Work Life Balance | The TRUTH About Balancing Career And Love

I work too much. My partner just can’t
handle how much I work. If you struggle with work to life balance, this video is
for you. My name is Coach Natalie and I’ve
dedicated my entire life towards relationship recovery. I’ve helped
thousands of couples throughout the course of my career reunite get back
together and create long lasting loving relationships. And if there’s one thing I
can tell you that I’ve learned from all of that experience it’s that the easiest
way to recover from a breakup is just to not have one. So if you are still in a
relationship, if you are here trying to keep your relationship happy, you’re in
the right place. This is Happily Committed, and me alongside my amazing
partner Coach Adrian created this community, created this channel, for you
at home to help you coach yourself through whatever challenges you’re
facing in your relationship. This video in particular deals with work to life
ratio. A work life balance that all of us have to juggle. Even me, while recording
this video, I’m working. How do I manage my work and my relationship? This is
something that everyone has to deal with, something that everyone has to think
about when they’re in a long-term committed relationship with their
partner. If you’re watching this video saying I work too much, there’s a tip or
an exercise I’d like for you to try. The exercise is this: I want you to make a list
of all of your priorities in order of importance. That list might include your
job, your wife or your husband, your family, your dog, watering your plants,
going for a run, all of the things that you prioritize the most in order of
importance. The reason I ask for you to do this exercise is because I want you
to realize or at least identify where work and your love life fall on this
list. What comes first, your job or your partner? That is something that you need
to know for yourself so that you know where to allocate your time and your
focus. So many people feel the need, the impulse to say of course my partner
falls first. My partner/ my girlfriend /my boyfriend /my husband / my wife, they are the number one thing in my life. Work undoubtedly comes
second. But I want you to get real with yourself because not everyone really
fundamentally believes that. A lot of people are career oriented. A lot of
people put their jobs before everything. And so rather than not telling yourself
the truth and putting your partner above your work, only to then let your partner
down, I want you to get real. So what I would like to spend, how I would like to
spend the rest of this video is outlining the two paths. If your partner
is second to your job, in this exercise it is important for you to, one,
be aware of that and identify, “Ok this is where my priorities lie, this is
where I want to put my heart and energy and my focus. And it’s important that you
then question or ask yourself if staying in this relationship is the right idea.
If your partner wants to be first, if your partner wants to be present, if your
partner wants to be a humungous priority in your life, but you know fundamentally
that your job comes first, then it is your duty to be transparent with
yourself, and with your partner so that they know what to expect from you, and so
that you know what you can deliver to them. Sometimes it’s a really harsh
reality but at least it’s the reality and not the fantasy that you’re creating.
So if your partner falls below your work in this exercise, it’s important that you
know that so that you can make the appropriate arrangements. Now let’s say
your partner comes before your job. Let’s say you’ve done this exercise and you
realize, “You know what? My wife comes before my work, my husband comes before
my work.” If that’s the case, the one thing you need to do from here is set
boundaries with your work. You need to set them and you need to stick to those
boundaries because work will never set boundaries on you. You must set
boundaries on your work. There is always more work to be done. You can ask us! We have unlimited amounts of work we can be doing, but we set boundaries so that the people we love – so that my boyfriend, so that
Adrian’s wife – feel loved and nourished. Boundaries can look like not working or
checking your work email on a Sunday. Or when you arrive home after a long day’s
work leaving your work phone in the car. It might mean when you spend quality
time with your partner you don’t spend it sleeping on the couch because you’re
so exhausted from your lengthy work day. It means that you’re up watching the
movie with them or sharing an experience with them and not just sleeping while
they have an experience beside you. It’s about being present, it’s about making
the effort. Maybe that means setting a date night every two weeks that is
unbreakable so that you know that you will be there and your partner can rely
on you being there without you letting them down. Boundaries are so important in every element of our lives and they’re very important when it comes to
establishing a really healthy work to life balance. If you feel you are
struggling in this arena, if you feel you don’t know what comes first, your partner
or your job or you’re struggling setting boundaries for your work and your life,
we are here to help. I’ve coached thousands in this department. I would
love to work with you. I invite you to visit our website – – to learn more about our offerings, to learn more about our coaching, our
products, and to learn more about how we can help you stay Happily Committed. So
thank you so much for tuning in, my name is Coach Natalie, I’m a relationship
coach and I’m here to help.

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