Yemin 184. Bölüm Fragmanı l Kemal ve Narin Evleniyor

Hello friends Narin leave Kemal
If you say we are very glad not to Nazmiye Hanım Finally, separating the lovers
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Will he fire away from the mansion, Kemal and Narin’s fake Will Erhan’s marriage come true?
What will be the insidious plan, the big waiting for us what’s the surprise, here i will answer all your questions
Friends. Emir in the new episode of the oath series
and after Reyhan was opened, Emir, Reyhan gift to her to win her heart again
Cavidan then makes a game again and tries to separate Emir and Reyhan. If you remember then Cavidan’s ring
He had accused Nigar of Cavidan. will no longer be able to withstand these insults and
Reyhan will cry and leave. have to make a decision on these things
Cavidan will stay Nigar from the mansion. He will say that he must fire.
do this since the host is a lady But later on, Nigar’s
it will turn out that he did not steal the ring and Cavidan will fail again in this game.
Nigar will not leave this to Cavidan. Because Nigar Reyhan’s top
his conscience upon doing good on top and all the facts
He will look for an opportunity to tell Reyhan. now forgives Narin because Narin
now that Kemal is in love with him learned and did not hear the word I love you from Kemal will state that he will not leave him until long. will be very happy that Narin does not go to Berlin.
Probably Kemal, this marriage to Narin We will say let’s make it real and Delicate
will sit on the wedding table again. Erhan will be very angry with this situation because Narin
because of his obsession and to harm Narin and Kemal
he will start making new plans. Erhan’s love for Narin is evil plans
standing upright like mountains Kemal and Narin you will understand
we will see that he remarried. Let’s turn to our favorite lovers, so Emir
and Reyhan.Emir, Reyhan’s heart again will win and buy him little gifts
Do his best to make Reyhan happy Then Emir will never give you to Reyhan
He will state that I will not leave alone. Emir and Reyhan’s happiness
nobody can break it, so this part we came to the end, more videos
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friends. See you again Take a good look.

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