You Bet Your Life: Secret Word – Door / Heart / Water

ladies and gentlemen secret word tonight
is door cdl who are really you know that your
wife but it’s all part of the owners of
america resent roger marks the annual back your life the comedy groceries were
dozen transcriber hollywood and here is though one of the only a defining for a grown man or that may not
come out allies wait we got three thousand five
hundred dollars tonight we start fresh with one thousand dollars for one of our
couples judge found a man who is who who
displays wagon just before we went on the air our studio audience elected a
back door of the spencer and here we are customer response time and this irene
tommy groucho marx welcome kits minnesota plan a date was we’re going to be says it’s a good way
to anytime he wins on a dollars in cash the common way something you see every
day uh… that’s learners wednesday uh… mister them from it is time within him uh… a a kind of what you do it he had a kind of records in special
pinching pathogen petroleum corporation and uh… mister evanston may miss
collins you know and you his neck collar that hasn’t been there want my kind of like you doing this then well time office manager for the ecological
like glass company when she was down from well i think i’m pretty old now delicate barkley let him a red light denouement a so you have a little and i
like it had even did all night and raced forty four no now that’s a wonderful days from now is that they’re hiring well i think it is do that i don’t thing here results are you not fight and have uh… television idea man all that by seven friday the that america’s image of your idea
manatee about three-fourths of the as uh… dodging women and i’ll let you
in the u_n_ did you mean anything to you experience
for me only one that i can think of my frnd the mathematically andres i don’t know how
we’re doing it is but uh… here in los angeles electrically young lady up to
the apartment above board friend of mine and
no one was formed that’s all i ok a i couldn’t get and what time you how to
get him because he’d always loses he used the we would first garbage can aside and enter i
don’t have it in the living room the when you were out in the hall you could
uh… enter through the garbage entrance to get into unlocked the front door muscle of the islamic you’ll ever in
town and said on that’s that’s a good way then i’d say just one hundred
dollars in cash compliments and it’s not a plan that
there was an american you remember what we were talking about
one of our do dot inside demand around unlock the
front door i did note of the boyfriend had moved out
about two three weeks before was gone it was a when i got inside there was a man in
his wife in bed no enlightening announcing faggot distant
but need ir something without me the front door with right handed there
but i didn’t go out the front door i went back out this garbage road dislike
me as i a romantic interlude in your life as a confined bachelor and restore
capgemini rosenman said the graveyard of your neckties almost anyone from home irene you pretty good cook well i think them what kind of issue like that without any
anything in particular well i like frantic and the democrats i
do have a recipe that time at a proud of that i liked sick to
my friends coming to delhi thinking good evening gracie like going to dinner whatever i can get the raises idealized
touted and placed it on hiring you not find a poison marie zero what is right candidate is really what uh… welfare crazy lobbies we need a good one
another kathy love eileen proposed deal right now what would your answer be one
of you know yes uh… you change your mind add-on
struggling but still alive do congratulations to you too i know you’ll
be very happy and remember marries it’s a good way tonight as reagan did it
take and payment charming ineffective government
and the other great deal in common on just one minute you don’t know what the
other persons in one thousand dollars you bet your life but it’s all open at the lives of
american have certain standards which they do there utmost to live up to you might call this set of standards
their creed it means a lot for them and do you was a
car owner this creeds states that have reduced
auto plymouth dealer wants to and intends to treat you all for alien
squarely whether you’re going for a new car a
used car or just a simple repair job it’s the honest desire of everyone in
the office and in the shop at your this not opened at theaters serve you’ll for the best of his or her
ability isn’t this the kind of attention you
want well then what are you dr visit that
it’s not all plymouth dealer calleb c_n_n_ is bad for an expensive
will be the ones who get the chance of minnesota plymouth i was not a question famine bring them up to date on the road each of our three couples has twenty
dollars they’ve had as much of that whether they
want me to four questions a couple of the most money gets a chance of a
thousand dollar question of the individual our other two couples are in
the waiting room off stage so that i was going on out here irregardless allied
invented twenty dollars you selected cities and states is your categories
that right for these cities are over fifty thousand
population music by splitting up twenty dollars on
jennifer a and up than down ok knowing what state
is the city of problems royal rhode island has a right downtown l_a_ with thirty dollars crack
down harder and even for a thousand dollars and i know how much of the
thirtieth on it right you might say the city of jackson fathers right i mean i have twenty dollars all day
hazy thank question how much of the forty we had a twenty dollars in what state is a city of patterson new jersey is correct don’t know where they are sixty dollars using lessons to be the other couples
how much of the six he would have been thirty dollars thirty dollars in my
state is the city of cincinnati how how i laugh why not do it banks and good luck from the start of
time a day or stick around now you may get a chance of the big question brock told us that woodward is still
door i know that god over after a couple was little we have
about her doctoral and the house wives selected from the studio audience just
before we went to a year here they are mrs irene called and mister or bottle
island a nice groucho marx welcome for fear that your life going to be sensitive labors and i was
in cash and sadly it’s a common law is something you see every day uh… housewife and on about them misses but liotta how’s life now and
cisco what sort of like you do um… justin filmmaker nothing and and then there’s the again and i’m susan that’s interesting about them the way you from from the philippines there well what do you do as it has about
logistics what are you doing see that the housing office monthly conference would really like an
adrenaline the what was the best w_e_u_ has about
minister gala nine workwear a millionaire mothers and name old rather than saying that with you
guys though could you give me a phone phone
number day might be looking for a goner a i’m looking for a guy named no mile as
backup idolized differences tell me about their house how how many
rooms for the and seventeen rooms in the house seventy
rooms seventeen how many sentencing were fourteen sevens what he said bothered about other jobs there all but learn shaken butler tumbling upstairs made those dismayed hope uh… issue fco at google was the second of two just samples that attention the or because our report now a m mr young man is in your new job
of the house so was the first thing you do in the morning get up from bed sir the marla singer at ninety one for the
surprising you do first thing to do is to see that the breakfast is served skidded things too report that they you’ve got the wrong time do you get a switch with amazing the
either irene making your breakfast and that if
you want headed by latin cook into the back to
the doing that again and i know you got it and i think i have
a lot of agra karti here crying everytime the electric blanket and but as you do in your job then you help them as they were
disclosed nesler was there it exploded let’s say this was a papa who can afford
a valid a what about the lady in the house to have some other dressing substation how do you know you ascot do the u_n_ announced as mayor the enough there’s may want to see a lot of
trouble she wouldn’t stay upstairs a promising young man is in fact any high
in mind i feel is distracting about madonna tax collector now you’re going to work together as a
team for a change in one thousand dollars you’re on your twenty bucks in a
more than our other couples and you get a crack at the disorder
planted that question i can tell you how much i first couple
on the joint famine as our states remind our listeners the bathroom spinster one ninety dollars every dollar i think i embedded twenty
dollars you selected famous women athletes is your category all right now you have twenty dollars on
the human attract then the with what’s bought the u_s_o_c_
eight-day depiction uh… logan i love is right panorama of thirty dollars hire any nine
per thousand dollars manometer thirty dollars which i twenty dollar one sport as noted by
friends and three lakhani i’m sorry and i think she’s a western
thing or another burger november we had on this program he threw me twice in three minutes the and are ten dollars a night at ten
dollars in his at that question comitted attorney donovan futile likes told us five dollars are either the on it and you know that you want a compromise megan eight paid balance stated that question we once thought as
louise breath associated the arrow eugene h tennis is correct hardly they have a feeling all right all
the time at the magazine’s examiners and eighteen dollars using lessons to be the
other couples how much of the eighties from family okay we watched what he said he made
france associate running fighting in iraq statewide aquifer three dollars banks and a lot from the start of limit
there was not just a man i last couple of the out he and then we’ll all get the
chance of a thousand dollars famine was leading the back door of the spencer leading
with ninety dollars and the secret word is still door
perhaps the next couple of things we invited some terrorist experts to the
show tonight and just before we went on the air our studio audience selected
miss does that front tire from the french consulate mr alok osler who
drives a sightseeing bus watched me groucho marx log on to the
sort of limit there wasn’t one of his has a stake in what he was a hundred
dollars in cash it’s a common way something you see every day miss the shows that front thing is that
right and i pronounce your name correctly not that currently keys
voltaire disappointment and you’re from the french consulate ito yung body movements in dude differences they speak hands have i have a date thank you messing with the ul and film the just as a phony hinson one-liner
frank the mademoiselle they’re already gone the i mean how paper the perfume later a fancy enough of them olga superstar full say you should be
viewed it forms eva do you think you people not film i knew you were friends in the different phrases if the plans that means i’m sick of my
friends the that coming up these my hats on five the maria fernandez that uh… unfolding here indignity you’re from vienna what time did you have any the uh… under that anything on the fact that there has been a night inside who you mister cutler slicing buster if they can desert directly if they can have upright and
i’m from colorado vindiction you speak french much easier if you spoke friends and get
all three of us can vice in the finding a promising hope you don’t mind if we speak english
here i think he could be vented to date we we’ve had a program the vote for mister kozol detail every aligned motor tourist and what i want to return we operate over earl of southern california nevada radar bus sightseeing buses difference i think
that in history what is a hazard the no what questions here touring
passengers as most frequently and placed over the next filling station the
i wanna hold my sister friday as mostly analytical and all they
can get into a movie studios movie star for some of the movie stars’ homes if you find uh… we pass a ruler area with homes u_n_ crawford
eddie cantor jack benny but you don’t have mine do passed within about a half a buck to
you the close if i know when you were coming i
can walk up and make a python the but i think let’s get back to you from
the internet do what do you do it the french
consulate the u_n_ ambassador you know and i can and that’s about i’d
well pleases and commencement f_e_c_ after shave my business seventy stick somebody with a saudi
palin now that the sticky used to have issues one two three
picking up quite a lot of the land reliance life and that means and that’s on edge as evaluate adds to
the everything uh… no yet that he attached to the defense council inc well i hope to be very happy the pat ideal attached anybody and hasn’t no i haven’t seen you know rhode island and express bus driver and the doing this and i mean well how is the tractor french pastry
like you are still on the bakery doing campaign and in fact we can’t be
wrong they’re not so many things fence-mending united would you have to
marry a frenchman could you marry one of the home garden i think they could be intensity
something they can and spatially if he had some for the clinton appointees a maturity what you have in mind i mean i came to be kind still true down and kitties gave annette and also political it will
explode but i thought that’s what may not be the
same everyone on you feel about american has been said well i think they’re kind and gentle there phantom well-heeled the while an idea that kind of a husband rental blaming it on the let you know what kind
of odd when you are remarried but thursday add up strengthening i make the jokes around
the the when you find most interesting about the
united states is that i think that he’s a stagnant itni people in ten mins ten years increased seems to be happy to leave two days and just like you see where the family to hona making but you’re very observant versions that perhaps someday there will ever see that
lead to as secretary for the commercial attaches
just what are your duties my job club is a lot of katie tony nearby places iran iraq the and forty minutes from from i mean i have to and says the phones and they can
sometimes some anyone’s and uh… also lying he seemed uh…
people who we seem to do forty people become friends right now i’d like to go to princeton i’m planning on going then examine what
kind of the trip would you suggest that in no watching this picture dinkins
did the the anything any other atlanta maggot
power the mile and a lot about france nine on some
of us drive palestinian through when the most money at the chance of a
thousand-dollar question being out of the problems that so you have to do i can tell you how much they won the
judge is thinking around our states remind our listeners the bedroom the spinster sister leading
with ninety dollars fairly honestly i’ve invested twenty
dollars you select the size of current movies is your categories that correct when he plays questia twenty dollars how
much would it off but it is to find out who plays samson samson and a liar thanks easy question well it’s become a killer now you have
to clean up alright many going for a thousand
dollars night so that’s the big right down to the fifteen would you try negative make it sound alright was a
male star of sands of iwo jima johnnie garden darling john wayne interact well underway now have twenty mile
radius twenty five dollars easy thank question how much of a twenty five
minutes right who plays the title role in thelma
jordan take against going i’m sorry this bothers family all right now yeah fifteen hours on the
cuban about no diversity fifteen and one if you’re going to have ok fifteen blue skies in the western montana
girlfriend path when it first having husband there get the chance for
the summer plymouth thousand-dollar question that sierra but one thing all of us
could come on as far as whether when was that it would be unpredictable and of course this is all the more reason to have our
cars operating in tip top shape many many people discover this year that it pays to go a little unauthorized
this total plymouth dealer whether it’s an emergency or a routine
checkup well there you get expert courteous
service at the lowest possible cost that it is not open the feeders everyday
way of doing business now we’re able to accomplish this
because they have highly skilled mechanics in their shop and these experts work with special
factory designed and approved tool from a records they keep on your card
are able to tell you for example when your engine is ready for a tune up for a
new lubrication they’ll tell you when you’re tired
should be rotated to add thousands of miles of their life for the best from your car stopping we’ve got the best service an authorized this auto plymouth dealers and remember all dealers who sell this auto also sell
plan and here is the bacteria and the spencer
ballooning couple already but that is all about a thousand dollar question
groucho alright here we go over a thousand dollars radio-t_v_ fifteen
seconds to decide on one single incident to me in so think carefully and please know that
the audience headed recently in a big shake up the personnel a new chief of naval operations was
appointed to succeed had moved enfield who is the present chief of naval
operations what is the answer you two have decided
upon they don’t know i’m sorry it’s admiral forestry in them so that means the big question next week
we wait one thousand five hundred dollars when you watch the big money but you one
ninety dollars in the quiz plus on analysis saying the statewide
congratulations and thanks to both of you joel about your life is a job developer
about japan’s rival hollywood directed by bob lawmen bracelet delivered by gerry building be sure to
tune in again next wednesday night at this time the groucho marx yo-yo but
your line presentable more than three thousand is a little bit of the lives of
american i remember all there is the result is a little also celebrant to
rate cards what products of the chrysler corporation and don’t forget the big question will be worth dean hundred dollars before winding up tonight’s proceedings
i’d like to thank the radio editors of united states and canada for voting i show the best quiz program
on the air in the annual poll conducted for frame
magazine well it’s almost time for bing crosby so
denied by does this go to a cd on assault on my
hand and i have there’s a performing arts no state
becomes an but golden rule applies and driving
through drive as you would have the other fellow
dr there’s a charge breneman signing off
more than three thousand a subtle plymouth dealers from coast-to-coast gentleman the secret word tonight his heart easy arty reading you’ll back your alive that is all part of the ways of america present groucho marx in your old but
your life but how many groceries but it was in transcriber bollywood andy isabel
wildly only well spring is just around the khana
which i was assets may not come out hanky-panky well here i am again but one
thousand five hundred dollars for one of our couples and i judge found a man who
displays whack at we asked if there were any couples here tonight who’ve been
married more than fifty years and just before we went on the air our studio
audience elected mister and missus a risk factor in here they are books meet groucho marx welcome kits for desoto plan a date not to say that’s a good way to many
time where what we’re talking you wynonna dollars in cash it’s a common
way something you always have waited so he had to eliminate more than fifty
years how how long have you been married
businesses that can dekhti isn’t national bank and uh… how long have you been
magnificent how how does it feel to be celebrating
your fifty at their wedding anniversary mister patten beautiful by the same as the forty niners goes on power the forty eight they remember that abstained office let’s try the thirty nine dollars agnes through as i was a great year that they
did given in california mister peckham twenty seven years and uh… why did why did you come here when it please let mister pope can
affect and once plan would have been cheaper to put on having
underwear a right away if you formally reside in
as a second before that texas gainesville texas was at the united nations dennison i was one speech tonight and i was just
a plain nuclear on the front porch in a hotel definitely on the sunday you know a lot
of play you karan nacogdoches incident p from out of the fact that way i play
vision of a lot on saturday uh… may i ask a hold you are when you
get married mrs thatcher twenty-year and hallway you and uh… missus packet if you are circulation
does twenty-six you seventy six certain sitemap niece of mine who just
passed the spirit of seventy six also whatsoever what do you do not you’re a bomb pulitzer prize for his mister trakcare that you like them if if he is named
quit you ought to be a candy is a which one are not the something we have
done you if you have any children and nidhi annotations two sons as an arizona is
innocent if you have any grandchildren and lisa
second instead to you had a great grandchildren homes you have any great-great grandchildren here in iraq after all these years of marriage do you
have any pet name for your wife mister becker yes syria always colder sweethearts instead hot and i have to say goodbye
status one hundred dollars in cash compliments of the start-up limit
dealers in america and we are definitely using hot as the
secret word tonight in honor of the nineteen fifty hot campaign now going on
all over america and missus uh… factor why why do you
call twenty three schedule yet insanity yukon and show you disaster any financial reasons on do you remember who did the proposing
when you uh… when you engage mister farrakhan yes uh… dian what’d she say f you
propose i don’t have any idea but you know i mean thought we all have a
mistake tragedy you’ll remember exactly what you
said when he proposed he said no i was right as i live on seriously isbn inspiring having you to
hear what the fifty m at age you said a fine example for the young
couples in america and i hope you’ll invite me to your
seventy-fifth anniversary and just one managing unlike the other
for a chance to win a lot of money you better life your base ultimately pledges himself to treat you’ll fairly
in squarely day after day year after year that’s the way more than three thousand
subtle plymouth the lives of america feel about all the customers they serve that’s their point and they’ll do there utmost to live up
to it at all times no matter how are you drive into a
desoto plymouth peters you’ll find at the honest desire of all the folks there
to serve you all to the very best of their ability they know that’s the kind attention that
will make you a satisfied and steady customer in the years to come that’s why it pays to stop where you see
the sign of unauthorized asoto plymouth either and remember all dealers who sell desoto
also self limit now then it’s a view to youngsters will
get a chance at the fifteen hundred dollars famine tommorow feature by three couples has twenty
dollars because much of that one is they want me to four questions the couple that aren’t the most money gets a chance of the desoto plymouth
fifteen hundred dollar question at the end of the show our other two couples are in the waiting
room on stage so minimal it’s happening out here illegality ojai committed twenty dollars
you selected name the fruit is your categories and write yes vision faceless you have twenty dollars
and how much would you risk what type of fruit is a pattern an apple is right falling here on u_s_ famine says rami
going for fifteen hundred dollars tonight how much of the f_a_a_ dollars
when you try it ten dollars ten dollars la raza bottler packed up a risk on powell forty dollars raj on how you are
forty dollars a if you think question how much of the forty would it right what kind of fruit is a must get and usd eighty yeah do you think it’s a great can you please have a well it is addressed project and i do have sixty dollars days u_s_
chance to be the other couples homage to the sixty-eight unido for how much it’s
a mother okay thank you bill what is meant by a yellow claim companies that p patriot like knowledge thanks and good luck from the start of
planet they would not all go away now you might get a chance to the big
question raj all of the secret word is still hard he has to address the next
couple will sickness to just before we went on the air our studio audience
elected glenn changed a department store buyer mister alexander atkinson america
mandate here we are broadus me groucho marx welcome for the
sort of plan available when he says the city where he was on a
dozen cash instantly it’s a common was something you always
ugly missed a rat mister atkinson you know you had a married man try yeah grow up in america you have been or
there’s no point getting pugnacious about atkinson is it how you related to the dramatic renege
on the new york times unrelated to a former governor of georgia last night i also used exact answer
annenberg sentence on yesterday’s adjuster letters usually my sanity i hear you sunayana done uh… your view of where you from
this decade to compliment on the sunshine and flowers beautiful women
just artisan those small the by u_n_ firing that we have small here
in california mister also lovely because all of your total enchanting
also anomalous donald also mister much mister using i’m in favor of sunburn on the
byline almost the promised land plan promising about an hour off and i would say you are real killers
address old karla plotted on a full race i got a lot of sam nunn was
underwater habitats but discovered land on the part of it and
let discovered land finding a job you mind if i use and
that’s right dollar just dead just what is your profession
is that concern well but let alone but the net i think you’ve got mail plays not while i’m smoking and i got integrate frontline tells us what all of
these so one of only this project report for tonight blooded which i think it’s hard to
entitlement fun and fun matters but others saw them fried
chicken i’m a strident and he’s jonathan and analysts light donot k cannot stand by it’s not good for to be associated with
the father studio in hollywood that comes on the bottom of my whole
life that’s one of the others webaward k when i’m getting someone that you funny
my daughter died sorry when i was in bed woman said that
it’s not a planet dealers in america and do dragons and i you related to the i can
send in a hot and via cell phone i got out of all of a georgia yeah you
could talk is not in a row on how do you do miss it missing how do you give now i ask you place how
do you do despite transplanted down the stairs you’re at your department store buyers
at night how many department stores have you
booked this weekend hideout by department stores i applied
for a department i think if i were which one barbara you from all of actually saying in there and philadelphia did you buy it department stores right
in front of him i’m afraid you don’t follow me well even if i did is not going to be
afraid of it the flatware utilities buying plans uh… there were about to be a little
room and what a buy for them as i think it’s that addresses who buys a wasteland did you ever by any dresses that you
start anselm um… i get stuck with a few development might help i can see wages stuck with them utilities white-out well when they don’t know if i were
usually much financially stable you know more than a speed and isn’t it maginnis top of the dead white house must be quite a problem on a hot day all right well where you can make it easier
deadline elephants and going monday dan unless they come in but i think
scientifically de la diaries minuscule branch was delivered by a veces fee a
store that you can sell yes for needed now the changing the stylist here
blanche yes he came to is more towards the
shortest sketch you think we can speed up internal and
on after all i’ve got so long ago leon dot them away where they’ve been one of the land about halfway between me and the floor sounds like anything unless they can use
this band wake up there has been confirmed do how long is your life wear dresses about two or three years article by catholic missouri darling locker so his time and runs
again doing well we know that deal about department still has an elephant’s not
even a like together for a chance of fifteen hundred dollars he’d be added to couples you get a
chance of the big question later i can tell you how much the first couple
omics panama’s allstate remind our listeners mister and missus packer who’ve been
married for fifty years earn ninety dollars here we go if they are hiding that you
twenty dollars you selected a romantic songs if you were category busy place questia twenty dollars how
much you want to risk let’s see if you can identify the song
play gary emory and loudly the demanded dying for fifteen hundred
dollars nine hundred unified a dollars lived right less than a minute romantic song okay
gary run but or names of the plane diamond do everything and after it private came through in the last quarter
there blanche all right is it that question how much
of the fifty when you drive humidified other stuff the ninety dollars all right and i mean i was not a whole
lot at all on if you’d like activity at a coveted title for the nineteen over
the line fist on the way that i know all-round banks and a lot from the start of limit
there was not with sonar will get the chance of the fifteen hundred dollar
question animal with a hat the department store
by or on the right man a meeting with a hundred eighty dollars and the secret
word is still hard we invited some hoboes anthem job
analysts of the show tonight and just before we went on the air our studio
audience selected missus allen robbins and mister bill hewlett famine where and i think you have any
and all of our present as well although groucho added a combo tumi groucho marx
dot com add to the sort of plan a program of one of the says the state
what he was on and i was instantly it’s a common way something you always have waited okay na final with a hobo comes from uh… miss robbins where you found me on
marriott along if you lived out here is the three
years where you had quite a beauty to you local stream will you wait for themes period in time well on the job announcements and what is the function of a german
allen well we can to give people we screened in the case then we try to
determine what type of decision had been suited
for you don’t analyze jobs and you just analyze people in the rent you could say
that minority districts but by sifting through all the facts about
uh… i gather that you are the hoboes and
write this right the media provide a meter that because
you know don’t uh… but would offer to buy time anybody for a cup of coffee remain i’ve had them have amassed meet
with illicit trying transaction happy overall goals that he has to differ heap gets there it was a british up for
me studebaker defect happens any cookie that bakery for what happy just yield bridge to houston what he wants their status was in the
media do how do you get it from the voter in new
york in any throws you’re on the meeting wary even showing density dispelling jayaram tony cook up some of them the youngster
every night you’d like a little me kiss you good at
answer money i’m like so the kids they let mek i got a little
bit yet providing a week ago leave if they use a
personal what friday tomorrow sunnyvale as an itinerary delivered for some time good sometime bitten white america do wet way where do you live well we’ve been waiting to see like the
obligation which you know every room around waiting religion well when you camping in the in the jungle as you call it good but what kind of meals there do you make make mulligan stew uh… well how do you make money you
still you get an angry face too a garmi ke come out on the day money
back in the british are beginning to in your show and ah… that’s one of your
own show paper here he is the cookeville tn clarity but suppose you can there big enemy i wouldn’t be a million studing well
what would you have them and be from the union what what do you think we are some guidance or battery issues here battery acid but you can at least a
masonic home on a nut yes what is battery yet bliss fresh coffee first initiative you blow
it off at the national on the battery as you do you use it over again surely
basement various leading mentioned a short of money how many times you’ve got it over analyst and conditions you’d hitler card is not
necessary actions and we think that uh… if you’re headed by a lot of times in my house and things like that for the
first time on how do you keep in touch with people
when you’re on the road away did you mail for mostly january it why what kind of what do you do when
you’re liking bill or you can work through ivins staley finally worked on
dekhti working properly mandela working with harvest field well how do you get from place to place
there here i derived polymer driving twenty five years years
highest-rated free parole board to nineteen fifteen fifteen
year old yeah i read black sky value reefer mike mccurry retrieving the recruit car we need to realize and united it january red and blue fescue train
ride that day pretty dangers in mhm here what kind of car do you prefer refer parliament but well i mean in on a permanent diplomats say there is no common
available him the ice hotel where they are fitting me as someone can relate to to user-defined what do you like best about the life you
review well elected beef free at all like to be tegan electrical
play here like to get at new morning we went to that one life can be a kid at this ticket nicole
feeding rebecca but you you provide a refrigerator car alarm
d appointments have been very interesting
and the have you here tonight and then i’m going
to try for a chance of the fifteen hundred dollar question ubi attitude problems you mentioned that
all that money again today much of a couple hundred famine and one remind our
listeners the department store buy american andrew hit with a hundred eighty dollars here we are still trying to find out if
you select that islands of the way i was just categories that right now you have twenty dollars how much
about dr fifteen fifty-nine worldwide ocean you
find the hawaiian islands specific pacific ocean about five dollars buddy monday going for fifteen hundred
dollars nine hundred of the thirty-five which run belief in twenty five and one or two via
fine dreamland reluctantly email and it is right fifty in one cd a fine the island of
corsica question him mediterranean mediterranean stadium i sit on a rating in our
lifetime but wholesale in this world monastery vision lessons to be the other
couples night out on it and found out without hundred-dollar d’amato should be a funny i love to
haiti etsu shift in the best and the but you know you’ll have a perfect right to
be particulate about the way your car is service and that’s why more and more car owners
every day friday and it is a little plymouth
beaters well that’s we’ve got expert courteous service at the lowest possible
cost you see this opened at theaters are just
as particular about your car as you are yourself their factory trained mechanics working
with factory design an approved tools and equipment stacy to look at the service they offer
in their shops is the best service you can get anyway well more than three thousand asoto
plymouth leaders throughout america take pride in their reputation for fast
efficient courteous service remember there’s next time your car
needs service and drive into the sign of unauthorized
is so tall plymouth dealer okay and here’s the homeowner job analyst
bowling kabul already but it is all open a fifteen
hundred dollar question groucho well a few and that she really going to be in
writing poems than paley offer fifty nine dollars ready
i’ll give you fifteen seconds to decide on one single answer between you
something kathleen please knows this is the audience here it is in nineteen fourteen the united states
army finished his biggest peacetime job what is the biggest peacetime job ever
accomplished by the army i want to be as he had to decide if i am
hammond and why do you have the right answer say one
fifty nine dollars one economy what all that money they are right on the radio the when i had seen it fast enough dominates anything in writing you this
one on and i think action on my part of the haha lab comment on what he wanted it was all
that money it arrived at preferred breaking joked
about delivery to clean up the night you want to one in ten dollars in the quiz
and a hundred dollars for the sake of late and fifteen hundred dollars all i can say to you both the sin
graduations from the more than three thousand a sort
of limit they listen coast-to-coast you bet your life the beyond a doubt production friends by
the hollywood directed by bob ronan bernie’s men music by gerry building be
sure to tune in again next wednesday night it was time for the grotto marcio euro that your line reasonable more than
three thousand is open a beer in america and remember all dealers who sell
desirable also sell brand to requires well products of the chrysler
corporation and don’t forget next week the big question will be worth
one files in dollars pan-am and if you have nothing better to
do this week why don’t you see on the movie love happy appointed on a television often gruesome
acting as a very educational but from a fine for being priced restarted my part husbands go out to sea otters auto
klamath a lot the a dot biting off more than three thousand
distraught opened at theaters from coast to coast kissinger the secret word tonight as water w_ a_ t_ e_ r_ really you all that you
all life but is all part of the owners of america
resent roger marking your that your life the comedy grocery for those in
transcriber maliwan and grey hairs alarmed the only here buddy one little i’ll do is go all that
may not come on bank illa here i am again with one
thousand dollars alone on top of the night judge famine was placed a couple
of irish people selected from our studio audience just before we went on the air it our way of noticing saint patrick’s
day groucho here we are this terrible haggerty and after john gallagher meet
groucho marx welcome folks whether this sort of limit
there was anyone who says it’s a good way demons and i wasn’t a instantly it’s a common way something you use
every day mister and the finances yes when he got that d_n_a_ is the pope
even that’s that’s a real irish naman
delighted with the length of the relation we had a plan for the show too value from uh… that email and i’m from on some of the banks of the
chairman of the ways fatherland fans pretty authentic and haha long thank you i think you are not forty two years and after all these years you still have
a touch of hillside you section yours any type of matter negative but missile all had a day at a second from
the that’ll magazine hopefully which brought about in the u from lincoln’s the world and how did you know that he was one of
your ancestors of policemen my grandparents came from united flight he moved in identifies remote from an online service and not for my limit where you from this
l_a_ as last time reunify looking less why did you not married then beautiful girl like you older clarified
oil along with relative heal it money last month but ass bodies is the nation’s jaiku like a piece of data well it done it’s a wicket as a couple weeks at the same thing could be taken as a
means of you see me for the life and that he felt
like i don’t like effective my mind as anything but deadline in that picture how how audio mr donahue sixty years you know goodbye and brought them a book a who has a broad that’ll mean are you
still though your little all here for that i think so and his exam of his eyes and maddie grandfather involvement did how did you meet your spouse uh… peeps califano one out on about forty five years ago for this march and the west of ireland
and she was out on the street chasing the chicken doing the same thing
and do cannot be taken at the indictment
forty to ten and houses a bank marvels and then i went back the next night made
my point is and well that’s all i’m not eat or no one in black leather jacket this you know i never made any inquiry that yes they did you speak gaelic believe it not much but could you give us a few words went a little some of the month it with the wind lamonica also the log on to become a leash to but what does that mean them well it means that in good evening how i a m will fine thank
you how r u ways you can tell you again do could could you tell me a job in gaelic na i couldn’t tell you i really couldn’t
tell you i wouldn’t be able to remember that delicate unusual
limitations and it with you but but frankly we did use the jump about
them laity all making nice to know that i
will understand if it is a city about the english is
immediately without any it’s about pat to level the fourth floor
and billions within five andy field of the weight down the
sidewalk leases end i’m gonna jump catch me so you don’t populace i’d welcome i
jumped away probably flopped on the sidewalk on the stretched out releases
say why did you catch me is that i would like to see you get
bombs do up at an that job is any indication here
in la jolla man and i thought communist and in a uh… and have you
ever seen a lateral afrikaner no i’ve never seen it what is a leprechaun is there anything
like a republican on denying repeated on as a republican on it an edge in a cable is dead pattern tell me uh… how do you usually
celebrate saint patrick’s day take a couple of minutes or something
like that katie what’s the real reason you are you
celebrate saint patrick’s day well because intently to the patron
saint of my own vehicle district of ireland amanda but in atlanta after an epidural i thought
they all came back again well at the top new to all i can say is
a happy saint paddy’s day to you both found just one managing unlike the other
produces a thousand dollars you bet your life when you call anyone of a more than
three thousand assault limit the theirs you’ll find if they’re on its desire to
please you no matter how small a job to be done the disorder opened at theaters offer
you the benefit of not only the best tools and equipment not only the factory
trained mechanics but they also feel it’s important to be
courteous to give their customers a square d that’s their creek their way of doing business so no matter where you drive remember
there are desoto opened at theaters anxious to serve you and remember all dealers who sell desoto also sells
plan uh… save an irish coming up on it will
be the ones who get the chance of the setup lim vows not a question and then bring them up to date on the
role of each of our three couples as twenty dollars that as much about whether they want me
to four questions a couple of the most money gets a chance
of a thousand dollar question of the individual our other two couples are in
the waiting room offstage so they don’t know what’s going on out here illegality item that you twenty dollars
you selected capitals upon countries easier category that correct okay now you have twenty dollars
rummaging onerous one of the capital city of denmark possible means that the n_t_s_b_ overhead refund
you agree with that one incident when i’m sorry it’s it’s copenhagen ninomiya nine per thousand dollars night onto the ten dollars a year there one of the capital city of another pilots and today in our five dollars night on the five
dollars present to the five million tons of fun what is the capital city of spain measure it is a right have ten dollars alright now you got ten
dollars malaysia last chance to be the other couples how much of the family
pride alright part of the capital city of
particle uh… less than it right wide thanks and good luck from the the
start-up ended there was an ongoing you may get a chance of the big question raj
or the secret were distilled water weapon x couples say a barber mr arthur five-mile-an-hour
housewife mrs darcy originate selected by our studio audience just before going
on the air here they are folks the groucho marx plenty of that your life
and i want to be says it’s a good way to anytime you enzymology cash instantly it’s a common life something you use
every day obama rent a house by a day uh… mister airfreight me other bob
reich resume enzymes but while our lady bothers you by way of from an discipline fifteen thirty three vines feeds that it
was barber shop that we will go on but minnesota though
that i had to have on the page as you can add the one where minneapolis minnesota the
land of ten thousand late landed ten thousand lighting you left all of nevada and where you from this is the reasoning
anthem green acres washington with uh… what is your husband do at my husband is a disabled veteran but
i’m a truck driver truck what kind of traffic well not mine house trailers with it people live in the all yes the political
venue from across the country where the leading in no i did fall nine and them
on a lot lately is that it’s like the house most of them how long have you been a bother mister
freeman’s anything is seventeen years and you know we’ll be
ready and looking there where he lives in his head that this is
a well he doesn’t have any daddy barber but is he still yet customers eventually well it’s a
good way from an essay that hamas the freemen if they do l_a_ film but instead they are back but you know that as assistant job for that
one you just announced over there the one where the power items as how do
you avoid falling hair and it’s all right thanks ted namely the
one side don’t have any and all the headline
that’ll go ahead a frying pan who want to have a frying pan d dealt with them this is a very old
clientele day idea to be a bother to use dot out when
you were the shaver wanted do i want to buy the cali when the bomb
intelligence what influence has been delayed the
grades ahead on the bother profession if it’s down that she was about twenty five
percent and what do you do every time there’s
another raises so you raise the prices changes anything and he is elected a
values electrically someday i hope you get the chance but cannot is something i’ve always wanted
know what you get all these old magazines the a customer’s we don’t know
empire from dentist but mario this is a is out there play again you don’t have a woman you know when one of the apartment brings in the
way they should look magazine be sure to see it within the flattering piece about me and i was
shown the kind of magazine maybe will help them together they just
left there is no bother him eyes that women don’t get involved as
often as men mister friedman routine no different than the mail but a that’s about as accurate a statement at
abbott held by a violin at and i and the quality of the at the professional
football ideal and their conflict on our kind of like me for a thousand dollars maybe the other companies in addition to
the big question i can tell you how much uprise couple on
the famines offstage remind our listeners the irish couple one twenty dollars illegality ojai committed twenty dollars
you selected songs about anatomy je categories that right that’s right now yet twenty dollars asia place
question how much is funny would it right what’s the name of the song okay gary well what is a kids when he said and uh… moccasin your eyes by many
diaper thousand dollars night as the big prize anyway now how much of a ten
dollars a new trial five five allegheny the fact that this
on friday did not know the deliberate right got hurt finite at fifteen dollars comitted a
fifteen minute drive okay just a question exceeded identified
as one attend dot on on on what he’s saying is that yes i’m sorry it’s in my arms you shoulda
known that they all have five dollars his wife tends to be the other couple
come into the five minutes ah… five once in a minute song play dollars plotting solid dot correct banks and deadline from that is not open
the deal is now in just a minute our last couple of private cancer the
thousand dollar famine with that well we are a couple of leading with
twenty dollars and the secret word stillwater wrapped
in a couple will say it we invited some collected from the
bureau of internal revenue on some hollywood business manager to the show
tonight and just before he went on the air our studio audience elected
collector william kennedy and manager maurice doma gentlemanly groucho marx
welcome again see a better life and i want to get says it’s a good way without
allison k instantly at the common way something you use every day business manager and then income-tax
collective that lately mister right at the in and placement and i recognize you buy if you’re a former
but that way if run at the kennedy i’m from our miami florida along a given
an income tax collectors but seven months as you have to go into this mysterious
basin well i uh… fifty finishing for good i want to come to california but you know you can live in california
not being with a revenue department well it’s not easy but what prompted you to become an income
tax man i mean what did you do prior to that i was a bank examiner further run on you have a nickname in the kitchen yes sir it’s cooley called me from why did you hop around a lot no r_e_i_t_ ameriprise in rambling how helpful as marriage in the income
tax and play well this year whites with six hundred dollars on d validated plated eve and belive mythic any un has to be alive that industrialized at
that time filing but on grabbed at the following day at the until about a lot of a way that’s your kids they’re worth six
hundred dollars on hill and avoid as much of the big one court did you have a calendar sickening
night shift when you’re at six in about ten do by the process of elimination i presume
that you know the uh… business management development moran right away from ryan from new york white outfit deal delightful i’m in
business for myself well you might get on the is what do you do when your business are
marquerite manager business affairs of other people and you don’t mind your honor what happened now to be a businessman is
in the film primarily you have to have a good head
for business is that in addition to the one you carry
on what brought you let’s get back to you
lynn understanding that dreaming of somebody
that has something my do specifically what is your job with the
income tax department by the bureau of internal revenue pretty fancy name for the cricket outfit
do reluctant to act on the link when
experiences was a fellow as you seven thousand
dollars he has no money money if you’ve got the money will collect the
that he has and that you can film anything into that if he hasn’t done it know when he gets
into the great pride in return but we don’t care for them in jail at
the history of the money to pay the taxes that’s a good thing then i don’t know but now i want to some of the things we
should know about income taxes for example should a married man finally
joined return or a single returns this year’s would uh… fee to his
advantage to file a joint return with his wife and that way he could take today g_o_p_
splitting from provisioning when i get my split once again to china’s at a nightclub
with a money-back guarantee what doing returnees warehousing lifestyles one returned to get into a rain coming repair when tax return known filing a
joint return how much am i allowed a deduction for myself this year you would be allowed six hundred dollars esta head of the
house at this fantasy hangup raj down while the head of the house and you
are a fragment on about mister dome another here does he
get another six enough because of his extensive business do one of the defense argued that there
between the show up on them along for me well the short form the ten forty eight you can’t get in at eleven o’clock am on playing there that is on the chart form you can claim
only ten percent deductions of your gross income you carefully examine every form it
comes in your office this weekend you know we don’t over every farm we you know look at the above the average forms that is a maybe ordinary bomb you don’t pay any
attention on like me to come down again so that the
average bond but palaces you live why don’t you examine the reform well we just don’t have the personnel to
go over every format goes on guard any in regards to that i uh… one and
if we do say particularly tension city forms that go into big figures but do fifty they could get out i hand you know
what it might have an army of occupation or a
large on how long is effective well it doesn’t take long we have uh… huge machine that is really a mechanical brain you have a mechanical brain limited
ominous to advert galen around it with a single track mind that thinking about having fun on i feel my business manager mister darman
how could you save me money on income taxes well thank you i called rather u on orkut here i can see them and passing out of it
back but offering your apple pie with a sign of
non what we do is keep proper record of your deductions kept that in your business you listen to
radio you have to to listen to other comedy programs that we can take
appreciation on your radio perhaps i was in the other programs travelers minded national an adolescent do now i suppose i was thinking of hiring
you help me take care of my business is business development i have a nanny that just pretending what would you want to know about well first that one know if you were
honest ironies i would need your help missus do between the two of the succeeded in
confusing all three of us are you going to try for a chance of a
thousand dollars you beat the other two couples and that’s all you have to do increase my father i can tell you how
much they won the pennant is going to remind our listeners the irish couple is ahead with twenty dollars here we go let’s say a hi candidate
twenty dollars you selected instruments played by august the leaders as your category thank you price question you have twenty
dollars how much would attract we’ll try for ten okay what instrument
as harry james place from bailey right dot there for a dollar i want to go on
the one you know one thing boys you know you any money and i think that put it on
your tax cut then we’re going for about an hour
tonight how much of the failure tried wine and some of the gene krupa play prompted rather than a ride definatly outfitted already got fifty
dollars ish it’s a question how much of the fifty wine and some of the family darcy play combo from our right going up and i have ninety dollars
legislator i don’t have a minute from barney that ninety dollars utilize tend
to be the other couples honestly event here they worked finance amanda’s common caballero play piano at the end all right dot and the democratic effort after the
software files of our question what do you expect to the folks who
serve as your call efficient service courteous service
service at a fair price well you’ve got the law when you’ll be
at that level more than three thousand a subtle plymouth either you’ll find them not only ready and
willing what able to give your father very best inservice and that goes for the major repair jobs
as well as a simple one this ultimate dealers have factory
trained mechanics will no cars inside and out no matter what make or what year it
happens to be and in the hands of these export
mechanics are the most modern tools and equipment made yes that’s the kind of pop service you
can count on when you’ll drive your car and left a
sign of any authorized a subtle when a speaker and there is a tax man in the business
manager the wedding couple already for this autoclave thousand-dollar question
groucho here we go for a thousand dollars ready i dated fifteen seconds to
decide on a single answer between young thing carefully and please no help me on in seventeen seventy seven the american
army defeated the british and again on the going what has become one of the truly
decisive battles of world history may convict remarked if any of the time
of independent one of the name of this battle data obtain a lot of the airfield to have
decided upon in five right up into the microphone that’ll be our town now and i’m sorry is the battle at the
battle of saratoga friday at the correct answer so that
means the big question next week will be white fifteen hundred dollar a nine a loss of big money but you want
how much you are not many dollars in cash congratulations and thanks to both of
you yellow back your life is a darn good
alberta driver molly was directed by bob while the burnings met there was a quiet gary fields easier to do it again next wednesday
night at this time we got some argue all of your work that your life reasonable autumn reviled in the side
all going to be those of america and remember all dealers who sell their subhas bose l
one l deliberate garden all products of the chrysler corporation and offered at next week the big
question will be what fifteen hundred dollars well it’s almost time for bing
crosby seven ipod have been really busy on assault all by
mentally ill i i dead or alive leading we’ll need to be objective
overall red cross services respond willingly than i think that the
red cross one campaign remember you’re not getting through fuck
ruled the red cross there’s a georgetown and signing off
more than three thousand asato plymouth delay from coast to coast


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