Words at War: The Hide Out / The Road to Serfdom / Wartime Racketeers

words war news tatasteel blessed to have the whole time someday you will learn the true facts of
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outside you’ve been waiting amount inr indian michigan someday you’ll read when i’m writing now it was nothing would happen online of marriage awarding wilma speaks martinis approaching uh… national broadcasting company inc with
the council on books in wartime presents another of the most significant programs
on the air today words of war dramatizing the most representative
books to come up this great world company tonight these psychological study of a
man who tried to run away from himself the hideout by egg on bus stops went on on mars as the narrator in a
radio adaptation by ben j tourist on the screen you must live to get this because you
and i have to understand each other unrated understand you only know i realize so much so much has become
citizens of america truck right may seven do you know when i first thought
absolutely certain something was wrong in my work my marriage my plans and
everything else and going anderson march nineteenth meeting on
just before hitler took over czechoslovakia we come back to project a week in the
country and that particular evening we were expecting guests for dinner like
chief my secretary from the factory unbroken and i was very upset with emery and suddenly it to me in your tone was
casual almost indifferent what kind of a man is that director of
the office why don’t know much about how much do so
in effect in two weeks you use a little while but i i i think that’s because you
shy you’re invited himself tonight he said we want to or privately some
time and decide you’d like to meet my wifi don’t know what is after may be enough
to get all had got there but his name profs awful cross and and please let let’s talk more about politics or drew was oh about what’s going to happen
czechoslovakia nakano let them and then really on a panic makes that want to go
away and try to find looking for a home loan soft going to be very bad for the jurors hear
no matter what happens considered virus so wide seven for the last time tony pty
day followed this up and you know that i’m not cannons rewriting the relation poker tour of known that i’ve been
thinking of both men and their own wondering whether i found the courage to
tell that i love doing whether it would be true the question theodore though save me from entering
your mind chief had arrived at a dinner might cheat and i went into
the library mind was far away but even so i realize
we’ve talked as if you were talking against time it is one thing i must have
clay absolutely clear they’ll understand is it true that you’re planning not to
finish up and site yes but do you realize at the factory
which gave you the time and that means to do real work is to
some extent pop out of your idea right on the greatest cross-eyed and i don’t understand why your blaming
me for a fourth which we share i believe you’re a check through when i took my friend this wet
come to any agreement well living in a revolutionary era and we don’t have much time gimail groupings finish our work and
that would come a day when you won’t be star you gave so the czechoslovak
government no longer has any interest in my car colleague please don’t pay the
proud and cook pages and then figure out which i’m not really humanist
support for the missed approach this is this your had charts the only and stuff
like candy the day after munich i burned all the blueprints he jumped up as a platform for the more
program and that instant my unfortunate forecast unfolded this for two days for two days i’d be
with her patrol days and get away from everything
from allied from congress this challenge here anything from you but stay i did not go into buspar but as
i go to the dominant through paris all too soon i discovered that i did set out
on a journey into emptiness district in the field and i see a room
was on my way to cut them were bused let me show well hope to find them and i saw a group of excited people
running out of the building an unusual viewtopic it him in that moment by aged ten years behind kuwait to escape a respectable jo hope you find somewhere
to my secretary at the box was empty we’d we can spend most of the time in my
room stare into space larry a totally wanted to him whenever i found myself up mystery novel
par for the people just to running laughed without that business just to sit
nothing happened finally after six days away delivered been expecting from my
secretary here soon as i tried to warn you before you leave
for paris your chief mister house where the treaty he has informed the germans about your
country the additional inquiries and if they find out your in paris no
one will ever be able to convince them that you have not given the blueprints
to the french you must not returned to czechoslovakia knowledge zol finished now i could never go back but you never see you in the children
and explain i moved from hotel motel from more expensive ones cheaper ones in the
glass doors living on the outskirts of town of google attic room the group did my hair done so on the top
of my calling day-in day-out i wanted to the streets
of paris and people probably would arise if i were for i submitted my guns side to the french who’s tearing down and some unnecessary lotion sprinkling monday or staying in a bank solution industries during the war lovell and walking has been watching the lovers already raging my papers sure it
was a policeman gutters emblazoned you know uh… would you do me a small favors a pyramid disappointed my papers and
perfect or and one eighth graders now that you spoke and i think you even
more urgently for small favor please turn around if you insist frank and that i made a mistake forgive me for interrupting your
philosophy wait wait wait you’ve made no mistake dr over who proposal from online grievance poor volunteer management until doctor about my story briefly in the end he invited me to stay in
israel outside of paris pay in june for any of the jury members were
impressed there was a panic in the end i stood
trembling inside doctoral buzz bill watching the terrified crowds who
clogged the roads was almost dusk when i heard the door open uh… bela thank you might have gone outside
walkways and their robot can’t stated must await you must tell you later that you must and i’ve been in the basement i’d keep your head into the whole war if
necessary must go out of course not even take a
step out of doors but i’m never locked the door you restrain your will you were saying i know all that i can go out into the
light whenever i wonder what i won’t do it you understand unisons and now come on now only locally
on your bedroom remove no diminished been known little newman because i don’t see this demand bundled up in prison go my head businesses no cooper structurally
skidmore somehow coupons between russian spring nine have no appetite has been lifted up here and provide care for me once a day or
resentment hoops on can calling topic and a m and rodgers and cheese continued signature sit-down nikolai handed out during her
grow on me and coming today and what is in and do a
few frightened one of the man is right about here or an
officer usually if they would never a weekend working for the last knows it taking the law offered olexson died a
few it’s a relief to you as we’ve noted you
really free the children walk out of here in time you want to desperately when i have to go back now might get
suspicious appear tomorrow then landing with you land itself with you rejoice i believed in did not believe inc uqroo despondent so reviewing your resume the war growers in a war until it’s done employment one thing is important renewed calls once the gestapo examined october before
there’s a couldn’t have gone through a lot of time and and and i’m linda even
for six weeks in which the lirias three more movement changed into responding in spite of crawling around the world n throughout the day as did the whole of
the seller warlike didn’t budge from the narrow chain for which i could see us to
pollute the broken pomp and cooling their heels one spring afternoon standing on
chairman peering through a crackberry some people on the black uniform who came up to the house beside him i realized i was looking at a german
store and you know who had one it was sufficient issue from from bruno you’re on there bad awkward reading from who nearly germans scorecard in high
school right now president clinton and don’t recognize me act for you want the demo pushing for it if you are pushing for that yet well it’s good to see it you said you can’t go back in well let’s go back to you how did you get a pretty good in effect
you know what the defense mechanism garrison bynum externship that’s why you want to get out of step
everything he pros have alright pushing towards building through the whole country all through nineteen thirty seven thirty
eight or worked on a site that antiaircraft guns communica burned on my
blue print a few days before the occupation of prague are for the paris
met that trip had absolutely no political background by my g purportedly colorado with him product of my plans over the french bookkeeping thing from your fishing later on i i i really did off my gun
type of rage but they didn’t take it since then had been hiding you’ve been
doing justice was the first time in three years later this whole question but you’re not more you would have who just wanted been keeping you in
prison here from famine man whose home on hiding is the finest
men i’ve ever met him is a doctor that kind of big without some light on him yet majority talking about you know you
don’t want you to be home in a week home to prague through the engineer in our time and
inventor non-political pricing immediately it by still fit within a week it would probably won’t
accept thing freight stable catch it all four u com
take himself a person how could you want me to bring this portion of my true where pat’s level if drives that you’re pushing for it cavity astray from now on its none of your business
when i do mean this this rights swine will be charged with forty you prisoner
that’s fine tortoises jeremy one small please to exim the in flexible about unproductive syrup last word khrushchev course into being a firing squad for let’s go to the uh… coax her and i’m
finding it hard to breathe and you are ready to now don’t worry on and we’ll
agree in the end and come to a good understanding staged acted regulated and fisher it going i’m right behind him and what was that great place to put my mister what she’d like what you’re doing that state hand mister complete times before it
collapsed natural way to state took the life responded to the legs and dragged
back by borrower pages pass i was behind i wasn’t dead my hand which into an animal lust at my brain admires scarlett communism has served for any salvadoran
creatures in have said have really on the bed and
return with the court where it is done on it is already achieved but the devils appendectomy he sounded a bit took it home speak generally tokyo powers you on hit me spring right here proposal because i saw a german outside
in the homeschool ton of money soviet beside me i told everything about
my safety he he wanted to have you can’t make it possible for me to go
home but in return he was going to arrest you so q with his spirit stairway must be hoopla marketing can
anyone tell you what you were standing outside them his name is fisher uh… sorry that you hired him and try to figure out what we’re going
to do with his big aman people who treat it secretly they’d be undercut i’m thinking of them i look for a great idea remained on you we can get some sleep i really hope is that they will go from
in houses in summers worth a one day my friend well it doesn’t get bored with you
around nervously you have twenty four hours national cram i can’t make it we have company are you speaking i found some people
buried a friend notice from the stairs with laws these people who helped me came back in
a they want to ask you about something yes you’d like to get away from his place in
perhaps we can help you bathrobe and still does you an engineer we want to ask you about something asked me what you wish do you understand ships don’t ask answer keys instead just imagine seeing that we had the
possibility of getting full-screen dangerous for you we’re getting you a ballistic and ship
has a stalker ships going to say at the time to pick
up certain immensely vital materials which is necessary to destroy the crew will be packaging them partly
french but you know how to sink a ship maybe
maybe if i had a bomb wasting time with this man he once obama you could put a bomb in the distant case
of them and we have a man both then we wouldn’t be sending you mister com newman engineer perhaps you can figure out a way of
seeking a shift like that without an explosion orca should visit i wouldn’t explain another angel
whoopi’s to princeton not quite sixteen thousand time but i
talked to diesel engines or a sink above with your bare hands at
that that’s him mara i don’t know and and terry sorry but i i frankly don’t know i
wish i could have two minutes come all this time metzger i’m sorry yes where all sorry never told me that no i was in the greatest danger that
might be discovered by the germans and the moment after that because of the underground
people my cruise night changed beyond recognition walking from wall to wall of my cage
like a desperate animal life tried to solve that question of questions how to sink a big
ship bare handed didn’t interest me why is that book
should be some guy wasn’t interested in the cargo ship all i want to go astray
important wasn’t and so the question there’s no longer walking up and down
that running madly around the walls and then suddenly a month later i noticed when suddenly not why don’t start my own mind the is on at the doctor about eleven i
suddenly realized the problem which i just love we have a concrete performance nice to be that you know that
performance promo lawton all that i did some from myself was a means of committing suicide but it appears he has an banished to die but nothing palm uh… that’s not why had myself why five suffered like an animal and attract
why i became a mother deny reveron circus like a madman
chasing himself all at once time beginning pacts tool
quickly i was hoping that i probably wouldn’t
highland there you’d never get here cymraeg occurred fumes standing in the
in the darkness good evening sir think my friends i can give you some of
my script pistol presented your my questions is is
the access to this group of bella on this post yes project was time for the on every decent
shape their life support agreement was to singapore have at hand of a long steel or chain yes they’re many chains of ownership art and his a plan reports can be generated on the book by
proper combination appointees joe man was seven personal forests on the main
beams of the baltimore men connect these wars with very long a powerful cable or
train and one system the cable from the police leads the
polish admiral one run at least four five times the the the rotating propeller shaft
group pollute jamin break the beams and the home point carly simon seems difficult it
starts to secure the police systems however if you will bring a man to be
out discuss with him all possibilities and giving instructions how long we take
the ship to sink the captain bypass exactly a thing about fifteen
minutes one man be enough for it we need a helper it was a little about the shipyard how
they anticipate we ourselves are you know wheat to only half the nation’s leading
to the actual reasonably tales would you do it alone yes or no let’s come to me later let’s go home and would not be a helper quality unlucky man who doesn’t will die you won’t have any other too much and we
were opposing you still on the ticket home chat or do you want me to die founder solution i that’s your question
otherwise but you’ve been shopping for a long time have injured yes yes caleb carr you probably don’t know
what’s going on around you pray i think i know r_u_ believer do you believe that everything that’s
happened to your so far was convictions you know reason is pretty quick to
measure in the way every occurrence underway on i don’t know are you a priest soon pre-test people gave me such a thought i’m a woman you really believe you know what’s going on around here yes sults organising kya so much you in your own rich in this but you don’t even recognize a woman by
headlines voice of a woman now no real reason would scarcely adequate
for anything why did you confined in a nazi when you should have known that such a
close with only lead to disaster why did you expose yourself by so doing about also exposing opinions you know the doctor rubin we certainly tom donahue never wants comes in here you without a
revolver but he would shoot you without
hesitation if you were to become dangerously named buttons orders i’m speaking to people who he would leave you now and these people speak unknown millions
outside neo-geo sir tried to do a big team hit dial you cannot because nobody would be a man you’ll be one of us voice no i knew it belonged to my mother that belong to you how mishkan to my sisters might villages wanted finished speaking iris had kneeling have flying on four walls of my prison had vanished well soon we’re waiting for a nine percent and do it yes i’ll do it i’ll be one of you i would be a man no longer almost attract command tonight on weds at war we brought you a
dramatization of bagane her stops keys novel the hideout radio demonization was written by ben j
him on mars was the narrator on as an accounts for norma chambers
joan shade joe dissenters address daily and jim bowles the music was arranged and played by
william edith direction gonna garrison guy next week wanted war will present the
radio dramatization of the road to set them by pretty quiet this series of programs is brought to
you in cooperation with the council on books in wartime by the national
broadcasting company and the independent radio stations associated with the
n_b_c_ network uh… misses the national broadcasting company words war ground tonight it’s one of the most
controversial problems of our time spears one opinion i think government
planning is the only solution to our economic problems i think the government
on a plan for everybody to have a job free enterprise may have been alright
wants for we need now is central planning and the government should plan
our economic welfare in peace just isn’t plans or victory in wall time has come
for the government to set up a planned economy here’s another opinion warning bell to
stop look and listen seeing government planning as a
substitute for free decries is a step in the direction of liam germany follows i think that it would destroy our
liberties our freedom and our civilization listed needed a hybrid happiness it is the moon so the the tonight the national broadcasting
company inc with the council on box in wartime brings your radio impression of one of
the most talked about books in america it’s a direct challenge to much that is
being fought unspoken these days it’s one answer to the question jill we have a planned economy directed
by the government or show we have free enterprise based on competition some of you may like it some of you may
not but in keeping with the spirit of this
words of more serious here is one of the most provocative and widely discussed
books of the day we present the road to serve to buy
friedrich a higher i’m friedrich hayek a professor of economics who has written
a book i was born in austria and lived in
vienna until nineteen thirty one since then i’ve spent my time in the
united states and in england and then i would british citizen at present time on the faculty of the
london school of economics now that i’ve introduced myself i’d like
to talk about my book with you hide european nice guys book maybe feinberg iowa farm professor i don’t know what
you talked my language yeah edwards alice highbrow stuff they gotta give me
a headache working you’ll forget the time of farm and the profession and i’ll drop the big words in the extra
soon street are checked out what’s this be about government planning
yet what’s wrong with the government doing something i’d like to know it is
seems to me mister hank that they have a large-scale problems of today require
large scale planning charges only the government can provide what’s the matter professor doctor what
everybody to have a job don’t want everybody to have a job i’m
sure how you doing i like the idea full employment to the question is whether you want to get
it by free enterprise or by government plant i think that if you get full employment
by government planning you end up with complete served i don’t
know let’s go exactly i don’t see why we get
deflate just because things were applied let’s not just a few will make me forget how i figure that
out can i see it like this what government should plan what’s good for copyright part full
employment is good for the country right now much as simple as the now let’s see a person should wear clothing in public
life a bathing suit his clothing right ki didn’t violence you wear your baby so
applied that celia no interviews leave it depends on what kind of clothing wearing public and it depends on what kind of planning for temperament under conditions now i am not against all kinds of
government plan delegates government power to enforce
proper planning but i think that that kind of planning
should be decided upon and that the power should be limited now
that’s just a lot of time now look we want jobs in the future so
let the government make sure we got on that’s all i care about a job only
however wanted job and i think three enterprise is the only
way to get it and keep your liberties catapult right down the to mention the
baseball game with the government as people you’re familiar with baseball hot
chocolate out the umpire that’s the government is supposed to regulate the
gate to enforce the rules but suppose the umpire went further than
that suppose he tried to plan the game and
make the rules if the plan let’s go out to the ballpark that
supplies the p predictability is really the quite quite
let’s not be unreasonable http and takes place but right cut fears differences i think it’s only fair to get the other
people attend like most things don’t get the west post-game on planning this game the happened happened again has to be
played by the rules roosevelt no newspapers and the umpire enforces the rules not
his own ideas as to how the game completely ok professor okay that’s
baseball that’s a gain we’re talking about
government-controlled basnet that’s not set lead but i mean or a if the baseball
player has to be evil to realize on an un
changing rule when only a game is at stake think how much more important dependable rules off to a businessman
when the stakes on his business and your job out here’s how that kind of government
’em pirating might work out of business on denial until we should let that can come pick o’connor custom it yugioh washington colleague posing to jones wait a minute pull yourself in two thousand or their head and not for a couple of it house box like that because can’t afford it have i on secret but there’s nothing to cut i can’t cut on pay the little straight out dog okay okay dot that’s bad but we don’t expect to have all those
working with a woman by political role that way haha perhaps
not but can you can learn from their when i came to win pace that kind of a party in the hands
of one man or a few men built by home to find postive at the
mercy of personal opinions of personal wins it has happened in of our country
homeowners product you said before that you want to get all
kinds of government planning and i said that i was willing to listen you get many impression now that
anything the government does is wrong don’t know why i don’t mean to see that but there are two kinds of government
playing as the kind of hips free-enterprise
becky’s quote and as the kind that would replace free
enterprise with respect his one kind of government plan government plans surveilled no fabrics
for clothing that is cool idioms manufacturers make
use of new opportunities but here’s another kind of planning
government indulges approved springs styles that is bad it would be no competition designing and
list choice for the public gives one kind leading government
assigns wavelengths in new broadcast band that these court
all stations comp broadcast on the same frequency well that would be hopeless confusion as another kind of guy government
assigns programs to radio station that is bad the government is now not to making sure
that you can hear the vehicle but is deciding plot to shed here here’s one kind of bread government
office planned both soil erosion control that these cooled to keep things that
more people will have a chance to make a living from the man there’s another kind of planning government announces quotas for spring
corn planting that he’s back such dictated planning copy on the
long-range basis that means the government will not only to regulate the
practically have to pick alva production in other words the one kind of planning is to put up
signpost to assist the traveler intrusion his room the other kind is to pentium which ruled
he must take so remember they’re spending for and penny gamespy
enterprise ought not hahaha hey i hate your body will hurt me i said oh i’m not so maybe you’re right as far as three
enterprise goes but what so wonderful about free enterprise everybody’s always yet but about always
worried about how free enterprise is today a yeah come to think about liking
c_e_o_’s government planning with which free of the program become available again i don’t know the
light shed just what it does create a frightening to me that’s what i’d like
to know bulletins on the last people in the world have aswell that uh… that’s the in your them fool me p_x_ would you mind telling me
where your problem or are right here in new york city have you always lived here nori com originally from a common
illinois at how long did your family lived there return home my grandfather one out there a long time
ago i’ve seen how did he happen to go there while he was a pioneer i guess when i was accused of talk about it
probably left new hampshire and how did he happen to go to illinois well i guess he just decided he wanted
to go i remember used the telstra one time we
sold all of it guy but the the antenna are you sure you realize what you’re
doing him selling all used up in the setting off well in all i hear devoted
all over time really got angry and get out of
that country but you have been relieving your home or your friends behind mighty dangerous trip to an old nine oh when the time comes in manchester tried to better so i don’t take it easy leaving him ride it may be good friends judges you hear anything to do when i can see some vinod younger than a
could never adhere well recognize and understand what you
mean but began when a good place to trade in will
make sure that way two of the world find another one in french you hear someone else to change i know it means a lot risk in the home of family everything that it would for here but im women i have ended up an illinois i can get something that uh… having something better for the young
ones me something better myself maybe they
cannot begin to and then we got the risk of not to be
denied i’ll make it out somehow and i’ll make something out of it when i
get there don’t mind saying them a little too
scared but more naps i liked the idea of doing something in a
moment you that’s free enterprise man movie just
because he feels like it because you want to transfer something better demand feeding that he has a right to
start from scratch on equal terms with his settlement and he has a right to be
course pharmacies courage his work in his ability will take it now how do you think your grandfather
would have been if you’ve been a government agency to see your a registered makes me feel not
needed in the law would have to find a statement of intent
to move and then if there are no vacancies in your labor area will
recommend it to the newest joe do you suppose your grandfather would
have said to that growers are remember granddaddy probably a fuhrman compound hollywood
well ok professor those pioneers were honey brave and that was pretty
enterprise but those guys yelling about three and a
price today big profits or what they’re talking i
don’t want babbitt is the anything this graceful about profits windows members their money then live
energy in the hope of something better they thought they had a right to a fair
profit sold to the man who built the canals in
the real world the men who fought the people who make that iron and steel women who gambled on the harvesting
machine mangled that they could make and sell
automobiles why shouldn’t they make a fair profit have a reward for their courage and f alright alright but all that’s history
books dot once upon a time free enterprise could
work maybe but it has nothing to do with us today
dosn’t have anything to do with us today i’ve heard about him and he thought
would be grad school to become an errand boy for
photographers in new york topped he bought out his employer and decided to change his line of work he became a salesman for beating
contractor but then decided that he could do a better job himself power just
a minute now ten he saved enough money to get a couple of
second hand mixer and sony was building highways by new methods and when you
couldn’t buy the equipment he wanted he built it himself you like to be jumped when a child’s came along to build the
san francisco oakland bay bridge he built it and it was talking to be gambled at them he said i can build dams to and he built
it the walking along and they were ships to
read it he said ido something or other about how
to build things i can build ships tool and he did for his name is henry j_ kaiser ideally
mel that is free enterprise at work for it that’s what we’re talking about and don’t kid yourself the
free-enterprise docent work to be a government planned to strengthen the
navy baat it was then like henry kaiser who
planned the building of the ship’s and guilt laptop cedars paving contractor them build a bridge
builder ship builder and his dream of huge cargo planes can
be part of america tomorrow that is not a career that the government
with black he’d get the planning just remember that the more planning the
government does for the individual in this opportunity be individual has to
plan for himself it’s quick being ashamed for freedom
enterprise it has sort of democracy well and perhaps democracy the better
recognized a lot worst actor anything for myself at least but we’re not all henry j_ kaiser
fastest tested allowed i’ve never said that i particularly like the idea of
giving the government control of everything just being fair you take the way it is
now it seems to me that big business is in
control of everything as businesses control of everything
texas not cool but uh… if it were would you take the power away from
business and give it to the government wide side but look when you take power away from business
and give it to the government you don’t destroy that polyu increase it it wall powers just the government has
and i think i can control that all better government has instead of
business credit i think a pact actually there’s a great deal more power when the government has it because it’s
constantly not bad if you show me a hundred wealthy
industrialists they represent a lot of power but it’s not all in the hands of one of
the more even a small group of them they need to have their differences after all there in competition with each
other now but it’s more in the hands of one
group as it would have to be in the hands of a
simple group to make central planning worked a power is magnified i don’t see how could be much worse than
it is now as far as i can say my boss by using the
power of the dollar as as much control over my life as a government could ever
have panicked and i think maybe i would like some government regulations but
what about the spy on him now sure i can right but what else can i do
about alright here’s something that might happen is normal times in america come home from work and wealthier jim that’s maintenance just
give me the way to slam that door sorry honey i guess i’m just kind of burned up
here tired aren’t you don’t know it’s not
that it’s at boss of mine but decided on the nose of the on nazi
and you can’t very well do you think you can give no i suppose not but i sure got awful
fed-up high no you do dat why don’t you just on the computer
another job even give me a little less money i wouldn’t mind if you a happy n
staggers swelled baby i just didn’t want to say anything to you
about it gotta woodward but if you feel that way i’ll start
looking tomorrow the that’s one thing you can do about no it isn’t always easy to get a new job women can’t afford to fill of jobs just
because he doesn’t like the bosses make tonight nevertheless he is free to look for
another job great work move to another place what if it were under government planned
economy perfusion what’s the matter i’m sorry honey but you know what’s the matter withdrawal was uh… that’s supervisor
again sure i don’t know what’s wrong with that guy
but he sure was gathered en vogue is somehow g_m_ did you get transferred out
release of something honey we’ve talked at all over a dozen times wouldn’t give
me a transfer just on despite you can’t get a release just by saying
you don’t like your boss you’re just applied for one it goes on
your record really is going to keep your mouth shut
nc will be dropped dead or something democrats say in this case uh… film you can’t quit your job if you are not
free to leave the place you work yourself and it can happen sixteen countries weight as well that’s something that worries me to
mister ac you know when times are good it’s easy
to keep our rights when times get tough when jobs are scarce well let something else again lull says
freedom liberty rights well they’re all nice things but they’re not very norwich now what could a rights if it’s the
right to start today and freedom what puts freedom of the freedom to skip
dinner and then skips effort to every liberty and five cents a touch a cup of
coffee at but you gotta have the five cents and
almost cried he’s not all wrong about that when things are bad you can hardly blame people for a
feeling that their rights and so important perhaps you willing to give up
your rights to freedom and liberty to win some security but it’s not unusual you should be off
troubles i’ve heard it said before the democracy
is off on outmoded no longer u_s_ and then got up in italy now so long ago
kingston on the balcony stuck honesty and and told the italian people that
they need not be hungry low-priced he would look after them and see to it
at their babies will fade and that he had a plan that would solve
all their troubles all they had to do was give up in the
fifties let him decide what they want to read when they were to work and how much they
should be paid people listen to it to know what happened to them those babies below up to get humiliate them tortured them
made in the school of the uh… they took it in the bitterness and hung
him up by the heels of the square of the land militant man caught up in germany filled with german swept fifteen enough
behind three persist that he would look after them and see
that that babies will feel that he had a plan that would solve all
their troubles all the had to do was to get up in the
business and the people listen to him and you
know what happened to them and to the baby’s day company had become less than men after they have become the support of
the other thing despised of history behind them said without food without anaya and without hope and just look at it this is a man of assisted doctors say a report that we give guys lots of ali
get stuff done already role was saying we haven’t serpent i mean i don’t feel
like ghost circuit and the reason the legionnaires because they’re all powers
long as we got the final say as we have a democracy we can give our government
all appallingly want anybody i wish you were right effect democratic power doesn’t mean that it will be abused apollo must be limited it what time it
is limited by the fact that it’s going to kill me for the purpose of war if we carried such powers all rental
peacetime to solve our economic problems it wouldn’t be limited fella professor
i’m still not scare okay so what the government in control
you got regimentation so what hooked i don’t like being regimented
locate so um… i wonder how much of it to enjoy it a pardon me would you come up a minute sergeant cure
plays powell-violin how’d you like being in the army alone how would you like it if there weren’t
any war there were any warm when i wouldn’t be
any army cut you said you liked it in the army for sure but west different anyone can see that i mean i’m proud of his uniform when the war is over with i’m going to
get it also plans to make your head swim around in upstate and i think the point
is clear these boys are proud to wear the
uniforms they’re willing to be told what to do when to do with how to do it we compete with the sleep in all the
rest of it who have win this war productive use over they want to get
opens uniforms and that is as it should be when you give up your liberties for a
limited period of time to protect our country that is patriotism but if you’ll give up your liberties
just for security that pizza ask any job cash where i can get away from it uh… it
was very concerned i’m a businessman and you’ve expressed
just what i’ve always thought if the government would just get out of
business and let us alone but not all the time you with new regulations he’ll
planters for things to have in mind set or you know all the social security
old-age pensions all that nonsense and investigation or i don’t know but just a
second mister businessmen and freedom heaven be listening very closely things you’ve mentioned don’t
necessarily interfere with free enterprise i happen to think that the government
swab planned to protect every citizen against privation and hardship which he suffers through no fault resume but i thought that do well government interference it is it
makes it awfully hard for the businessman you seemed to have to
sacrifice for freedom you know short-sighted businessmen have made it
difficult to defend free enterprise because they wanted to be not only free debate also easy you’ve got to be just as much for proper
governmental regulations as you walk against undesirable regulations you’ve got to encourage the right kind
of government plan point to get the wrong kind monopoly the restricted free trade and special
privileges all the enemies of free enterprise just as much as central
government planning it much too high area thinking it over now none of us want to give up our lebanese
and most of us at least don’t want a lot of government control
thought you said if we don’t get the good government planning we’ll get the plan uh… just put just which again how can we jayanagar ul ask yourself
whether the planning makes competition more free in more fair or whether it’s substitute something
else for competition turned movie germans is the price of
yours freedom in politics it is also the price of your freedom in
enterprise wednesday night you mentioned that what time restrictions shouldn’t be
carried over into peace time as opposed to the more quickly
thereabouts the better will toll on the contrary to avoid confusion and hardship
which would readjust to peacetime slowly what we should be planning to return to
free enterprise not planning to make wartime controls permanent professor you
said some stuff that i guess i’ll have to think goal but it’s still a fact that free
enterprise just hasn’t worked at least not to my satisfaction north of mine but i think the trouble is not free enterprise has failed but it hasn’t been fully tried you can criticize your american
democracy to which you like it hasn’t worked with the one
satisfaction at all times but i think a degree that what you need is more democracy not
less and i think what we need is more freedom
of enterprise not less it’s natural to be dissatisfied with
what hasn’t worked out perfectly in your dissatisfaction you may do bought some other nations
have done high-cost into remember one thing when government planning thinks the
paint sophie enterprise he’ll on the ruled to serve on the tonight on words of war we’ve brought
you a radio impression of the road to serfdom via friedrich a height as prepared by jack wilson newly then routine was her display music was arranged and played by william
edith direction gone against next week words at war will present the
radio dramatization of wartime racketeers by harry lever and joseph
yang this series of programs is brought to
you in cooperation with the console on books in wartime by the national
broadcasting company and the independent radio stations associated with the
n_b_c_ network ad this is the national broadcasting
company wordpress that war guy containing saccharine on on all don’t look at him would you
like me figure wise guy don’t you catch you by a broken bridges taken
money on his sock before it got a fake loyal well amay heyday is over bootleg jeans speakeasies protective
associations from iraq it’s gone with prohibition and maybe sucker maybe and still around and doing fine picked this world now it’s gonna angles looking out of work you cover the war for democracy well
that’s okay with me dot i would you like saccharine buying complain and then get mine out of
it by some one second abyssinian ago the the the national broadcasting company inc
with the console on books in wartime presents another program in the widely
discussed here is where did war tonight in our story dealing with the
enemies on the home front is based on the book by harry lever and
joseph yang wartime record year had on remain in area the where facing a back tonight the hubli fact that american uh…
paying billions a year contribute to the wartime racketeer the whole crew of the that’s when
there’s the hijackers the gunman are out of my nap rocket with your earnings
mister and missus america not in a dark alley at the point of a
dime that’s pre-war technique the gangster nineteen forty five
top-rated broad daylight you may medium in the corner meat market
are broken humare rubbed elbows with him in a
crowded railroad a and went and got a call in to do a loved one
me madam of you wanna reservation in chicago deal you have one thing on the century
panama role for a hundred dollars donor that’s what i certainly but that’s twice as much as that well after the excuse me i thought if you have to get the chicago
the we came back that they can we’ll see what a lot americans who
figured she with an exception that wartime sacrifices prime rib other
people the government requested to be in the
void on another note if it did not apply to her she know that you and i know that all trains are needed to bring the
wounded home and that the speedy jadi troops must be
carried to the pacific coast was murdered filter didn’t think he had
been hired picket on the black market and that’s just me second told n_b_c_ union jeremy mike hows it goin business at the
railroad stations at the meet mark in the grocery stores too different country in it we want to buy from us it’s their
business they got the money to spend sure they
got money to pay bear my from a compatriot your right americans have money to spend a day
fourteen billion dollars more spending money than before the war but what about it mister and missus
america do you want to put that money in the war
bob to feed the victory over japan or do you wanted to go into the pocket of big character here the wartime gangster according to a prize administrator bull every time the house wife go to shop between three and four percent for the
price she paid for food vote for the black market here inform alone america is giving the gangster a yearly
bonus of one billion two hundred million dollars effectively done it blood p next as p that’s just part of my
say look if you’re smart you can work this
for a hundred different ways and pick up on the a change in the process at listitem oakton this insanity here at every day in office when i get up and use a tight attitude and he’s the kind of likes to work a
little his equipment is simple type lag stationary stamped academy list and an address nor do we come here please and the the flat is something you know right here seemed to be confirmed sporting goods company in chicago granted done did jim payment along with you bag clubs tennis racket doesn’t sound
like him to let it build anything grounds alone we are doing you know i used to love tennis you remember any of this stuff around
the house well maybe you don’t want to statement
will need could be when you think you would repaired in one of whom we do i wouldn’t want anyone to think that
would indeed is obligations demand and protect the bony bill without
question anything to avoid begin government and their boys memory biographical sketches of war hero and
published in the paper give the racketeer dickey community compounding rarely did he make history here’s the broad through the mail boorda
doing ok merging doom is these days here’s another one of their favorite
formatted in action broken through any of the book fulfilling the plan for heaven’s sakes
team cox frequently your husband was posthumously decorated
for gallantry hidden brady going to be perpetuated
brain drain commemorated book this handsome a limited leather bound
volume it won’t be private information all of you modern with pride the and i notebook people then there is a bit on could be at best ashanti collection of newspaper story
though and there’s been another let iraq streamlined for war and if you have a loved one among the
millions of fighting men would soon be meeting the gaps in the pacific you may well be a target for this kind
of higher and plausible appro near brand see that your loved one goes into battle
protected by the divine guidance of a bulletproof bible repeated tests have shown our steel
covers would affect a forty five caliber service revolver bullet shot from any
angle who boats from the federal trade commission more
prevalent of that plane and promptly took action against the
firm which made it well this is what they did feel rejected by their was a forest
service man no protection whatsoever against bullets and shrapnel on the contrary the jagged wound left in the bible by
project there was present freedom increase the risk of serious and painful
wound winner in it in trying to bring spirituals solace in
physical protection dior combat soldier you may be dragged into raising the
price is right even greater dignity deserve to take it easy after all it takes all kinds to make a
world even aware of the poor and it takes two guys to make a deal a salesman and the customer i think example some of us boys they’ve
got a little finger in the gasoline middle finger you’re going to have a bit of your
armpit at least two million five hundred
thousand gallons of gasoline every day are being drain from the crucial
civilian and military supply the and holy align them gangsters
cultivated if honest station operator uh… you
forget what i said about it takes to make a deal what about the modem ever in this bill baird done fortunately though motorists are removed uh… return a deterrent panicky or must be some mistake i only have
coupons for three gallons who said anything about coupon inside
corrupt that i was doing a favor finds plenty by july guide they were the main we wouldn’t be in business and as we
head to estimate how who invading back tonight we might as well based upon too we can pass laws to ban the black market
we can create agency to enforce the law but as long as part of the public any
part of the public is willing to deal with a black market the end he’s going
to stay in business the operator of a gas station nosy
taking a giant incoming gas without demanding coupon city thought he may be binders and today
idiom agonists ona hai french match that uh… you know to be smart in picking his
customers if no one reporting to the opiate you’ll
get by doesn’t worry about turning complaints
against me then that he’s got plenty when you get them delaware for reminding us you hear that brimming preparatory working against you working against all america working
overtime to flood the nation with pony rides in spam pursue gerber meat day the mastermind of getting for them need the good for the black market that unfortunate the evil of inflation and higher living
costs what about the twenty two million dollar
fit red point on everything they from beneath the form of brooklyn plaque twenty two million with a man who printed both stamp
engaged in hope both speculation or did they know their market and a five dot correctly definitive them with which some americans regard the
rules of war at home of course is no concerns of the
racketeer if your children get sick from black market poultry all your family for the conflict pick another thing from the infected issue ability all that well organized the game main old their business where show they
do this month cookies and no sabes as buffet sometime wit aliyev erik sometime they contact the wrong man
model without i’m not here maqbool this into a gate on record each through
what happened in a little new england our nigerian visit mr hill or were coming
and coming heavy-duty to down load your own thank you i don’t know maybe a should have gone to
the opiates could have come in here the secret service mister williams uh…
t_v_ opiate what you all about the building on the
mouse said that just didn’t like the smell of
it ferris bingham he’s another printer and
then came the seemed to be uh… so dcn he had a big jeevan can handle it
all in a shop the long and short of it is the the orbit media money but i’m kind of
aggression stand or nandu turned him down banana didn’t take him open who stole
them all wedding there wasn t suspicions no expected year-old still in the in due
course is where my own good and they can he didn’t expect me to come
here either things into courses with that too wednesday to may have something there the if we can work this to review those
two account of the greenway it don’t think there is bringing with it head of
account of a drink ingrained in them for that lab just wondering if you might be used
for some of the pokemon their made a lot of spring engrave it in this record of this would
be a speeding ticket that offended i’ve got a friend in new york losin’ graver
naima carlson specializing in comedy normal and didn’t
mean that cousins an honest man and usability might help you know would wait a minute those fires bingham noticed engraver
friend of yours uh… arsenals carlson who worked with never met crowds in literally new york convenient
visit say the quiet of a small down makes in
their lives the kingpin about covering might come to
a small town drew me to go to greater who are looking at the murder prim count
from vw blending issue orders are to world thousand may have to have grown children
for a few hours that is if you’re willing to cooperate
with european secret service from a friend momentum all black dragon non-violently man i’ve been a growing number of women
and monitor manageability of new year meaning to the u_n_ but who knows i don’t know and that you
can get these bright blue but not to be members never minarets
before there has been in the number of behind the mom already told you would
you and i a big dub is one of a gang they won’t know revenues and we hope we
won’t give me along with the police station man waved it like made them into
the job is going to go to church on sunday morning man maryland and within a
few raised cain who have known you were in new orleans but shouldn’t visit material hampered my shop all right then though uh… mister hale director of the charging that his men
met back room where your the can you do him any other roommate
beginning for it but i think u whether they’re going uh… i going back to your right repertoire there would be here here’s your bingham didn’t suspect of
tribal you truly want to meet the bighorns performed by the t_v_ didn’t you that it would make good use need to
continue to make me too wanna meet the man who don’t agree with the job when we come back where jose reclining burt then prime minister of the printer
selling about and then you know in it and try and make
my friend is because four years the engraver and that’s right are you were a good in grave in
wisconsin twenty eight to prove it good you’ll prob be exactly the great
seal of the united states uh… i could try mr hill has the fabric
of my work hands right here on the table national the work of a craftsman at least you are responsible for these
reproductions with the boom times are you work well together i like that i appreciate good work my pay twelve point very well i’m willing to give you a thousand
dollars now and nine thousand moment jobs delivered that agreeable you’ve gotten right all
right with me i’ll guarantee my work or for any expert neighbor to present on the right there
is uh… mister bingham was seen in that we have ample supplies of specially
processed paper shall i say borrowed from the government does the
government have u_n_ disturbing the spent fuel unfortunately no since we are competitors they will not
cooperate in marketing them forrest we have our own wholesale distributors love your hair your work is not in that department
missed calls we do not and courage probing wetsuits p phyllis i know about the spirit of the
better all at once my cover that ten thousand i’m glad to be able to do it is a hero infected is nothing else i’ll be taking
the nutrient back to new york please and a lot but sued does for you to weidenfeld concentration
here i don’t know what this is all but i’m sure he had what i said the gender
with more like it i suppose all of your file upload leader
of the car in the alley that by leaving your ph with two men
involved in the kind of a dragon this printer and a little new england on
the wrong the valuable time as to his country when there’s no book on the bickering
was smashed reported produced and starred in eighty eight and it was still
alive that’s one k sure but just one it’s a drop in the pocket unfortunately now the general public and the families of servicemen are not the only targets for the wall
racketeer g_i_ joe himself is on their lives not long ago to state has found that out
the hard way in a pub in liverpool not mana uh… please saying that i’m not coming in why alike until now does not along with the tone only my wife sayings the gallows its own pa says she does less than she sank to market manhattan that’s my girl things until then here here your love the syrian we was married six months ago just
before i ship double mopac non for class one of my guest i never believed eleven recital and
happened to me we got its there by eight months ago packages hero voice just oneself with a
on to with green eyes do you want to see a picture of my wife
okay uh… costume don’t do it just is regular and she and i think you know i said i
said anyone again about a lot of time why u took time a lot so market delight
lot it i_q_ archive week picture weight that sales stats processing as the same pickup gal alright nazis
michael joe white sees it passed out we’ve got the look very bright but you
are available at this one out on your way to the times enough money or believing what would you guys asia both
married to the same day in it’s impossible it’s impossible about it either of you ever heard of a lot men
anne the well lance mentioned and we know that once pants well will arrest
prisoners and so on until cannon among seventeen and one zero and then
coming responded with a small number and realtors independence the benefit of
just being nice to me and i think we’re going to bring this decision let’s get ready line rwandan yaar on an interested baby i’m proud of it i
wonder what what we want to know winning but to be marriage is a rather you know
and i know by him its get out of you one moment mister
there irregular i despaired that you do sailor common-law care right now so there is
another ad which it can’t be she’s my girl to read it only doing what it matter if there so
there may reveal a sailor without benefit of divorce we have evidence that mister there’s
drawing seven allotments xa monthly servicemen you want to be the aid is that true don’t believe employ nothing like this actually is it true really don’t don’t like that you’re the only one i really love teneo uh… well mysteries an suppose you come on quietly nama sedan
what’s the people without one of pics my face pains to look nice don’t you think so or or arul more and back a lock my man failed in the product of a broken home lack of religious training approves alea doesn’t happen she continues to be lightly up just
uh… but sooner or later secret to evolve into the on the the f_b_i_ fancy
just in a mature cn elsa method again it’s really cares unionism is
reaching applies uh… area i was coming to him he gets a new law of content divinity for once i’m almost inclined to
agree with you even knew the stock in trade with the misery gift
hottest human suffering his technique is a personal visit to the family of a
man in fear good morning there’s a stream of warm romeo introduce myself repented his powerful community and okay came to see you about your son you are the mother of private john came
on i you know if you will you know my spam uh… you have news of important do sit
down normalcy he mentioned not comfortable thank you i havent hit for my son for three weeks indeed when utility got the box of cookies i sink in
brunei didn’t have the pleasure of no use of the system of reward apartments and be here today liquor mature some fell in action somewhere in germany unknown don’t you try pursuers somewhere i could help menu is slowing down named here the people and hard for me to tell you this is jim this over the one can say in a time like
this but the fed would comfort you to have
your son address near you and instead of some of our amanda voted that look only principled as a matter of fact it is possible or department is helping families bring
on a fallen heroes home for a nominal some i don’t quite understand one hundred
dollars covers the cost of preparing the body for burial and bring it home in every case i’ve government is willing
to contribute a half that amount phoenix two campaigns for the other
fifty he’d been security mhm anyway obligatory ms tremor your decision isn’t only a few munis he hasn’t cruzan i suppose you want the money money when
you pull that missus elliott’s difficult for you mad in the house version but i do thank heavens i do have hit the wrong here candy here and empty monthly into alleged to be in
the baby boom i was saving it for him going up and get started and clean grown nearly sixty dona fifty as all the war
department has returned simpson’s hit with in florida just a temporary seed
for the minimal mcmillian pennington dozens of interaction of the night
before you have it you’ll receive an official receipt from
washington if you wait we’d be very long before these pending
home and i i hope not become a piercing i promise you i’ll do everything in my
power to bring your boy back to you as soon as possible read your writing the report and private
countrymen ron brown gloves and and uh… that uh… doesn’t take a letter with mother missus held him and mondo michigan and pleased to inform you that your son
is alive and well urge you to report to police full details of visit money
transaction with so-called lieutenant it undoubtedly an impostor the armed forces never solicit money for
hospital or funeral expenses peter riley major budget listening to run see the copy them is a few months
whether a routed to all the proper agencies f_b_i_ especially may wanna questioner you may give them a clue helpful in
finding this humans gum it’s an ugly word not probably end up to describe the type
of manhood thrives on the grief and suffering a
father but they this these traffickers in paying india they our part of the army approved too and on the war g_i_ joe goes fighting on he with his allies as one victory over the international
gangsters are burning you keep fighting in the game to the
tokyo lay down now and what about the homegrown variety ever be unconditional surrender dot m what do you think sacking alright you’ll call-up planet yes brian you my pills are keeping up with the
times the pretty busy these days begin things
out our own way i tell you this very arrive it’s been
over work you’ve done angle it differently missing men that have taken bringing glad tidings from this e-mail
the decisions i would be days although folks want to avoid home of policing
some hello in your personal stamp on the pacific the you can’t go wrong with a
new exhibitors organization where wind campaign performs amend
scramble it’s gonna be the biggest rummage sale
in history surplus housing it feels industrial
equipment you’re killing me planted in a unfairly again it we didn’t get no gillen’s invitation of
the san francisco conference but we’re thinking of the peace they complain for so long uh… they say an year sakti well room how about a return america really be seenu we’re tracking down the war criminals
and perot what about those on the home front they’re making their postwar planned now if not i’m not to be in big it’s not enough to pay there ought to be alone we have laws now drive them out of
business in the last analogies it squarely after
you the ordinary citizens without the record didn’t get protestant
they couldn’t operates working together we won the war against
hitler and his gang we’re going to win the war against japan and by working together we can win the
home front war weakened really our country right at the
end we can win the battle for america the the mannered on tonight on words at war you heard a
dramatization based on a book by her reliever in terms of young wartime racketeers the radio version was written by maxine
wood and featured ted osborne and chuck webster music was arranged and played by william
either and production was under the direction of ghana garrison the here the next week we present a story is that you
have to buy the book soldier to civilian what did was brought to you in
cooperation with the console on books in wartime by the national broadcasting
company and the independent radio stations associated with the n_b_c_
network ran the the national broadcasting company


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