the low price car most likely price for all right now at c_n_n_ and the question
what explainer of you that is not to be twenty dollars if you want me to four
questions and problems the most money gets a chance of the files in dollar
reasonable plan a question of the individual paleontology argument went out of you
selected famous vans is your first question how much of a
twenty fifteen who was the sentimental
gentleman of slain uh… tommy dorsey is right has not been thirty five dollars many
going two thousand dollars night how much that they find out of the bed in
the second question was a famous rippling rhythm along as well motorola take a stab at it of you know or the balanced told at sheffield
should’ve known that keeping yall ten dollars create business psychology had
been having any intention of what’s going on for this gut visit that question how much of the how
much ten ten dollars a lot of that matthew were civics six dollars or has the ban every
now that’s private packing sixteen dollars sixteen hours a
climbing fancies u_s_ tends to be the other covers some of the sixteen out of
it twelve os band play champagne music last
last deadlocked in this article on it and you
are not worked forty eight dollars bobbie it’s very few still may be the
winners undertow just before we were on the air
we ask for house lies with interesting hobbies and missus ciller
christopher was selected our partners especially esta member of the los
angeles county board of supervisors mr raymond e dot g ultimately army groucho marx welcomed by the sought a primitive
associated wide and about a hundred dollars it’s a common white something a
fine around the house missus hill the kristin and mister and indeed a used by the one
of the kentucky derby florida but contract are taken excited well you from mr dot from kansas working
indians washington’s isn’t europe and the supervisor county supervisor for many mayors even not to be in another promise to write on
the show used to be mayor of england not only that but it’s a rare privilege
i can tell you how proud i am and proud to stand for you now than what is a promise of about supervisor in one of five men who served
as executive legislative immediately judicial board it was in this country for housing cannot jr packing house i’m not in jail this is christina what does your husband
do he he had detected he works on the line
item police department rule was meeting on the on the show i
know of the pension mamsted dot bsd four months is going to
uh… soup instead a supervisor families who had a happy about having
how did you become a supervisor enough to run for it and uh… when you get on it before i have
here elected warrior on the floor mohammed unsupervised seven years and how long is the supervisor elected
for four-year term the politician for in seven years ago it
was elected to a four year job do you have an explanation for this or
yes i was re-elected how do you imagine rayon call your own if you promised the voters to decide
rosen of the garage in a check and i think this out start them frankly and honestly when i hope you do for them this is an indicted really and despite that they like you he said missus customer what do you
think of the supervisor this morning muslims in ass her husband isn’t going to be an
ordinary policemen very long tennis is based on how many times that
did you want from this today uninvolved some other noticed it magazine has been backed up on the
payment k promises christopher let’s get back to
you mister fenner says you have an unusual
hobby what is it making too many what’s unusual about that a lot of
people raise commands act fast like a man you cross commanders have missed a lot
of times icn across my canaries in the right kind
of twenty meters community out crossing to calais buddy deeds miami and crossing over children any congress’s tune complaining says guineas arrived and
they’re not ko diseases can well this is that these consent is problem and his name is susan
he may have been anything played over the phone system book and constant over to the following any walkin and working and and then what happens he leaves out a loan goes up and uh… romantic night crossing it over it can assist and then i get humphrey in haiti country any back to the canary in
nineteen seventy five franciscan man identified as have to marry and have
a radio right or not they are now all this is a very unusual specimen you’re
anything like this hospi again there itself retailer mozzarella him another hand and down controller instead buried a controls has given to us in the wall white folks do is you know there’s
anti-choice and which of birds seems an ordinary at
him now canary leasing space here that it’s a hindrance seemed chapel anything you know any media thing and
they see a thing it’s very bad hedonism what is it shot but i didn’t get there chapel is one of the towards the birds
singing family added to a second hollow all in-home role in water dot so on and off half out against women is always make any sense to you mister
dunne very clear that makes sense and i can only a
campaign speech meadows yesterday one point i don’t know when you crises canaries he
always get the kind of a bike you desire no i don’t last year my second class less and many on this year that second cross the aisle is
eighteen and a needs dot i guess is it’s very hard for a
attack on the may cancel our lease lane exiled finally gets out of town and telling me is that this beautiful rose
two ten in the right hand was possible as i say let’s an asylum on
the they had a lot of what do you favor the
threat and he in that speech is very easy and
install many many lovely canary seal as she had
planned on pat and i didn’t get a single canary he’s uh… as having press on this but uh…
all of these crops get into office by the people not taking interest in
government that have been gone for mister dunne the
vision why didn’t months if there is some people think we
can flee before they go the polls can i think i did you vote for mister
dot lesson in nineteen sixty eight i feel as though you if you are in his
district it would you vote for him and mrs chaplan house you like me well i know it’s not as being before going to pay political and and this has come up at the police
commissioner by morning by the end of the body what the status
of our lives i represent the fourth district
extending from long beach to ventura county and in beverly hills west feels
well that’s where i live he must be my supervisor non-union has
the citizens of taxpayer demand alleging what do you do for me that’s a reasonable prices then i can ask him her about her shop i
like this idea is going on doing from a this came as an office
acclimate is all things katrina indirectly here in charge of the
courts chair for district attorney coroner’s office tax collector some fifty seven different where there was room evaded taxes on
your property ice in a farming is a paper letting announced mr dot is a great guy honest efficient i
was like that not i’m not even know about my tax nut it and i think that identify net exactly
what i want to know about an hour dot county supervisor but it’s all in
fun actually we are a great deal of our government the question is how we have the money in
a plan to pay it ninety one twenty twenty one twenty
twenty dollars mum on how the tapos you’ll get a crack at that house not a
question mister fannon is onstage remind our
listeners how much the first couple one the college students one twenty eight
dollars anyway dot i said i committed twenty
dollars you selected vice president so we can present busy place question how much of a twenty
minute drive of ice president who later became
president after the declaration of independence his home was among the salaries as men who’s doing trying to get us in iraq we wonder why you have to revitalize than a hundred thousand dollars nine
hundred thirty-five united front is done fifteen pounds the only president to be
impeached said his vice president abraham lincoln who is a andrew johnson a redacted right fifty seven dollars you have sixty seven
dollars how much you know that this time sixty dollars opposed by president later
became president what was his name done and done accessorize have and spend all this time so i think
that i think declining one hundred twenty seven
dollars and here’s your last chance to be on the cover of how much of an inch
one even a flyer thirty-seven on twenty seven can and twenty five million disgusted with
me vice president who succeeded for the
presidency was a former kind on the spanish-american war teddy roosevelt dialysate set up an idiot you wind up with two
hundred and fifty two dollars back-burner wacho we invited some hoboes and some resort agents to the program
tonight and just before we were on the air our
studio audience elected carmen michaelis and thus the jim smith the nato allies force make much of what property a better life it’s a it’s a
good way to you to buy two hundred dollars it’s a common write something
you find around the house comment michaelis commoner michaelis europe resorting to
present wavefront morning chances alone here and i did well since i was four years old and uh… holding thirty phone read you’ve been i thought you were twenty they too could carry with him and i think they could carry on this mister smith jim smith that’s a good
american name you’re a hobo exams i feel kind of the self-conscious about
your overview resent being called a hobo or i don’t mind being called a whole
moment and i have a kind of a derogatory connotation i don’t like to become a
tramp or above basically have no intention of going
anywhere back it was with great difference that i
called you a hobo faucet that was sitting at home on a
train at tram will be home alone trampled where a whole bowl will work anesthetic you ever find it necessary to like as seldom as possible three freshen additive if everyone felt like that we wouldn’t
have any problems plus we’d all be swinging through the
trees by itself saying wrong with that announcing our common though here is our
nation is that right and resort myself last night and told me
i was a last resort really work for three curricula travel agency in west
village you doing this and i don’t think details
of the shopping have you ever crossed a canary with a
supervisor i’m a little confused tonight you learn
to forgive me now as a result page and just what is your job love we seek your reservations island airlines steamship reno travel by rail him and sometimes that is out of time now what’s on the oklahoma city east liberty section of pittsburgh uh… you mary nilo that’s not to me much working here we go back to swing in the trees
again why why uh… why is it for you lamp if i got married i would have to
uh… settled down take a steady job and it’s not working i don’t know i marriage is made by
internet e-mail and well when you find it necessary to like
it if you pardon me using that word word how do you do alone do little farm laborers a little harvest work u_n_ demands and what’s going to get a
dance second rocks under the time a so the treatments mouli open people with the like company so sloppy again people just don’t know any better than a
foot now before you start traveling you can
something that i come in here on no well if you don’t use professional
counsel how do you decide where to go on your trips well when i travel angle where i figure
there is word or a a better climate or i despair many uh… training comes along then well i’m surprised it where i land science something like a hobo i’m always
surprised right wind up and i do is usually a choir practice what do you consider the ideal job that
you described for us well that would be a job with uh…
short hours good pay the laws and uh… anytime i felt like it excluded compliments nobody would ever in history that’s possible i can’t just a job we have you ever
thought of a comet county supervisor that’s been fun talking to you do in an
instructor and next time i get the aids to go
places i’ve come up and over the trouble for at any time to play it by july gotta run you twenty dollars format
other couples i can tell you how much they want the judge is going to remind
our listeners the housewife in the county supervisor
leading with two hundred fifty two dollars all right here we go uh… sale item that you twenty dollars
you selected famous racetracks is your first question how much of the
bat bt nineteen okay in one state is down my race track gallipoli california drive proud to have thirty-nine on twenty
twenty five thousand dollars night how much the pay nine dollars the abetting
the second question create and what stands out to other extract new york the you want to be careful genuine this
money or not the right inside of a trend but dot you can have seventy seven dollar
supportive friends should get winnowed seventy five mark status arlington park racetrack and i know i know the final one hundred and fifty two dollars
lazy last activity at a couple times your article for and fifty in what status hialeah race track but two dollars thanks prevail dot on and dollar dollar last night it’s a nice five star i would just learned that i was the big
question if i say something of interest everyone friends when you’re in the
market for used cars one of the first things to consider is
where to buy it the reputation an experience of the
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car they’ll give you plenty of top service cc of this sort of open with peter as a
reputation to uphold reputation for fair and square dealing so over a good used car at a fair price indices eater be short of the security so dole permit
stealers and when you go telling graduates engine and here’s the logo on the resort agent
all set for the desoto plymouth one thousand dollar question in a couple thousand dollars effecting
second set aside on a single answer but when you think everybody is not the
audience here it is i leave this season one of our proposal
in two thousand dollars for naming the price access to in the academy award tonight even if i was in dollars for
telling me who was the price actor to win an oscar
in nineteen twenty eight all right let me ask you to a decided
upon give it a stamp leslie and i’m sorry it’s a new jennings press performance in
the way of offline i’m sorry that’s the correct answer so
that means the big question next week we’ll be right one thousand five hundred
dollars right off the big money back onto the rhetoric with your three
hundred and two long it’s not too bad congratulations and thanks to both you
and a lot of our contestants on this show tonight be sure to tune in again next wednesday
night at the same time although fast approaching from the that you’re a lifesaver long as the best prob on television so also presented by the use of altman’s
dealers of america all dealers who sell this on also selva tool great cars both products of the chrysler
corporation and when you drive and some bad so sad say that is so tall fire down there from on form here’s a reminder don’t stick your neck down hold out your lifetimes rival hollywood
has produced by john dot l directed by robert altman bracelet music by jerry fielding this is george frampton signing off more
than three thousand e soto plymouth dealers from coast to coast the double capable but your life along with three thousand e sonal none
of the owners of america present though best of roger yes friends it’s a groucho summertime by popular demand from your letters
rating histories in the acclaim of britain’s buddy soto plymouth peters
radio selected shows from you’ll bet your life the colony groceries bulldozed and
transcribe from hollywood groucho marx is on vacation friends and
will return in the fall until then it’s fun and labs each week this summer
as we probably present some of the best of groucho was passed show and the carriers coal island the old
lady hats made roger mudd well here i am again with one thousand
five hundred dollars for one of our problems and i uh… mister fannon yahoo spies to try
it for the fifteen hundred out orders before when they are our studio audience
elected to gillam single people was that i did get married someday
refreshing at they found the right person and uh… here they are miss marlboro colours and sailor walt when you go i want to meet brought to my hot i did
hear allowing us to see a better life say that’s a good way to you divide two
hundred dollars it’s a common way something you see every day a sailor the
guy uh… what around uh… bronchitis and
branch of the navy wimbledon worker you can relax because it is clear value from more forwarding roster was devastating employs two long uses
some particular reason for that when you’re pursuing something handsome dog is made isn’t really a dogwood is meant to be
safeguarded holds the job or you will reviewing barbara over us what’s your home town lessons holding you nineteen nineteen or even fifty but then in a miserable listed below it’s the plane we’re all about detective fuhrman your doing that tulip bulbs makes once lover then but nonfamily davy jones what are your
duties as the same working system a sweetie don dixon higher of this weekend and it rose rehti hu and once again computerworld what’s are what you’re doing well uh… i’m going to school on the
nineteen eighties healing making relentless push this romance with a very
interesting that have been maryam party our schedule tomorrow night uh…
world form breed are you doing anything in my night
barbara money did you do what i can division of land sea and julia religion means we didn’t have time to do anything
on the white w c bonded and benefits and here is a reason one could you use any more volunteers
and one hundreds of them or maybe i can help you would like me
and get you some didn’t barnacle bill then how many men in the because the parity thousands is that enough volunteers about we’re looking for women q meeting because god is not included and playstation world bereuter at sulekha minnesota law because god know about this live
rosenberger use prepared were captured once that happens in india richard even explain yourself twelve minutes argue that we’re here to
read furrowed in pacific and uh… we send up looms within four
hours before that i mean home playing games and taxpayers money designing a belongs in the pacific rosenbloom and then the radar attracted it has been violent road repair figured
out what i didn’t know it temple don should send goes up but they have been when you go on these trips anyplace growth of the city last when europe around uh… missions
in the bering straits the most interesting trip did you did
you enjoy it here’s the address group momentous sixty nine women that we’ve
been awarded rooms back over couples and freemen citiship when you fellows doing heroes job but
nobody cares about but they’re dead when you’re out on a cruise like the one
to alaska hello newsday but many days nine three months and all that time and did you go on any
dates memorable words shipley youth leaders tutor domes and this miss clark marxism
lane rack complete dcdc but listen to the squawk boxes land that i
can play singles and it hasn’t spoken in the emotion but hired johnnie cochran i hope you’ll be
very happy together peace so no i don’t see something we
don’t have enough self-respect discriminative i worked together as a
team pertain to the fifteen hundred outfit the price is something about what power yes arrived in the new orders so it’ll
will prove that here is power although surging power of the great meal
one hundred and sixty horsepower fired on v_-eight engine power to spare and a small must never before achieved in the new de soto there’s power when
you want it power when you need it the new de soto also offers you a full
power steering the takes all the work out of steering
and parking a magic would be so dole full power steering you can turn the steering wheel with
just one finger even when you’re the sole dot was standing still that is so little firedoglake also
offers being safe power brakes the push in the small drive or a flow
shock absorbers and countless other features but make
the new orders although the greatest value on the road tomorrow a stop in a dirty soto plymouth
dealers and take the five-mile trial idiot of a mighty and you’ll be so dole
fired all night or the handsome you’ll be so no power
master six convention itself but for power and driving pleasure but karta by is de soto and remember all dealers who sell desoto also sell
plymouth the low priced car most like artprice
cars alright i gotta play a better life enjoy
it would you explain the roads uh… you bet as much of your twenty dollars
if you want me to four questions couple learns the most money gets a chance to
fifteen hundred dollar de soto plymouth within the internship you know as you know i didn’t want to
know if you selected movies about was how much you know vivian leigh and clark gable started
thinking about the civil war was in a moment gone when the land camporee part are you going for fifteen
hundred last night how much we thirty-five interest thank nineteenth nineteen collect those waldheim and wears down a
picture about getting themselves it was written by eric remark what was
the name of it by what have sixty five dollars did you make
that happen to any of your sixty five million that gregory peck by the top air force
general in the picture about the bombing of europe during world war two what was
the name of the pictures will private has hired an unidentified not one hundred and twenty dollars and
how much of a twenty dollars ok defending his u_s_ yesterday you had a
couple of how much and i don’t want to do that a hundred gary cooper plan the title
role in the picture of a shot showing soldier’s soldier of world war one what
is the name of the picture of new york times and decide that you are not what you wanted
not what you don’t documents are planted areas was next to it well let’s see we invited some or
swimming in some school boys to the program tonight and just before when they are a studio
audience selected genital milk and bob dole’s until they are close they brought
a lot welcome yes it’s the eventual i’d say that’s a good way might have about it’s a kind of like something you see
every day janet o’neill you’re awesome insane minimally effective thing here made from the philadelphia as i said i won’t for your messages along since you’ve been in holyoke twenty seven years left and when you were you know six months old i will probably be fun europeans to avoid for you barber bob bolton that sounds like sample that planned by
bombs i think it’s a big part of his attitude when you don’t get any more sample
declare that may occur bob holtzman uh… holder you uh… fourteen fourteen when you look prettier
large-sized land for forty year the logic on in the sense that let’s go to you got it on some from uh… what do you uh… want to be when
you get out of school uh… like to be informed well reminiscing formwork like form before forms healthy things done one of the events of a related ambition if we had a few more farmers in this
country we have more farmers promise not to hahaha methodically dot mohammed now that the department of agriculture
for our that ghanaian man you’re not married and in fact if you want to do with the
bosnian admin some hostile mentions the man on the
bridal fair on humari baat some school or not even maggot you spend much time with his firms tbc busy with work with new kids that’s a very handy attitude first and then tell me that you
performed games to girls and it doesn’t even going out with apt we had a double date sometime we did our
hotline how come they were just in case aligned with come as a southern
colloquial as now physicist into a simple declarative does it do i just didn’t want anything and one reason for this longing for anything in his left hand sail from holyoke a and you’re from the very different
things those things how come you’re interested in pay problem lou four h w three project plus the forage globe harry’s heading
and how about a hundred k no it’s not suburb of boys and girls tween new jersey and team twenty one that are used in peru but what’s the significance of the forex
as do they stand for anything listing for him need to know plans to expand says you’re going to do
you think he for her to do t where he is too large a
service andrew today relating former club my community recruiting wonderful pledge and i wish i could take until they have already pledge my head
of the smithsonian k that’s a a lot of us more money well you from messages only darkness and you come out and said do you have a whole sent via inside
analysts what is he doing and i’d write him busy boulevard no we didn’t know what kind of artisan leads to terrorism or speculation katie and katie and that’s a radio station but pause emerging from that well i had no idea what is an important would you accept my apology opera not proposing i’m just appalled posted idea pigs is is that is their money amazing things yes if you had to throw room healing in this instance in well how much of you made it so far this
year long lost about downside a lost about fifteen dollars and thirty
five sons policy this is a federal project do sales job but you have a company that
things all winter he lost money well i’d like you said the expenses and
so nonsense so if you don’t have the
profits ten will bahamas you estimate you make it this season is over about fifty dollars well if you make a profit be show your
friend from texas that all those days around you know one
of my to do for you but in front of you to you that the user
when and and most instructive galaxy outweigh away together as a team
you’re going to play a better life vbr other couples and get a chance to
fifteen hundred dollar question i can tell you how much i place couple
one but the judge famine is going to remind our listeners the coast guardsmen in the girl want two hundred twenty dollars pedagogy i’ve been to twenty dollars you
select a famous brothers commented on a day george and ira most famous in the song
writing fish process and then days when it arrives covers an easy question you know that’s
very different musical traditions right might be going for fifteen hundred
dollars night now how much of the thirty dollars would
you bet on this one james elliott in jonah sounds of a
famous father processor name rose well that’s right i have fifty dollars comity donovan busy and ask you about the inspections
was the last name the in on friday right plan the money goes and a m ninety
dollars gym usual essentially he had a couple
families in the nineties on that knowledge and i don’t think any his below through famous brothers may find history
at the heart north carolina life-threatening than you have the right how does that kelly can you get a daydollars thanks
and good luck in this electronic mail detail on the air others elected a man
with an interesting occupational housewife both for volunteers from the audience a
lower this is all of that as mister carl brown meet groucho marx plan children the and for this article it is say that’s a good way and uh… you
divide two hundred dollars it’s a common was something you see every day net problem in a wavefront co was born raised for president alina uh… six years i marion answer very much so there
missus uh… lower davis days near the house like this where you from i was born you’ve been talking small hasn’t said that i was in grades there’s less ends it’s nice to be clean i may sound stupid but i’ve never heard
of the queen and where is it it means that was later today me winning it’s changed a lot reading of course i think for that’s right next
to the project and that i had well give me one of the hand a letter
saying it was between internet fifteen we have used to hear but okay for them for a second output now mister brenton let’s get back to you
from on the eleven th very familiar famous namely related time
venom assailant outside was my brother although he was a wonderful performance
you will he be remembered by many lost a great guy when he went thank you
catherine knight you have an unusual activation uh… what is it well i conduct i call that my tour as called seen
hollywood’s problem was supposed to be able to find out in
the same aka canada racket is this let’s not actually like a client inductee first to conduct observe hollywood you mean you taken pricing yes i think that the second couple novel plays a bus and pretend that low tonight tourism we
climb up on your oven equation honeydew when i show them the wilshire district beijing famous
american model the farmers market promised chinese
theater and uh… actually hollywood proper you know there was any pada hai what this dismisses davis atlanta along that’s fine let’s look at what kind of a town
assassins it’s just something country now the origins don’t post office you live in the heart of this mistrust not only in that country the his actions to fast for a lot of the donavan made but did you did you like
around the farm all he is doing and gavin stop homes have been hit uh… but you have a hard for the same time all right and you talk to me and i made a lot of
one his activity on eleven iran man-woman nbsp program and our concern you have lots of
karbona molasses i don’t care for lyle and his we don’t count your for cantina and
remains demanded their differences and yet it made with hot water install like a meeting his new in montgomery anne the event admitted him can reach an agreement form gel what had
been make copies statements plans they make me hungry for that homail well he has any one of those mails we
have hot make it in fact she can’t imagine yet here but i live on that
other stuff style belly and everything you always let americans nolan mackney nannies to me misdemeanor then east olney only seventeen is that some where is it
still is has been a yes ma’am told sticky lexicographer that i am via satellite says a thousand miles east
of san has been very interesting talking to you
too and i never thought we’d have a woman enters contest as an issue now now let’s see how would you like to get
as a team you’re going to play better life will be out a couple of things get a
chance that the fifteen hundred dollar the son of man a question i can tell you how much the other
couples one the judge is going to remind our listeners because guards when the
girl was still leading with two hundred twenty dollars andy garcia hiking biking twenty dollars
you select a famous restaurants as you face question how much of the day i don’t know t funding well it’s been fifteen he and his name on it with a fifteen okay in what city do you find took judge
restaurant toots shore’s may artifact populist argument thirty five dollars many nineteen fifty-nine dollars nine
hundred thirty-five even the second question that they really yea molested thirty that developed a novel and wants any of
the great lakes do you find the famous on parole the uh… chicago chicago is right when i’m sixty-five dollars here’s your
bank question how much of the sixty five even try so we sixty to live at sixty two in one sitting here find romanones
restaurant beverly hills beverly hills arrive cap one hundred and twenty seven dollars
is your last chance to be getting couples on the seven twenty seven hours
in a truck unity they hide did they have husbands outside thank you went on a daily and i but without having to leave we got about a
twenty five black dresses city define the cliff tops long you think he’s doing men response thought of insist on san francisco son this morning to you wind up with two
hundred and fifty two dollars and that means that you’ll get a chance
of that sort of one of fifteen hundred policymakers in in just one minute that
faces an important message when you take the family out for a ride it’s comforting to know that this
although is designed an engineer with vista land mines your safety you just can’t drive a safer car than it
is so little in addition to better visibility in addition to america’s largest breaks desoto gives you many other safety
features for example desoto full power steering gives you a
greater safer road control peace auto safety room wheels reduced
danger in case of blocks and diesel electric windshield wipers if
you better visibility in bad weather under all conditions desoto is electric windshield wipers operated a constant speed even when you
accelerate or climb a hill he selected windshield wipers never very
there’s strong reliable clearing action ever slow down or stop yes since u_s_ safety depends on your
vision your safer in a diesel fuel just remember when you think of safety of desoto and here’s the link above our job the tourist guide in the house live all
seven of the sublet every other one thousand five hundred
dollars annually fifteen seconds of the site on a single answer but when you
think that simply is no hope mailings here that’s let’s see how absurd it you are the picture of the white house is on the
only one piece of united states currency fifteen hundred dollars what is the
denomination of this bill one and two incidents now i’m sorry if that’s what it all
about as that may have a question that’s
really what two thousand dollars what does that make money that comes to them
and the question to an individual dollars well
congratulations and thanks about the two and a lot contestants on this show
tonight destroyed a tune in again next wednesday
night at the same time i’ll pass the brothels that your life saver paul has the best grachev on television to also presented by the new so tall
plymouth dealers of america all these years himself his own also selva tool great cars both products of the chrysler
corporation and when you drive and some bad so sad say that it’s all in all fire down there do castro across hunt slowdown from flying into sections and
be prepared to stop hold out your lifetimes rival hollywood
has produced by john dot l directed by robert london bracelet music by jerry fielding this is george frampton signing off more
than three thousand e solo plymouth dealers from coast to coast ladies and gentlemen the secret word tonight is table ta old back you’re alive but more than three thousand e solo opened at theaters of america present
bulb aster brownfield yes friends it’s been a groucho
summertime by popular demand letters from raiding
histories in the acclaim of critics that is so tall plymouth dealers bring you
selected shows from your old bet your life the comic was series produced in
transcribe from hollywood groucho marx has been on vacation
friends and will return next week to begin his great new fall series of
programs until then it’s part of a lot of tonight
as we probably present another of the best of groucho special and areas well one they only the acme roger mudd are there are many and at the end of
another season tonight i’ve got two thousand dollar for one of our problems was worth a try for the think that we invited some laughter the
program tonight and uh… also some young men who work
in hobby shops and our people when they’re a studio audience elected hilda
troop an orbital alley and here we are going to be groucho marx welcome y-axis minnesota playmobil sets
a good writing you divide a hundred dollars is a common word something you
find around the house you know the truth universal busy reminded frankenstein engine privileges that is a reflection of the
uniform seems to me allied informing well that’s that’s a when you get up in
the morning he great-grandson was born by me obviously a long way from the moment for
me references back together with them but
you are aware of it is said and great records that you say you’re aware okay uh… you know me out to anything
for a wire the plaza where westerns onesie reports no-bid latley and strange name when would be to get me foreign reflection on the quality of the
name of his wondered what their derivation might be careful the musician meaning from your father everywhere you from the
love it information from having an alien where where i indian you didn’t wouldn’t listen bhalo right which are reached out for you prob feelings into gear recanting mig-twenty vision without a
hobby shop was only behind me other people’s hobby my word you have any idea what he’s talking
about hanging up on me and i can give a karlena pretty inside at
this point you you have anything my finance committee mupton houston like that much better somebody tell jenna grand a hundred
years ago the siding with name martinez pharmacy go d n_r_a_ trekking in nepal mop up by a mob
and humane coming up on the show tonight regarding my application but i thought very original and my body are you required to wear uniform all the
time and so we can keep him from the duty the audiences we meet a little the about prior doing it all out there and and the anti-crime at a time and annual figure out what you’re doing it
did not redesign recommendation established a mostar well i cannot wait to get about what you
know you know we’re not really cool meredith you say no as you say no one is saying it had to
inline but not me no hobbies that are about your party at your magazine or you twenty-one yeah my instrument pretty air
force bill a few when the interest think it’s a lot of trouble ticket
maintenance not worth it met with him in what way with me ground beef remain financially nobody we can get married you have to
know the boy six months you need to get the commission bcl and i
have to bite if you wanna marry into don’t do this has to prove near enough to see into the city alive
to approve of what you meant true of yes and using to even ask you
how long you can learn if he can support you in this time to which it comes to what are you personally and we can work on a daily biggest supporter has been spent on
assignment these mob what kind of a job you have andy secretarial work take dictation from a kind of you have
to salute before you sit on his left adults there isn’t wife about your sides and he sits on
your honor but you drill on the air force like the wax
two and instinct what are some of the girls you loved who forward my students right frankly i
think that is likely to die and trying hard to do in my schedule you know how to present on instinct on campus families you don’t have any arms instead estimate news miami path miami anything and romantic happen after
talking about the other side of the gentlewoman’s air force just as a hobby not just one magic on a plate of actual
i present to the two thousand dollar question but right now it is something i want you
to pay attention to friends there’s no doubt about it when you decide to buy a new car there are a lot of facts you should have that’s why you’re de soto plymouth
theater is happy to invite you lamar famous five mile trial that’s his way of giving you with a fact of proving that the soto is your best
car value once you drive a de soto firedoglake you’ll be thrilled with a surging power
of a mighty mule de soto fire dole more on the hundred and sixty or ps power
engine delighted with a fired on engines
instant acceleration it’s great reserves of power and it’s unsurpassed smoothness when you drive either the fired only or
the power master six marvel at the wonderfully ease of these
so does full power steering full power steering the takes all the
effort out of steering and parking ruchira tera mobile with just one finger
even when the car is standing still you’ll appreciate the safety you’ll get
with safety rim wheels and electric windshield wipers yes for power full beauty and real
safety desoto is the greatest car value on the
road star pitcher de soto plymouth leaders
tomorrow and make the father of my own trial in either the mighty de soto fire donate
or the famously so no power master six once you do you’ll decide on the so-called and remember all dealers who sell desoto
also sell plymouth the low priced car most like high-priced
cars all right now let’s see how you act
together as a team judgment and that night blamed for happened and would you explain the rules as a
young kids ul got as much of a twenty dollars if
you want me to four questions problems the most money gets a chance of the two thousand-dollar
do so we’ll plan a question of the individual all right here we go with your hiking
budget twenty dollars you select the sporting times as you face question how much of a
twenty minute ride what is it called involving when you’re
not all the things down with one for all stranded stripe is right how great start to have thirty nine
dollars too many are in for two thousand dollars
nine onto the thing i said to me that in your second question any but is it called and often a player’s
cause one on the part of the whole birdie right is right cannot have seventy seven dollars alright has your that question how much
would you bet the pieces stare two seventy six what is a call in football mini
offensive team which went through the upright for three point he a failed all is right really out there and i have one hundred
and fifty three dollars and if you are essentially the other couples how to do
that handed alright followed the vitamins
experiencing one of these periods called sir dot as as well bilang aligned up with two hundred fifty
three dollars banks and i’d like to do this all up by
midday list just before we went on the air we select
a housewife and an advertising man from our studio
audience and here they are mrs pearl gaskins mister edison austral groucho marx welcome to you about july say the same
wedding you divide a hundred dollars it’s a common way sent you a fine around
the house missus quayle gaskins at what’s a
protest in his notes and the where anionic less money but but i’d say original and any case and that say that in a few name is
hannah wavefront place today repent oklahoma and anderson and possible isn’t something you finally got to come
in looking at a nearby edison square long story my grandmother died in terror in india didn’t have a son you see grandfathered in medicine noel alabama already that is i was named after my my
grandfather water c_n_n_ interactive on dot that’s important no my grandfather and thomas edison were would brings and all the said told him that he would mean his
first child after him who turned out to be girls are in india evelyn anderson and i was named mine or a simple too bad you father didn’t go around with
madam curie that’s not what you do it and alone and got it while an artist in charge of them point of purchase advertising for the
western spline and where you where you must be martin’s
new jersey known for being israel and so on you double crosses and uh… this is a desk and are usually in a sentimental as another
seven that i will be a hanky panky began and ask you know that’s where the barrio
in i’ll just call your plan and your mother alcoa mother apa but and what is your husband of ninja spotted the new method teams uniquely spots in the crowd known people the on hold for me greeted as part of my time isn’t is you
will notes grady uh… could you tell us how you has been
removed spots from clothing mommy stinkin beneath which the student movement spot
one single bed and he thinks influence back in the middle little thatcher works this chemical into
the party is fine uses out and spa no mission and i thought i was doing in the name
and boot reminded me grooming and your partner as well as father which is a now how did you meet mr gasket you say he’s your brother yes my money this weekend timely in either the timing is right no mahmoud made his move you’ve got your mother high demand i happen to know unfinished bonnet stupid in the nineteen nineties and useful finally after five years needs some now you may review yet which i was like the fighting marriage
of my time off requires that has made radar to play by july debate on whether
to couples you’ll get a chance that the two thousand dollar question i can tell you how much the first couple
of the judge is going to remind our listeners the letter from the man from a hobby
shop one two hundred fifty three dollars nearly all it’s a line that you tried
out you selected spanish words in coming years issue price question how much you did
that you wanted to all right what is the afternoon nap
called it starts with a letter s since the c_s_ tear is right flag at thirty five dollar dotted line
for ten thousand dollars i know how much of the thirty five dollars in tibet and
the second question what do you call the broad friend had one in the west it starts
with the letter s summaries and bread right well you have sixty five dollars
in his youth that question how much of the sixty five e dot above all sixteen why do you call it a rest up
courtyard use for outdoor letting it starts with the letter p patio is right topped one hundred and twenty five
dollar here’s your last chance to be the other couples how much of a hundred
twenty-five unit right didn’t twenty eleven twenty again
outdoor festival all parties called walking starts with a letter that yeah yes that’s right hang out with two hundred and forty five
dollars back from the start of planetariums just before we were on the essential we ask for young couples who’ve recently
become parents and there’s a couples like a bio judges mister and missus john boehner the matter and they got job arts welcome
the access here that’s a lot pay the state of art and about a hundred
dollars it’s a kind of i sent you find around the house mr mrs john bunny in a new parents say john how are you twenty four twenty-four and and this is what i have
much like what if you can call me anytime after seven of all you betty twenty three twenty three john where you from wisdom in texas complains that why did he say houston texas are you a shame to texas known product non-elected texan takes office had been
a lot is at tonight body jacket dot after all and i think anybody along even manager just a little over two years and you’ve been just a little over two years uh… there’s nothing for the gossip
columns and that is practically newlyweds that he too was selected as new pans out
just how new are you seven weeks nothing occurred in six weeks it’s been a very uh… bludgeoning a new bed baby uh… barbara allison john franklin and
marion is about cried it’s ranging from beijing wait a minute europe triplets yes tia
gavin and i that it as one of her nose in my
heartiest congratulations i wanna apologize to the state of texas that may act as an innocent bystander john congratulations to you too president romance that production should
be triple-a she and i said read all this take place john at
huntington hospital in pasadena and see you may be detected but remember
you had a kind of california at the jackpot dot john did you find the nice came out of
the delivery romance edited and sabari it’s a go no wasn’t bad you’re expecting triplets you say you were expecting triplets hello i’m sonya masterminds of right but if you do in your face found out
about the triplets to where you excited benny wellington too surprised i was sitting
in the doctor’s office waiting to hear from x_-rays and then x_-rayed explains and uh… i’m sitting and waiting and i
heard the doctors say ec here’s a handy in his hand history and you no using it for the heads of that money how did you break the news to john
bunyan here door and estelle that drinking it and then jammin out and bought himself a
thing as a mustang saying there’s a lot spec damansara like you do i’m a graduate student in chemical
engineering at caltech perhaps that explains it john motley our family’s reaction to the
triplets for example of what is your father’s day worldly called about and now there was about it was a now
managed it sounds on the other in the land and he says that well that’s what you desire studies on mice
mathematics for getting back to the babies but my
question is question do people ask you the most well usually addition to the routine question
do you think had come in st louis you know how hard working well those are good questions later on i’ll tell them that the wavelength down
to fifteen inches from that and that they weren’t born parkour logon speed even if i might get out of fear geyer jokes well i guess this is kind of like you to
tell you that guild committee afire part of the babies arrive any well network and and cannon and taking they were delivered by the most airbus what we’re doing when the call came to
head for the hospital you remember well yes we were watching television our program we’ll watch it cripple are nothing what changes have adjustments made in
your life you know i know what changes you but making their
lives least likely go places on the spirit of the moment we
just act of eighteen gold now you can please use the well-intended life revolves around the trip is pretty
much what sort of inventory do you have to
carry for this group security fifteen doesn’t mind things that we have
to denton bottles we repair a gallon of formula every day who wakes up to feed their babies at
night well we take turns ending any new in the
babies take time danang you sell huge on satellite navigation it’s just one maybe wake that and one of
us and to have them or we both have to get
out any bal three babies wake up this exemplified apartment one detested way but suppose for a wake up you demand a
recount provides you tell us what a typical
night routine is like we get too bad about eleven o’clock outfit wind up about twelve any today again about one thirty to me when we get to bed and sleep until about
that were up again at six thirty you have a breast followed in the
bedroom to slow down dell and then it goes on like that we we need
to get forget about eight o’clock and then started eighteen eighteen about
hillary glad to get out and get some rest and scientists at your place in the fall of
seventy six one baby in the right on another baby in the left on the nineteen
at the end of august i have always right here i want to talk about my
advice is never go back to texas because down that i have too much room
for expansion here i’ve got to play but july for chance
that the two thousand dollar question you’re on the twenty dollars no more
than other couples i can tell you how much they won the
judge is going to remind our listeners the lapd and the man from the hobby shop are still leading with two hundred fifty three dollars here we are let’s say i think that it
went out to you selected famous streets of the world is the first question how much would you
bet and what city do you find wall street
new york new york is right historically have thirty nine dollars
and zero two two thousand dollars night how much of that they are you reading
the second question in what european city do you find the
under the amendment in are barry lynn is right ka seventy seven dollars isn’t that
question how much of a sudden he said you don’t know if off seventy six and what european city you find out the
story london is right you now have one hundred and fifty three
dollars is your last chance to be the other
couples how much we did that wanted to do and what european city viewfinder
shawn’s elyse yourself away from it fence access tranhcatylan three hundred and five
dollars and that means that you’ll get the
jacket and is on the planet minnesota for the daylights now just one
minute i was the big question but if i say something of interest to everyone if
the breaks of your work aren’t behaving the way they should if there’s any question in your mind as
to whether they’re safe or not them before another day goes by got a thorough check of your brakes at
the place where they know your car best your de soto plymouth dealers their master technicians break experts will remove the wheels of your car and
give the drums shoe was an hydraulic system of thorough inspection they’ll adjusted equalize the bricks
scientifically retract the front wheel bearings and if necessary fill the master
cylinder with the correct brake fluid as a final check they’ll test for safe small
straight-line stops it’ll be inefficient reliable job come
on that and problem receiving fast courteous
service to and a fair price when your car leaves your de soto
plymouth leaders server shop know your breaks a right you’ll drive with a feeling of security so have your breaks check tomorrow where you see the famous sign of better
service the friendly sign other de soto plymouth dealers and here’s the parents of the triplets all set for the use of the planet all was another question women’s like a
couple of airline indigo all right here we go over two thousand
dollars negative fifteen seconds of the side of a single answer but when you
think carefully and please now help me audience here it is a hundred years ago the president of the
united states and a naval officer in a squadron of battleships indigo she
ate a treaty with the emperor of japan two thousand dollars tell me over the naval officer assigned to open
the door to asia all right what is the answer you to a
decided a ban on nineteen calibrated matthew well that’s right i mean she did have
another trio of that place he went to does now as you have the
right answer so you went to a thousand dollars like i don’t know that yet lenka people getting tested to offset building
up a fund educate kids with like the topless outlets that you just want to
the house in dollars and how much of a win in the quiz judge three hundred five
dollars in quiz as two thousand three hundred and find
out so you really think that connects congratulations in the more than three
thousand a sort of plan that they were supposed to cause you bet your life p shortage in again next wednesday night
at the same time mcgraw to returns from his summer
vacation to begin a great deal falls series all of you will bet your life and don’t miss brown showing television
tool also presented by the diesel imitators
of america all dealers who sell desoto also sell
plymouth all great color both products of the chrysler
corporation and when you drive and some not so certain ziauddin sardar fire down there do schism in mind don’t stick your neck hold out your lifetimes rival hollywood
has proposed by john dot l directed by robert lawmen bernie smith music by jerry fielding this is george frampton signing off more
than three thousand e soto plymouth dealers from coast to coast


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