Woman Cancels Wedding After Man Hits Sister

On 19th February 2020 an Army man was getting married in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The groom fully dressed in traditional attire was waiting for the bride, while guests of the groom’s family were dancing on the dance floor. The groom’s sister also joined and started dancing. When the army man saw his sister dance, he became angry and told her to stop dancing and leave. The girl however completely ignored her brother and continued dancing. The brother was furious and felt insulted. He repeatedly told her to stop dancing but she ignored him. The groom became very angry because he was drunk and was waiting for ther bride. He was so angry that he got up and threw a chair at his sister. The entire family were shocked to see this. When the groom threw the chair on the sister, the bride had just entered the stage with the var-mala in hand. When she saw all this, she turned around and went back to her room. She told her parents to cancel the wedding. When the boy’s family heard about the cancellation they were furious and a huge argument ensued. The bride’s family then called the police. The bride said that when she saw the groom throwing chair on his sister, she understood his real character. She said “Today he hit his sister tomorrow he will hit me.” She did not want to spend my life with a shot-tempered man who doesn’t know how to respect women.

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