Yeh Hai Jalsa (2008) – Pawan Kalyan, Ileana D’Cruz | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

In our country one in lakhs
of people have a bungalow. One in thousand has a car. One in hundreds has
their own computer. But every two persons
in ten have a gun or knife. It means we are facilitated
to die rather than to survive. This was said to me by my friend. Once he asked his student
who had come to learn kufu from him. I can never ask. To win in the war means
not to kill the enemies. This should be listened
from his mouth only. His name is Sanjay Sahoo. “Where ever I walk in the
street no one is like me there.” “Whenever it can happen
enjoyment in the city.” “Enjoyment, enjoyment.” “Enjoyment, enjoyment.” He drinks on all
Saturdays and Sundays. On Monday he drinks as if he
cannot drink on the rest four days. On Tuesday as one day is reduced. He drinks on Wednesday so
much that Saturday should not come. And on Thursday and Friday
as to drink on all the days he drinks. Sir, sir. So he drinks the whole week. From tomorrow keep a
steel glass it won’t break. He has one more bad
habit with the drinking one. Studies he has done three
post-graduation till now. Now he is doing his
fourth post-graduation. Your thinking is very correct. They love each other. Stop it now. Sanju, Sanju, Sanju. Hi. Were you sleeping?
– No, no. In this tension how can you sleep? Who was sleeping? I was closing my eyes
and imagining your father only. Come. – Ya I am coming. The door is not opening.
– What happened? Come out.
– This door has locked from inside. Break it no problem. Sure. – Yes. Come out no issues. Don’t speak more.
– Okay. Otherwise he will think you are fool.
– I will not speak only. Then he will think you are arrogant. Indu. – Yes. These many days you girls
used to do now we do it. What’s that? – The rituals
to show the face for first time. Good morning sir.
– Good morning. Oh, is he the one. – Hey! Sir me.
– Come here. Can I sit?
– You ask all this properly. Can I sit, have breakfast? But to love you didn’t ask permission. If I ask you will feel bad sir. Means.
– Means this only sir. Can I love your daughter? Can I take her and marry her? I will hit you if you ask this. I had said this only you feel bad sir. What do you have so that I can give
my daughter to you? Property or asset. This awkward hair style. If you say I will
change my hair style. You don’t change hairstyle,
change your lifestyle. Even then I will not get my
daughter married to you that’s all. And that’s final.
– This is injustice sir. Why are you becoming a barrier? Will you take life
of an innocent child? You look like a kidnapper
of children and say you are a child. See this. Who is this sir?
– He is my would be son-in-law. What is less in me sir? Height, weight,
color studies over that money. To survive us need money is right. But only money is needed is wrong. You are right we need
house and cars also. How will I explain him? How much sty fund you get monthly?
– Around 3500 to 4000 rs. Is this a bus to reach
from here to there? 3500 or 4000 tell me correctly.
– 3500. What?
– 3500rs. How much does he get you know?
150000rs. It will be of one year.
– Monthly. Sir, does he do job
or blackmails anyone? He is software engineer.
– Okay. One crore dowry I am giving him. If you give that to me I would have
earned monthly interest of 350000 rs. Are you going to
show some other photo? That boy is very handsome sir.
– Really. 100% sure sir. – Are you sure. Sure sir no doubt in that.
– So I fix it. Don’t think go ahead with it. What did daddy say? Then what did you say? What should I do? Hi. Why are you pushing me? Champaign. – Thank you. Don’t cry if someone sees then they
will think you are crying for girl. Big crowd. Good evening. How are you sir? – Thank you. How come you here? – The fragrance
of food was coming till outside so. So I came with my friends. Who is he dad? I had said you Indu
loved one boy he is the one. You said everything to him sir. I have a doubt if you
needed 100 or 1000 Rs. I will tell your husband
if he blackmails like that then. If I need I will ask
why I should blackmail. Listen Raj pal’s daughter
has not yet come. – Hello. Hi, meet my fiancée. This is for you. Why don’t we take a snap? Take one photo. – Get the garlands. I am getting it aunty.
– Give tulsi give the garland to me. Congrats and happy married life.
– Thank you. This is for you. We are ready clicking it. You. Ya it is done I am coming now. Sir, be in left. – Yes. Little bit. – Okay. Little more, yes. After the failure of
this love story in 52 days. There was an entry of
one more girl in his life. ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ Girls are never alone. In summers sweat and
in rains stains of mud. In winter like mosqitoes
girls and dons. Always are with unknown strings. What happened dear?
– She is looking like a sumo fighter. If she was slim why will she come
to gym she would go to watch movie. In next five minutes
when she will come out. If she is slim she is mine
and if she is sumo she will be yours. I am going. Time to leave. Catch me if you can. I am going to be first. You. Hey Priya watch out. I am going now. I won, I won. – No I won first. You lost come on.
– I am the winner. I am the winner. I came first. – Shut up. What are you talking? I won. Come on in the game also you won. Hi, See that. Nice car. That’s my car. Can we go for a drive? No thank you. So can we do it in the car here only? Go. Come on Priya run. – Stop. Jo comes fast. Come on Priya run.
– Where will you run? Come on. – Come on guys. Help. – Wait there. Priya come on. Wait there. Wait there only. “I will take and go you.” “I will take you and go.” Please help save us. Some guys are behind me. Our song is more important
than these girls. Come, come. Friend park soon and come. Till then I will finish my drinks. Once our work is done
even you can join us. How can you? After murdering him also
we will have mood to rape them. Come on Priya. – Hey. Catch him don’t leave him kill him. What is going on here? Everything is spoiled. What younger brother how
many years you are learning from me? Do you know how many years it is?
– Five years. Five years it is right.
What did I say you? Once if someone gets
beatings from your hand. Then that person should not get up.
I had said you this right. – Yes. I had said you this
that he should not get up. Then which game are you playing? Hey, you tall man come here. Tell me how did you hit him. Tell me no problem. You have good skill in you all. Hey dude. Dons can also be romantic. See remember one thing always. After the drinks once we get beatings. That same way we have got
opportunity to hit someone today. Just concentrate fully. The stick in your hand and his head. Head and stick, head and
stick and then give him nicely. Younger brother. – Yes. Do you know the plus point of rains? He passed urine this
only he and I know. Even you don’t know this right. I will take you and go. Brave heart. – He is mine. He is mine. How was it? – It’s great. Commerce girls are good,
boys of physics are good. Math’s lecturers are good. So ragging. – No chance. Thirty two, thirty three. Thirty four. Thirty five. – Very good. In half an hour rolling
the pen you came so far. In next three hours
you can reach there. Where is the wall there? If you count till one lakh. You can see the Great Wall
of China there my sweetheart. Come on you can do it thirty seven. Thirty eight. – Hurry up. Thirty nine. – Forty. Forty one.- Forty one. Forty two. What is your name? – Priya. Sir. – Where is the Mangalsutra(chain)?
With your husband. I am not yet married. Will you marry me? Are you afraid or angry? You don’t worry;
I will not tell you to do that. You are slim very easy. Come kiss my cheeks and straight
away go to your class room. Everything will be alright. No, then okay one more idea is there. I will come and kiss your lips. Then straight away go
to your class room and sit. What happened? – Ragging. Sanju. Sanju. ‘Beware! O Beautiful Ladies..’ Hi girls what’s the problem? I think the guy is very romantic.
Where is he? Who is that? – Listen my son. Whatever is your business
keep it with you this is our job. We will rag happily or seriously rape. What do you want? Saw what happened. Someone ragged a girl
and I have been called. This is an unnecessary work. Who is this behind all this? Call that fellow who was ragging? He is this one only. – He is the one. One he comes in senses call
me again I will hit him again. Listen darling you don’t worry. Your romantic eyes. Run with your lovely
legs and turn right. You will get your class room. If you read in free time
you will get your degree also. Whenever he will see you
his head will start paining. Believe me its fun to be here. “This life should be
finished like this happily.” “You will get happiness
here everywhere.” “Cut down things with fun here.” “We have to move on
with happiness here.” “It’s just few moments
of friendship and love.” “If you love it then
the life is also beautiful.” “It’s just few moments
of friendship and love.” “If you love it then
the life is beautiful.” “The life is to enjoy.” “Love is life make it that.” “This is what life is.” “This is life.” “You know this.” “You can do this.” “Come let’s face life together.” “We will be together.” “If it is day or night.” “We should be hand in hand.” “Unless this is there we are there.” “We leave on dreams.” “Unless we breathe.” “We leave on dreams.” “This is life lets enjoy.” “Life is life Saturday night.” “Live life.” “Live life.” “Those who hurt us will be punished.” “He will be killed.” “We live with prestige.” “We play with fun.” “We count the stars in the sky.” “Unless this breath is there.” “We dream a good life.” “Unless the breath is there.” “We live in dreams.” “You and I can stay.” “Life is like Saturday
night lets enjoy it.” “Let’s leave life.” “Let’s leave life.” One two three four. Now breathe in and stop there. When I will tell leave it then. Excuse me. – Yes. Hi. – If you want to
learn yoga comes to me. If you want to learn
nicely then go to him. And if I want to meet Anju then.
– Go inside. Thanks. You idiot. How did he fell down? Sir, sir did he die? I said him to hold
his breath not forever. You stay here. – Okay. Sanjay, Sanju. Who is this? – Hi. I am Jyostna, Jo. Because of hangover the needle’s
prick is also like a hammers stake. In the night. – Flowers. These are flowers what
should I do with them? Rather than drinking in night if I
drink in the day I don’t get hangover. Your house is very beautiful. This is not my house,
this is his uncle’s. In the furniture your taste is seen. Not taste you can see the cost. Because all this not mine this is his. What is the matter
tell me?- Tell fast. I love you. What? I love you. I love you too. You wait here only. I will send all these guys. Then we will do. What will we do?
– I will not twist and tell. We will directly do that only. I didn’t tell I love
you with that intention. Then with what intension you said it?
Should I say? Once you say I love you
then I need to say me too. After telling me
too will you leave me? After three four years
we will have to marry. After marriage will you leave me? Movie, picnic, clothes, jewelry. Otherwise always crying. If sometime without
controlling if I touch. Then domestic violence,
rights so females dowry issues. With all this you will
tie on the window with a string. Sorry, to bear al this
I am not a tommy I am a tiger I am a tiger.
– It means you didn’t like me? 200% I didn’t like you. Tell me one reason. If I tell three will
you have any problem? First is your pony tail. Second your high heels. Last and final third your attitude. I will not like it. Only this. – No there are
so many just leave from here. Don’t make noise I want to sleep. Jo, Jo, listen. Hey, what are you doing here? Is she your friend? – Yes. Why have you kept your hairs open?
And why are your sandals in your hand? You don’t like that is why. It was not suiting her not in you. Will you come with me?
– Is it urgent or important? It is serious. – Okay serious. Yes. – Come. I had tried one as an
how to remove it I don’t know? How did you do this? This happened like that only. Once you twist his
head he will be alright. Let’s see that idea. What did I do? Your father is rich? – Yes. He will be rich. If he has such a daughter
he will be at least a millionaire. ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ They have come for settlement. Hello sir. They have bought two
acres plot in Koka pet. They have not yet registered it. Five crore advance is
also given they are telling. One fellow has come
in between this from Mumbai. He has given fifty crores
more than their offer. He has put up his board also sir. And many more things
they were telling sir. That fellow is very dangerous
he has mutton biryani. They are very pity fellow
they have only rice and pulses. That fellow is going to make bar here. And these guys are
going to build a temple. All this they are telling me. They have comet me
to say all this nonsense. And they are laughing at me. You are laughing at me. What should you get? Taking monthly salary of ten thousand. If you stand this way. Then someone will come and hit and go. From here till here
it spreads everywhere. What is it? – Fear. What is it? – Fear. Yes, that should come. Otherwise your blood
will flow this way. If you want to save
him take him to hospital. I don’t have interest go out. We will make it to twenty five sirs.
– No it is not possible. I need money but
this deal is not okay. If he gives thirty shall I speak? If he gives twenty
four I will do it say him. Go and drink milk my child. Whatever you are seeing
is truth it is jail only. They run illegal
business from here only. How is this possible from here? Read daily newspaper or see
the news your doubt will be clear. Why are you taking tension Praia?
He has said no to Jo. Offcourse,
he has said no and even I am happy. Then what is the problem?
– Jo is more sexy than me. If he has said her no
will he consider me also? I should have said
first that he is mine. I am always late by ten seconds. What did you say?- He is mine. After that. – Late. That is what how much? – ten seconds. Exactly my timings
are also the same sister. My name is Sonu.
Last time I had bunked the class. Before leaving the classroom
ten seconds before only.. ..I lighted the citrate. Then what happened?
– Time went off Sonu was left back. You are late like the
money order 10 seconds. I am fast like telegram by 10 seconds. If we both meet we will
be correct like a courier. Who is he? In talks I am ahead in
understanding I am a bit late. In total my life
is bit ahead and back. What happened doctor? – sit down. Thank you. After seeing all your reports.
– Is there tumor. No. – Is it cancer? No brother.
– Then what happened doctor? Malaria or dengue? Tb and Thyroid is mixed. Blood pressure and sugar has
increased and caused heart attack. Because of condom tearing is it Aids. Tell me doctor for
god’s sake tells me. More than all this
bigger disease you have. Doing things fast. If I treat anyone I charge
twenty-five thousand everyone knows. If I treat so carefully then I charge
fifty thousand this no one knows. See Mr. – My name is. See Son listen to
someone then speak ahead. The person who doesn’t
come on time is called careless. And the person who comes before
time is called jobless my fellow. Do you have any doubt?
Come on come out. What does a gay mean? Rather than concentrating on the
topic which is required the person.. ..who consider other things more. Is called a gay. Open your mouth gay. What did he say in the end? Before starting any work
he said me to count till ten. What will happen with that? – To count
till ten it will take 10 seconds. Yes, then all work
will be on time then. For this he took fifty thousand. You should go to that doctor Priya. How is this right? I am fast that is
why he said me to cunt till ten first. Sister is late so he will tell
her to count till 10 after the work. We have to pay twenty five thousand
for fees that headache is different. So what to do? – Its simple
sister you give me ten thousand. I will call him so he will give me
idea then I will tell you that idea. Your fees fifteen
thousand will be saved. And my loss of ten
thousand will be covered. Here thousand is
also like ten thousand. I will take it afterwards. Excuse me sir your favorite patient. Halo. – Sir I am Sonu. – Say. The thing is that my friend is stuck
in love problem. – See in front. Ya after seeing the
boy I will call you. His illness is not reduced yet. Where is that boy? Oh no, whom does the girl love why does
they love we cannot understand it. Okay what is the point
now thinking for it? Hi Priya. – Hi. Hi. Listen This time don’t
think the way you used to do. Go ten seconds early like me sister. Listen to me go ahead
he will be impressed. Hi. – Hi Hi. – Now only I was asking about you. What were you asking? That’s what why did
he reject your friend Jo? Give me your hand. The sun revolves the earth,
the earth revolves the moon. And the all the satellites
revolves the moon. This is science. When the boys go around
the girl that is romance. And if girls go around
the boys then that is nonsense. The girls should not
be on beach or bandstand.. ..where all the foolish
people go around. They should be on Everest.
Priya remember one thing. Friday they say hi and
Saturday they come near. And Sunday they enjoy
and Monday they break up. So you should be very careful. So now you are careful. That’s good look darling
I have thesis on this subject. Sometime come leisurely
come in evening I will teach you. After pickpocketing him how
does he pay this restaurants bill? For this keep watching.
– See that is my wallet. Sanjay, Sanjay pay the bill dear. He is the triple murder
culprit of Royal Seema case. Sir Damadar has filed a bail petition. Bail petition is cancelled. Damodar sir.
– Damodar sir. Tell us. – Please tell us. Your enemies are saying you are the
dangerous fellow in the whole team. The court is also believing
this what do you say? Say us. If I would be so dangerous person. Will you dare to ask this
question and can go safely home? You didn’t get bail? – No. That advocate is useless. We will kill him. – Just transfer him. To get him transferred
we need to beg to so many people. For murder just a knife is enough. Once think about it. – Yes sure. Sir, can we go.
– In between small work is there. let me finish that and come. What is this?
– I am there I will let him. You don’t take tension.
I will speak to Karim brother. Sir, they are coming. Karim brother he is our boss.
– Stop it. He is our boss. – Wait. What you want to
say I didn’t stop him. What I want to say I stopped him? Sir, what we heard is true. He is really mutton biryani fellow he
is not interested in rice and pulses. I have purchased this
property by giving exact value. You don’t try to show your power. If you show your political power. So you will know what is underworld? Then the end will be worse. He will not agree this way sir; we
will have to convince him with love. I don’t think he will
understand the language of love. What to do if the pig’s life
comes to an end he comes to us. See we have not opened
our mouth in front of him. He is taking the name of underworld
before this no use of this. And he wants to scare
us and make us go away. I want to talk personally with him. Talk to him no loss in that. Start it. – Come on start it. Sir, you didn’t speak up.
– He will not agree. Yes, he came and went also. What is this going on? Wait. I stopped him not to listen to you. To make you hear what I want to say. When you stopped the water stopped.
But when he stopped the murder stopped. If you want to do business here. Rather than buying and
selling learn to fear also. Karim brother. There is no need to make the fear
understand they understand on its own. Wipe that blood stains and remove
his name and put your name there. Yes, sir. Listen. – Yes, sir. If he meets you tell
him to work for Hindi serial. Because Lala he cries very well. Hi. – Hi. Wait I am coming. Where is the door? It means our fame is also there. And she is impressed also. – Yes. Yes, this is the same saying that.. ..the cycle is also good
and we don’t get hurt also. Why should be break our
head let him only call us. She is my daughter doctor sir,
she is changed a lot nowadays. I have bought her for checkup. She behaves abnormally sir. This is not a little
abnormal Subhod sir. This is madness.
– What do I do for this? Halo. – Sir I am Sonu here. What do you want? Sir, as you said I saw
the boy he is very good sir. Did I say you? – Sir keep
shut don’t joke in these matter. This girl is mad behind him sir.
Whose daughter? I don’t know her father’s name. Why do you call me?
What did I do to you? Tell me sir, tell me. Big people like you say
then we small people hear to you. What should I do sir? What should I do? Tell me what to do? If we keep meeting
then she will be okay. We need to meet this much clue is enough
I will make them marry in 10 days. What are you saying? When will he learn to speak on phone? What I said them why
does he take for him? If we marry her will it be
fruitful sir? – Yes, it will be. Weekly twice you get her,
twice your son-in-law will get her. You need to meet him
continuously that’s it. But, what reason should I say him? Reason normal people keep searching. But lovers like you
need not know reason. What did he tell yesterday? I have thesis on this subject. Come leisurely in
evening I will teach you. This much is enough
our work will be done. So today evening you
is meeting him enough. If you have any problem
I am their come on start. If I go then see. Sonu, Brother Sonu. This is dog van why
didn’t you tell me? Before I say. – I am again late. Did the dogs bite badly? I think all the dogs use colgate. Their tooth are very strong. Spider man, spider man, spider man. Hi. – What are you doin here? You only said me come in evening. I will teach you how
should girls be bold. Yes, I said you casually,
you too it seriously. Listen Priya,
today girls are behind boys. But till now this never happend. Before this girls never
used to see us also. This is because god
Ram made a bridge.. ..and went all the
way to Lanka for the war. That time when Goddess Sita
who used to lie down in Ashok Vatika.. Did she even dream about Ram?
– No, right. Now recently wht happened. For Paro Devdas drank
the whole bottle. Did Paro drink one peg for Devdas? So what do we understand by this? You people dates are illegal
and mens dating is legal. But how come? Example think one duffer
is going from here. Let him come don’t
see him he will go away. Let him go don’t see,
here, no here no. Almost when he goes
near the door just look him. Not directly. – Then. With eyemole. – Eyemole means? How will I explain
you english medium girls? With crooked sight.
– Oh with crooked sight okay. That time even he will turn
up and see back that time you smile. Not showing your teeth,
with your eyes. How with the eyes? Think thtat your smile is here. Then slowly get it up. Then your eyes will sparkle. With that shine there
will be a miracle. Yes, what a bright girl? Theory is done. For practical one
stupid is required let us find out. See he is coming. He is getting abox don’t
see him unless I tell you. – Okay. Let him go don’t see,
don’t see don’t see him. Now see him. Now see him with eyes. Saw priya. You are wonderful Priya,
you are wonderful. Yes. I was watching him from
behind how did he know that? If we see with love from
behind also we can make it out. I can’t believe it. Girl I am giving all
my powers to you use it. Thank you sir. I will shop and come til
then you enjoy. – Shall I come? I need to buy chicken
fry will you come? – No, sorry. You wait here only. This is surely women’s
hostel only. – Yes. Then what is this? Inside the compound the boys
are not allowed the warden shouts. If you want we can settle outside. Good, good. Priya come here. The situation is dangerous
here soon shift from here. What I am saying you
are understanding it right. Did you say something? “My heart is beating listen to me.” “The heart is beating now.” “What I am feeling now..
this never happened earlier.” “Whom to say how to say my feelings.” “I am dreaming.. sucha good thought..
what a story is this?” “In this situation he stares..
the moon also winks.” “Tomorrow I will be tied
up whom will I explain this?” “My heart is beatinglisten to me..
Why is it beating now?” “What I am feeling now
this never happened earlier..” “Hey, want be with you forever.” “Hey, want live with you forever.” “In the dreams some one comes ..
he wakes me up.” “He is in my eyes like a dream.” “Wherevere I see him I feel
him that is the truth I say.” “I don’t know whether this
is truth I don’t understand this.” “In the telephone his
sms I kiss him on the phone.” “I feel it as a magic there
is no control on myself.” “My heart is beating listen to me.” “What I am feeling now
this never happened before.” Did the boy came on line. He is coming in my dreams. Don’t be happy with
dreams leave in the real. Doctor sir. – What happened? Both of my brother-in -law are mad.
– What is new in this? Elder one keeps hitting everyone. Other one keeps searching
some thing why that? Halo. _ Sir I am. Sonu. That day we
made to lovers together. Oh god. – What I need to do ahead? What should I do for
both of my brother-in-laws? One minute, let them be together. What an idea sir? He will not change. How will my brother-in-laws madness
go? You are not telling at all. The elder will kill the younger
the younger will get the shooted. Then they will be happy. Doctor has said you
to be together with him. His upstair room is empty
how can I go suddenly there? With the car. What did he say yesterday? Shift from here as early as possible. For that you will go. Hey you. What are you doing here? Are you the new tenant upstairs? Then your hostel. You only said don’t stay there. Keys. – Thanks. Very good. You go otherwise
drama will be created. Thankyou. – Go happily you will reach. She will go why are you taking her? I said she will reach
I didn’t say I will get it. Now you take it soon. “She is in my breath
she stays in my eyes.” “I am staying in her lips.” “Where ever I go ahe follows me I don’t
know whether it is truth or not.” “Wherever I go she follows me
as if i know her but she is stanger.” “I am mad behind her
I will be mad for her.” “When she come on the street
I will take her in my arms.” “My heart is beating listen
to me my heart is beating..” “Whatever I am feeling
now this never happened before.” Sir see the behind. Take side. – Sir, sir wait. What are you doing this sir? Sir, wait . sir please wait. Sir, sir sir. Stop the vehicle sir. sir they have gone the other side. sir, sir. Ritual chantings. Rituals. Rituals. Sir, listen to me we
need to go to jail now. Before that I need to do other work. sir we don’t have time. 8974 bike number wherever
it is search for it. Whever he is in the city find him. With in 24 hours I want his biodata. Tell me now. – From past
two days we are working hard sir. The barrel is on the point
its only time to pull the trigger. Just before his arms. A small bullet when it
enters he will die immediately. He will not feel the pains at all. Like to make him unconsious
before the operation. Without pains to
kill him are we doctors. He should shout before he die. He should cry, he shouls beg. He should beg for his life. Atleast this much pain
he should get before dying. Tell him to wait. – What? Don’t ask me this question
ask sir if you dare. I have put the net.
– Now don’t shout. I will play. Halo, Hi. What is it you called
me now at this time. You remember me is it truly. Go make some one else fool.I
know you are doing drama. You remenber me.
– I think it’s some lover. Tthat is why he is
talking so polietly. – Oh. Its your girlfriend’s phone.
– Hey, is it my gir friends call? Give me the phone.-
Let me talk to her. Halo How many times I have
said you don’t call at this time. Keepthe phone. – Hi. The person who is talking
is not a normal man. Sanju. – What? My car is in repair. – So what? Evening I have a friends reception.
– So what can I do? Okay I will keep now. I have to go to parlour. – So go. Will you take me? – He will take you. You loverbird take her to
the beauty parlour. – Yes, sir. Make her ready well. – yes. Make her eat in the reception
and get her back home. To do such cheap work
no one is free here. If you don’t take her
do you know what willhappen? Wow congrats Priya the
boy is under your control. Hi. This is the correct time
if you give him some touchings. He will be behind
you like a puppy dog. I can’t tell more than this. Halo sir, halo. Oh how come you here? – Yes sir. How Is your health? Who is she? – On th phone
I said you she is that one only. She is very hot. She is good girl. Decoration is okay but
this food is not at all good. Hi Jo. – Jo hi. What are you doing here? – Hi. Her car was not working so I got her That car right. Yes, that car only.
– Sanju no, that’s not my car. Jo, listen actually that. – Priya. She has made repairs reason to you
and been to parlor for her make over. I am going out as I said
before asking her she gave her car. That time I had a doubt. That is why I cancelled
my program and came here. Jo, why are you doing this.
– Hey Nri I told you that he is mine. But, when you proposed him he denied. He denied but I love him. What I need Is anyone
interested in it? What do you want
is she very beautiful? We can’t see her without the makeup. And without the specks
she can’t see us. Shame on you. And I pity you. You put specks. – Sanju please. You have a specks on your face. First onluy you could have
said you wear a specks also. Sanju. – If she open
her mouth she just lies. Sanju wait. – Sanju, Sanju. Sanju please. Over that
she ask question like a police. As if I am a thief. Now willto takemy life now.
– I am sorry so sorry. I am very sorry.
– Now no sorry enough of it now. Whatever you did is too much now. Sanju, Sanju please. Poor girl she is crying. – Yes, sir. That is what even
I am not understanding. The boy is hurt and
the girl is crying. Now tell some idea the girl
will go in car and the boy in bike. Please tell some thing sir.
– First remove the air from this. What an idea sir you
have saved a life sir. He will never change. Sanju. My car’s tyre is punctured. Really i didn’t do any thing. How this happened I don’t know? And my lenshas also fallen
I am not getting my specks. It is raining also. I don’t know anyone here. I am feeling cold. Full night you will do this only. First do all nonsense
over that keep crying. Again you are crying. No. – what? Thank you. This you will say thank you. Come here. Come nearer. Listen one thing we should
not dignify our beauty. Instead the other person should see. Did you understand this? Sanjay will you give this? Very god boy. It’s finished. This is what right. One should not fdrink liquor. It will spoil the lungs. Your lungs wont burn it is fire proof. Where are you going? – Upstairs. Now why? – Ice is finished
I am going to get it. Priya I didn’t disturb you right. Hey you are listening to sad songs. So tissue will also be there. Will I get ice? – Yes sit. What happened you are giving respect?
– Okay sit. Wait. This is my favourite song do you know?
– Yes, I know. what an expession? – What? Where? If you put the specks you
will see who said you to remove it? You don’t look beautiful
without the specks. sorry Priya was joking. You want more. – Do you have it? Yes. one minute. Do you keep stock in your house? So do you drink this brand?
– No, I don’t drink. So. – If you come then. You had planned earlier only. Tell me one thing you came
to this house planning only right. Yes, The earlier tenant
I bribed 25000 and vacated him. How cruel you are you bribed him. That day which shopping mall you were. To know that I gave Abhi Full bottle. You gave Abhi full bottle. You gave that dog bribe. Listen i don’t understand
what s less in us? We are good as friends. When we meet in university
I am down you are up. And what else you want? I want more from you.
– Are we playing a game here? More you want more. I want you fully. Fully am I a thing? I don’t understand whether
you are a girl or what? You started crying yes you are a girl. See me once see up. Now you started feelling shy also. what is there in me
listen to me carefully. You will get a husband like
a liquor botle you marry him. Hey priya, listen to me Priya. Listen to me. Priya why don’t you listen to me,
I don’t siut you Priya. You cannot handle me.
– I can handle you. What will you tolerate?
You will handle me. See in your room what I did
how much shabby I have done it? No, issue I will clean it. I shout after I drink.
– I will listen. I hit also. – I will bear that also. Oh god what should I tell this girl.
– Say that you love me. Oh god. What did you say? I said I love you okay. Okay fine. I am restless.You
will tolerate me right. So tolerate this. “Come and love me
give me the permisiion.” “Give me the love.. give me the love.” “You are beautiful and young.” “Come on my lover give me love.” “Come in my dreams, you are
there in the sunlight somewhere.” “In my sight in my arms
you are always there.” “Disco. disco.” “When a young heart comes
near the heart also beat fast.” “We are blind for each other my love.” “The heart speaks with other
in the whole night my darling.” “In my question .. in my heart ..
in the days light you are somewhere.” “In my sight in my
heart you are there..” “Come and love me give
the signal of love to me.” “Come and love me give me
the signal of love.. love me.” “Without you I can’t stay I can’t
maintain this distance my arling.” “In front when you come I
am shocked my sweet heart , My love.” “In my questions in my heart
in the days light you are there.” “In my sight in the arms
of love you are there my love.” “That’s the way to do it.” Sanju, Sanju .- Who is this? Hi. – Were you sleeping. No, no. – come on , come on. This door is not opening.
– what happened? You open from outside.
– It is not opening. It is not opening.
– Break it it is okay. Should I breakt. – Break it. Sure. Sanju, dont break it in a hurry. We can open it this way also. Sanju all the best. Hey, security. Sir coffee. Get a tea for me also. How are you uncle?
Its many days that we have met. Come to the point. Sir last time what you said I did
the same way without saying any thing. But this timr you need to agree
you have to get me married to Priya. Why so? Have I given birth
to supply girlfriend to you. Tell me one thing
loving my elder daughter. You don’t feel shy to ask
my younger daughter for marriage. I don’t have the information.
If I had information will this happen? In this the fault is yours only. If you would have called
the younger daughter.. the elders wedding
would this happen? She was in America that time. That is the problem you
saved one lak travelling expense.. ..see now what happened. Listen to me get me married to Priya. In front of you like
love birds we will be there. She is not a love bird
she is as dangerous as an eagle. Oh god please spare me
that I should not kill him. To reduce your Blood
pressure what can gao do? Show it to good doctor. I beg you. – Sir you are elder. You are my father-in-law
if you fold hands that’sokay. Oh god where did I stuck up? – Sir. Sir, sir What did you
think about the marriage? See I dont wanta crore rupees
like your elsde son-in-law. Sixty seventy lakh is also okay.
-See I will give you five minutes. In this sixth minute
if I see you in this club.. ..or in my daughters
life if I see you. If I come then, If I come then.I will
take oath of several things and say. Wait wait What are
these several things? Okay that. I had seen in some movie
challeging several things. I don’t know the rest dialogue. Okay Uncle I am going,
I am going uble. What did daddy say? Halo, Today I met Priya’s father. I said him my love story very camly. Even he heard it camly. And showed his courtesy also. I hope he will thing oer and
give happy ending for this story. Till then I will
take a leave good bye. What should I understand
from your lecture yes or no. How can you ask this big
question to this small man? go inside and ask your father. I am going. You stuckup. Play next. He has come. Go get the vehicle. You don’t worry I will reach. what are you doing? Do it fast. Don’t put much efforts
they are only going to eat. Are they going to
make special for you? Eat it. It is good for the health. Keep it,keep it here. Have it now. Is this tea you stupid? Brother if you didn’t
like the tea order other one.. ..why are you throwing it this way? Who are you to ask?
– Whyare you using such words? You are pushing.
– Hiw can you do this? I am telling you leave him.
Get one tea. Sit here. Do you thing you are a don? If you shout more
you will wet your pants. What will you do? – You idiot. Get awys you idiot. LEave it. – Stop it brother. Go, go take him away. Come on. – This is his mistake. Don’t show us more, explain him. He has come to our
area and showing us off. Wait today I will not leave you. Hey, wait, wait. Leave me, leave, stop the vehicle. Sanju, Sanju. Stop the vehicle you idiot. Come here come come. Stop the vehicle. stop it. So Dhoni hit a sixer. He will kill me I will not attack him. Let it be I am going. Music. Wait. Don’t come ahead dont come. I will kill him. I will slit his neck I will kill him. Hit him , Kill him. – I am not joking. If you step ahead
then I will kill him. I said kill him now. Don’t move ahead stop their .
– Kill him i said. Kill him. I will kill him. Kill him . – Kill. If you kill him or
not but I will kill you. Kill him atleast you will
be happy killing one person atleast. See this. Sanju wait. come soon hold Abhi. Wait now. Take him to hospital. Sanju, wait. Sanju he will die. Sanju. Sanju wait .- He
will die.- Sanju wait. If he dies they will take revenge from
us and kill us his family members. No one is there behind you.
you can survivr any how. We have to survive he.
What do you know about aur problems? Problems. – What do you know? They are problems, problems. he roams ona costly bike
and atsy ina ac room cooly. He wears thosand rupees clothes
and spend lakhs of money daily. He doesn’t know
anything about problems. I will show you what
is problem in my life? You listen. To go to scool four kilometer
while going while coming the same run. daily to walk for
8 km do you know the pains? I know that. We don;t evevn geta
peice of bread to eat. Do you know the burns what
the stomach bears do you know that? I know about it. At the age of playing without
getting proper medication. We need to die doyou know this? When you are hungry
they see the earth.. ..and whe we wre thirsty
who see the sky those poor people. Are still alive in this country. You also stay in this
country do you know this? Within the death of the fathers
six hours when the mother also dies. Do you know that pain.have you got it? I have realised it. It is some power which
the eyes cnnot see. Puts us under the earth
have you realised it? In the youth how
does the shoulder break? Have you experienced it,
have you ever? To live in our own village,
our name, our own rights.. ..our power is not enough. You feel we need to give
up everything and go away from here! Ever you feel this
forest like your mother? Ever felt strong even when
you had a gun to your head? Is it not wrong to kill
someone just to stay alive? Have you ever felt like that?
Because I felt like that. I picked up a gun, went to
the jungle and became a naxalite. I became a naxalite,
I became a naxalite. I became a naxalite,
I became a naxalite. You don’t have the
right to compalain.. ..about difficulties,
only I have that right. Seriously you don’t have a right! Yes, he’s still in the ICU,
the doctor is doing a check up. We’ll know in a while. The case is a little serious,
let’s see what the doctor says. I’ll call you back. How is he sir?
– He is out of danger now. But he’ll need a week
to 10 days to recover. There is no need to worry. -Hello. He is out of danger now. -‘Sanjay Sahu ..who used to always be happy.. ..seemed to be in pain
for the first time that day.’ ‘Lakhenpur District.. ..he was born to a farmer
in the Kisar Desar village.. ..father’s name, Janardhan Sahu.. ..mother, Sumitra Sahu.. ..his brother Govind Sahu.’ ‘According to the WHO’s survey.. measure’s are about
4kms away from this village.. ..government hospital
is about 8kms away.. ..and the school is 10kms away.’ ‘But what’s attached to their family.. bad luck.’ What happened brother?
did you get hurt? There is a congenital heart disease
with ventricular septal defect. It’s nothing,
just a hole in the heart. You need to take him to
Mumbai and get a few tests done. It will be expensive. -Expensive? Not to expensive,
only around one lakh rupees. The only problem is that
you don’t have a lot of time. How many days do we have? Maximum within a month. What did the doctor say? We fainted due to weakness. He’ll be alright after
taking his medicines. ‘That boy was very fast.. ..and he died before
the doctor’s could help him.’ ‘Sanjay Sahu.. ..he saw a cemetery for the
first time at a young age of 8.’ ‘After that he forgot
how to run for a long time.’ ‘When Janardhan saw
insects in his crops.. ..he mortgaged his farms
and his house to buy pesticides.’ ‘But that didn’t work.. ..and under depression
he drank the pesticides himself.’ ‘This time it worked.’ Father. Father, father, father? Be careful. Sanjay, you stay here with mother.. both haven’t eaten
anything since yesterday. I’ll go and get something. Sanjay, you’re still here? Where is aunty? aunty, aunty? Now she won’t be able to hear us. Sanjay, did you hurt yourself? What happened? what happened? Sanjay please stop. – Go away. Sanjay please listen to me. Sanjay what are you doing? Sanjay please stop. Do you know who’s land this is? This is Thakur sir’s land. He owns 1000 acres
of land from this point. You’re the man who’s trespassing
on someone else’s land? Did you drop that stone? What? you’ll hit me? How many people live
in Thakur’s house? How many people live in
Thakur’s house including you? How many people live in
Thakur’s house? -Two people. Why does he have 1000
acres for two people? According to the government
how much should he have? Tell me how much? He is the landlord of this village! He may be the landlord of
this village but i’m not his slave. What did i say? I’m not his slave! Is this the border? tell me. Is this your father’s property?
this is the border? This is the border?
this is your father’s property? Is this your father’s property? Hey you, where are you going? Why do you dig into our
mother earth and dig up stones.. bottle drinking
water and sell it, you sell it. You put up factories and
pollute the air we breathe.. ..then how will we live? And you fill up
bottles with kerosene.. ..and sell them illegally. You sell them illegally!
how much do you want to earn? Hey, where are you going?
come here and sit here. Come here and sit here quietly. Even the sky, you divided the space.. selling satellites. what we do? How will we live on this earth? Don’t we have a right
to live on this earth? Land, Water, Air and the space,
everyone has a right on all of these. And all of this is not
your Thakur’s personal property. Do you understand? -Yes, I understand. Go and tell him I’ve
told you to tell this to him. Your Thakur doesn’t need
1000 acres all to himself. Tell him to give the
extra land to others. Go and tell him what i’ve said. Do you know my name? -No. Sajay Sahu has told you to tell him. Sanjay Sahu has said this. Sanjay please stop. Please stop Sanjay! Please stop. Your anger is not
on the air we breathe.. ..or on the stones that stop you..’s not even on
the humans that live here.. ..but it’s on a lot of other things. It’s on the situations that
you’ve faced for the past 25 years. People like you,
who stay strong in such situations.. far of in that jungle. Will you join them and work with them?
will you come? If anyone there draws
a boundary I will kill them. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “”Let’s go, let’s go.” “Let’s go, let’s go.” -‘A
human’s reaction is termed as anger.. and a group’s reaction
is known as a revolution.’ ‘He found about this that day.. ..he joined the naxalite’s
and started his new life.. ..he became the leader in a few days.’ Why are ou putting this landmine? Next week the minister
is going to come this side. What’s the guarentee that
only his car will blow up? There’ll be 10 other cars with him,
any car can blow up. If his car blows up, he’ll die.. ..if another car blows up,
he’ll get scared, both are ok. Killing innocent people is wrong. We are at war,
there is no wrong or right. You only win or lose. What’s the point of being
at war to save innocents.. ..when we are killing them ourselves. This is an order, this is
important to me not your opinion. This is not an opinion
it’s the reality. I wanted to say this but I couldn’t. The war he was fighting
for was it right or wrong? One day when I was confused. What happened? Attack. Hey! Look there. Kill them. Don’t go infront you’ll die.
– How many people would be there? Atleast 5 to 6. You have a cold? -No, I have sinus. Didn’t get it treated? Did’t get it treated or what? No matter what you do,
it’ll only go once I die. Do one thing go infront,
it’ll go away forever. I think it’s over. -Sure? Yes. Hands up. -Hey. Down, put your gun down. Down. Down I said. -ok. Down. What happened?
is there a scorpio? -No it’s an ant. A police officer that
gets scared of an ant. Why are you laughing? -Nothing. You’ll be happy if I die, right?
hey, hands up! Hands up! -You tied up my hands,
how do I put my hands up? All of this is happening because
of you people, all these encounters. I used to live happily in the city.. ..but for the past 2 years
i’m roaming around in this jungle. You blow up offices,
busses, and everything. Do you think these are crackers? Not only my department.. won’t even be
able to tear up my shirt. All the fault’s are our’s?
-They are not yours? They are yours, you’re asking me,
that’s why I’m telling you. No they are not. -What no? It’s not our fault.
-It is your fault, own up. I won’t own up. -Own up! It’s not our fault. -Own up. Why should I agree?
-Because I have a gun in my hands. Own up. -ok. It’s our fault, now remove this. It’s our fault, I agree. Move. I won’t spare any one. What is this? -It’s a swamp. It is a swamp. Did you people make this? We don’t have such
advanced technology. Save me or else I’ll kill you. I’m telling you save
me or else I’ll kill you. There is a small correction.
-Correction? Say, take me out or I’ll die. Why are you checking
my grammar at such a time? Save me, save me, save me. Take me out, take me out. Take this. Towards me. Be careful, be careful. Hey, uncle. What were you saying?
wecreate problems? What do you do? social service? Actually if you didn’t make
mistakes why would we need to fight? It’s your fault. I would’ve killed
you if were at fault. Stop arguing with me.
It’s your fault, own up. Why should I agree? Because now the gun is in my hands,
thats why. It is your fault, own up. Ok. -What ok? That it’s our fault. I can’t hear you, be clear. It is our fault. ok now? – Good. Put this around your neck,
I had it for so long. now get up. Get up. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” ” Let’s go,
let’s move, let’s breathe along..” “Don’t know where
this oath will take us.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “This jungle.
this earth and this sky..” “Listen up world,
we have equal rights on these..” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “We are the son’s of this mother earth,
why did we turn into such goons?” “This world would not even
agree to us give us food or shelter.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” ” Let’s go,
let’s move, let’s breathe along..” “Don’t know where
this oath will take us.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “We are hungry and you are thirsty..” “For how long will the kids
stay away from their own mother?” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “When we ask for our rights,
you attack us.” “All these farms and jungles
belong to us but they are useless.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” ‘A naxalite and a police officer.. ..after spending 8 hours together.. ..starting acting like humans again.’ A car is coming. That may be a police jeep. Give me this gun. Don’t tell them you are a naxalite. I’ll rehabilitate you infront
of the media at the police station. What if those people are naxalite’s?
I’ll keep the gun with myself. You go and hide behind the trees. After I leave you can
go to any police station. What if it’s a public bus? Then I’ll throw away this gun.. ..we can get on the
bus and go to our hometowns. Yes. Hey, these are a lot of cars.
-it’s a convoy. Hey, hey. – What happened? Don’t go there,
there is a landmine there. How do you know there
is a landmine there? Because I was here
when they put it there. Whats the capacity?
-It can blow up a whole convoy. What do we do?
they are coming. -stop them. How do we stop them? -Scream. They won’t be able to hear us. -Take
of your shirt and use it as a flag. No, take of your shirt. Take it off. – No, I won’t give mine. Why? What if they ask who used
their shirt to save the convoy? Who should get the credit, me or you? You should get the credit.
-You’re right. I’ll go. -Go from there. Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop. Stop there is a landmine here. Stop, there is a landmine here. Stop. stop the car. Where is the minister? Be careful there is a landmine there. Where? -Thank you. Hello sir. -Thank you very much. It’s ok sir, -Thank you. You saved my life. -Thank you sir. Thank you. -Thank you. But I waved my shirt sir. What can a shirt do,
it was as if you wanted a lift. Look at that boy,
he showed us a red cloth. That’s what is known
as stopping someone. Go on and wear your shirt.
who is this? Sir, he is the officer
who just got transferred here. Hello, yes no problem. I am coming, I’m on my way. When you were going
to show the red cloth.. ..why did you tell
me to wave my shirt? Not only my department.. won’t even be
able to tear up my shirt. I was just joking. I took it seriously. One minute, I won’t spare you. Sorry sir,
I was checking if it would fly. You got tranferred right? -Yes sir. I’ll be at this position
for the next 3 years.. these 3 years you
won’t even be able to see a road. You will rot in this jungle. 3 years, a total of 3
years in the Kali Ghati jungle. What is this? I kept roaming around,
i’m talking in a wild language. He got rehabilitated
and all the respect. And I got exile. He went to a disco in a 5 star hotel. I got to dance with the
people living in the jungle. He gets burgers and pizzas. I get yam. It was hell for me. I am talking in a wild language
that turned into a funny one. If i stayed any longer
I would’ve forgotten hindi. Sanju may not be great.. ..but he is nice. What nice? Tell me.. Good morning sir. -Hello. Good morning how are you? -Hi sir. One year ago he asked
to marry your sister.. he says he loves you,
and you’re taking his side! Tell me, tell me, tell me. Tell me, tell me. Hello Indu new books for you.
-Thank you daddy. What about me?
-You have your sisters old books. Here take these. Here you go a new
bike to go to college. Thankyou dad. -What about me? You have your sister’s old cycle. Mummy. I found a nice husband for you.
-And for me? Here look at him. Be happy you have
your sister’s boyfriend. I will listen to you daddy. I know my daughter,
you are my darling. I will also go with you. No, no why? Why do you want to run away? After your exams get over. If I stay over here.
-He won’t do anything to you. I have selected a strong
man for your safety. Batch number 58.. ..Roll number 132.. medalist.. ..topper of the batch.. ..Pranav the head constable. Do you remember what I said? -Yes sir. If he does something wrong.. You’ll be ok if I kill him sir? That’s my boy. That’s not the problem Thankur sir,
they are city boys.. ..they have different plans.. ..they work according
to their own terms. That’s why they came
back empty handed. If they were our village boys.. ..they would’ve first killed
them and then made a plan.. ..about hiding the dead body. Should I call someone? To switch of the light you don’t
need to blow up the transformer.. ..all you need to
do is put off the switch. I just need to think
where his switch is. That’s his switch. Priya darling. Did you convince your father? Darling you are amazing. If I give you 4 days,
you’ll convince Pakistan ..that they don’t need Kashmir. Come on, It’s the time to celebrate. Don’t touch me. -What haapened Priya? Hey Priya. -Don’t touch me. I hate liars. -Are you mad? When did I lie to you? tell me. Don’t act so innocent.. ..just like Golmaal’s, Amol Palekar. Why didn’t you tell
me you were a naxalite? Me and a naxalite,
this is a small thing. I’ll cut you in half if you laugh. Why didn’t you tell
me you were a naxalite? Did you tell me your father is the SP? Did you tell me your father is the SP? You did not tell me.
-i don’t like you. I don’t care if you were
a naxalite or Osama Bin Ladin. My whole life has turned into a second
hand life, books then the cycle.. even my love. Second hand, me? You could’ve atleast
told me after meeting my dad.. ..that you had an
affair with my sister. Let it be,
you sister could’ve told me.. ..but she didn’t, why? Go to hell. What did you tell me? Did you tell me about your family? You didn’t tell me about
your mother or father. You didn’t tell me about anyone. I just hid two things from you,
that too very simple things. Fist that I was a naxalite
and second that I loved your sister. When I loved her I didn’t
know she was your sister. It just happened, nobody plans it. I didn’t know you both were sisters.. ..and that I would fall
in love with both of you. I didn’t know anything. What had to happen, happened.
Don’t fuss about it. What do I know about you? Other than your whisky and brandy. I’ll tell you if you ask. I don’t need to ask to know about you. I’m not used to telling
things without being asked. I hate you. Will you be happy if
I give you my Autobiography? I don’t want it. I don’t need to know about outsiders.
– I’m an outsider? Yes. – I’m an outsider? Yes. Priya. Oh god. We are neighbours,
not even friends. ok? Let’s dump our relationship in
the dustbin and start all over again. Priya listen to me. Don’t get emotional, let’s be smart. Hi, I’m priya. Priya, Priya Asthana,
daughter of Ashwin Asthana, IPS. I have a sister.. ..and for the past
year I also have a dog. And you? Sanjay, Sanjay Sahu. Nice meeting you. what do you do? I stay away from mad people. Start again. all over again. Hey, who are you?
how did you come inside? Who are you? -Yes. The head constable. Tell me who are you? -Who am I? She’s asking me this and
now you’re asking me this too. I’ll just tell you, listen to me. My name is Sanjay, Sanjay Sahu. I am studying Chemistry from JNU. I teach kids aerobics. And I go and watch movies with girls. Nice, nice meeting you. Never ask me again, who am I. “It’s a half moon and a half night.” Your half, my half. That as well. Milk too? Ok. did you get a utensil? -No. Put your hand infront. -Why? You want an answer or the milk? -Milk. Then put your hand infront. Put your hand infront. Your half, my half. Ok? When there were 2 packets.. could’ve taken
1 and given me the other. Oh god, I never thought of that. What a intelligent boy.. So sweet. How do you get such ideas, sir? Hey Abhi,
did you hear what Pranav sir said? He was praising me or mocking me? Sleeping tablets. – For what? The milk that priya drinks at night.. ..if I mix it in that,
she’ll fall asleep peacefully. She won’t get up if
we make a lot of noise. She won’t resist even if we rape her. You rascal, such bad planning. Pranav sir. – Stop. The glass will break.
– No worries, we took it down. There is no glass here?
I thought there was one. You steal a girl’s respect
like you break a glass.. ..why wouldn’t you
break the glass over here? No sir, no. Pranav sir,
it was just an act, we were joking. Please listen to me sir. Please listen to me. -What is it? I will break your hand. Do you know who I am? Pranav. The head constable. Useless fellow. Please sir. – Kepp your mouth shut. Sir please. What do you think of yourself? Don’t argue with me, I’m telling you. What happened? What happened on your cheek? It got dragged along the wall. The wall is on the right,
how did you get it on the left? It got dragged while I was going down. Why do you have a black eye? Do you need to ask everything now? Like a class teacher. Where are you going? If I stay at home I’ll go mad,
I’ll go get some fresh air. No, No, why would I go. I won’t go. You said you’re going out. Do I have to go just
because I said so. I won’t go anywhere, I’ll stay home. Please. – I can’t do it man. Why, why? She is like my daughter you lknow,
how could I? Come on Pranav sir. Don’t disappoint us like this. Do you know what will
happen if you disappoint us? Look at this and guess on your own. Tablets. God owns everyone. Did you give it? Did she drink it? Why are you lying Pranav? This milk mustache
tell me you drank the milk. There was a little left. Actually my idea was
to make you drink the milk. There is no fun in raping
a girl who’s sleeping. The fun is in forcing someone. Now you’ll sleep and she’ll run.. ..she’ll scream and she’ll cry.. ..Pranav help me.. me, save me. And then I’ll. ‘Sanjay Sahu was trying
to forget Priyanka.. ..but Thakur Damodar Singh had
just not forgotten about Sanjay Sahu.’ That’s the bus you’re trying
to find for the past 15 minutes. go. Go. Will 16B stop at Jubilee Hills? It’s not in our hands where it stop. Only god knows if it’ll
stop at jubilee hills.. ..or at apollo hospital
after an accident. Got it? – Thanks. God bless you my boy. Is everything ok? -yes. Whose bike is that Sanju? Hey Raju. -Yes. That bag belongs to
the guy in the Red shirt. Go and give it to him. -Ok. Go. Hey brother, take your bag. Listen. Take your bag. It’ll take a week for him to recover.. ..10 days to make the payment.. ..and it’ll take him
a month to get up and walk. How long will it take to catch him? Stop. Priya is studying. She is studying? Studies can happen later, please go. Thank you sir. It’s a bad time for me. Priya, did i scare you? Priya I wanted to talk to you. -Speak. How do I tell you. I am shy. She is very sexy,
can you give me her number. -Why? Mature people don’t
ask such questions. Thank you, Thank you for helping. That tall,
fair guy who mostly wears a red shir. That’s Harish.
– I find him very handsome. Do you have his number. – Yes I do. Can you give it to me? -No. Why? -Because I’m not mature like you. Hello. “Hey girl you look very beautiful,
my heart has fallen for you.” “Your body is like pearls
and diamonds, come and give me some.” “Your moves are just like shakira’s,
I get lost in your eyes.” “Your walk is addictive, anyone
can fall in love if they see it.” “I’ll steal your heart
with my sweet talks.” “I’ll turn your night into days.” “Hey girl show me how you dance.” “You are my juliet,
I’m your Romeo, come close to me.” “Wait for me and give me signals.” “Promise me you’ll stay
with me and support me.” “Come and look inside my heart,
this heart is all yours.” “Your love is slowly
taking over me as well.” “You live in my heart, come
and fulfill this heart’s desires.” “If I come and hug you,
you’ll get burnt.” “Hey girl you look very beautiful,
my heart has fallen for you.” “Your body is like pearls
and diamonds, come and give me some.” “Let’s love each other,
and sing to have some fun.” “Let the whole world
see us dance together.” “I looked into your eyes
and fell in love with you.” “I can’t spends my nights
without you anymore.” “Since the day I fell in love with
you, I can’t concentrate on anything.” “The second you touched me,
my body started shaking.” “You live in my heart, come
and fulfill this heart’s desires.” “If I come and hug you,
you’ll get burnt.” “Hey girl you look very beautiful,
my heart has fallen for you.” “Your body is like pearls
and diamonds, come and give me some.” Hello. -Hi Priya it’s me. A nice proposal has come for you. Daddy please. I met the boy yesterday. He is very nice.
-Daddy I don’t want to get married. I can’t hear you properly,
let me put it on speaker. Please say that again. -I just met
that boy yesterday, he is very nice. He stays there,
he works at TCS at a good position. First tell me is he fair? He is as fair as a hen’s egg. But when he blushes
he turns as red as a tomato. But I want to see him once dad. Will you agree to it if you see him? He is just like Ranbir Kapoor. Atleast meet him once. -No, no, no. If I do that It’ll look cheap. Anyways girls shouldn’t
live at the Juhu beach. They should live at
the top of the everest. That’s how they’ll get dignity. I’ll meet him at Taj for lunch. Ok. -Bye dad. Hey, you need originality in romance. Copying someone else’s ideas means.. ..working under the british
ever after getting freedom. Chu. -What do you mean? It means you’re a witch,
a shot form is enough for you. My name is Raghuram. I work as a project leader at TCS. I get around 70 thousand in hand. I also bought a car. I have a credit card
in almost all banks. My mother and father both. I do all my work in about
1 hour in the morning.. ..after that I surf
facebook and twitter. I come home early in the evning. Actually I don’t smoke. But sometimes. -What happened? Nothing. Do you have any food allergies? I am allergic to potato. What you ate was made out of potatoes. Where is the money? You have my wallet, right? I will kill you with this paper. Hey Pranav. -Yes. Come here. -What? I am a kid? -Why did I make
a mistake by calling you a child? It won’t ill you right? Where are you going? I’m going to get eggs.
– You’re getting eggs? For whom? – For Priya. Oh for Priya.
what will you cook with them? I will make omlets. Make them later first
come and sit here. What happened? -I have some work. Sit down. -No, no it’s ok. I am stuck now. Take this 1000 rupee note.
-1000 rupees. Yes, and go get a full bottle. The thing is you’re calling
a 10 rupee a 1000 rupee note. That’s a 1000, now go. Hey Pranav. -Yes sir. Get 2 plates of chicken rolls.
-Prawns for me. 2 plates of prawns for him. Fish for him. Go get it. All in this 1000 rupees? – Yes. Don’t cry, and keep the change. Giving me change as a donation. -Yes. Who is that? Seems like it is no longer
the house of a respectable person. Anyone just walks in. Hey where are you going? This is a house of a respectable
person, listen to me. She’ll only open up if
you ring the bell like this. He’s here to trouble me again. hi. What happened Raghu?
you’re here at this hour. I wanted.. talk to you. -Sure, talk to her. What happened, tell me. I mean, It’s a little personal. Personal.
-Hey what personal talks at midnight? Good people live here,
what do you think of yourself? That’s not what I meant. -Then what? I got discharged in the evening,
I thought she must be worried. Her? -Yes. Listen. I have been in love with
her for a year, I yearn for her.. ..even then she doesn’t
even look at me. You think she’ll be worried for you. Shut up. We need some privacy. I want Aishwarya Rai,
but I won’t get her, right? Look, if you trouble
me I’ll call Pranav. Oh my god, you’ll call Pranav? -Yes. Is he Arnold Schwarzenegger
that he’ll scare me? What can he do to me? I’ll do whatever I want. If needed I’ll take
care of Pranav too. Why do you want to hit me? Hey Pranav, cute boy, got everything? Go down and make a peg for me. I don’t know how to make one. No one is born with all the skills..’s ok if you don’t
make them properly.. ..I sometimes have it neat. You’ll learn slowly, go make a peg. Come on go, go. He will kill me today. Where is the change? -The change? You took 1000 rupees from me,
give me the bill. You told me to keep the change.
-I just said it like that. That’s because I have a big heart. You should be honest
and return the change. He is saying all this and
you’re just listening to him. He hits me daughter. -He hits you? He hits like a crazy person. Are you done? Go downstairs
and I’ll just give you a lesson. Go, go, I’m coming.
-Thank god I’m safe. Ok Priya goodnight. Priya, he is talking
to you so sweetly. I had totally forgotten, right Priya? I’ll give it, you go. Hey wait, you don’t have to go. No problem, I’ll call you later. Raghu! you. Hey listen. He is such a nuisance, why does
he have a problem if I talk to Raghu? On top of that he is hitting Pranav. What are you looking at?
say something. What’s a better way
to express love than this? Some people write letters,
some send flowers.. lie,
he does it by screaming and hitting.. ..thats his way. When dad said no to our wedding.. ..Sanju didn’t say anything to me.. ..when I asked him why?
do you know what he said? I’m not a salesmen
that I can convince.. ..your father that
you’ll have a better.. after marrying me. With Sanju You’ll have freedom. Try to understand one thing,
that is you’ll get bored with Raghu. You’ll have nothing to
talk about after about a week. Sanju is like a jungle,
you’ll get a surprise every day. Till you die. Believe me he never loved
me as much as he loves you. Good night. Thank you. -Please drink. What did I do that only
bad things happen with me? I was just studying to get a degree.. ..I sitting in a
corner having my beer.. ..then this girl came into my life.. ..she wore a saree,
exposed a little, wooed me.. ..and then left me
at the side of the road. God Hanuman I come to
your temple every morning.. ..please rid me of my difficulties. Oh my god. Why did you hit me? If anyone finds out that
I was sitting here and crying. Waiting for something.. ..because I didn’t
complete my dialogue. I won’t complete it. It’s upto me. He doesn’t listen to
us when we talk to him nicely. He listens to us only when we hit him. He hits me at night and then goes
to the Hanuman temple in the morning. ‘It looks like Sanjay Sahu and Priyanka
are getting back together, right?’ ‘Nobody gets anything
so easily in life.’ ‘You get it only after going
through a lot of difficulties.’ ‘They only have one
difficulity infront of them.’ ‘Thakur Damodar Singh.’ Who told you I’m coming here? You tell me what is it? Tell me what happened? Tell me. -I love you. What a timing. Brothers, I’ll just drop
off your sister in law outside. You wait over here. Do you love me? I’ll call and tell you. now go. Go. “On the way,
on the way, he’s on the way.” “To break your bones and throw them
away, no, no, no you can’t get away.” “He’s going to get you anyway.” So, you all are came here
with whole preparation. Are you here to kill me? Hey! I’m going to hit you hard. What? we are fighting
here so seriously.. ..and you’re just standing there? I don’t like this. That’s why I’m going
to make a few changes. You won’t be standing for long. Are you playing hide and seek? Hey! I told you I’ll hit you hard. Ok. Come on run. run. They won’t come again. Hey little kid. Who sent you? Tell me. thinking what I’ll do? I’ll break this coconut on your head. Munna ,Munna sent us. -Munna. There was a flower inside the coconut,
this means Munna is going to die. Hello. -Hello Priya darling. I understand. -What do you understand? ‘If a bomb blows up, or people
are killed infront of Sanjay Sahu.. ..he won’t bother about that.. ..but because he was in a
fight when a girl said I love you.. ..he was a little worried.’ ‘That very moment Sanjay Sahu started
taking Damodar Singh seriously.’ Priya. -‘And in that moment.. ..he decided the death
anniversary of Damodar Singh.’ I love you too. Bye. – Bye. Munna, it’s your turn now. “There is no one like
me on the path I have choosen.” “When I want,
I can have a party in the city.” “Party.” “He’s the man,
he’s the king of the Andhra.” “He’s the man,
he’s the king of the Hyderabad.” “Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha,
Ni, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Have fun, party.” “Sa, Ni, Dha, Pa , Ma, Ga,
Re, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Have fun, party.” “Party, party,
party, come on everyone have a party.” “I’ll make you straight
if I come to my terms.” “Have fun, party.” “I do justice,
I help everyone get justice.” “I will burn everything
that is wrong.” “I am with those who are
weak and those who are sad.” “Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha,
Ni, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Have fun, party.” “Yeah that’s right.” “Wherever I go,
I take over that place.” “Wherever I stop,
I make my own world over there.” “I will feed you and
I will give you drinks..” “then I’ll take care of those goons.” “He is so strong he
can burn whatever is wrong.” “He is with those who are
weak and those who are sad.” “Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha,
Ni, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Enjoyment, enjoyment.” “Everybody on the floor.” ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ ‘English rap song’ “My heart craves love.” “I know how to properly love you.” “Everyone bows down to you.” “I will take care of everyone.” “Whatever he wants he makes it happen,
he is unique.” “That’s why everyone
is jealous of him.” “Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha,
Ni, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Have fun, party.” “Sa, Ni, Dha, Pa , Ma, Ga,
Re, Sa, everyone is here to have fun.” “Have fun, party.” Hello, no one let me park outside. “Oh boy, oh boy, he’s on the way.” “He’ll break your bones
and throw them away.” I took to violence
and bought this new gun. Tell me who is he?
-Thakur Damodar Singh. And where does he stay? Hello uncle. Munna told me about you. Uncle I don’t understand.. ..I have seen people kill
others for the brother in law’s.. .. happiness and to wipe
away the sister’s tears, but.. ..why me,
I’m not even remotely related to you. I don’t understand this.
-No relation you say? Why are you looking at? Why would we follow you?
are we your fans? 6 years ago you beat up my men. I spared you thinking
you were in pain. 5 years ago you took away my property. You were a naxalite so I stayed quiet. You destroyed me in my own village. You destroyed my kingdom. You forced me to
come live in the city. I thought it was my
bad luck and I stayed quiet. You destroyed my kingdom. I thought this was god’s will. But 8 months ago you hurt me,
don’t you remember? Do you know who he is? He is my son. Thakur Damodar Singh’s younger son. He used to be free.. he lies on a hospital
bed like a dead body. He is in coma. For the past 8 months,
when our difficulties.. ..have to be faced by our loved ones.. feels like hell. I did all of this
only to tell you this. The goons who kidnapped your friend.. ..the cars that chased you.. ..the bombs that
blew up infront of you.. all of this was just
a trap to get you out. Do you know why I did this? You shouldn’t be afraid of death.. should be afraid to live. I don’t know what fear is.. ..but seing fear in my enemy’s eyes.. ..makes me happy. Especially in your eyes.. ..I would really like that. I understood one thing
from your lecture.. have evrything.. ..respect,
pride,shelter, food, everything.. ..except fear. Till now you’ve only seen other’s fear
but you’ve never been afraid, right? This is not an issue. Within a short time
you’ll be afraid of me. Mangal Singh tell uncle
I always keep my promises. I will make you wet you pants in fear. Hey. -Who are you trying to scare? Leave me. Don’t touch me, understood? Move back. Hare Krishna,
Krishna, Krishna Hare, Hare. I had stopped abusing people but.. Sanjay, no, calm down. Uncle why are we fighting? We can work as a team, what say? I told you, I’ll do your work.. ..not according to grams or kilos..’ll get it in terms of tonnes.
you’ll be afraid. Fear! ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ I will look after that
after the marriage. bye. ‘Sanskrit chants’ She doesn’t like him daddy. Did I give you a choice either? ‘Sanskrit chants’ Look at her, she looks so sad. Tell dad she doesn’t like him. I told him,
but he’s me my own example. Then let it be. Exchange rings now. ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ Is the engagement done? What is Mangal Singh, we got late.. ..or the watch stopped working? They were in a hurry. Mr. Asthana now your daughter
is our daughter in law. Don’t worry.. ..he isn’t a goon like my younger son. He’ll kep your daughter happy. We don’t want any dowry. I only write names og
goons on a charge sheet.. ..not on invitations. I have properties worth a 1000 crores. And a 1000 pending cases too. I don’t even want to talk
to people like you. you can go. And you wanted to tell them
the truth before the engagement. See what could’ve happened? That’s why your father
came after the engagement. Yes Raghu is our child. If you knew his father was in jail.. wouldn’t let them
get married and so he lied. Your daughter has a bright horoscope.. ..they got engaged
and sir got his bail. We came here straight from jail. We were waiting in the
car for the past 30 minutes. So that we could come in
once the rings were exchanged. I’m not getting them
married to avenge you.. ..your daughter’s, who is he.. ..her boyfriend.. – Yes. ..I want to avenge him. Tomorrow 10:30am is a good time. Now please don’t ask why. For their wedding. Please do come with your wife. You go sit in the car,
you too my daughter. Damodar Singh I’m a police officer.. ..blackmailing is not new for me. If needed I can act like a goon too. Please don’t give
rise to such a situation. Don’t let me come to my terms,
this is just the beginning. Imagine what kind of
an ending will take place. Let’s go my daughter, let’s go. What is this? Listen, If you come
as the bride’s father.. ..then you’ll be at the
wedding with all due respect.. ..or else you’ll be at the gate
as security for the home minister. The wedding will take place,
sister make him understand. I dedicate myself to this world. Wow what a nice thought. Really fantastic, completely original. Good morning uncle. Damodar Singh came to
the engagement yesterday? Must’ve come, why won’t he? You’re to be son-in-law is his son. He took away Priya and tomorrow
is the wedding, am I right? He’s kept Priya at his house. Goons are all around
her with guns and knives. Goons and knives. And they have 40 to 50 dogs as well. They have dogs too. -Yes. I can’t do it if they have dogs. I can manage the
goons but not the dogs. There is a language problem. They have 4 paws to
run and we have just 2 feet. If they bite me while I’m running,
I’ll fall down.. ..I’ll lose my leg
then they’ll bite my neck.. ..I’ll have to die a dog’s death. Dog’s death doesn’t mean we kill.. the dog, it’s how the dog kills us. I will be ok, you get Priya married. There will be no problem. uncle? You’re thinking how
can I move so fast, right? That’s the miracle,
agree to it and we’ll be happy. Go home have some tea and sleep. And in the morning go to
your favourite son-in-law’s wedding. I won’t tell you what
will happen after that. I am shy, you can see for yourself. ‘Sanskrit chants’ ‘Sanskrit chants’ Hello, how are you? -Congratulations. Please do have lunch. -Yes for sure. Move away. Hello, what are you wearing? Mangal singh you didn’t tell them?
-What’s the point? Just look at the bride.. ..she looks like she
is going to the market. Hey bring the dhoti. He is looking so sophisticated
in these clothes. Sir, phone. -Hello. Sir this is Jeet Singh. Your younger son isn’t here. I have searched the whole
hospital and called everyone. Stop this, stop it, let’s go Priya. Let’s go, Fast. He ran away. Sir. I also want to learn Kung Fu. Ok you can learn. I want to join today.
-You want to join today? You know you are very smart. Let’s warm up before learning Kung Fu. Do you know what’s a warm up? -No sir. You have to losen your body,
it’s better that way. You should have a lose
body to be able to fight. Ok? don’t be scared. You’re new so I called
a whole batch to teach you. I will teach you practically
by fighting them. You learn carefully. -Ok sir. Take this as a small trailer. -Ok sir. This is all application of
the concept that i’m going to show. Listen, where are you looking at? Let’s go. Move fast, come on. Are you here for a protest? Hey I was trying not to kill anyone.. ..that’s why i was
hitting you carefully.. ..but after seeing so many
people I have lost my patience. Come, come,
don’t blame me for getting hurt. I don’t take any guarantee now. What you rascal? Who ever had their mother’s milk.. ..and can fight me, then come forward. Who are here for free food and drinks,
run away.. Telling you one last time, run away. Hey, no point in hogging
on food and making a body.. ..know how to use your strength. Mangal Singh. I can see sir like this. Uncle this is known as fear. When there is food infront of you and
you still don’t eat it, that’s a fast.. ..when you’re sleepy and
you have a bed but you don’t sleep. That’s know as a guard. ..hatred in your heart
and a sword in your hand.. ..and a head infront to be beheadded,
but not cutting it.. known as courage. Do you have courage? do you? Should I tell you a secret? You are the reason why this
marriage is at halt, rewind a little. He roams around freely. Now he is lying on a hospital bed. Yes, I went to the Vikram hospital. Gave the nurse 4 thousand rupees.. ..gave the watchmen 1000 rupees.. ..they told me I could
take anything from the hopsital. But I just kidnapped your son. I kidnapped him but didn’t
know where to keep him. Come on Sanjay Sahu you’re
a brilliant boy, think. That’s when Sanjay
Sahu had a brilliant idea. Do you know what that idea was? Hey were is the Urvashi bar?
-Urvashi bar.. .. you go straight, there
is a circle there ask anyone there. Yes, yes I’ll ask, let’s go. Thanks brother. 4 people came,
3 are going, where is the fourth one? The car that you gave for decoration..’s trunk has your son in it. Look at Sanjay Sahu’s humanity. His oxygen and glucose are all intact. Even though he made so many mistakes. But do you have any brains? You wasted 8 months
trying to catch me.. ..instead if you had
paid attention to him.. ..he would’ve become
a great man by now. Don’t take it so
personally Sanjay Sahu. Uncle you didn’t study like us.. ..never gave an interview
nor did you work at a job. Never paid any taxes,
but you were living peacefully, right? Now what else do I do for you?
should I die? I’m telling you again,
let’s live like nice people.. roam around
in cars like a goon.. ..and I’ll go away quietly. But if you trouble me again.. ..then I won’t spare you. Today’s kids are very dangerous. If you point a finger at them,
they’ll cut your hand. If you’re still not convinced. Then bring a fresh batch tomorrow.
not these same ones. You want to abuse me,
kill me or cut me.. ..or you want to own
up to your mistakes..’ll find me,
Sanjay Sahu waiting for you. At JNU canteen. I’m Sanjay Sahu. Oh what just happened uncle? What do we learn from this sir? Just by hitting this sword,
this sword went inside. From this we understand.. ..that the road contractors
are cheating the public. And we need to put an end to this sir. I am hoping you’ll look into it. Jai Ho. What happened? Why did you spare him? Very smart question my boy. In a war, winning does
not meaning killing your enemy.. means defeating him. What did I say? -Deafeat him. Defeat him. -Sir. Defeat is the main purpose of a war. Not killing. Brother my father? I did not kill him,
but if he dies it’s not my fault. I’ll just go and see. -Go, go. Everyone please close your eyes. What is this, they agreed so easily? ‘After that Thakur Damodar
Singh did not talk to anyone.. ..maybe because he was
defeated infront of him men.. ..or maybe because
of Mangal Singh’s death.. ..he stopped talking.’ ‘Whats more shocking is that,
the day his son got discharged.. ..he got admitted into the hospital.’ ‘Every evening they
took him to the same park.. ..he used to stare at the
sword that had gone inside the road.’ ‘In India, the population
that did not care about most things.. ..would not bother
about that sword either.’ ‘Only two people
knew the swrod’s story.. was that kid who
wanted to learn Kung Fu.. ..and the other was
Thakur Damodar Singh.’ ‘Nobody asked that kid anything
and the Thakur didn’t talk to anyone.’ ‘After about a couple of months.’ You stopped drinking because of Priya? Do one thing, dump Priya
then we can have beer everyday. Your mobile is ringing,
maybe it’s your wife. This is what happens after marriage,
look at me I am free. Why is this sword in
the middle of the road? Thakur sir, what happened sir? What happened?
bring the car, fast bring the car. ‘A normal boy like Sanjay
Sahu killed a criminal.. ..without evening shredding
a drop of his blood.’ ‘The sword which was
the reason for that.. burried somehwere
underneath that road.’ ‘After a few days a new road
was built on top of the old one.. ..this time the contrator was so
good that the sword never came back.’

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