Yorkshire wedding planner conned dozens of couples out of hundreds of pounds

Yorkshire wedding planner conned dozens of couples out of hundreds of pounds Angry couples across have had their wedding days left in tatters after allegedly being scammed out of hundreds of pounds. Dozens of people across Yorkshire, including brides Sam Devine, Araminta Waldron, Kaylie Norris and Kayleigh Enderby, claim they have been duped out of money they gave to a Hull wedding planner. The woman at the centre of the scandal has allegedly gone missing after reports emerged that she abandoned a couple on the eve of their wedding with the pairs big day saved by radio listeners after an appeal on radio station Stray FM. Multiple people across the country have posted on Facebook claiming to have also been conned by the woman, including 32 year old Sam Devine, from Paull, East Yorkshire, who brought her wedding forward so that her terminally ill mum could see her marry her fiancé Phil Leach. Sam was due to get married abroad in 2022 but after learning six weeks ago that her mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, she brought the wedding forward to 2020. The mother of one joined numerous Facebook groups to try and sniff out the best deals ahead of the big day and came across one wedding planner offering bargains which she initially thought were too good to be true. After getting in touch, messaging her and meeting the woman face to face, Sam was convinced everything was kosher and paid more than £500 to cover the cost of decorations and £100 to cover the deposit for the hire of a marquee. She last spoke to her on July 22 before going on Facebook on Friday to find posts and comments from people who said they had been scammed. Sam attempted to contact the woman again having heard the news but has since heard nothing and she fears she may now have lost hundreds of pounds.  I felt upset, shocked and just absolutely gutted, Sam said. I just couldnt believe somebody could prey on someones weakness like that. Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life and I knew that mine was going to be bittersweet because although I am marrying Phil we had to bring it forward so my mum could be there. I feel taken advantage of and I did have doubts at first and everybody said it was too good to be true but the messages from her reassured me. She kept saying dont worry. Well make sure the place is beautiful and that your mum is in beautiful pictures. I even said to her that I thought she was my guardian angel and it turns out along she was doing this. Sam, who has reported the alleged fraud to the police and is trying to get reimbursed through her bank, said she now faces a race against time to get everything ready for the big day. Its going to be hard for us, she said. The only reason why I had that money was because I sold some puppies that my dog had had.  I only had the dress to sort out and I was supposed to be trying some on Saturday but Im not going now because it just doesnt feel right. I think she saw us coming and I think she is disgusting and vile. I hope the police find her and justice is served because she could have done this to hundreds of people and I just hope people get their money back. Kayleigh Enderby is getting married to her partner Marc Hodge in just four weeks time. She was convinced by a friend to go with the alleged fraudster and was encouraged to hand over £600 after being encouraged by positive reviews on her Facebook page. This covered the cost of cars, a buffet and room decorations, and Kayleigh thought everything was in hand until she looked on Facebook on Friday and realised she had been the victim of an alleged scam. My head just went, said the 29 year old mother from north Hull. She gave me a package for a certain amount and everything was arranged and paid for but I kept in contact and last spoke to her on July 16. Then I went on Facebook yesterday and was like wow what are we going to do? We get married in four weeks. Fortunately, Kayleigh has since been reimbursed through her bank and has even tried to help out other desperate brides affected by the scandal. She questioned how someone could be so horrible and praised friends and family for rallying round her to ensure her big day still goes ahead as planned. Weve got four weeks to try and do it and we will get there weve got a good family backing us up, Kayleigh said. She isnt going to ruin our big day. At first I said were going to have to cancel it but then my family and friends said youre not cancelling it. We will get through it. I just dont know how she can be so horrible. Im complaining about it being just four weeks away but there are brides getting married Saturday and its just lucky everyone is pulling together. Kaylie Norrie knows the wedding planner as an old family friend and after her services were recommended she saw no reason as to why she should doubt her legitimacy. The 30 year old from north Hull, who is marrying partner Sean Lane next year, said: She told us about all these offers and I trusted her. Someone else said she wouldnt rip us off so we got all the catering off her and made a full bank transfer. As far as we were aware everything was booked and she sent us a receipt and when we said we needed a photographer she said she had one we could use for the day. In total, Kaylie gave her £700, comprising £500 for the catering and £200 for the photographer, and she was planning to give her another £500 this weekend. She was livid when she realised she had been allegedly scammed and although she has managed to retrieve the £500 she fears she will never see the other £200 again. I tried to contact her and got nothing, Kaylie said. I also got in touch with her brother and he was devastated. We are just gutted. We know we have until next year to sort things out but we are still disappointed. If I saw her now I dont know what I would do with her. She is vile and disgusting and she has put her family through hell too. She is just a horrible woman. Steven Holmes and Araminta Waldron from east Hull are also out of pocket after paying £300 for a hog roast to cover 80 people at their wedding reception in May 2020. Araminta, who is 27, said: A wedding coordinator recommended her to us and said she had these one time offers where it was £300 all in.  This was in July 2018 and I thought it was a great deal so we sent the money through a bank transfer. I asked her continuously to send me a contract in the post for three months after the money was sent and all I got was a picture of a receipt through Facebook messenger Then everything went quiet and it wasnt until last night that I was scrolling through wedding groups on Facebook and someone had posted dont book anything with the wedding planner wed used. They said she was taking peoples money and doing a runner. I knew the wedding was a long time away so there was no point pestering her. Ive tried to contact her since and I sent a message to her Facebook profile. She has deleted one and set up another so I then messaged her new one but it says she isnt active. I just feel sick. I started planning the wedding last year so I had no worries but now Im just panicking even more. Weve got until May to sort everything out and I do feel more for the brides she has let down today at the last minute. Steven, 31, added: Its disgusting. She has taken all these peoples hard earned money. 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