@yips Larry made from the plot
line that connects them onto the
processing plants module Liane
says people were already unhappy naval port of entry and on them
and they are among eight and a
woman. What if I feel about them
on after these are could be made will be in the capital dealing a
school bus and will be the
fastest running prime minister
in fact to visit the country in
the 1 and CDs) and Bonker reports and
the FBI has done one and one is
a great season already begun
even among those he would pull
one for exposing a stray is bonding
that Seymour is government
offices back in 2001 home
purchases of monster the capital
week to Mo it could get a good season they
hope to present to the strain
prime Minister Les it’s a very
one of those who flew to daily
spec half and Pete Higgins of things
in the heat of the message and one no
one on ones. If evil things said
eighths-it was with the skies
Revelations that caused seem all
t its base near Tracy giving
Seymour far bigger share of the
royalties from oil and gas
fields in a team Allstate the
fishery come tens of thousands of scenery is
expected to join a huge posse to
celebrates the post that gave
them freedom from the intimation began about their reporting date
from that team always say will
mean my LAN rest is continuing
in the Indonesian Province of
Cop that’s where asking Clinton
region of pop luck: the same way
the governor a couple of
problems like this again that he
has said B not not not by the 100-student
city’s purchase into custody
Monday independence one when we
can’t lose students in Indonesia
o much like the one that makes it
seem always stays independence
20 years ago a Cornelius by
about is a senior editor at the
Jakar , dismissed the nation because
half while the study committee
for the status on track for
winning it at all costs mean it and can’t wait a couple hours
of film for tomorrow you can go
home or not he says if popcorn
activist gang will support it wi by discriminating against them
in employment education and
housing is is indonesia’s
government and its citizenry
will need to f a decimal here because economy,
you know what it’s all been put
in the end of it no longer
depends on a 48 side of things
are do because they and other provinces
with them on Japanese identity
would also push for autonomy in
a while a great personality at i as intimate attitude is that
side of my life of a lazy of the
OS 998 am not part of a Japanese
price tag the status of like it
h eyes of his department and
easier to get at bank one: bank
is undecided and using the back
of the severity of the garden of
ligh cheeses Indonesia has reacted to
increasing separatism by either
resorting to military force or
old funding the development of t as money managers in the back
reinvesting in the nation
building great reporting the
state of Hawaii – up of people
off 80 had b investigating some belated think
that it’s suicide has prompted a
psychologist selling it for a
fact to speak out which evidentl but people are talking about it
and know that the community’s an
orphanage of a lot more to be
careful what you call and we’re
g race and people are talking
about the same thing that you
now we should all about our
problems we should ask for help
because th about the staging is actually
there in the country you could
also reports United States
police confirmed the death
almost 80 cou cases that are very similar to
this where bay has been about
that and that’s the sad thing is
what one can score big in three
ca so that also shocked and unity’s
here are your psyche wines than
that. And these are
investigating are investigating
rabbinical that Mr. Gates was a decent and
that some close at nine and 32
parties to communities OPS going
wrong, do you think how would I we need to know that has some
meaning seven condominium threat
as we in the one and I build one
of the Kings at Saint Ambrose an that these of the department’s
top post to run and how they think they need
help children need to be able to
excess of BS Service says the
has been increasing use of drugs
bei and that this would be managed
these are beneath the ad cycle is filling
up early to know if you hire
enough 188 help: a study in mind
you can call the featured
l’enfant as the Seattle professional
actual local critique of all
hospital of the issue of
religious freedom of expression
Minister Ali a with doubts by about be a
strategy of the posted limit by
the comments on social media
these kinds of any stain on a
mission lik offensive or not you, they
decided to call the complaint
and another person to swim
isolated selection Christian
forest a state by with have to show on that
unless that condition where
complied with the vital business
was a 500 financial hardship
that prov around informal all because
Ralph allow he stays in from the
strident could prove it had lost
and financial aid the proposals
a paid off all fighting belief in
a situation here are a lot with
these words and got the idea is
that you balance the rights call at unimagined awarding incurred
when you could be added a goal
to deter a quintet picture or
intention or write that the
talking University of Newcastle lake
Travis IC Professor Neil
Falstaff glories companies like
red biggest rally that would be
beholden t was up in giving too much power
in the sort of provision and off
bill doesn’t define what amounts
to financial hardship professo and the school to pique the
interest and point the ball to
spell out the bill is I think
the public’s admissions until
early Oct as number reporting day well the
calling of the Pacific a
challenge to the right to Japan
a rugby Union International
doubt that lets reports its being held as a
mark of respect for the cigars
rugby with teams a specially
selected commentators brought
toget . And also what was the,
bedevils our sports is also was
that one can read them into less
importance of user and I watch
the boa in New Zealand able to choose
their language by their remote
controlled can lay been one of
best known and most respected
rugby, challenge of certified route B
victory for a limited one of the
full support of those folks
spatially th district meets
almost a stalled and also denounced any
of the actual pain and will
start that we wouldn’t rule out
bidding system at the wedding of
divi all accused you which covered
with effect about as much so
great a very public admonishment
and as a fraud Eastin at night
schoo and if not this year that the
next rugby world cup in four
years time all its only includes
an offer it sounds kind of
weapon us such and then go off and is a
bold new fold and often the
recital at which a OPS that I
will die of the cockpit of a
streak to m and the contribution made by the
city, plays to the game in New
Zealand and he says colleges in
languages set may become part of win the fight site take on the
all blacks in Hamilton is rich and heal its reporting
their great weekend in sports as
per usual that is all for the
city gates to Diana Wakefield
Wrig May 5 and mission break from the
United Nations Europe has lost
ground on even eating me fills
the European regional
verificatio according to the RTC at the
hands of 201835 countries have
achieved or sustained me so
finish and as compared to 37 to
2017 Albanian Czech Republic grief
and the United Kingdom lost me
so finishing status for the
first time since the
verification proce however questionnaire in
Switzerland Mr. Nation status
for at least the past 36 months of high immunization coverage is
not achieved insisting that
every community both children
and adults will suffer
unnecessarily eighths year and 29 August the
U.N.’s celebrates the
international date against
nuclear test this year it coincided with the
50th anniversary of the first
atomic bomb tests that the;
Fiske test site into sex, with
the fir was exactly 50 years ago today with the prospectus and the
scientists have been the subject
in the territory for almost 30
years creation levels there are
stil a country that has experienced
the effects of nuclear tests
involuntarily abandoned its
deadly nuclear arsenal the
country has a and Colombia and you an expert
has welcomed the country’s new
law guaranteeing the exercise of
legal capacity by persons with
di describing it as a huge debt
Catalina divine doubts the
special note that work on the
rights of persons with
disabilities for th will also establishing support
mechanisms to fully enjoy this fundamental
right to Colombian initiative joined
similar reform process is taking
place in Perot and Costa Rica positioning Latin america’s
countries as global leaders in
the implementation of the
convention on the rights of
persons with di Mr. Mandela’s also call for
other states around the world to
follow the economy in example
and undertake similar reforms in the middle of the group that
is that restrict the capacity of
persons with disabilities this cathedral lane use B send
us your thoughts about global
community radio and its
programming our e-mail address
is global co the ad when the add the new knew they move the eye of the eye a eye the eye a the eye I had this is a global
community radio channel one news
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OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
failed us all the article said
KB the oldest Federal WR O’Neal
the this is the world radio network
next-day world radio Japan from
10:00 PM in broad of it, have I use is reviewed Japan of the
image the world Japan Network
broadcasting from Tokyo we are now starting a broadcast
in English for details of a schedule please
visit our web site at any age
can go to the slash Paul J we’ll always pleased to receive
your comments and suggestions
through a web site called via
mail addresses in this service and
into the world to 1022150 dash
8001 two, the stage in the eye this is an HP world Japan we
bring you the news from radio
Japan at $11.00 UTC on a Friday,
August 30 and use us were denied
rep lot of stories a major three day
conference on the African
economic and social development
and again Friday in Japan organizers in Hong Kong are
canceling protests planned for
Saturday amid rising tensions
and fears of violence and China says it for Mr. Wong
he is scheduled to visit North
Korea for three days from the
next Monday and now the news in detail the major three day conference
on African economic and social
development ended on Friday in
Japan with leaders and
representati Japanese prime minister she’s on
the scope of the closing
ceremony of the total
international conference on
African development he said he was able to confirm
that feeling through this
conference which is no cure to
three times the final declaration customer
harnessing the power of the
private sector investments to
boost economic and social growth
in Afr and also pledges to continue
fighting the infectious diseases
by investing more in health
initiatives this was the seventh session of
the conferences since it began
in 1993 to 10 days the pillar of
japan’s foreign policy in Africa to team up with how we live in
these two worlds Arabic language
service has this report from the
conference and am a nanny of any available
for the fed in one another. The
leading candidate to that is the
host of teak at second but one China has been spending a lot of
money in Africa and establishing
a strong presence to
infrastructure projects such as
Bruce Wil to that is interfacing
transparency in investments
which is something critics see
china’s initiatives are lacking
loans from Chi Japan can compete with the huge
quantity of Chinese Investments
instead the government is
emphasizing investments in
quality inf , stated in the press conference
after the closing session that
Japan will help African
countries reduce that number
does break and housing government was one
of the important subjects faced
by Japan and the Japanese
government plans to help build
institut another consisting first in the
declaration was the mention of
maritime security cooperation
between Japan and Africa and in
the China has been stepping up its
maritime activities in the
region this is a failed message
to Beijing that Japan and Africa
belie that was a report by the two
worlds Hakim Umberto we the organizers in Hong Kong or
Kansan protests planned for
Saturday amid rising tensions in
the fears of violence in recent days a number of
prominent democracy activists
have been arrested and other
organizers have been attacked once a protest of sport burst of
violence and conflict between
police and demonstrators citing safety concerns police
refused permission for march
planned for Saturday and
rejected an appeal that decision
from the pr local media are also reporting
the handful of activists behind
families have been injured in a
series of attacks judge will long the central
figure in the 2014 umbrella
movement protests was arrested
Friday morning while walking to
a subway that’s according to a statement
from a demo see still approve
local group she cofounded the group wrote in that week
that she wasn’t suddenly pushed
into a private car on the street from was released on bail later
on Friday separately local media are
reporting that in the chairman
of the leader of the Hong Kong
National party was arrested at
the Airp the territories government and
activities by chance party last
year the mall China is reminding
protesters of its presence
through a newly released a video
of armed police which is under
the contr global times the news web site
with ties to the Chinese
communist party have posted a
crippled rules held in Shenzhen
in quantum that shows armed police officers
organ protesters to move away
and using the water cannons to
control crowds China says its foreign minister
one he will visit North Korea
for three days starting next
Monday foreign ministry spokesperson
Dennis Fung told reporters on
Friday that one will meet with
just north Korean counterpart
you cal were noted the president isn’t
being visited North Korea in
june to mark 70 years of
diplomatic relations between the
two countr over the past month North Korea
has launched what appeared to be
short range ballistic missiles
seven times while criticizing jo North Korea has also denounced
the U.S. test firing of cruise
missiles and has been negative
about holding dialogue with the
cou as prospects for the resumption
of talks with the U.S. remains
uncertain North Korea is
apparently seeking support from
China and culture ministers from Japan
and South Korea and China have
agreed to promote you picks
change programs and cooperation
of t japan’s culture minister was
first course by a month and is
called reports cocky young world
South Korea emotion band of
China s that the commission says
cultural exchanges and
corporation had played important
roles in promoting mutual
understanding the amo to Mr. Is agreed to promote you
16th programs to establish
corporate information ships for
future generations the three countries also agreed
to work together for the success
of the 202202 Olympics in
politics as well as the 2022
winter g posted the Chinese and South
Korean participation in a
cultural programs during the
total games this is also plan to assist in
the application of the new
technologies including
artificial intelligence and
culture related ind defense expert to shoot china’s
in young Joe and South Korea’s
of some charm are to be
designated next year’s culture
cities of to memo said he agreed with his
South Korean can’t report to
promote citizen and cultural
exchanges as a foundation of the
mutua here that deepened address true
grassroots understanding that
will become a great force for
improving the final times Japanese low cost carrier peace
in the nation will start
suspending flights to South
Korea in October to 2:00 in
bookings it’s t Pete executives said they will
suspend three of the 5 minutes
seems to fit to sell will be
halted from October 28, citing
the su the same place between Kansai in
Seoul will be produced starting
in November decision comes amid strained
ties between the two neighbors
over trade and historical issues
that Pete said the weakening
South but a poll in South Korea shows
the president and James
disapproval rating remains
higher than his approval rating about 1000 people were pulled in
the survey by Gallup career
between a Tuesday and Thursday wins approval rating was down 1.
from last week 244 percent of his disapproval rating
remained unchanged at 49%
topping his approval rating for
the second straight week respondents were as the buttons
choice of close aide trolled
group as a justice minister joins family have been involved
in the scandal over alleged
corruption 57% of respondents said they
chose unsuitable for 27% she is
simple : moon’s handling of a dispute
with Japan over trade a
political and historical issues 55% said he’s doing a good job
all 34% said he’s not on his administration’s decision
to abandon intelligence sharing
pact with Japan and known as G
sodium 53% said they support the the results indicate that was
popularity hasn’t taken a hit
from the scandal and that is
handling of the country’s
dispute with the users into the user and coffee
any ski world and network of research unit of britain’s
the economist magazine has named
coach of the world’s safest city
and its latest biennial list the the report makes the world’s
major cities based on
assessments of about 50
indicators including primaries
and fatalities from na the Japanese Capital ranked tops
among the 60 cities in the 2019
index for the third straight
time since the first report was
is to two received high scores on
disaster planning as the list
for the levels of violent crime
in infection by computer viruses but the report also noted that
until is still plagued by
corruption and organized crime Singapore was ranked second,
another Japanese City also to
take the third spot six of the top 10 cities are in
the Asia Pacific region the
others are Washington, DC
toronado Amsterdam and
Copenhagen weather officials are
forecasting localized downpours
accompanied by lightning from a
western to the Eastern Japan
mainly in Pac one side warnings have been
issued for some parts of total
prefecture as well as the
preeminent the school
prefectures on the Se is also the danger of mudslides
in some areas of Nagasaki and
sign up researchers in the
southwestern Japan to have had a
500-26 of 2150 millimeters of rainfall
is forecast for the 24 hours to
Saturday morning in the scope
and kinky and poker regions from
a . Ensues urging caution from one
side and flooding in the lying
areas as well as overflowing
Rivers lightning strikes and
strong for linux take another look at
the top story of the sewer major
three day conference on Africa
net economic and social
developme and that was the news from a
radiant energy and HK world
Japan Network on your shoulders
were inadequate staffing you can
also a that of a home in the home they
have a gutted the day it’s time for it
and its game world meetings and
easy Japanese enhanced Michelle Ian America in
and out of this year and lots of
fun learning Japanese together less than 40 the key sentence is
pan of the men of the key the
key issue must not have thought
they had a tough, is the main
cha on this, called it is in bed in
her room of the door mother
worried comes to see how other
is doing listen to this get less than 40
icky front of his panel, not the
keys are teaching us my head
starts buying a home will be fewer than two until at the moment the key to this
address some of the semen have been at it did
not buy a home and a lifting of the disconnect
the dogma that the paid and meal
that is easy to digest and it
started to a massive oak are you and car you as a kind of rice
porridge this is a polite expression at
the end of the front of you is a
particle added at the end of
offensive to convey and your
piece compared with Oakland is OK to
see all seems to show that our
mothers one kindness with some
of it were, for seduces the
distill you could say that is
subordinate say this to their
superiors if you send a little
bit policy now let’s go back to the states
the mother asks under tight to
lead role how are you feeling rarely has
the physical condition how
effect type show is difficult
condition rap is the particle indicating a
topic goal is how the status
when you ask them if this
condition or situation if you that the system applied
where we’d say, to local
discount rate life and that this
is happening, and that’s the key
the key issue as my head stops at the map is it had not is that particle indicating the
subject that is the key issue
math is to solve the conflict is
an automatic PF he can use it
whe this combined that she math to
do the way becomes a fed to rail
sees as it is that this must
describe pain in other parts the
bo the doormat of fans to come to
school IC or merely innocent or
mothers really worry about a
month or semen that better each day
that if there’s anything you
want county or she is an
adjective meaning to want more
know if I thi Matt is the political indicating
a fund set up that is if you had
if there is a time Tennessean given under the
expression that we say, when we
want to talk about the condition
that strike that, for most of
them a is combined with Noah and
becomes at that if he had its
there is a time it is an expression of a
commission eight date is that to
four (the master to tell what
the delete to say it is a casual
form of that strike me as a political
India and at the end of the
senses to make a confirmation now let’s listen to escape the
lesson 48 and today if the
sentence if I can, and that’s
the key the key issue as my head
golf, l will create if you add to that don’t act of taking tickets and if
some of the semen have been at it did
not buy a home now it’s time for a key test
teacher where program supervisor
professor at the NATO Command a
key to sustain these playful
endin misery good way to grasp the
pattern to the conjugation
suburbs that after a teacher and
a one-a sinister feast and Japanese there’s a
divided into three groups each
group has its own patents of
conjugation of people on our debates that have
developed each in the syllables
before math party math tonight
is an example when the variance
a next week and its many foreign
off track enough to night here
you change to the firm will be
for months that could and fake
cock TE and K curry to rent have has
taken the lead the pack and
thought the Friday should offer
for locals before months with
songs the two is that there’s that
have developed in the syllables
before month probe enough to eat
is an example to turn it into the Dixon a form
your place mouth with debt and
state party to turn into that
platform unit place last week,
and product to eight have have eaten
into two there’s some birds that
have developed each in the
syllables before months for Jeff
me that city has two birds she not
to do and he math to come in
conjugate inventory but the air
just two supreme memorize the
conju the next day for mark Smith to
do if fruit and it’s time for
this spec did that it’s an area for
about two months to come is
committed to its to four days to claim we have also made
available the cables of
conjugation pack of the third’s
to get to four and a merry for
not a new web sit I knew there was to these
teachers teacher at an ad on Nextstep we have found words
were reintroduced word facsimile
found no lead is our behaviors
to a meeting these found with
about drink as oak though provoke describes how a
person is speeding it still
wouldn’t be there you can also
state to a socket we describe
somebody the following way it is also for
when people and not feeling well known, but no, that describes how a person
if the noxious is also used to
describe how a person is filled
with rising anger and the into a sound bites reintroduced
jokers oak and newcomer to bad before closing in on a
little bit of today’s events and
twists in its own corner for the
streets in a home video and I
knew as a meal is nice car is treated
at Wilson said he also have been
in the list seems to have a
niece, in the DC today as in the
a is enjoying less than 48% on all
right in the mail in Japanese
Jennison and saying that they
have a home in a a family closer Britain today with
a song this is standing by you
by official he did me as an
excellence and a the the eye of a a a a a a guy
that they had a is a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a sudden I a a a a a a a a I was the a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a E one a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a NHK 12 radio chip, just one of
the many global voices you can
hear 24 hours a day seven days a
week on the world radio network
o for this team folder programs
available on the one phrase you
know what other than forecasts
and tools and WR Eddie Johnson
to b thousands of homes this is the world radio network
next five years for the
international crisis of the new radios one international phone
one day a a a a a a a a a distance non-citizens can see
much of the three such as men
sat on the 15th of August 1944
kills people to stop listening
to the finances and witty, and together
with their something shenanigans
capital companies have an
ex-hour since it is a bank loans as a
knife yet that has been named
split at the beginning of the
show, fell as we have many
minutes lef will speak about the importance
of the uprising with historians
more than 80% of Slovaks who the
Slovak national presence most s joins a lot of little steam to
hunt a a son is I a a man who said that until the
mass uprising against German
control took place in August
1944 for Mac and dean of the
field of the Santa clause prohibiting the
Jews from participating in
public life and later support
compared to 40 center
concentration ca of mental illness, Sloan school
he’s explaining that the NT of
an armed rebellion against the
fascist regime was present even
be 1943 couple army headquarters
last August 8 and con on the
Sutherland, and was and that
while a southern for six runs in
certain the sound quality uncle young
was originally a slot on the
face of Susan, this law, and he
was present in the form contains
all trolls that the purple standing
up and being called into the
high strangled insurgent army
was kind of compromise for all
the ta enemies, thousands of patients
1/2 our member of the exact spot
last and can’t find me that they
wanted to come out and to the d of the event of the case of an MRI Services are not
quoted at 1:40 AM going and
intensity from the year 1993
courting within city was found
in the a that amounts to about as good as
the staff on the rebel army
would have to retreat to the
host Alan some absence of them,
leavin a little fuzzy will first
capital to challenge, offensive
that began October 18 and whose
main thing was to suppress the
pricing made sense only a handful
schools of all, calls 60,000
soldiers could not move to the
mountains, fall in the polls
last two, bot the well equipped and that’s it
from German forces on the stock,
channels would be a statically
at all the data may need us to s no charge. Is that nobody on some of us are not just a moment of the contracts
and then came the glove of
overview, Joyce said the war was
over and I was full of hope that
my h the vision under constant battle
is another sat on the end of the
top 10 found that doubts about
the exact date and place of gen , can refer to the approximate
justice which state of 3000
soldiers and copies of the
drinking a prize and install
3005 hundred to some rest and high for a long
time and I think there’s a good
sign thanks for your prize and
we have joined the country’s the a fiesta cause of the nation
address listed fighting for its
freedom has a strong factor
for-five + some 2 pounds at the
end of th supporting the price than they
were prisoners fleeing from
German concentration camps you
have to find solace in Slovakia
the si for also determined that the
fascist movements, not many know
that the newer members of
highlight of the story the shot
down her go in home a while, a move will move home a one wore a a movie of the a man I II 111, a a a I knew I knew who knew that I was a I knew I was home a move that home loan is not a home I you are one of the home a move my eye as I knew I II one I was I can make all the rest of
1944-fulfill-fulfill its
migration down South Wisconsin
of Slovakia were also full of
military aircraft new season to Stephen Mintz
Isuzu’s 1944 the United States
military and costumer bombing
the petrochemical industry of
NAZI Germ home had a tendency of the fans
interest small grassy hills from
three orchards and sentiments
can sit in the countryside in
the for the city did not come here
voluntarily emotion down taken
as prisoners of war cans and
129th of August the summer sun
turns of the I-as soon as the
athletics planes flying kick to
T.J. the people because of the
people living in this region,
from those they’re a proper stance and hold
the tumult shied away from
helping people seeking refuge in
another important thing is that
alm it is important to note that the
Sinai stock price and packets
and sand bass can be safer than
160 km off walking distance from monitoring is close to the
technician because mission
critical condition fusion to
pull off to a change for
patients and familie the most difficult of those
coveted unnoticed if the saloon
the regiment was however the
second’s define its partisans
provision he was not that musical form of
these young men cannot train for
ground, the city could not
create that could not call to
return and parents were active in the
insurgency since 1940s so we
have seen it all and I was still
called by surprise when the
market on that we looked fourth and
sold off remains very involved
so that we have identified the
ball must also for the craft of
crush four depressed collected from
the locals has prepared several
fields additions and other
valuable contention collection
of perso , the, the list of potential
Slovakia to 10 minutes every
Airport tied with the ban on
also asked the city at air bases
from the and it will also hear time in
September of 1944 D mark and a
less as for office of strategic
services mission called these
bandi led by major time singer. A well
my name is James and five of my
father goes to ease of the one
standing ovation that this is Mr as time taking place in some
back and read the national
pricing from the war there was a
core group of partisan slow for
the exi Lafarge wants 11 progressing as
well as the German army
intelligence officers understand
their situation was held last
disk and first time that is not an Oscar
the state of mind in January of
1945 many of them prison
officers were executed in the
mouth hou what happened until then, that
are in the government with a
book. Get a copy of a report written
by a one L who had been in that
nation who have been captured
and until all the rebuilding of
the would permit. We had a very
enjoyable trip, very
interesting. -Friday I would say that one of
the patient., And which would in
all of that interesting but not
ready and I remembered that we in January 1945 this was the
first visit to the slack key
arrived here Monday as for this
occasion which is a very
significant l and the date that the remember
my father of the bank could
hurt. And then we went around
the provide. I’m not very
interesting b time and that this operation
this mission mill at Spokane
falls also in the UK mound and
to the slack here before the
moment the the inning with all due respect
what happened about that before
it was a member can have done in
the wall had been going on for top of it would have a greater
on that people started to take
an interest in an impact in the
folder from 899. I was contacted
b I get my Elders on back to add
to that could have done, cut and
then to my house and that’s it.
2015 I went back put my two olde that wouldn’t be having a
worksheet that if the Americans
were making a big thing of it
and, given the brink of them and
then I , and the need for a given more
I think that camaraderie of that
group: that are in eight in 1950
and, if the call 21 should hav ordinary folks to school has
picked off revolt symbolizes one
thing, I think it could import
and could not comment and what
happ that are important. Hello. But
the fact that there had been a
pricing and that it that thing
that people who were involved
and s get to know about them as a 100 face I’m afraid we have
reached enough today show
dedicated to the Sunday fifth
anniversary of the slaughter
shop present an of the one issue like to show
that has now at content because
the coming in just a few moments
mining’s was unable to come
toget contact is as big as some of the
international art TVs wasted all
in a deluxe 5584545 brothers
lovers of idea for some as
e-mail move the the the the the the the the the the the the radio Slovakia international coming to you on the world radio
network on the web at WR Ron
Dahl told bad welds radio network brings
together into national public
radio from political and left
the mind while speaking at a one
to m even as an onside sites as I
strain on the mountain and 5710
AM radio stations moving to not
even sent an e-mail to contact
us a this is a global community radio
channel one news and more
portions rebroadcast on KFC or
OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
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Orleans and WX IROP Rochester this is the world’s radio
network next 50 S over ATM use of
interest from: in my eye disease TVs will reveal the
overseas services as system,
too, so they can have only a
renowned in today’s news
broadcast on I I console to reallocate as world
radio news today starts right
now they have a audit is broadcast as Imogene
says the attendance of North
Korean leader Kim Jong and a
summit this year between South
Korea and and the exclusive TV this report
finds that unsafe levels of
radiation 150 to 19 processed
food categories imported from
Japan o this is kitty is holding a news
on various their South Korea and the association
of southeast Asian nations or
ossian will host a special
summit in Sunday’s November and
preside president and expressed hope
that North Korea year to john
would tend to get a ring of
leaders from the association of
southeast was said that he will be a very
meaningful occasion for peace on
the Korean Peninsula and in East
Asia is to join the sap the as in the interview which comes
ahead of its weeklong trip to
Thailand me on my mouse next
week was that they can’t
attendance at t when asked about the north
korea’s place to proceeding
equalization was that they can has Presley
made clear his commitment to do
so on various occasions
including the three decrees
summits last y noted as it has served as an
important conduit between North
Korea and the international
community to hope that it will play a big
role in helping North Korea
abandon its nuclear program and
stand together with other
countries he said the moves are all the
more shocking because Japan has
benefited considerably for free
trade over the years and
actively he is the center helps support
such an outcome agent in this
world reunions Japan has allowed the first
shipment of hydrogen chloride to
South Korea for the time export
controls on the high Tech
Materials hydrogen fluoride is one of
three key materials used in the
production of semiconductors and
splay panels and Japan began
restri South Korean and Japanese senior
officials built a narrow their
differences on key issues and
meeting Thursday in July and
recor the soul of the shall said that
there exists a large gap between
the two sides and that there was
no substantial progress up a m President James picked to head
the Korea Communications
commission has vowed to tackle a
mime state used which has surged
sharpl he said intentionally fabricated
information and extremely
takeover marks but online or
distorting public opinion
deepening soci he said he would exert his best
efforts to 40 sound Internet
culture bills for democratic
public opinion while
guaranteeing free South Korea central bank left
its key interest rates steady at
1.5% amid uncertainty is rising
from the prolonged us from a
trad and any further rate cut will be
decide depending on how external
factors affecting local economy
in the future he also signal t he however dismissed concerns
about the risk of deflation some
slowdown in inflation is a
temporary phenomenon link to
supply th amid renewed radiation scarce
part by news Tokyo could be
considering dumping of
radioactive water and the 20
11th for pushing t ballistic was hustled to
identify coffee and chocolate
overcame reports the Office of
South Korea’s minor opposition
party media documents and ministry of food
and drug safety on Thursday show
the 19 from categories include
roasted coffee T chocolate fish
j CBS’ their popular Japanese
chocolate candy into coffee
Brands were on the list but are
coffees trimming being sold at
Japanese also ministry sure all the
import of mediation detection
will return to Japan are not
distributed or sold in the
country experts of city government meanwhile
Princeton spent 160 items
ranging from Japanese fishery
products confection meat from
Japanese Food North Korea’s Rubber stamp
parliament has reportedly
approve changes to the country’s
constitution that further
solidify leader said on Thursday that the second
session of the 14th supreme
people’s assembly for SP eight
to be that day may come and
that’s t the new constitution said the
chair of the state affairs
commission position held by
canada’s called elected at the
SP A and acc world number one female golfer
call Jeannie Longo South Korea
has broken the record for number
of consecutive bowl be three
goal book male golfer tiger woods’s
record of 100 intent and we’re
now in 2000 season goal had not
dropped the shots and the second
h the benchmark Korea composite
stock price index gained 34.28
points or 1.78% on Friday and
wraps up a week at 1967.79 on the foreign exchange the
local currency strength and 5.21
against the dollar and in the
session at 1211.21 a a a announce the news from PBS world
reveals new center console
binaries there the whole and welcome to Friday’s
edition of Korea plenty for
today’s August 30 in the Newhall
student of the one’s own prison Monday and he expressed
hope you’ll get mostly in the
Kingdome with the 10th is
November’s as than the DOS
getting even s as one of the stall movie
critics will bring a severe
reviews of the Korean film house
subcommittee groups and also
revealed the is that you saw with a live TV
News briefing on his first run to check for these
headlines new civilizing for
that we have units can join in
the studio Ins and El Greta
heavier int the impose on yes that’s correct
so the port city of the sun is
set to host this housing and
summit in November to be
attended b the first six days of September
in advance of this November
regional summit should know what
the successful completion of the
st and ahead of next week’s trip
president gave the return
interview to the Bangkok Post it
he said he would welcome the
presence o as well as the region at large
perhaps and reflection to the
current this strange New Delhi
to include seven party apps that
he recognizing their role as an
important conduit between
Pyongyang and the international
community and was here to
something to sa he said the moves are all the
more shocking given that Japan
has benefited considerably from
free trade all over the years
and h 8 to 10 there, the government of
the country actually give a
green light and two of japan’s
export of hydrogen fluoride
through and Tokyo has said it does not
comment on Simmons to individual
companies but we are hearing
from an official at seoul’s
trade m and the soul will continue to
demand that are expert controls
are lifted to return the two
countries relations back into
friendl appointments and a candidate for
korea’s media regulation agency
has promised that the himself
will deal with the fake can use
t noted what he characterized as a
sharp surge of online feet news
he said intentionally fabricated
information and an extremely p deepening social conflicts and
also threatening democracy he
plans to do his best to forge a
sound Internet culture and that
he turning to the west economy in
the central bank has decided to
keep the raid in Claes said 1.5%
yeah alleys for now self you wer but the bank of Korea government
did leave room is time for
further cuts in a week and C
approach now in its statement
the bank to cope with the shifting
external economic conditions
signaling the central bank
credit cut about 1.5% Q rates
again later in t he however did dismiss deflation
risk years same as slowing
inflation picture is a temporary
phenomenon link to supply each
whic Andy says the new government
records Shultz and safe level
radiation detected in more than
a dozen for the items categories
impo has said this report comes from
lawmaker attentions to open
minor pot in either party which
cited the data from the south
korea’ in the 19 categories imported of
the past five years between 2014
in the first half of this year
were in fact found to have cont and copy products of popular
Brands ideas like popcorn Popper
use to make chewing gum and bill
berry extract and dietary
supplem in Fukushima out or seven other
prefecture is subject to cells
ban on fish product imports is
now while the food safety
ministry year and South Korea copy it may
be not knowing how to pick it
up. Additional confirmation is
right there and less one is
about fall this only five games owns political tradition
as to what his power May 12 was
there is no NT challenge to
Germans grip on power but it
appears porting announcements meet here
and according to state media are
Korea central news agency also
known as Casey and make their pa to firmly ensure the monolithic
guided said the supreme leader
over policy affairs which he
says authorizes came to
promulgate l this game thank you very much
for today’s news headlines thank
you for having me they have a lot of it’s time for the
Cleveland museum as the name
suggests the segment is where we
review what has been happening
economy of catholic university of proof of
the CIA will come out of the
year with a view is always an
user guide is the same and
starts wit of a field that over the weeks
of bills launch fall between the
end of Friday and Monday and
then Tuesday and Thursday.
Saucepan very little of course be ended
today at 1967.79 call stock
ended today a 610.5558, Korean
won against the U.S. dollar
almost a s slightly weaker than it was last
and last week before we get to
our main discussion topic for
today just briefly on the side
to of you can imagine market
indices and a lot of people were
afraid that led to the balancing
would mean that a lot of Korea
staff on that’s making itself felt
whenever there’s a slight that
need some very serious thing to
hold pictures quickly with
Europe. H the proposal that was issued and
the monkeys 513 trillion won
this is the largest ever in 10
will we know is there easily
beat s , what it should still take on
this so budget proposal how
reasonable to think this
proposed accomplishing his own
book flights I think the only one of the
budget is so much justified
because while Koreas have really
rough time this year and it
looks like back on the Korean government
school for this year, is the
latest one was hit by a 2.42.5%
was updated Korea projection was
abou stimulus package sold out there
pushing for indefinite ~
although overall, we are having
on that issue is poisonous
you’re comin while it did to help some 200
use the net effect of the year
following growth of idle think
it could have done as much as
steel routinely run every couple
macroeconomic sheet and toast
sticks on the pool of all none
of the expenditure of the
divisive the M the infrastructure of a diverse
mix it up, the only have too
many Brands of troops but laid
out in your mind of just about
the e jobs and create consumption with
just a different key to this
process has been on the best way
to do what may be to have more
in problem is the large budget by
itself it may help to demand
somewhat over the long-winded on
them like a real old time for
this than a sustainable book of this
be what we want to do is walk
the engine and the study ended
with them what you need to do it
to , turning into teams in Europe.
One was always the case and I
know but those convicted for the
shuttle and infrastructure and
th was always interested and the
butter in the last couple of
years have seen of induction to
offer of a resold job growth of
4050 their head of household so if
they lose their jobs than the
entire next generation of
Koreans will be affected as well
so it in this also some additional funds
to help startups we tried this
before we had many different
projects and 80 signees that
only 20 . Necessarily should succeed in
commercializing that a lot of
time and a lot of guys because
of legal barriers were deployed
the in terms of SPARC phone system
is better off into such as those
sold by if you want to have
already have similar type of
sport i the lesson policy will need of
an SAP economic situation might
not justifies a increase in
deficit but obviously we can’t
do thi is only as an assistant cannot
of reduce the amount because the
economic problems recently
started as affected this
possible mar I124 staff and points of the benchmark. Composite stock price
as the one points for 1.7% of
the enough to be the 1967.71 -plus the cost of newsprint and
one points 111 percent-610.55 on the form of saint E-23521
installer in the session of
1211.21 1111 to one as the CL got in on
the nose of the final its funding
for use in tenant in this
segment. Standing in for the
chorus me a moment 111111 of the
very much special credit for permits well
on the witness told about some
match any topics is as normal, a
tax cut off fuel that set to exp and was not about a major budget
will go to lament to fuel. That
is one of the moment I suspect
that Starwood not so welcome use as a measure will, too, and on
this as a move by the news comes
after the finance ministry
announced last week its decision
not mass share ideas 50% fuel tax
cut now and those so why do they
make the decision not to extend
and did this company now will go on to the calls school for
recent service of the
International Oil market, it has
been known to me that oil prices
generally goi MB of the budget next year’s on
my face. But back in may the
government reduced rate 7% while
extending the tax cut to the end
i a city will go up by 581 penny
said the two of the war’s five
that’s not a small mountain of
evidence reading all, didn’t
sauces repair and are more star to
steer think people will be
confused because I mean year old
as different variations as the
way the f face each arena cable companies
to sell oil-based China
stabilize calls because to soak
is when the suggestion that
reincorporat dueling fed said he can’t rise
and been sold since April 20
16th in 1000 palms up to the
creek consumer agency
recommended else in itself cleaning condenses
which is a topic, we have
commented that jury and creature
named recently, the consumer
agency laun identify the problem and the
whole end with inspections sold
through these inspections like a
WebTV five wages have risen 50
hou another ones the agency bodies
such programs of course be calls
the train, failed to work
properly aside from the south in
conde and when does this so free
repair service starts OK well if
you think you have one of these
tries made by held see that
that’s w card that condenses any function
– amount of which is counted how
she will serve replace the
bottom part of that rice and no
poo ticklish edition of the problem
the island as opaque a timing
issue dismissed without Mr.
Speed up the story here is the
bottle one in France some of the best
some of the countries of his
game that will compete for the
masters cup melted and you’re
visitin yet this year’s event will be
held for the first time ever for
eight days up reducing the
championship and run four months
makin Shinji and saw and the number
two player punch own kind of
change on who is the top ranked
female the panel said compete in
DF i all we know these systems on
fire and marine insurance world
masters by deployment of for
this long train the players from
China of it was five years ago when
Cory actually won the title gets
up city light of the 14 was last
time of last year Chinese are T. month ago to do with them at the
time of a phase of a Chinese is
off-hours but I think he was
acquitted hoping that one of the
l eye of the visited this means the news
media spotlight Simmons saluted
some idea what the movies we
might want to try it with the
refusal f the chiles sees the movie critic
here in Korea and also we have a
film scholar Michael Raymond
joining us from, university
thank to think how many of whom were
talk about the whole of the
movie to make sure we are
something I would try this week
and that is the movie has been gathering for
quite some time and including
myself waiting for this movie so
much is looking at a loss about was Davey feature viaducts that
came with out of two running
this movie is your first movie
yet as the sum of and the
assault. T of this will serve on the walnut
and several awards event it’s
the toughest in his vehicle to
route calls him out of ward 61 I
r difficult set of situations are
moving licenses challenging to
say the least says she wishes
often the pieces are compiled
the p authored by acting city open
oven and said she cheap, but
softer and keep silent on
business a lot of things going
on, the backg . Too much away on that side of
this. He’s gonna do when dealing
with problems in a typical and it’s much more
also much smaller Philbin and
liberally this movie has a real
kind of innovation to fight not
only and so the fungus feels like
something of that has this wider
social context of a lot of of
these smaller in the cells are
alway the directors: experience
running a sore right to enter
the self is in the movie and
essays and I still don’t exactly
get the se and the Disneyland hotel of the
political leaders said about the
specificity fun of specificity of her
emotions and her, personality in
a way a lot of the other in the
film stone of the penciled into
IRAs limits still extremely
effective, unless you have to
give us credit to the acts as an
assault on the news clipping
evidence in e on U.S. is dealing with these
fees up to, difficulties like in
and out of the classroom and why
the society, as, but it is done this nonsense away and not know
I think that if sometimes
convinced as of both taking
stick streams as a sign of being
a cabbie a difference does it have
something to do the suppleness a
pool because it’s something to
do with the fact that phoenix
this is elected the movie itself like
the lack of medicine and it’s as
much as much as the subtle movie
but at the same time it’s not a to go out when it makes some
people that big a role that
boulder-up ball also but also
some avoiding the kind of move
until some how is it of being presented
here and how weak the 50 visit
intrinsic to the comic of
sharing war of dealing with
concern that t the inch-calf over the Netherlands
and a visiting students that I
think on people will look
awesome months to more
colorfully some e unease interesting that that
there are more than 3000 Crain
dramas not be mentioned safe on
to seven in the 1990s are the
things are no of what can we save mark
of nearby this festival itself
to four vote to help lower the
system. The book. One student is
a small flavor party while we
talked about 20 years ago there
were a lot of films. But within
credit for that started to
change th of the senate against men and
always has some unaware of a
very interesting films to watch
of this year in particular item
a sum the men were making as well, it
gives you can do some were sold
the movies that we should the
petition. During the following
lis the things I have seen for haves
and the Korean composition
section of community center went
to are used this as a few
problems are weak and will serve a fizzle
searching the Jones new film
frenchwoman, I like what exact 6
m from a safe house bill zeliff. ons that it did was licensing
sees the media, see any signs of
focusing on a female taxes are
even tougher than humans are now
i screen, when of freedom of the
NT recommending students to soak
in a spot of wood says see
resolve on programs this year at
the I was so facile essex’s ultimate
accent characters to market your
thoughts about this fiscal year were done this a number of
films some of the command of
them, say when the symbol and
none of it differs a phone call
the g the embers all rector specter
fondly of the laid out in a
startup whose side, though one
partner in female directors in
the 1950 on to this first will be there
with the house opening group we
discussed and lot of fun learn
to love about this movie as well
a the eye of the combat the last
segment of this Friday show is
next week from Seoul and we’ll
be checking what’s coming up
next week and the president is scheduled
to return home next Friday
market is so with the tension
when 1. up with Japan as the
House Cente had agreed upon the dates this
Monday by the rival parties are
still out loggerheads over the
details of the searing such as
whe And what is this a soul defense
style so rich in addition to the
topic of defense and schools
defense ministry announced that
th of services that has been held
since 20 16th actually help
Muslims visitors address one of
the biggest problems they face
while KB S12 radio from Korea just one
of the many voices you can hit
24 hours a day seven days a week
on the world radio network of w this is a global community radio
channel one news and more
portions rebroadcast on KFC or
OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
failed u they be the oldest Federal WR
O’Neal the gap wm UUOP Madison
WR ECU OP Angelica WX of your OP
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Rochester this is the wild radio network
next on CE-five and not they own a 19 radio one as the
eye of the afternoon the
headlines this Friday lunch time
separate legal challenges
seeking to pr will be heard in Northern
Ireland and Scotland next week
we send as she Ireland has said
that 12 week term since ceased
operatio a Scottish Court has decided not
to issue an inch from order
against the suspension of the
British parliament, the court
indicat line as if the prime minister is
tell the chase—Deja News
scenario: all cities as far as
for the games and is exited his
offen opponents of the shutdown
believe that employed by the
British prime Minister Boris
Johnson to frustrate efforts to
stop and no the former conservative party
prime minister john major has
said he’d like to join in the
collection tool overturn the
parliamen the changes to nine and has said
that 12 these plants have ceased
operations as a result of a
protest by beef farmers of the
gat in organization said its members
have had to lay off staff and if
suffered significant losses as a
result of the pickets several on companies have warned for the
anyone who takes part in the
band’s demonstration tomorrow
will face a prison sentence
three pr whom then, fries family is all
things as a man of his five years in
prison Fernando Tillman and Hong Kong
politicians said he believes the
protest would continue there is no end to lift the
quest for democracy is ever of
stronger even was the repressive
measures until synthesis,
subsonic l was tried in a sources have said
the outlook for the great
barrier reef is now very poor
because of the affects of
climate chang in the five years since last
report for rehearsal for just
two major coral beach and events
caused by rising sea chapters
Dr. Da on the change and its climate
change that has really created
impacts and concern for the
future that has led us to
downgrade the of the masters for half minutes
past one in Lacey navy one is
the measure as many days saying
state here is overhead wires for
l -chooser range from 16-19° as
for thanks to Susan and still to
come on the news that he has one
where no for the beef processor , Mr. Burris Johnson says of
this movement of the keel and UK
average to reopen the withdrawal
agreement and was an Editor
Tony: and her big cache of each of
them to causes is returns to
Iraq: more than a few moments
they defended the eye is one of the
because this follows only from
the doors of this season of a
one- a, C1 a is a five- a taste the onions has been no-fly
a home game was a fairly decent
guy is no place only home AMA
there’s no place a tough
1-1-on-l as read today since 1978 the IRS
your charitable trust has worked
tirelessly to support seriously
injured Rodriguez has-homesite of them back into the program
and we’re going first to those
legal developments have been
unfolding at the high course in
the la the most farmers initiative ice
Federal audit of routed for Tom
Lange, and this is a price rise
our summary balancing of Europea 55 close eye on one machine of
this one C, is one of the
anonymous one C. Estes says the
sometimes-offs as a host of an
old farm I earned about his life is
jokingly speaking a short while
ago that skipped the laces from
from Michael TR-kosher cars,
Jews and that those farmers and a fee for
the high court this morning on some of these promising
Johnson look over old Dole needs
constant invented by the high
court agrees that no one can
engage in eight will continue and if
there’s any step right side of a
peaceful protesters with only 2¢
a day will be expecting. Update
th . And in justifying to Slaney
meets a man named and offices
and whites are they have said
they were not acting
conservation of t he wants the pickets to stop the
one set by the direct appeal
from all the main funding
organizations to the protesters
to consi to issue an appeal has heard a
filthy there’s a different side
before court records is north a
source of those really minister
p this morning as any prospect of
the size of her the removing
farmers to a prison that the DVD
notice of execute those
committing that the defendant was the
protests going in the next
number of days to be funny if it’s an A are
working in about a dozen systems
using these process and other
things, such as when you speak
and o Mcconnell German, French and you
should join us on the program
your reaction of course the
first vote as a day’s
developments in had a less impressive are the
only similar last number of days
as a sign of the desperation of
farmers are feeling I’m
experienc see outlets a situation that had
been becoming more definitely
need to see us as talks resumed,
and I think that is the appeal f the trick to get build momentum
and get a file that results than
everyone can be happy with their
game was administered creating and organized 20 ministries is
issued on the farmers a
systematized a couple of
teammates began as a tree:
interim meeting was a inhalation to the capacity for
prosecutors are so limited that
are willing to one Scott Simon
said it all seems was why am I
mis guess what they feel is a share
price of their farms are to stop
becoming lost making of such as did the same day that
the key things he’s out on the
market makes a stable but was
doing in terms of getting sick
or the European Commission was to
get to see think might be to
start a state contract to
support the answer some of the
losses of f skin which it which has already
announced sold as we hadn’t been
over the coming weeks to
situations, #the winnings away
the sto to ensure continuity of supply
of Food Products here in the
event of a higher budget deficit
and jumpers they say is a a a a
a a he has a lot of arguing the
short term, but enforced and I
would be reset because if you
just open, standards days from
the evid woman to providing information
to small business that and also
to date the trust for second
opening to become more hands on
a ta isn’t all the way it went where
the worst happened but it is
representing use your head of
the of the audio the site and
steak h , Goldman the two decided to
this point is also an issue in
the times of supporters are
sitting beside us through the
heavy turn portfolio laws. Before we even
one of the 31st idea. Holliman
is they have a long time still
amazing three years to making
this a hand in 51522, and anyway, the
previous drinks and composition
in a frenzy, as a as a scene was serious have still to come into one and
was an answer that data and
other measures the time and
Warner your firm reaction to the
seas mo but he had an interesting and
challenging than in some
respects a successful week as
prime minister because he’s
dealing with th he’s one move ahead of his
opponents and his two terms to
react to one of the needle
another chess pieces and put
them on the ba as some of those have been
adjourned until next week but
meanwhile I’ve said bars Johnson
and his colleagues in Denver to
third they’re preparing for one
happens in Westminster when it
reopens next week before the
political action will be a-off
on conseque you can see that maybe that’s
going to get chills back a
little and also coming up in
early September issue of
Michelle Bonior c that on Monday when I’m probably
going down to Dublin to see the
patient and other ministers on
Tuesday of the following week to and a certain information with
the second Tuesday, june
spectacle for sporting a new
store crazy and he talked about
the UK posi key under these from European
Commission official as he has
heard malting to suggest that
support for the Irish cases we
make th -deceptive from the state is
likely to be concentrating on
its business in Westminster
weary certainly would be needed
next week that they were trying to make
significant progress. Missions
to return power sharing to by
the end of September and the
reason w to listen to abortion and
relationship that the marriage
and also in relation to the very
future of power sharing the
libido of it said figures for 2018 in
terms of workplace accidents
fatal and indeed injuries and
there is good news said Dr.
Mcginnis said adoption could hurt the FM in
defense of the city’s art and
antique-looking to send her for
the overall two-time defending
the c with a 39 in 20 days in the one
thing that you were talking
about this year is people’s
relationship with vehicles that
were indeed this year we will
ease-of-kin, had had an error
in-band that you no longer going
out and start date for the
north. Call f open portals the member of the
committee and everywhere and
anywhere and without unique
character for two factors are
firming fa per year were talk about told
them that the actual that were
taken from that can be a factor
in her farmer and you have to
know hand at both in terms of
propagation of the economic and
cultural foothills we still have
quite a bit of an overall calls
an inf as companies that hired an
employee has alleged-fourth of
that we don’t need to go through
the full range of an
investigational chief executive officer with the
decision was-indeed for joining
us as long as timeout that we’re
going to talk about the invali and today the government’s there
confirmed death toll has
surpassed 2000 people and in the
current event but knowing gumbo
and f he’s surprised that he did: a
bridge is perhaps nothing better
contains the first to death toll
is still treating up again when an opponent of the line of the
listed in the Montana, because
of the faculty at the end and
with the invasion of the greater
tha is about breakthroughs in
vaccines that death is nonsense
perhaps inevitable is that this of irises quarter
earnings at it again and got
in-a-and I think a guy who had a
200,000 people have a head of
the a -a possible to make
anybody-year-eight, the conduct
of people who have been
diagnosed with a Bona fide even
the indignities that on their evil-looking more like
the entire length of time in the
end of the end of the content of
the opening of the county’s of that are being seasons without
faxing that we can talk that he
added with a lot we know is that
only half of the new cases ident , 88-footer. The difficult
content and to work within this
morning, frank unity for joining
us from trooper that here in
Dublin has no is one of the home team
was a fairly decent guy is no
place only hold them in this
hour-a-Z-one-dimensional am
reading wa as read today, as a 1-1 a 1-1 a
one-on the line has been his
pride in the 1 to 1 estimate of
120,000,000-Anthony V, is the
on -a via one then has a 111000000
home. They have a home has done a really a media one then have to stand by me in town to
the shelves and guards have said
this has to gauge their two
electric ticket opened and last
even pushing drugs and drug seizures
are some four as they have been overseas is
already a pharmacy figures of
the death of confirms ended a
quick as a very much for the
masses of years ago as an
animal’s-assisted-fest for this
weekend’s-of course that is the
worry that many parents will
have live with them as to how big the credit will be
this year so here he is back in a state-of
the many exciting and out of the
message it sends me is if ounces
when you go to data access th be a racket that in 2003 is more
than 150 Haitians and the soft
and take back as far as 2100 BC
it was seized as Heathrow Airpor and she is that the car spun
into wrote a story in the times
had this warning for religious
and to affairs correspondent are
try at the delight of anybody was
inside the rest of the task of
an unidentified gunmen. But we
didn’t have that he had gotten a
lit They would. And in Baghdad when
economic development controller:
and 15,000 of the leading to the
community and the fact that he Formerly operated by that. He
and around all the important
part of the hill yet to be
discovered and ineffective and
that, it qu each of which have been trying
to meet and greet him think in a
format in which it could have an
open form of like in the came i Lytle and a net content people
making hiking. I should add the
butter the little bit about the
day-to be pretty good mother
told that that indicated. And Monday
that the editor of one modified
happened after the route of the
United Arab Emirates to be insta age 110198. Taking the time to
track down to 89. Cost: eight
got on board a little did they
all tend to Canada to come
together, of fed of artifacts that many
other countries where they were
taken from drug lights in the
turned that would have made a
point enacted that you didn’t have. In
the data. All these are what
make the time that the gutter
ball old and have been an
electorate on the standard eight culturally
significant contacted that will
not happen. The DNA from the company’s data
to read into that. An end to
form at the end of world-leading
candidate and the activity that
im that are of the NT the ones who
has a home as a as a crackdown has a
sports is I specify the open
because been made in the last
Arizona and this is the drawl
that inv as it does of Turkey and still
the best of both about yet to
formally lining Captain David
Montes announced his retirement
from 31 single says skills champion
President Bush for a long was
the men’s paraffin: unknown
private boater qualification
this morni is on three of the party to
downgrade of Malaysia is another
longer put-down one and
happiness a cop called on the
walls adding I move as I am 1111111110111 of the
Nazarene first of the reason
that one day we are is MoneyLine
a radio has a higher for only
½-life as , Michael Hoy songwriter
musician and our TS number of
people know me for the phones
and they should affect each
summer release and you become an audience
member of their benefits for
Ireland as well as benefits for
you find out more surcharge as
membershi global community radio dog walks
bob Daly, good afternoon. The
bill and me you can and has been
any doubt that the maintain your deadline , the Kennedy the movie then I
knew which handled out of a long
as it will begin them all, 98
and are you wish, and then there
a lead, and I use them. The end of
the top and the zdnet should activate the brain
dead man that he can beat them
to get the economy that and then
the man you can’t be an untold o , the key to the youngest me
that if you’re lucky, keep your
head and operation of the dead
man among the 9:00 AM: the county to get them all and
even then they will be one of
the name even the clean air and
not be that of the laurel and including-in-between India
and then in the beginning of the
intimate at that meeting that he
be a entire cabinet that many minority have
an idea which until the part of
it until it is general fund that
had adopted, the 15 of the prob that are more conscious data on
which happened as it appeared
that he could have done a good
about it, but that’s not all,
and h a deal that walked into the net
of the income to the ocean open
door shut on development of your
back is that the that army had looked to be in there and you
have never lived on all primary
Health Care that are made. Open the door and
yelled at 9:00 AM and congregate
at it that happened that
politely but had become the
victim an and that is the knee and will
not pay it and we had a lot of
money you give me at the top of
the individual meeting of
one-seede to the home of the day the
table, the one of the use of the
end of the one who, I have a lot
of the whole time, in Toppenish,
th during the demolition will be
that her and then they could
alter their help, and under the
age, and the market soon to a
huge he Yukon the shared an unfair that
the old baby out with a view of
that aid to the computer back
into the more you that all over
th hole in one eye, and at what he had location can
without Japan. Nobody yet for
intervention many debating the home of the many are in the home than that is home to one and each night that in them or
contact the net and important
than being intelligent people to
incorporate that into the lead
int that in a more and more deeply
hurt you need to be hurting her
to a reindeer and timing of the
night, the name of the unique
tha on the air as you heard out of
the citadel, or be it meant he
told her was and what some of
the New England that are hurting the campaign was launched by
connectivity and will be at the
end of 19 that the man in the
upper hand in that that make you
a Ni the defending the money to get
them to talk to the defendant
company not all were killed and
at the 1998 to be done and that
he Italy and Annette but that was a
country in the blood of the
magnitude and that all of that
gain of one of the navy and then
the them to call them all back home.
And no one would be the one made
the union, the day-old year-old
all-time defending the promenade and it now, and
the deeper you can buy-and 18th
in the nation which nobody would
ever called the dead now people
a allotted only one below market.
The DM are ready to be a team
that time and the lot at mall,
all the dirt and equity loan of
one gun and 1/2 billion dollars in
her all the men who have been in
the definition by the end of the Cincinnati at the crack down the
head of the day he noted that in
the country and behold it all
meant on a long, he couldn’t hol and the department and the norm
and all that impressed me, and
that she had been dead date by
the longevity of giving you any and
all that you are in the middle,
and that the defendant at Yale
you should at the area in a meeting agenda that another
reached another campaign to
they’ll order of the computer
age and as we have the potential
that th that a minute and another to the
body after the application will
ensure a good job when pushed me
an offer that we haven’t ident denied that the jurors and a
number of the gate page and the
depression about 830 and I got
mine and that should lead in
court i division of the 99 and one that
could have been killed and many
are mired in black and white. At
the Lorton, and that did that a top of the community that will
have the ability of the other
for the gift of that the high
court of appeal over the head of
the TDS and pocket, and an Atty.
came out that the whole point
shooting on the opening of the
compact with little amid fresh
tension that for the thing that could be
held up 15 1/2 all the old
patient. Only three of the
people he had competition that
after it b G and that a lot has happened on
the net and that the government
had made orders read about the
print shop man named in honor of it, and it will be published a
novel and that the publication
on the amount the company of
illegally giving you the
opportunity add one of the only one of the
law, the area of one of the idea
you have the heart of what you
do not belong to the one that
wou of the more the one by one of
the law of the time the one you
have one of the yeah, one of the
one you get that in one pocket and
untold on the board told you
know all the maneuvering to
evade that will be to reduce the
other v it would be the full amount of
all the conduction and are
another one would be harder and
89 that could be a major hurdle
by the an end to the list what happened
had an opportunity to play the
role of the day that you look on
the panel denied a market niche and that, the committee that
recorded and you get when head
of the product of mission to
impact the job will be at the
top priva and that if you want to check
the potential market of the
guard under that, that the
county detention at the time he
and the hea of that order that all the other
thing that would you like your
key to that level, you’ll have
to have your body. Her daughter and that the board
of European tour to show that of
the title of the national
Techteam and then you’ve got a
little added help market of all the
high in the body of an expected
on the topic that had been an
a-night all part of the time of
108 P an encrypted and up to three in
all that can be made, dominant
showing that the final 15 of the
party at the top of thing that y and not the only in the budget
and at 91 again , and then and we’ll be an ideal
which handled out of the
Internet open the envelope, 98
and I used hair and then enter
into an to bring to mind the movie (that
the product of a Canadian
Company and the until one of the
unknown it showed me out of all
that comedy that when the whole lot
of good information and other
data that had been a long line
of control, and that had already
bee portions rebroadcast on KFC or
OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
failed us all the article said
KB the oldest Federal WR O’Neal
the they’ll say three short name hot
border between the kind of
client in the EU and all the
nines in the UK Johnson says
what he fe to john major the former
conservative leader has now
joined one of two illegal bids
to try and stop the suspension
founders of t Wallin said was forcefully
pushed into a private minivan
while he was walking to the
subway station shell was
arrested and are f and participating in an
unauthorized assembly prominent
pro independence activist eddy
Chan was detained as well the
day before Ukraine says the process of high
profile prisoners swaps is
ongoing but is not yet been
completed becomes is hostility
cities be to drink and 24 Ukrainian
Sailors were detained by Russia
lost your offer standoff in the
perch straits Ukrainian
filmmaker audi was released from custody to
knit cap and Moscow 2000 people
have not died in the current
speed boat outbreak of the
Aussie it’s one I have a new I know that no Glory number is
notable it’s all out and is one
enough to speculate stupid human
rights, while the businesses for
t cell but even that investment
when is the right moment expand
and who is the best out there
for a new project so many
questions 31st and it’s a series of
examples money is pouring into his hands
of the lead investors looking for
the winners in local markets in
the end of the no-holds to the
completed 100,000 more to the
repo are the calls from all foods
might also backfire and III
didn’t involve the violence in
this tool through central dining
was org he doesn’t sound like I find
that the investors are pouring
funding into the port of digital
edition that Oregon industry,
civil thinking about building up a
global market leader of a lot of
that is much more exciting than
driving the stock receipt
thinking vision funds Investment Capital
distributed to staff a thinner
and Asian companies that promise
that gr north, come from the cuts people
get some of the world of the
Softbank’s money is well versed
in here. Under the another investment projects that
seems to be never ending the Disney and applets the city in this originally
scheduled to open 20 11th at the
date has been pushed back
repeatedly since then in 20 14th
half of the that Karen say today is on the
2020 1 pounds on this. I can tell you
that the construction site is
the next and then speak, many of
the technical inspectors of the the apple foreseen by the
original plan was to small-to-be
the Japanese
nesting-construction projects in
the city from we have t them and then his handshake by
the condition of Los Angeles
today to find takeover in German
history the stateful-by average pay 54
billion years and also played
responsibility for the more than
18,000 more seats in Des Moines
an violence-old policeman much much
cheaper than nine months of the
Finland for three years when all
the more food for the father s ; two segments and his legacy
data center and the cause of
cancer is still unclear how much
liability by faces that will
determi , some cool crazy for others
U.S. cannot walk a stroke of
genius and deducting back some
of the biggest business
successes in hi park in the box thinkers
sometimes have ideas that change
the world of the gravy ladle at 76 to 12 many of the world’s most gifted
minds: gravy-points as high as the lady that, that’s
these wines made a nice to the
top of the start of the 20th century
those American engineer in the
fall of the event is that is the
ultimate investing with a famil could actually see the data that
anyone can afford his top of a little here in eighties, when
five days a week and Payton
generously but he was not occurring balls
for 20 titles and as he was a
member of the data indicate at
the head of the department of
four w has caused any sale of the
five-day festival of the schools
are these people to take place
until the shelf and found an
ally in that Congress was still
fanatically frugal best in the
event was decided until 811 too
many kinds of content use the
paper on bo he had and that he was ever
faced off one side of restricted not an
even playing finance committee
paid a fax to get the ball is in session with fading for
installed into disrepair life as
an event of an event off the
dime today many think eventually
defended inviting place and on
that you know enough-in-his-to
transport the few companies
between 92 to meet if the company to spot that I can look and the
unrealized line is that sent its weeks of giving
his company says a bumpy night
of the youth of the one thing
that unites all these crazy
Marine they need agreed the date that
is the key to get a portion of
the concludes that not even able the interesting question to ask you
to answer a nap well not taking
this can also be risky take the
German economy that’s how one of and states strong export sector
other countries taking in what
tax revenues and spending in
them to know that that’s at the
same of the new fish of the black zero here
in Germany that so little
balance budget that’s a good
thing that means developing the
least acc -in-law, the meeting someone
wants the buried alive zero
miscellany to move off on this
crazy idea of setting is always
good and , and have a row of the senate on the
president of the German
institute for economic research
one of the most influential
economists and Germ happens if a chair we’ve got a
lot of lives zero when you’re
not that right-of-the-the-art
#the defense of the balanced
budget s so that all patients need to act
in the need to do something to
stabilize the economy and
ultimately to secure jobs and
that’s t heavy use of 1414 in the German
state’s revenues and higher than
its expenses even though public
services like schools and hospi railways two of the history that we need to move on
from this crazy idea that saving
is always good and that is
always bad and the opposite is
true is for 930 and I keep hearing
about the melting doubt that it
will be up to me to play off of
working vintage production from
th large ones that his father was a
state that has a substance and
others that might again refused.
But after it’s a very rough str so as a 30 year old in the
future you love less value of
the year-ago period of some of
the end of the human factor in
the envir the German State is investing
more in environmental protection
than it has in recent years is
working for so long term climate
h fifth as a model for the
thunderous Mr. Country has made
such a lot of its environmental
credentials for an incumbent
difference that we need to do away with
combustion engines and product
of the technology and embrace
company contacted the mobility
of this and the failure to investment in
the housing money that is often
were held recently at the start
working date on the USB stack o seriously behind. The students
and people often, jobs and
future technologies were missing
opportunities there. And if that
does , Especially in the recent
budget was a symbol of an
artificial intelligence. One of the Dev of the wrecking
budget jumper so you’re
obviously not risk averse
vehicle but there’s always an
element of risk w in this film investment is
always a risk of them life is at
risk with Johnny wouldn’t be as
successful as it is it would be
as wealthy as it is the most
competitive we will cost a bit
drivers h and coach of his Asian funds
have to have a signed any successful box in
squandering its success by not
investing enough in its future
of what a shame because that of
great is to one another on the
film-of-the-nation is to develop
the technology and steel of the
seismic and keep up with today’s
winter m two started on connected to the
truck pulls and that’s the kind to each of the old, hundreds of
commuters and five cents for the prison for women
are currently working on all of
the debate challenge is programming
computers so that the consist of
a type of these tables in the
generator that produces
electrici the whole to one day replace
inefficient diesel generators : all of his trip back to the
ground will overcome its 112
east Asian and five of the 300 m
and yet the stronger and more
state- their development laboratory is
on the campus of the technical
University of Berlin the engineers started
experimenting with fabric tights
and 20 12th , 10,000 of them will have the
generator, integrates
electricity and has one of which consumers, the
it’s like the Leone of the overall it reads a surplus of
electricity the most of the time is spent doing
calculations are in the workshop the build-up in a legit
knowledge of service and they’re
always having to redesigned and
optimize the motive for the model is to
make as many mistakes as
possible in a shorter time as
possible but I would only one
incident bec in the end of the state’s makers
martyrs. Shalom they make the
product safe passage to begin working on the cutting
taxes 2017 of an already
invested over
projects like it’s still not
finished, the wind is some would have
earned his team’s Chester, new
lester’s in the long as we’re
asking investors to acquire a
stake of that can be successfully brought
to market the there’s plenty of competition
working hard on rival products 1 1/2 to win people over one has a lot of the the other developers are working
on gliders instead of types of
the seven companies are no race
to produce the best technology o have joined in the film of
injured capitalists who are
willing to continue investing
its 30-foot citizens seeing were
the ones b and have the feeling that it
does a lot of them will provide
the next round of funding. Bobby
and the shorter than the heat of
t bit of having lots of capital to
find the money in the oval
energies in a small part of that
is an account of the 4955 and as
th the often started the night when
there’s more of a steady wind
that T in this feeling the
pressure in the in the
Jamaica-automat of the technology is not
cooperating into the neophyte of an attack at the investor is
getting impatient he’s come over
to see for himself are the ones
you don’t want to address the
sometim line
The second-guess them-saw the
Vatican has been stabilized by
the computer now they have to program the
computer carry out all the
flight maneuvers of a new life for an updated, as is
often-one of the next up is the
most critical that the software
has been very precise as a
little tide is still flying just a few
meters away from the cellist
other, but once the computer
list and I think I probably
should sta the people of Britain to the
rest with breaks its businesses
that misspoke audience that the
company’s unwitting jobs to the
con of the minds of the report as an
open mind on when to find out the game-playing a
team-largest-city building has
yet to how much more to life if
you’ll get tougher on getting
closer to findin one-renowned legal department
and one of the ninth time in a
third of the vote of
of the event o -fated a lot of uncertainty any
of the same time, 30 that’s my assets were the
underdog in towns are being
shifted from the UK to give you
that the of the number of companies have
added that the headquarters of
the operations of the van, the
day after the events that are
co-f cannot every one of 40 of the UK
general manager of the
anti-Taliban has come to the
starting points Monday, five and
others are carrier from the free the look
into their accounts-up of that
fee of 11-his-and he is
unquestioned policy that this is
a lot of President Clinton was already a
finger, why are you coming when
so many others are going to the
list of one of the 2002 and the now feel at all. Calls for you
is often the friend was hands on
the new ones, it goes to the one
whose address is still there-ha wanted and 26252) at this
particular moment and not until
after everything was clarified
more we don’t have a sense is,
site of hands and all around, the son of
the season for the businesses are in the time the
lack of clarity make the
strange—the-counter what is
the world’s most in foreign
markets have a as this is a five-point shooting
the two plan pull the most
probable outcome and all the
actual outcome businesses
coastal grill and-tell the specs to that of all this will have his home. His slogan that info-Newport
school learning a new law gives
them what do you think it is the
best of the gov’t make a
possible , Milton, some of the fish or we
won’t have some form of the
convention coverage of key
decisions involving nine
There’s no end , present and lectured the
prevail, disney’s new government , government looks-on Monday in the summer to
19-C-seven is all I can tell for
how long their of ever getting
on brain-hole for the death and
grief fo the autocrats and others like he
tweaked think Max time school
four machinations level is not
willing to take in this edition
of Mag I hope the a- I hope the hope one to find out what’s on GC
oracle and check out the program
schedules for all to use your
streams on our website global
commun man and a lot of data that you
got your finances because of
their heated public more than
15255 ether, by financial
planner that that he was out to sports talk
to 1400 in Normandy for
production and ceo says hello and welcome to the task
peggy about your finances show
my name is peggy down the active
time a certified financial
planner will get financial legislation
that that might impact your
bottom line in the plan your
prosperity segment with a deeper
guided and then finally in the basket
peggy segment that your
opportunity to ask me a question
so if you like to send a
question to the and that was their information
on the shelves and a basic cable
listeners sell let’s get started
with the bulls and bears market at a high as lady and then
numbers do not we left the week
and they really got me flat to
the last about mad we’ve been
letting 300 points at 300 points down
800 points down 600 points down
like where we ended up on
Friday, August 23 to 601 play
point down and what happens as the market
than rallies of some more news
this as being very driven by the
concert with a trade war and the from the uncertainty of a policy
that were following from
beginning to battle to end and
the markets are beginning to
worry all and accurately at the G7 over
the weekend president from said
that the Chinese were
negotiating again as a lag in
exit at the sh sell what your body of market
centers some way means so wildly
that’s weighing media is
actually called standard
deviation and s and investment moves around its
average return says something MB
on average is a 78 percent the
year how much does it so whining is the standard deviation at
rest because that is the swaying so
when you read by lowering the
risk in your portfolio what that
bangs that she might be lowering
p everything swings for a certain
extent that just add your body
and the San diegans just making
a completely crazy whenever we
ar but we do need to solve this
trade problem because of the
doubts of the trade problem in the very well may end up in a
recession in states that that’s
a ball probably just ActiveX at
some length and that the dow we call like at 0.87% while dropped 1.75 and a bit friends rate dropped
again that the current 10 year
treasury yield is 1.538% that’s
down 21% last wait and outs of that was because of
a statement that was getting by
on drug house a pal be chairman
of the Federal reserve he was at Jackson Hole Wyoming
last in a start with something
that you weren’t so I am reading
his words to you right now we have much experience in
addressing technical macro
economic development center this
trademark but bank for aid
policy uncerta to Boston are statutory goals
and prayers and will anything
that affects the outlook for
employment inflation could also
affect that he goes on from there I
know what quo pretty long that
basically what he’s saying is
that the uncertainty about the
trade p it’s not that if we’d had tears
and we knew they were in place
the fed would know what to do its nadir on their off just
about the time you decide
something is a deal it isn’t and
it’s that big splash and that’s
causing s well we now that the president
is not crazy about on the fed
chairman even though this is a
person that he nominated for the
job then a pretty good job with the
seasons, super taped job and
sell no president wants the fed
to lower interest rates it does not like this terrified
certain demands that give the
president as well as a possible
eight for all the wrong reasons
fo to stop the call, the whole
economy from slowing down
possibly going into a recession
because of all of the it did
this all expe of course the president
responded to all of this
unflattering I said my only
question is who is our bigger
enemy said Cal or cha basically suggesting that the
chairman of the Federal Reserve
of why is paid was a hostile
leader combating the same
category as said that as the starting gate
is creating any enormous amount
of market uncertainty related when we got on Friday
morning at this time is it all
is already putting additional
tariffs and pies and the market
was b sell it is this uncertainty
that’s causing is the issue as
much as it is the policy itself
and we’re just going to have to
wait what about the legislative
update of the ask me about java
bindings the show and we have a
couple of different issues to
talk ab because it’s not in your piece
of legislation that is something
the president from try to invoke
on Friday was was another reaso installed the emergency economic
powers act on the 1977 and you can about this wine he
ordered an American companies
two quite doing business with
China on Friday, a bank that
possibly that way now we’re all ends
alpine bank that that was as a
Max of cause of the market
decline as the additional tears
as it was they don’t have a clue as to
what the lie is relative to
presidential powers time it’s a
trap try looking at the
emergency power cell that’s what he is using
solve what use the emergency it’s the emergency economic
powers act of 1977 tenants and pop and jazz ID give
the president called lot of
latitude in regulating
International Commerce when we
have a nation now in the first reason why did
you can just interrupt it
invokes this time last way to
wipe the credit is because we
don’t have and get daily events and how the
act was designed to be used it was really more too, just
kind of get the ability to kind
of control things to the edges
it doesn’t block possible
however wi will probably see a huge
backlash to lead and court cases
can be believes the president
and all that is best made this
situation it’s pretty obscure it doesn’t
look likely I’m not sure where
he got the idea from no one has
watched this and see if it goes
an hopefully that’ll be the end of
that somehow until either on
legislative music that’s
actually near news the FDIC has approved a revamping the
Volcker rule and that’s designed
to less than that the bank
regulation to make it easier for
banks it’s a bit of a rollback of them some pro and on and on and
on that frank start wouldn’t just
go ahead without causing that
it’s time to Don frank world’s
cocaine and what was trying to
do wa sell it because sounds rather
than causing the bank two pro
that what they’ve invested in
use in compliance with the role
which it was about more than a stock
market prices as of one of the
things that they did was blood
banking regulation and lies and
sel an assumption of compliance for
any investment that’s held over
60 days so as long as you will
get the assumption is the
investm in our kids probably not a huge
deal the only thing that I can
imagine a meal deal on the
ground application that I can
just see you find it an issue you find a
situation where if you just you
don’t have to prove that a
friend it’s more likely to slide
thro that he was selling to sports
talk to 1400 and on and for
production and ceo says that the plan your prosperity
segment of the idea that served
by Nancy show my name is peggy
that the act and today we are
talki were talking about long-term
care and I need to start out
this segment with a little bit
have a brief story that might
also help sell my mom and ended up being
set for 9 1/2 years before she
passed away this spring and it
was staggering at the amount of
mon and then we had two of wires and
additional funding were very
fortunate we had a way to do it
but it is am one term care can
be that unites the weight and live
here last about three years now that you get the person as a
mom or just receiving crazy
grandparents that can expand out
my mom’s day, and council will
be might not be correct selling as
you’re considering your options
I think 9 1/2 years is probably
outside what you should need a p the other thing I want to warn
you about is thinking that
shields just use Medicaid and
everything will be fine and I
talked to and idle about a policy on disk
and use the Medicaid System has
certainly Medicaid is there for
the indigent and as part of the your needs and now that to
qualify for Medicaid you have
two of spent down in the
majority of your resources perhaps created a Medicaid
trusted by the SEC is so I think
that’s actually going too far
into the weeds me to go into the
detai about a Medicaid Trust about
some of the details on the
matted assets that you can
retain and still qualify if this
is our plan and then they would add that
back again to your resources say you have to spend that much
before you qualified but let’s
get a better example let’s say
somebody has $100,000 and they get it to a grandchild
because that $100,000 probably isn’t one
to cover your care and out what
the money just to go to the
nursing moms and dads and grads
out get that money ends at being
spent by the people you gave it
two and five years is a
longtime: asset not spend it
then you’re ou before you qualified for
Medicaid cell that means that
you don’t have the money that
you can’t use that suggest spend
and spend now and are real maps of a high
end is standard people that want
to see their life savings going
cords or end of Life Care of Me I would again encourage you to
talk to a certified financial
planner practitioner Medicaid
fraud can be very problematic
and I k did not advise financial planners to recommend
Medicaid spending and for fear
that, what exactly what the
system is designed for NT and
you cou what you qualify for Medicaid
there’s another monster that
nobody talks about there are not
a lot of Medicaid beds and there may be no Medicaid
beds and that awesome this LAPD
you wanna get to where you want
your loved one to get to the may
no sell give your give you need a
battle your family member needs
a bad and there are no beds in
your community and this is our
bel when my grandmother was held 10
years ago because she didn’t
have a lot of resources and she
had imagined wasn’t sure what
we’re and you know why the best ways
to help make sure people get big
care into Celanese’s Nevis pop
in and how I can do that with a
2 begin the best there can this is
a day over whelming price since
you have the option of Uganda
Medicaid you could try to get a
l and that way the money could be
used for anything sell the
amount of money varies wildly by
where you were in the country
and at write about three years of care
but that’s not that’s not a
guarantee that’s not a promise
and your person a calculated
totally that you to 4000 oklahomans KTLA
One of 4.5 FM and for the
opportunity to share my ideas
have you also to sports talk to
1400 an about to be asked any segment of
the Cascadia back to finance the
cell remembering if you have a
question does admit it up and s and I will be able to insert on
the air on that same web site
you can learn more about me you
can find links to myself some
medi of you don’t have a question
some likewise since the day is
what does that mean that won the
Federal reserve board’s access
righ are dead and that’s just what
happened is what drum Howell is
saying he thinks well be that
the wall that they use to try to
con well be at the YMCA that Bagwell
coconut market committee so when
you hear those things can happen
the Federal Reserve the FOMC for the fed funds rate and they
make adjustments to that target
rate based applied what’s going
on in the economy so remember that give it time is
getting a little soft that means
they’re going to lower rates
wide because they want to
encoura in as the rate of interest that
banks charge each other two by
rail money all over nights of a
sign of our nightline on it is a and that’s actually indeed get
frustrated that the fed controls
and we can’t talk a lot about
the overnight rate, you might
have pound below one Bennet Yee and
shore bank overnight rates and
it’s not that he and interest
rate obviously because the wind
a wh that’s the rate they’re lower
and that’s why it takes a long
for that policy to travel there
any economy candidates trailed
down circles Alt from that someone
did that lowers interest rates in school rates if your by our
right because that you don’t
have to pay back as much it’s a
lousy get your all lender and you might think what kind of
the lender might get what you
see it as as you on that page
bind that you have made a allow
wom that means that there is less
interest being paid by lining me
you investment items sell get you on a bond fund and
the bonds in your fund pays 83
percent and rates dropped to 2%
now you’re blind happening
cranes of your fly and sell them find
itself may go up a little bit
but the deal goes down now if
you can’t help write bonds that
means are lower than they were even
just six months ago I was
actually getting excited because
you’re buying a binder pretty
much maki you get hammered yet again as
much in doubt because that would
get as much interest because
interest rates have dropped some
bes what what’s a guy and I cannot
believe how fast this week is
not it seems like this weighed a
lot of the shell landed at
talking Of 10 remember prosperity is so
much more than money this is a global community radio
station manager take long well
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New Orleans and WX IROP
Rochester has the the the the high will have the
suite one one. Rankin new media sister and
brother as kids and are
preparing to go away to college
for the very first time B are some ideas of what to buy
it or brain and more importantly
what not to buy it and not to
bring to the dorm room B of a
sim so that’s out with what the
buyer bring so freshmen B league
needs just two things are good mattress chopper and
the laptop ordinance a laptop a
little later and I can tell you
that I can vouch for the mantra
st outside of Nashville and was put
up a dorm B mills state college this matters was the worst thing
that ever slept on it was
covered in plastic B was a toll
may be enough to win just that,
she’s know what else can you buy them
that that’s the question again
mention a laptop of Corsica the
laptop it’s probably the most
imp also before you shop find out
what the college forbids B may
forbid candles for space heaters
electric blankets B the halogen
li or the microwave and B are you
can actually doled out deeper
what about the color scheme if
they want a subplot also know
that m so we mentioned B good matches
Dr. B laptop of course most students don’t you stop
sheets so they’re probably
unnecessary comforter or do they
would washable cover is
important to emphasis on washable looking
to one in B. Alles that standout
worthy’s you know they have a
busy patterns or a light enough
t the power cord with a surge
protector and USB ports of
course, basic first aid kit
that’s a good idea never far
that B fuller re BS edu storage that that’s a lot
of work to get something out
your students talked about,
getting out to make it easy
access , reading to win back support
for studying and that is a good
idea and area road because the floors
are often hard and cold the one of printer, waste desk
space or were stored under the
bed printers are plentiful on
campus BM 3 much why fires
readily a and a void BTVB to this may
watch or students basically
watch everything on their
laptops anyway, these are
generally in common because you really want it
retained out of the Rome and the
others so B rating that TV is
one way to force a matter of
speakers their phones your buzzer better
idea and more respectful two
roommates B. Clark some colleges bar
freshman from having cars on
campus B limit their parking and
a local college your parking is
a night and of course against a woman
charged by keeping the card of B other thing to skip is luggage
if you bring it you must store
it sold collapsible storage bag
was a person could wish all that duplicates of anything provided
by the college such as a lamp
wastebasket desk chair or
dresser obviously BI know was
being supp to close so you might wanna
limit the amount close that
they’re taking B, as well some
insight to this comes from the
Jones dire B niece’s unopened fooled a lot
of Rahman and candy B stuffed
animals and mirrors B shares
many students regret bringing
high sc and some other close because as
I said before the closets
typically are tiny so do some
small ideas to succumb to get an
idea ho and get rich loam, I III I really just a touch of
financial future together made
money decisions you regretted
and then repeated the same
mistake again and perhaps to avoid talking
about money altogether like his
unpredictable but your decisions
don’t have to be and knowing
where becomes stored on the road to
ensuring that are investing the
way you should B feel good that are taken care
of yourself B and your family
and the best possible way and you know this is the mission
of the Steve Palmer and show
from the very beginning so once
again a watery mind you that you
c investment advisory services are
offered to United Capital
Financial advisers a registered
investment-game capital of the
primar a a a a listening to the Steve, and show there’s a lot about the
investment industry that is a
sow terror terms like sharp
ratios B standard deviations
return on capital one area however is so basic
that anyone can make simple
changes to their investments B
dramatically increase their
investment s to discuss this would be a
divided Brian Livingston,
financial columnist for
marketwatch and stock charts is also president of the Seattle
regional chapter of the American
Association of individual
investors and is altering coauthored 11
books which are sold more than
two and half 1,000,000 copies his new book is entitled
muscular portfolios B and B
maybe something you wanna look
at as Wilson Goode stopped there
we will put that regard. One area of you know I said
before that are so basic anyone
can make the simple changes to
dramatically increased
investment suc B of takes a lot of math skills
and so one why is this one thing
we’re gonna talk about so easy
to do with a swordfish and the p worried that an MTV know that
about 11 out of the camera can
take that a bit of a need to go into
operation that it all very
important, not a matter of money
and not picked up and people
have been re great so what is this one factor
that an asset to come out of the
fact that out the Batman and
that it can’t, required a line
th but worse than that. That
managers and what your money and
to their proprietary on their
part, that didn’t help, and
that, botto you wind up with a lot of money
out that the years that he would
ordinarily have it again. The
people they live via word two
get BII would think one of 3%
assembly work beginning in the
car spinning the gas to take
advantage of but for investors 3% is humor so
much of it, BP and umber is
again and tells kids or more
insight two with a difference in
wealt but heard of a live arm of the
year’s most others have working
career at least 30 years many
that will be at a time of the 30
ye of about 30 year. 3% of the line. Every year
literally out and out of money
you’ll have been about 30 year. A really had begun yet you write
a paper should have acted, but
would you like nothing but every
one of two papers that that in also you lose the benefit of
confounding on that money if
that’s coming out of your
investments no human body $1000 investment
after so many years with a 3% raw down B lee your
principal only grow slick tool
$150,000 B vs. just this week
events B best data to a big
problem a you will need at you. That part
of her mean that the decline in
for the opportunity of a. I’m
not understanding that if your
emp The 2 to 100% gain a bat year
and a number of anywhere but,
again like what appeared in a
row that you are paying higher
the new you’ll probably want to roll
over your 401. Two of the show I
would be your managers tell them
all the better you believe that
o of Delhi the Schwab these
discount B outfits B of these B
log market funds B. George really literally next
to nothing I think the one from
Vanguard B is baby 0.03 per cent
B all that 1% is 100 points thi three points all that hundred
points is very very low B we all
know that that’s going on in the
401 K’s it’s like the former cas yet I believe that people are
hurt into thinking that
impression have to be very
complicated and ordered that
more money looking of the day we have a look out
and get our people are the
people there to them but people
are to block of people have
learned tha and that we what do you have to
be in very low crowd, and that
the top of your block upon you
don’t need to be a bit better,
but emotional place to be an it’s very much B environment
that often doesn’t really make
any sense and B and be quite frightening
to those who don’t really
understand and know what to
expect for the cabinet buyers
are well belo can be extremely valuable I’ve
seen me to do myself B of these
years, she B only people that
would help save them from
themselve and said he also what went on
the market leader will you that
much more you know wealthy B
would forget that the ring
operated t yet there are but there’s an odd
but if you run up and people are
Dr. Expect to get paid a
divinity of her dream that h they are working on a fee. There
are many potential partners,
will be that of many that have
shown that the other conductors
mak That would be cut the time to
time the market is a brand of
rape will eat up and opened at
number one at number nine
doctors muc or you want to avoid that might
be what you want to look for.
People are giving Yucaipa sugar
is the 12 European Atty. by the
ho a lot about our help you work
out the numbers to show that
you’re having a good life of an
era of that money out of the
board th and these index funds by the way
it, some are expensive two
because another stop these with
the Easter seal or find out
exactly what the fees or 40 index funds
and their 401 KB or the exchange
rate bonds if they have and
that’s something you should ask
B H , will cost in your 401 K in the
final words for a spread yet you may not be a litter of
your copy of one. You can take
control of your lineup and get
your own hire a bigger role of
read The people who do not get
permission to get back of the
national circuit card to
recommend of art to you and not
part of the V a bird that my guest is Brian
Livingston his book is muscular
portfolios if you put those four
words together or data? How will we just
discussed we love to get your
questions B their website is the
palm restaurant, Joyner
conversation and why are there don’t forget
to sign up for a weekly update
her upcoming live events and the
important topics we’ve covered
th can, and then came up, and either in topics
were missing guess we haven’t
thought of the July, show
questions you want answered
contact us any simply go to Steve Conrad said,
include contact to write us
anytime anywhere articles on the
site you liked or didn’t want
issue Steve Palmer and start, that
Steve Elam era and C in fact, in
the home a home is the steep, Rancho
Tennessee, and some in the NL
for something completely
different deal guys like me on
60 years old and sensible about your money B so
does my next guest, sex burden
offer of your soul money were
rich even when you’re not a
welcome are at it into her car they know
that you take your call 8:00 PM
again hurriedly what about that
and not the ordinary share and below back when you’re creating
a party name, are you sure about
what money back at the end of
the joke that buying it back
towa dealer but the elections code is
that there shall like it a bit
part in creating out what about
a bang Richard art and literatur all worried that it might resort
messages where the card media
messages that are being
transmitted to generation with
regards to and spending or the pressures B
guys around what are burning
wreckage Elliott and get your
ram beyond you need are tired
but com , Harvard, car books ordered it
to her and read you are in car
at a bar in but that sure it
right now it at Rio dell were
being ago that you can gain the record
of murder, rape you need that
college in your car that were
due to retard the beat, it would
ge yard tour, which eve of the
Internet are hurt you in Oregon,
the leader Bob B. Allen I was at
a news) that it was OK 2B10 on
you art and are working out at 88
but a lot of young adult
learning the hard way that
during their own, and garden, a
year, are you you ready or are they are angry
at that level where art bang 91
and all are all know what your
call what about your rear
carrier you need to get back. And guard
picked up on your reindeer and
the key thing that things are
just the kind of take care of
thems BS in many times they do my
guess is finance expert and
author of your soul money
leverage B then when you’re not
for new shoote it are now in her work out your
money and Neil hand at the
Edinburgh are buying a lot of
people aboard a of the Leonard,
they’re reading the red and gold that a
elect you already are being
hurried got to get out of you
that your way with that picture
a tria no meaning the artery shortcut
yard nearby not adding that
every darn sure there are people
that aren’t sure yet carry be
out at bit color and what are the BLK
that it’s as the pain is a first
but ended up at one site to be a
wise and port but you really wa yard dog had been taking out a
knee area are what you’d better
get a credit card or a yard day
of your money and are you gonna
c push about this report as your
anatomy of a lottery shelling,
Ord army tank her but you may
have been courting your ball
right i There are people that are better
part of the background that
united will happen there are
encouraged better about what
part of i operating under a deal your
etiquette card that you want my
guess is for Mr. Unleashes a
finance expert and author of
your soul out or get buried about that
Barbie of calling it had been a
really like below what are you
or me know that you got to brag
abou your right you are at work at
order what your adverb
architecture, read better get
very ordinary are we out of
cardboard and alo you’re yelling in a matter of a
couple out our record or near
the company, but you are
currently a great but he added
that the c yard burgers in the hangar of
raising a bridge you talk about
promoting your skills, monetize
restore a specially in this date
w privatize it or some of the
ideas of people can use air at
army raid current writers guild
are a lot about what it actually
occu the better it had any urgent
arena or are you going to be
called her over the Internet are
what I bring Iraq that are heard
that know what kind of all your of
the electorate out here are
operating at the art of
everything that are rich in it
are rare. Artur deep in our earlier work. But
about how about you have any of
the weekend are your own yard or
write what you are our language
B AAA to what are you a lot better
at this all but one thing in the
lining for here where or
perching taxis and ray Whitney
presid while it really are in order and
what you’re looking at what are
you worried at all in, you are
ready to roll it may be hurting at your ID been in Europe are
called board. When you’re
driving around a bit, but no
right knee. Here are there be a
cardboard i and better be out there that we
beat her out of your IE right at
that time that are no immediate
probably a barter and less of t replaced it with the financial
backing back by quiet and polite
man who had had their own home,
Adam, a man at a home game in a I am I a home is moved as the steep,
Rancho and I’m Steve Pomerantz B’s time for real estate around
that this is the time every
single week we get together with
noted real estate agent terry
story and since then just recently
coming down and B fed has
actually been raising short term
interest rates but this time
around or w has led to lower interest rates
for mortgages paper starting to
see what 3 1/2 to 4% three half
percent B said basically or were also seen as any B real
shortage of affordable housing
Willett said that you never use
of the year low levels of
immatur was toppled about prices B think
that this all the prices were
rising year over year low of
four half percent bright and
that’s Sunday about falling into
recession as far as a real
serious things are still very
healthy of the things are very
healthy B1 we B. Owen which have a real estate
in general the state is local to
something happening in
California may not have a direct
impact B for time to what the trend is
so there’s a national trend
regional trend of local trendy
idea to roast as local single
AFB ten of Connie B and driven BI saw
security payments by pension plans and pension
funds and listen in the area one
of them work is one of the high
tech pencil and so forth so
unlike also one thing that was found
very interesting was this idea
that B it’s possible that some
of these new apartments said the
bil while housing shortage in a
bright and oversupply of rental
units that spells conduct B that
we did see that you and I’ve
been d and so they wanna be one of
condos sold B could write
letters and other trash and
burned I know that’s B of sunset
I know I don’ B is a question you know we like
to quote Gary singer from sunset
knowledge of and animals to
guess you’re not too long ago as
a require a new security deposits
and only a salient I’ve done a
lot of these are the answer to
that is no soap B if you are
atten the tears eight security deposit
out there, when you become the
new landlord B should be
inquiring B is there a security
deposit of the landlord takes over B are
inheriting at least and a deposit money should be
transferred from the one
landlord to the other to seven
Alain lord cannot be asking that
ended or which B tells the terms of
police during the purchase
process-Ashford is the copy of
the lease B proof B monies were
as close to B of properties that have
tenants already in place of that
as it can I be worried that
things are gonna change in July
with a on because if they don’t do it or
they start to supply business of
some very serious B violation of rules that a cell
you know which had buyer’s
market street are a seller’s
market since all I wanna know
from you to solve what is the definition
of a seller’s market to the wait
to find markets it depends on
how much inventoried Paris and
so when it’s every first when
there’s less image for it’s a
seller’s market store inventory
levels last 4:50 months is very
much a month, market are we right now
it depends on your price point B
that’s a big answer. I know it’s
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tha listening to the Steve home show ever wonder how some businesses
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of his adult life answering this
question B is known for being
one of the original sharks on
sha should get you to be here that a
great day, or night live in an
atomic workers in Solana said
that you were watching TV one
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of a of about one out of the tower or
cardboard or that are all but a
lot of that it could be better,
but that you or short but are w update or on a card or read
about or value many years ago I
interviewed Ron Paul peel and
then this is successor to his
organiza now and is on a cell phones so
folks there with SB china’s best
to speak clearly and so one cell
B to move on and then you forme buy water draining the old Emily
park and resort got a copy of
water or need and that and have
entrepreneurs and by the shell
ar not you, but your own shopping
network and out of the net or a
lack of and we are not sure that
our own shopping and other aid i of that which you about that
kind of remember when HSN went
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show that are read it all and
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shouldered network of Ballard
and rerun of that world and third line
with a shot of our readers order
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of that all of a eight culture
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ar can improve our lives in a real
saying find a need and fill it
appears this disconnect between
the actually creating the
product solve your writing a column on
Forbes and its Allies, from June
7 B and other columns called my
hiatus, musician and was vital H and I write them together the
kind of like a big concert by
white paper that particular
situation to describe B. Adam
continue t of it that way you are a nation
that are at it that they
probably are but a little bit of
a war years now, what worried
there ar or will that that the building
like it. And I worked out with a
little by little bit are a part
of that would bite, but part of there’s a lot, but are a couple
of an attack, but part of what
you’d call it a lot of which but
that Arent building a road a bit holding a new audience is one of
the analogy here are some one
anybody has started a business
maybe they’ve got the new hot
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lot of that need are awash in th you get that word not a leap of
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that way, we’re not in the sugar
and college. The only be out of
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the buttered of leopard of what
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explanation in your article was
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of talk about knowing that all
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lot of people will realize that
it can’t. ID or shut up a
shelter about it or depend on
UPN more vote at what I call it the
shooting of the production of a
letter of the shipping them or
the top issue and that there
should bl sport has seen on global and on
and on and on its this B
analysts infinite skills like
stream of it didn’t have a light
on that that part is that nobody will of
the younger generation neither
should be told, watch television
is or is one of the order type Richard Branson or Steve jobs
are even B back when Henry Ford would
learn how to become centers of
influence can build these Brands
and a surly have the original
ideas that they learn how to build the
brand and learn how to build the
products B creator says Thomas B
where is the common for a yea , a ticket, to lead you
mentioned the knocked out and
let sure she and I always want
that are not becoming are you
are shopping the Oregon Board or the other
than that call you are certain
board, or shard of our B of what
I eat up all of a border guard
the the rate and showed no need
build their own brand build
brand of a lot and we talk about
it that world and the teachers
we need his unit of course all great
companies have a differentiation
but when you’re creating a
personal brother has no body
like you s because it’s the ultimate
differentiation nobody’s gonna
be like me tell you at what level am a
mother him there there and do or
what they are so B me a little
bit of advice four person really
jus that and you know a great
headway toward a talk about
blood banking on that, at Yale
street should be above market or
they’re ou with it and the people of the
yield and show you got the start
of water being listened and now
you’ve heard tell you that you
br the rule of what should be a
public relations show and there
are a large but I have a debate
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op of the need of Washington mall
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Rochester B a a are hereby welcome to climb your
host Richard wolf and today’s
program is about socialism and
the reason is not hard to
pinpoint joints begin by talking about
why it’s so return in other
words what happened and then
we’ll go into the transition
that sociali socialism is a criticism of
capitalism and as such it to criticism that
has been here as long as
capitalism as you might think of
socialism is capitalism’s travel
you every other economic system and
ministry of the human race as
odd people like it and people
who were critical of it having a
cri LC part of a society that only
becomes unhealthy if you have to
repress or denying the people of
experience and economic system socialism as a set of ideas socialism as a program of a
political party socialism as an
alternative way of organizing an
economic system both are always
tha in most of the countries of the
world today there are socialist
organization socialist political
parties in many parts of the wo that’s been going on for a long
time before the Second World War
socialism was an important part
of American culture and society and that’s important to remember
at the beginning of the 20th
century there was a famous
socialist leader Eugene victor
beds or I like to ask book was aboard
the IMS is what I speak to them
what state in the United States
had the most social was selected
t newspapers trade you and your
was your name it but then the
Cold War happened after world
war two and the United States decided
that its great enemy was the
Soviet Union kind of strange and
said been our ally in world war
two led to what we call the Cold War
and everything having to deal
with the Soviet Union was
demonized was declared to be
dangerous discussing socialism or
something most people avoided
altogether and for the fuel will
discuss that it was usually
treated as ev and that went so far as to make
the criticism of capitalism also
taboo so that people didn’t tell
it for example I went through a
education and economics
undergraduate master’s program
PH the program I was never
presented with a well as war with the crash of
2008 showing that capitalism
continue to be an unstable
system as it had always been that endpoints that instability
that always provoked criticism
that informed socialism as that
came back with a question to
whic has produced such a polarized 1%
vs. 99% that once again people
are discovering that socialism
has been a critique of the
inequa so all the ingredients are here
and guess what the cake is baked
that’s right socialism is back
in the political discussions ove and where do we see it around
the cells will we see it first
of all the wall that discussions
of capitalism the recent
conferenc around the world what was
noteworthy with a number of
conversations and panels aboard
two critical questions about
capitalism ma identified himself as a
socialist making get once again
part of the national discussion
and where people could manage
and that b once again it turned out that
socialism is capitalism shadow
and when the bright light of
instability as in the crash of
2008th as a socialist and the young
people who produce the occupy
Wall Street Coleman they’ve also
were able to pinpoint one of the
old of the gobbles conference in
Switzerland recently the leading
organization that studies
inequality in the world box
famine Engla produced its latest report at the ready as though richest 26 individuals in
the world together have more wealth than the bottom
as all the population of this
planet roughly 3.8 billion
people that’s right up the
achievement 26 people richer than 3.8 billion people
at some level of inequality
that’s beyond my capacity to
properly described other than to
give yo and we’ll also see and even see
them on this program no young politicians like lee
Carter in Virginia or d’Alene’s
Andrea all Kazuo Cortez here in
New York City who are willing
and and to prove to the American
people of socialism is coming back with
a vengeance but he is a equally important
point that I was spending rest
of today’s program working out
for you to socialism that is emerging is
not the socialism of our parents
and grandparents of fundamental
shift has happened and we shou Shadle as I’ve said about
capitalism which is also
changing 100 years ago most
capital is for people ran a
relatively small busi maladies we have a very
different capitalism the old
idea of a capitalist was the
owner and manager is basically
gone except for most of the business of most
capitalist countries is done by
yields corporations the owners
are shareholders but have
virtually why would we expect that the
socialism that is its channel
that is its criticism wouldn’t
have changed as well it has
changed bu in the 20th century socialism
went from a set of critical
ideas expressed by intellectuals
expressed by militant trade
unionist expressed by two
political parties seeking to get
power in the 20th century it turns out
a number of all socialist groups
together Black Power they made
the social change some of the m socialist governments emerged in
many other parts of the world will finish with a socialist
governments that came out of a
revolution in Russia in 1917 and
the Civil War in China after
world and so socialism have a new set
of tasks in the 20th century in
places where capitalism still
dominated they continued to be
mos when the country’s was
socialists became the government
they had all my job to
administer a new and different
kind of economic s might look like and we as people
looking at all of this therefore
have lots of raw material with
which to save what have we lear what is it that we wanted cheap
and bill Vaughan and what is it
that we want to change would we
have to go further than the web of being a major part of the
world and the second half of today’s
program I’m gonna go for
precisely how the old IP
socialism is changing into the new one ball before we do allow one
remind you that we maintain web
sites and a presence on you told
that we invite you to engage
worth democracy at work dock in the
fall of one word democracy of
work taught in fall and Barr G
wolf with two levs.com these web
site stay with us will take a short
break and we’ll be right back to
a two-back to the second half of
today’s economic update and once
again on your host Richard wolf
we’re talking about socialism an the socialism of the 19th and
20th century under socialism
emerging here in the 21st
century let’s start with what
socialism wat first the ordinance was that in
traditional capitalism the
organization of production how
we produce the goods and
services we a who buy a home to the means of
production the people literally
owned the factory building the
machine rules as they use the
war and the argument of the
socialist was that in capitalism
the owners of businesses the orders of the means of
production or in a position to
control the process of
production and to make sure that
the benefits the output of products within
which of them first and
everybody else second or third or fourth so
that the relative poverty of the
mass of working people relative
to the orders was explained by
the to divide things that way so
that the socialists and some of
the socialist criticism was that
any quality was unjust and that
it in other words it was called the
socialization of the means of
production they would become the
prime property of everyone so th mentioned in the first half of
today’s program this second
criticism of capitalism was not
about production the socialist
focus how did the goods and services
and everybody but don’t get
distributed in this society and
once again the socialist point
about of tiny number of people have
enormous portions of the welfare
society distributed to them
where servicemen as some people
have we allow the producer to raise
the price until more and more
people can’t afford it anymore
so the respected supply it will
now it isn’t saying there is a good
for the wealth being an elf of a
society to allow or distribution
not based on the human communi not based on the desires of a
democratically a organized
society but determined instead bible as
the most money to spend which
turns out to be healed as did
the group also owns the means of
pro socializing the means of
production and replacing the
distribution of goods and
services by means of a market by
instead doing i and that was the basis of
socialism for most of the last
century century left and that’s
why the Russian revolution and
the Chin changed everything anyone after
the means of production and a
one after the market they
socialize the means of
production they s manage how the means of
production are yields and the
government will also help to
play and the distribution of output that was a logical what
socialism had criticized
capitalism four and sort became
the logic of what socialism dead
when so but what could rush and
revolution a great change
happened a rushes through a
revolution in 1917 and talk over
close the stock m and subordinated the market data
got rid of the markets but the
markets were less important than
the government planning apparat after 1917 every socialists had
the edge and basically the
socialist movement split one part of it said yes the future of socialism is in Russia because that’s
where the socialist one they
must’ve been doing something
right they won the top power
that’s the fu didn’t solve this would happen
and it was really over the
Russian revolution and what it
meant and also supported the Russian
revolution said we want take a
different name father was
socialist but they wanted to
call what t who also was skeptical one in a
different direction held onto
the name socialists later on
they changed it and called what
they it’s one socialists takeover in
a society with the Bia lectures
and what they do is they will
regulate the economy and let
priva basically distributes things but
with a heavy dose of government
regulation to make it all worked
out less about equally to make meanwhile the other kind of
socialism which took the name
communism went further the
government did allow private
capital is to will take that’s what socialism
was in the 20th century but here was the problem if you
give socialist government’s new
kind of power that you gave in
Russia and China and if you give them the kind of
power in Scandinavia and
elsewhere to regulate you create
tensions in the communist world attention
was the government had so much
power the danger was it would
use it for political ends that
wer was undone by the push back of
the private capital is within
want their profits limited and
so overtime that there was a
reactio and there was the ongoing of
social democracy by the
resistance of capitalists to
lead by the end of the 20th
century social dem everyone shoulders including the
socialists and so they pass
themselves that following key
question of what went wrong what
is i it was the organization of the
enterprise the place where most
people spend their working lives
in the office in a store in the what had been left to them by
capitalism is still at an
employee at a very small number
of people and the employees a
very large that’s not socialism that’s not
what marks a great fears of
socialism had to say the the basis of society every
workplace and what would that mean me and
seven socialist or merging with
Mao and why socialism is
changing is that the problem was and is that if you want the socialism
that has always been the idea of
an equal eyes society gala terry
and society of society of liber you’ll have to begin by john
walker ties in the base of
society and that’s the workplace and what does democratizing the
workplace mean well the word we
use these days I’ll work to call
walks you make the workplace a how woods, do with that what
technology it’s gonna Urals
where the production is going to
take place and what is done with
the f the end, the profits and so want
to do much good ties the
workplace is what the communist
countries didn’t do and what the
socia if socialism is to go beyond
capitalism which was always in school than
it has to do with that in the
base of society although why’s
that changes it makes it the top
in the first experiments and 19th
and 20th century in socialism to
ruled on a sustainable and the
lesson to be learned is that
they different from the socialism of
the best we are living at a time
therefore not only of the
rediscovery of socialism onto
redisco thank you very much from
participating into this program
and I look forward to speaking
with you again next week global community radio dog walks
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male dog, a and an additional 118741000
afternoon, downstairs in the home friends to another edition
of economic update a weekly program that many of
you and all and that both of you
that are no are hereby welcome
to climb your host Richard wolf
an socialism is becoming an issue
again here in the United States thoughts begin by talking about
why it’s so return in other
words what happened and then
we’ll go into the transition
that socia socialism is a criticism of
capitalism and as such it to criticism that
has been here as long as
capitalism as you might think of
socialism is capitalism’s travel you can pretend you can dance
around but you will not get rid
of your shadow anymore than
capitalism will get rid of
socialism e having a critical part of your
society feel that way about your
economic system is a normal
healthy part of a society that
only socialism as a set of ideas
socialism as a program of a
political party socialism as an
alternative way of organizing an
economi in most of the countries of the
world today there are socialist organization
socialist political parties in
many parts of the world
socialist governments that run
the socie that’s been going on for a long
time before the Second World War
socialism was an important part
of American culture and society and that’s important to remember
at the beginning of the 20th
century there was a famous
socialist leader Eugene victor
beds or I like to ask book was aboard
the IMS is what I speak to them
what state in the United States
had the most social was selected
t I won’t bore you all by having
you guess I’ll tell you that
will surprise you the state of
Oklahoma that’s right that was
the st and the United States decided
that its great enemy was the
Soviet Union kind of strange and
said been our ally in world war
two led to what we call the Cold War
and everything having to deal
with the Soviet Union was
demonized was declared to be
dangerous discussing socialism or
something most people avoided
altogether and for the fuel will
discuss that it was usually
treated as ev and I went so far as to make the
criticism of capitalism also
taboo so that people didn’t tell
it Denver articulated a critique of
capitalism if they had criticism
they kept it to themselves well as war with the crash of
2008 showing that capitalism
continue to be an unstable
system as it had always been that close that instability that
always provoked criticism that
informed socialism as that came
back with a question 2008 sort o has produced such a polarized 1%
vs. 99% that once again people
are discovering that socialism
has been a critique of the
inequa so all the ingredients are here
and guess what the cake is baked
that’s right socialism is back
in the political discussions ove and where do we see it around
the cells will we see it first
of all the wall that discussions
of capitalism a recent
conference around the world what was
noteworthy with a number of
conversations and panels aboard
two critical questions about
capitalism ma identified himself as a
socialist making get once again
part of the national discussion
and where people could manage
and that b once again it turned out that
socialism is capitalism shadow
and when the bright light of
instability as in the crash of
2008 an when most bright lights shine
run shot all becomes real clear
and sober he could run as a
socialist and the young people
who pro socialist criticisms that
capitalism polarizes society
between a 1% rich and 99% that a
large as the gobbles conference in
Switzerland recently the leading
organization that studies
inequality in the world box AM
in Englan produced its latest report at the ready as though richest
26 individuals in the world
together have more wealth than the bottom
half of the population of this
planet roughly 3.8 billion
people that’s right the
achievement o 26 people richer than 3.8 billion people
at some level of inequality
that’s beyond my capacity to
properly described other than to
give yo no young politicians likely
Carter in Virginia or d’Alene’s
Andrea all Kazuo Cortez here in
New York City or willing and
able to and to prove to the American
people that a majority of the voters in
their districts will look inside
put them into office because
they want that perspective to be of socialism is coming back with
a vengeance but he is a equally
important point that I was spend
the rest of today’s program wo to socialism that is emerging is
not the socialism of our parents
and grandparents of fundamental
shift has happened and we shou shadow as I’ve said about
capitalism which is also
changing 100 years ago most
capital is for people ran a
relatively small busi maladies we have a very
different capitalism the old
idea of a capitalist was the
owner and manager is basically
gone except for most of the business of most
capitalist countries is done by
yields corporations the owners
are shareholders but have
virtually why would we expect that the
socialism that is its channel
that is its criticism wouldn’t
have changed as well it has
changed bu in the 20th century socialism
went from a set of critical
ideas expressed by intellectuals
expressed by militant trade
unionists expressed by a
political parties seeking to get
power in the 20th century it turns out
a number of all socialist groups
together Black Power they made
the social change some of the m socialist governments emerged in
many other parts of the world most famous or the socialist
governments that came out of a
revolution in Russia in 1917 and
the Civil War in China after
world and so socialism have a new set
of tasks in the 20th century in
places where capitalism still
dominated they continued to be
mos to administer a new and
different kind of economic
system so we have these early
experiments and socialist
management you might would we have to go further than
the web of four when we have to
go in different directions so
there’s a change in socialism
tha and the second half of today’s
program I’m gonna go for
precisely how the old IP
socialism is changing into the new one ball before we do allow one
remind you that we maintain web
sites and a presence on you told
that we invite you to engage
worth stay with us will take a short
break and we’ll be right back to a to-back to the second half of
today’s economic update and once
again on your host Richard wolf
we’re talking about socialism
and the socialism of the 19th and
20th century under socialism
emerging here in the 21st
century let’s start with what
socialism wat first the ordinance was that in
traditional capitalism the
organization of production how
we produce the goods and
services we a and the argument of the
socialist was that in capitalism
the owners of businesses the orders of the means of
production or in a position to
control the process of
production and to make sure that
the benefits second or third or fourth so
that the relative poverty of the
mass of working people relative
to the orders was explained by
the to divide things that way so
that the socialists and some of
the socialist criticism was that
any quality was unjust and that
it of everyone in other words it
was called the socialization of
the means of production they
would become the prime property
of ev mentioned in the first test of
today’s program this second
criticism of capitalism was not
about production the socialist
focus how did the goods and services
and everybody but don’t get
distributed in this society and
once again the socialist point
about a tiny number of people have
enormous portions of the welfare
society distributed to them
where servicemen as some people
have m and what is there reason for
that said the socialists the
institution of markets markets
are how we distribute goods and
service so over respected supply it will
now face only the demand of Vols
(via prize in other words the
market is this is a global commu portions rebroadcast on KFC or
OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
failed us all the article said
KB the oldest Federal WR O’Neal
the all you are a que OP Angelica WX
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only new lives on convert all
lawmak act of violence during his two
government protests over the
weekend the least give them a
cloud is more as Hong Kong
protesters asked the protesters say they
are demonstrating against what
they see as erosion of rights
under the one country two
systems arr in 1997 PM o’clock the
allegiance on Monday Israeli
prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu ordered the military
to cut fuel transfers Netanyahu also instructed his
staff to prepare plans for
building a new neighborhood in
the west bank settlement near
where to m the call of the international
space station successfully in
relocated this way a space
capsule to another docking port
today the heavy rainfall and slash floods
that killed over 60 people in
Sudan and left nearly 100
injured the official Soviet News
agency this is the only names U.S. President Donald trump
granted a release of Lines
Monday at the G7 summit in
France were told reporters that
China has reac and cynicism that they still
getting less than one and one is
the server the same as the studies
as saying the city is not a lot
of despite the positive news
about China analyst Wriston
Miller s unquestionably on the big issues
that really matter on climate
change on international trade:
There is no unanimity of monks
to act is very much in 76 plus one
format right now that is what
we’ve seen at the previous 2G7
summits in which the president
of t divides a brief as similar as
the reason that the all stars as
the Iran and the United States
of them in a state of heightened
s a revision of the one that is of
a party Weinstein is due back in
court in New York City Monday
involving testimony from the
sopranos actors eight these
chilly wat up a a a a a : the island is one of the two
edition published today for some
update from Brad Shuman the
protection from: an interview
that c without Bryant units built the
trial before the show in june to
explain what’s been going on to
a couple of months later than th , I think that it is or what’s
the sense that they are asking
that the sapping also are now
lives in such a trip to the
courtesa come out and we’ll talk industry
is easy to whittle action from
why are we spending is in Iraq
shooters the standings that’s a
C national Airport they were in
Cincinnati which there’s an ad
was that the undercover cop was
already crowded seeing and an
Adams outdoor no clashes between such
an increase in operating a cedar
ridge is by spies and give me a
state level results B starter b counties in Washington to begin
releasing for sure but the
iraq’s Kurds in tryouts in all,
it generated by their being the
opera not concern that Islamic
guerrilla control the aging
lawmaker in all of that is
automate the subtext and is the
greatest asset b vehicles a gathering of the
Chinese Idaho, bordering on
himself are intending crackdown
officers to detect a exotic
question any and any other kinds of is not
the deal at all China would
never be because of cost and I
think there’s a lot of minority
up beca hander argues that the sun
shines coverage of drilling off
by a paramilitary forces update
the police mushy people’s
liberation SEC director protesters into the
disintegration is also is
unclear what exact numbers on
the streets are in a statement
to build and the staff laid out clear
that were once again the
courtesans and the acid of all
the peoples lives of the Israel
began paint sense of right now is a signal
to use China trade wars about
about your station 7:00 shadow
and data which I mean, we’re
also on tested as an IDs night so one of
the things you have the usual
republicans o’clock saros got
the ball is issuing Chinese
Congo i it actually a separate stains
matter which he claimed that is
as a [email protected] server urging
the practices by its exotic as a
Pi indulgence and all of artists
are writers and editors a wallet
and economic news and articles
are writers cheer and yell at
them for joining our stations going
on is used as easy as that of a
just a store or reason is is a
wage is that under a party in
nego is back and forth in such a
jury, most of us are more
political issues others of peace
and Nationwide was solutions web
site are his question that it’s also the
question on lines and when all
of Seattle it stays that legal
changes of address for by the
exhi that this would just don’t earn
college and other signees and
that it would be no difference
whether nobody will cut into
sun’s does have all callers
questioning whether that uses
advanced API is a litigator
council and so then it has no
reason not to gobb into the second remaining arms
on the other things are a lot of
work and sometimes locks on, we
never be kidding about watching a triple rest one of the
politics are looking into the
crowds and things you do not
worry a chimney beaten exile
likely destinat them were that the mikado should
have called the work of a
two-person per test it against a
very slick, and as long as the
thing Jennifer Clark state what was
that even if years ago and still
eating is releasing it for me
and on the economic stability
can g calling for an end to violence
and are charged to peace and
Kong index of leading all unused
ticket as needed our last week
that concern that if Chinese laws
impose a bakery in all, been a
consultant at the pentagon
sports audience did last lot of
them at t , and Symantec CD and eighties
to so far off is ample evidence
as of all rights in auto
accidents that occurred as
fortitude exa and beyond all doubt and you’ll
submit TV be one of our leading
powers it works in other areas
of the party products and then
be can you also have a job for
address is stirring up a
lottery’s addresses at all
unusual stores out actors
topping out at a store bottles businesses in danger
signs China as the larger
markets up into a topping the
Balkans for the purchase of the
Woodburn fe as the flags of Britain and the
states being waived the National
Systems to come from Perot’s
movement and drafting event or
sup enacting any matters,
application all of the managers
and the kindergarten sections of
the bridge sides Elwell because
there is water singers like your kids
alder testers enables me to
since the start of the British
will keep their dogs as Utah
State case even tried out of the keys used
site lies and the audit also
isn’t enough that would let the
side as automatic the last
number s What impact the listings were
not your data is able to exert
more dangerous Concours be on
site near future in this show.
But ra divinity does have a need for
residents noncommunist countries
are from an outhouse site at
stake are not get enough fraud,
as i gunfire novel writing there can
be bought is no license to
capital markets and then putting
the dockside company to frog
uses lo adopters that are at it in the
product is not is always use them slain all, it is no
ship cheer a Decree year of what
it is taught and it continues
autos could see not a single
sloppy into a mixed bag because I think
that inside were so much beyond
the demand for the exhibition
hall to be strong, died in
autops loss will be on scale and then
the framework of the results
wanted out of just getting ill
to stand longer hospital
batter’s box contest is to be a singer 10
years in jail and a chart of all
unlawful guarding I give a slide
isn’t as though a lot easier for masses continues our coverage of
the monies, as constants about
what’s come out and desires
their money’s not snapping and
senat is bondholders 700, it’s all
money and resist artery or
doesn’t obligate a settlement in
the press boxes in origin tried
and are past months and changes of our
ended without a seat complaints
that the western leftist butcher
many interests are in the meanti idea is to induce abortion and
lack of courage of calls from
western last time I think, sizes
because of visa AMEX tear apart
th lacking in a rattle off in
government is on Israel of one
side of undersized 30 CTS and
washed and is mandate that
Wilson usual as a city of New York Knick that
these are things like releasing
any of all is all but the one
that runs the binary stars are
en , Georgie what the others cannot
imagine signs of what it was a
way to Don nickles issue in a
sliding offers all of that was
all , and that I should just because
a lot of another team in
addition to such an appointed
intervention Supply Stores in
internatio , the left as they’re known, is
based in because there’s a
history on a Mac is a message in
China October 26 to seven of his
rig a history of sectarianism that
has been a goal of course any of
them, or call the matters and
become they sit at the chair
words a classic until they all said
idea what is to focus on these
Asian rights issues are issues
of addresses and Gary Aidid was
very or is that you have a chance as
usual at isn’t so far it is so
they’re not always the state and
local college is not the cities come when of organizing for the
longer term exposure for
efficient way to go to one with
a portraitist Arnold war on the
other g is there a second question is
are identified in a bid that
Ortiz of the Chinese government
is hoping that mention the open
seas and somewhere on the point now
in which it’s the dangers of
their loved ones week as a Latin
region are winners this is
becoming China does not want to have all
our going on on the site is
latino, upland site will bat for
china’s judgment this isn’t as
poss beyond incisions interesting
questions let me up is that he
is a million years as a
consultant in the fact that
unused year of u as long as I’m against a watch
and on such a move in with Nokia
years in which governs last
incident in their hearts you
have th government Spain zip be were
selling jobs of some reason else
about eight or add up all the
games awards bomb squad industry
fil handout, it’s also sees the boss
orders were spotlight on the
street when there’s thousands of
incidents during the latter’s
rig border changes that ran it could
make some kinds of concessions
that could to take some of the
steam out of the movement for
thi ideas will issue says the fear
that if you get back of the face
of protest and people realize
that would assist as a way of
gett and local example, to classify a
separate incidents are well at
night and it’s and it’s your
back in the third assistance for
on in some around the
[email protected] of Taiwan as
Utah to double as the standoff
to quite the opposite of council
will hold on Jul the westin’s and we actually
just misled with the concert was
the council races are undecided
is that you did not alter his
word and settings to get in a state
warren responses to skating
burden for that kind of lines
beyond was seen because they
want and j wind assets: Eason that status
she is carrying out that when a
jihad on the unseen sites during
these charges before any outward I don’t know what happened at
least one region can get her
supporters protested is to take
on icy mail order action and so
I can ) two Hong Kong based editor
with new one on one magazine was bundled and the programs
behind the names but after
musical bread revenue through the add a man in the home movies the the man who move the move in a I assume they chose by the
challenge with 26 number one
performed well for Brendel next
cashmere Lotus says the
government of Indi the only one of the country’s 29
states with a Muslim majority
population Jews racially part of a donation
of the customers to host a
republican in the fourth
government’s not direct control
to the cong panel and I really Miss Molly
with the legal status of Kashmir
going into this question show
began to slay the first yes I be
in and get this partition between
India and Pakistan happened, but
what happened was on to protect
really in shock was that most of east are also was given to all
but a stunt because these are
Wilson was acting city has
undergone upside down menu and
India tha identified as the forties and
that you were when all was not
an easy was acting OPS (CD
didn’t want to look the part of
India he unstoppable in the neck by
ditches and obtain, and I’ve on
a batch sort out all the store
up to about 1947 to 1 kissed me
the ch tried some in the shell beach
where backed by pockets, which
did not know what this week and
Dr. and exit to up to pockets, I
go Thailand middle and out of feed
and sidewalk is caught the
instrument of accession not an
energy articles and art the eve
of the that basically but also putting
pressure on the edge of a single
pool unsigned as instrument
technician that can be a support
or inside these secular democratic
standard in Der rather than 18
cracking up to standards would
sort of iron Oakland as we
identit that Argus is this does not buy
into a store the Indian not
constitutional ad that helped
some of the conditions led that
at som which is articulate and
constitutional that came into
being, or as a contract as a
pact between that this will need
the support stock market recently at the
Bengals until the process but a
bittersweet people that it was
not up on me your theater at
your ow son in a row at noon at this was
like car unit Dan think about it
is a bit like the United States
are as a sovereign states whic of what happened subsequently
was that I took the 70 and got
the sponsors of autonomy and the promises of a second win
of the kiss repeat of the Israel
but the doll and these let us up
the banner of it all with ban NT I was that it doesn’t
formally opened a signal that
wasn’t what it said Crescenta
think that they do not want
bonded are to s slots and shiny and are
beginning to look at a site on
the property sheet people would
walk for the meaning that India
but when the causing that the work is
needed but enjoyed yes autonomy
and other states into a
situation or your age and Ronnie
Dunn said in only a short in international
for ID the U.N. and so on up and
up got into the sweetest old
tour bus ability to see if it’s
k it scored beans and state will
we have done everywhere that
bids on technique between
questioning doubt that at some
kind of con other than moving in this
direction for for a soldier’s
grove or the governments are not
dying before the war the
government too the hearts and minds of as many
people as autonomy than a dozen
other participation that that
these bodies that part is the
conn and is sponsored by public
walking elections behind the
status that all these bodies
that it but speaking elections
and they sai that not once was accompanied by
getting burned widespread human
rights violations are so last
great as custodian and those
bits be argued with Jordan, the
democrat party and blackened
about parties the political wing
of the basically a fascist a
British op as their organization said it
was the union’s black shirts at
all and not just out of the NAZI
menace just not what I wanted
the at selected because the follows
a bit of an additional up and
the upper body that what the
court would be studied in jungle
back which other words in calling
contents they said it was
started in the nation and is a
bit and in one day short and
nodded off th struggling to deal to low and
American interview of that title
but G, or any set of back of the
cost of a higher bid was seems t budding chains and the Jim crow
laws and you’re learning battles
is little or no ideological
stained dark of course we want a
sp essentially what does that mean
the end does the backwaters of
our journey once the initial
this is a picnic and on both
ends of exciting because bar and dining
out into the lead for the
fallacy for a lot of the people
of this region’s rage as eggs
exactly crime is single, Jordan is
somewhat and our scheme of
things that one does maintain
because I don’t resent the
business because orbit problem that story is that
I’m not buying a warrant out of
the best me of what Dr. Cotton
prints by the use and not in an our bats and adding witty and we
are the top and then it was set
as an industry because hard way
when party add up to a 1 to 1 o about not being offered by
picking the lack of buying
pushed me what are some insight
wildcats that’s what that’s what
independe intellectual and Bristol street
was competing being copied the
list now I will never be certain
stage in our diet was inspecting night but do not have been was
to about a dozen others are all
but it should be causing the
course content that being the
Intern Boeing up a site that sends the
award was issued under the old
should be out of a disciple
after the date they care about
the wo are installed at will and bat
during its oldest is not a
necessity of its does not, we’ll
talk about the disciple of our
or 1¢, rows behind in sight to do not
address the Secaucus and some
kind of model of what is that
when you think of is that going
up th on fitness to be the crucial
data recorder a shingle the
communist party and Indian war
for list was racially and
Kashmir what y or game is knocking you want to
stick bond and he’s concerned
about resolving Dickerson issue
or any of that as these are the
co a small bottle, and Shula
running it is that would have
one cell is that these products
into the base install for it not
to whit add you can PT dangerous team
that has been a cool under a
deal and sold are just yesterday
one of the standards of going on
abo article in Qatar and I danced as
the best almost see much as a
result of what about the tactic
was used in essence of this
dange had the board was to basically
said Gil, corn, e.g., as most
indebted to teach which wanted
to be growing at a Sunday caused
ana of a kitchen is the biggest
example of the suppression of in
will dissipate from indy of the
board is to just a question that
di arm now looking copy to get a
consortium of one of the people
in India including even begun
sections or lack of a critical
of th got a response that are these
the top of the streets as
addicting against a sense taking
a course that once there’s a
trial next that would be coming for your
rights and you can happen to
start the application of the
rights of its ratings aren’t out
what yo bottle or to cause the dominant
role of the year of the date and
claims by boarding a stage that
are being conducted in water th document ago legalistic but the
detective agency laterally
suspended article the
constitution they should not it is completed,
it does come into court Judge
Darlene>S and sends caution is
not understood that are needed a UNR to stand up and see
something our countries and the
little to do something but under
orders that was the more the us
ideas g that’s what we’re worried
worried about because the CIA or
write on what’s legal hot and
now we feel it’s an important
for the t or a concerned about humanity
that an inquiry upbeat and as
the company on their bodies of
the other is that now Ostankino
notch are participating in democratic
process are the warden of up to
the desert in jail and there’s
no pretense event that in any of as an elected government on
about whether or not to stop
tour to be an ideal are racially
part of a obligation of the
third part bus station will argue that can
be angry these letters cannot
perform in the shoulder or told
us not that would include execs
ne backup on Disney bought out and
got a pretty theoretical debate
about arms more details are as
good maps that we are actively
in one boys are scoring you on the
street and constitution and
Arlington National Guard U.N.
and the Geneva convention ended
up and against a wood and installed a
cause that black children have
envisioned as a cross up the
street for instance Galoob toys
as yo on the Pleas of the army are
becoming an insecticide and
written the upbeat not arrested but not as opens Sunday
at the site and outs of that
does is one of the means of
keeping economic record that’s
because genetic not so much of it, the
court of Canada and our art or
Germans band will get all your
son is called-run either
business r . Often they watch for complaint
about the fish and chicken
Tuchman I don’t know and I and
our guests and started at the
school a shuttle mission on so on
accidents Bernard article got a
good now soccer star on mark Mr.
Got on a small but are not idle
unde ideas on what sense that arms
that investors thought he would
bet on schools, what’s the state
you aren’t as can be a second
out seat to set up on this is that
not just the markets and worked
as an elected government does or
does that mean I’m willing to st art and Wilson did just that
such as Ted Wilson and a party
as exposed concentration camps
when it does more to the public
is th the distinct but when the
branded as if it does on credit
cards book is about as the ninth
inning, which under control
archived argument and citizenship son was
one couple will best research
but a zealous than doubling the
suspected of being caught the
she aren’t created Chiron’s number
of statements as eight spots
that the speaker at building a
crisis, but one does this
happen, was ordering story is a combatant in
them, but it sounded a story
text article about it and we
watched a consortium that would
call buzz nor, students out and some
will be a witness cooperate
corny, but a tiny as this trial
will not stop the artists and Al
as at the console, we’ll start the
stock would be a tight end of
his neck not want an Oxnard
Babbitt would come with arson at
all w someone can stop talking about
the nineties storms unseen that
we’re in the 1930s dominated and
got right now in and out of the opposition I just mentioned are
assessed not all I know that’s
the fee includes of that, but
our efforts that two of the
farther the & or bought one of the most
scenic doctors in your toes of
cocoa such as the problem was
that I get in and out of the
cotton coast of the accretion on the
leader of the communist party in
the largest one of the governor
of this journal liberation of
Fed to next week but bad move the in a a a in the eye I if you’re noncommercial radio
station is looking for new
programming service to their
when the local programming is
broadcast or for more information about
becoming a global community
railroad broadcaster e-mail loss
of global community radio FG
male dog, t a home a a a a a a a a a a a home a a a a a a a a I IIIIIII IIIIII I a a move the man a I IIII a a a movie I a a a I I this is a global community radio
channel one news and more
portions rebroadcast on KFC or
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failed u KB the oldest Federal WR O’Neal
the gap wm UUOP Madison WR ECU
OP Angelica WX of your OP New
Orleans and WX IROP Rochester they’ll say three short name hot
border between the kind of
client in the EU and all the
nines in the UK Johnson says
what he fe it comes as a backlash hated the
prime minister’s decision to
suspend content just weeks
before that deadline continues
to john and a sister said that both
Joshua long and Agnes shower
taken to police headquarters
Wallin said was forcefully
pushed into a p prominent pro independence
activist eddy Chan was detained
as well the day before the rest
come after the police baton mass
marc ukraine’s says the process of
high profile prisoners swaps is
ongoing and has not yet been
completed becomes is hostility
cities tutoring clinic 24 Ukrainian
Sailors were detained by rusher
last year after a standoff in
the Kirch straits Ukrainian
filmmaker was released from custody to the
top and Moscow 2000 people have
not died in the current include
outbreak of the Aussie it’s als and if a sense both lifetime
Simon marx’s the world continues
to digest Boris johnson’s
decision to suspend temporarily
the acti as opposition parties try to
secure sufficient support either
to block the prime minister’s
plans or to approve a vote of no
con and resentment is a political
correspondent for the British
newspaper the times and active
column and is close to the house
of c since 2016 o’clock concert was
too small house isn’t in the
body over running through the
two stations recruiting their
old basi britain’s current date with
destiny October 31 with a cousin
spotlight when Simon marks at
the same as an independent
source of on a wealth of order and video
stores from a global news
bureaus on face book you can
find a sample of following
feature story n the rest until way with words to
show the language and how we use
it on grandparents are at the
bar next week at a couple weeks pine belt and we heard from when
the sterling in Pennsylvania who
points out that in Pennsylvania
they have the potato belts bec -kind that the third. Bags of
potato chips often say that they
were made and then canceled by
any of that in fact sometimes
they in L.a. at the rally is and was
interesting as we also heard
from Howard in Fairbanks Alaska
who said that the same thing
happen have the banana belt at school
or we know there a lot more
belts where you come from and
not onion belts the couple
Simpson use e-mail us or your language
questions anything words and we
were greeted at work or doctors
aren’t whether that W a YWORD
party h mainly welcome was: eight one and win at am having a
graduation party and mailbox
that a little bit of an argument
about the origin or did occur in
been f you and your bank. You’re no
longer a telephone wire and I
did all we heard any increment
telephone wire write a lawmaker jut out AR you
the opportunity and data
corporation insures architecture
in the middle of popular but she
respo body hair that you deny golf on
wire hangers from a telephone
wire you don’t look like a telephone
wire and I, and we’re looking at
Internet and boiling water a liar liar and a retired your
inquiry water bottles and Ryan
for a height of that. But we’d
heard that you and the pain she
got great bouquet what it’s come up with a
liar who was: a reader member of
the enemy their column as part
of some buyers aren’t you miss the researcher Barry pop it UPI
take that on some digging on the
sun is setting up slightly
similar version of something
about l that said the earliest versions
that we know this awry and where
you rhyme. On the liar liar
pants on fire with something
else i coat. That’s his version of the
opposition great as any in my
mom will add that acting on
their mother, you would need to
get it really exist for us anymore that
some out telephone from a woman
was the route from right to deny
the melody that that she was s but I think about this as there
are more a labyrinthine versions
of the rhyme that some people
know their beyond the two lines
o dirty water as a lead to some
lines missing that ensured that
it is a very good best we can do
is the earliest version of we
kno address-will you have an extra
Colonies Emily A year revenue
that the MN TLI never heard the
last part of the panel had never
he about language to word to a
wayward radio data were gee up a
the eye of the envoys mail from Cape
Africa in Indiana has said that
when she was going up and mom
one in gear ran it was a mess
she was income ran a night like the
acted as a medicine it’s been
around in a circle in with
indecision are not knowing what
to do a rea three where people were on eight
shutout and more seasick and
they had this whole meal set
before the half the pages of
patents armoire a crash in armored
battle ground. You a line call
18 earned-run out we needed
another cord and brain. It will
launch and off, and are markedly and had
lived in our banner that are no ordinary than three. Original
thing, and so it’s by swaney
rumor and what the context the
wind would use hear your
grandfather s foreign yell every night that
was he happened to the
conservative person and are you
read about or were you being
protected from in like that in a figure that TA
northern English and dialect
expression I show warrant
meaning basically I swear that I
know th she is certain that there are
many others around the unit
there are any doubts in northern
English dialect version of it
was on you’re into a night for the Sega
Saturn will be at the compound
the sages unconsciously a kind
of ironic that at 1 to 882.
There On and I am carrying on in the
heat by the time it got me beat
out hundreds of years of history
anyway-on into the steep going r are properly about a kid I saw
in this country even now it’s to
use mainly an American south of
a million, believes a little bit sisyphus cuts that speaking
regions some stuff was name was
not as well as I receive an
(877)-929-9673 or join us on our
face bo at home who had 111 one 17, so that the old student
cleary is different than a
certain characteristics and we
laugh down to the Indiana stone
belt weird , loudest and there is Indiana
limestone and the mayor and then
1979 film breaking away which is
about the bicycle competition a for a scene at the end but, they
were called carter’s they were
the students there in Central
Indiana they were they were the
cu (877)-929-9673 e-mail us words
act we were greedy about org or
talk to some 20 W a YWORDB a a a
a a new sense of L.a. with the s I was in global community radio dog walks
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you can find program schedules at global community radio talk
blocks paused off, global
community radio dog walks paused
off, your listing to a way with
words all give you the name of a breed
of dog and others cried and over
some of that breed of it has one
letter changing its name and the new breed can live on
carrots parsnips turnips and the
light that means you’ve got
eight^while are more of the best
way to k as you’ll soon see I visited
ripening with a starter go down
and do what does it look forward
within that may market data here
a start with a plug the new breed can tap it take to
be a record low pay for up to
that get up there and then the
client and logs that have marked
a 20 week at the fifth and that’s
the right where you go from, but
a battle, but that called on the
up start with a a labrador
retriever the new breed is very useful for
healing a taxi labrador
retriever in a moment. The board or Dutch oven
or a lack of a military are no
useful in New York and Chicago
start with a bulldog his new breed as nobody gives
off a light you can read by them
all but the problems of as a
citywide and he had known as
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and considerable a burglar and
as a vice parable ESL of the ad
start with the chill while one the new breed is always in style it should officiate qualified
now sat she quality as start with a great team at the
new breed is very home on the
beach . And a great deal less start
with the Yorkshire terrier the new breed to be trained to
use the travels have 422 out of
the flooded area of that, to see
a picture that one of the store the pomeranian the new
breed of babe Ruth and one for
as many as the sultan of swat
pomeranian, as of October on a
rol start in the springer spaniel
the new breed can instantly tell
you the price of an identical
supermarket checkout effort of a
me started only she and the new
breed of the hardly any change
in all instill man’s best friend
pal mission yet until may miss
my n , so great that I jumped the gun
by the time of the inability to
foot language on the shelves
join us online and tell us your
pr open the way with words I near the beach and bacteria
and I’m coming from Medellin guy
who are mentally zero over the
cell death of your mind grant
Carb you would have called gallon of
ice cream refrigerator and look
at that morning and market it
would kind you that we have open
c , but are you could not be a
quirky and why has he liked what
was his background currently but
morning and 19 call back then
and on very near the Canadian border
the land and thinking it will
become part of our I read the
one that’s getting products , and are a highly conditioned
cordia from Federal grant money
back in and an unnamed Rev. army
wide working for a couple of Sel written it off of it in Calvert
could be used and armed Q that
you now or what happened on the
enemy and are aligned by little
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from: and it may go all the way
back to us as stocks were
deplorable which means income
fledged bird that have all but shut
ever-third party if we had
nothing to do with FDA and
different word event Il RB or GL
RBI E2 spots were is a comedian J.M. jays are
known to be greedy, rapacious
animals will compare to birdie
on the bird, and the most of the
citati and so I wonder if this
inventive interplay seven idea
of out of the J burdine greedy
and also the old scouts term for
a creed e anyone caught between quirky
forwards the command of the
intended JS not exactly the
project are not backed entirely
possible. I mean working. One way up in
Northern Maine for a great deal
of Canadian increment are off,
said he is it now that be at
your v a bit with the Cajuns and 80 and
served I had been a lot of name
cannot afford to add that are no
one here that are rapidly bein (877)-929-9673 B of the top of the home of the their minds me in a funny
experience I went with my
husband to the funeral of the
husband of the late sister of
the late mother the fifth and she writes seven
daughter in lock on the deceased
to my car made when the
rendering introducing me as our
cousin f near cousin of just who was
friend of the family has coming
in here group, the IP H Yasir
like the discussion and a lot to
me at it sounds strange to say but
when you’re living that
relationship that’s a real and
authentic and are part of the
fact that he d will arm and when you are the
expression don’t know from when
people use that really turning
them into a liberal can think of
th band, call me direct and people
that are better. In real life.
They were from heat, and
winning, where people have been
and will or are on record happy to share
a year ago but surely 30 years
or Sharon all her record sets up
the finesse and reforms into the how to vote to wrecked barring
word for word from the U.S. for
easy to learn the means he
doesn’t know anything about
anything. product and on into the next
five years and know anything
that isn’t all from often enough
fond memories from the idea and
soda practices and do not track very
well from Lynnwood sewing would
even when you combine several as
languages or where they’ll look its stock and nobody corrected
back from two about that is not
a valid 18 PM one last thing
unless you what you said earlier
sto and the public from Kohlberg
were devices that have strange
constructions where you sit out
the penny in the top and then
takes (ticket information ticket sales
are up closer to his recalled
there by saying that a year and
I would call is (877)-929-9673
to man a home in cases where the other day for
this is the record of all the
times and accidentally get
across preclude correct its own
citize counseling of hydraulic
processes that weird you can
tell if something went down and
have a set of water looks
different era, an (877)-929-9673 high in a way
with words are a bit of a right
turn a corner of the California
and Bryce was up between 4 to 1
at a people. Abort her car and
other people. Report at M.
Having made it plain that people
all in arguing that a look at
note that smoking a bowl together the laws
are different California Soriano
to me, and some people say when
the ball is nothing but passed it as if it’s cached CAC at AED
west as an art at the touch, and
that should think of what the
88888 out of interesting soaps
ei tap through a variety of
different slaying mechanisms
back to its point of origin rate
index to go to ask is well so
they both a on and on, you might say that
off route to free a mime fact
that there’s no limit to two
brought strides means for
finished your expiration of the current
activity and by the 1980s we
have implants slain uses of
people saying despite these past and are
literally talking to slip into
battle it out to smoking
marijuana second be either one
from completel get our recruiting rights you
know about people were to write
a good deal of the 13 out in the
right and both have long
historie S a walled think that we’re
nowhere is this recall that this
year but then the idea that
great slain collider of the
concept. Th or send us an e-mail the dresses
words and we’re greedy and that
the largely B a a a home-buying for what he’s
worth and selling for what he
thinks silvery no one has to do
a lot of doubts that you would
see tha stories about words and language
of things you order sought or
read two words that we were
reviewed up or support for a way with words
comes from jack and Caroline
Raymond Pratt sponsors of
wayward into the nonprofit that
produces and for more information about
becoming a global community
railroad broadcaster e-mail loss
of global community radio FG
male dog, y but did director of the Maurice
sendak foundation was going to
some of his old files last year
in founded on a published manes. but the great news is is is
coming out next year: applets
nice and you know me and said
Axel last televised interview he
was ask that’s the children and our
minded me and eight quotation
that I saw from EB quite the
ouster of Stewart led all in
charlotte’s EB white said on the topic of
writing for children in a reader
writes it down to children is
the wasting his time you have to
wr fearlessly and clearly I had
them against the advice of
experts them as polite and the
except did it without a quiver
in charlot the one where 99% of it was a
pretty great story about a bunch
of kids in York City having to
go to dramas income a complex of
p in Clearlake
Yet what was also SD you to
change gears to shift gears to
write for children sanitation
skiers in a structured yea lots of taste of the world to
come, I will be adults and
people will challenge me like
this all the talk will sift
through all w Cal have a way with words that
are married and having no idea
he was meanwhile, both regions
where well at that point in the
bac in part by needed neither we’re
talking to me about making her family a virtually gone he asked me to bring in an
American man or a mime card and
art, can be an intern in a
reminder of government as the
third, in a a night and will add an
overnight heard what you do have
heard of fully recovered the
weapon at the top of the singles
and that are older generation than any
other beaker Arnold read on
neighbor heard me that would not
know is if only the older
generation me get my pocket like my husband
had an apple of regret that
there be a nod and they’re had
illegally copied from that did not like it had Mandel,
shell integration store my mind
that are insisting that happen
on a really hot and a nominee an About it you guys have any idea
where that we shared a leaves
you as a matter of fact it is a
story of 400 years of British
hist but when the British first
Mexican getting cattle wide
variety of edible things that
the court not bring home because
there’s no one of those fruits was the
mango and as a particular way,
to making a choppy that you
would prepare a mango and this
is our mos and so you can find a wide
variety of recipes over the
centuries of people talk about
main going different kinds of
fruit invest but then the transformed one more time in
the pickling technique may and
which came from the fruit name
and was only applied to a couple green bell peppers and it took
the mound four of the verb which
had been verb from an elbow for
some of the top of that made yet and for some reason that
particular noun main goal
referring to green bell peppers
it for a long time work
preserved using depth , one that will we are doubts we
know now that Summitt said it’s
an incredible story leaked a
deep history because it is one
tha is not it’s not mean Domingo in
the store at we have talked up
as a least once before on the
show and we got a message from a
gu we talk about it I run the show
which is that there’s a world
inside every word and what a
great history encapsulated in
the whe file like I am in place of the
tunnel that figure I have the
environments is delightful the
body of banking, the story about
the on meeting behavior and Willie
Harris for free to two assists
us in Fairbanks Alaska and she
runs about the behavior that’s
also and down the palace are narrow
lips straight up the slope with
any return to top this date back
down hopefully it is sometimes c life letters baseball medicine
and your workplace letters know
about it a 779299673 or send it
to us in the mail the addresses
w when I hope not. The committee
of the debate and the grandmother would would
all around. She. On the corner of the work
product of that which you know
that we do not prevent after but there are literally, but
much a part of the decade that
again, not too long ago we had a
reunion and are limited in a couple of
woodland police reported make
that happen not have known that
palm court of law , but we have not been a lot of
them along, which would corrode
that were long time ago and there were a ton of money
could have looked at my that
complement what am I am and pm
at a party and another opinion,
would in the rubble, to show all you
have a lot. Part of systems that
middle of making up for an
Ellicott be all the detail, see
you t avoid this is a good one, first.
It leads to my mind is you have
you ever by the Kong, Taiwan that are deep end of the greats
there fantastically I can say
that a firm offer one of fire
and yielded a nice could reach
claim sells one. And some annoyance
and guessing here of a dependent
holding something reserved on an
amended the first theory was tha reveal the bond is a fantastic
work called being the style of
Dixon and they have a few digits
of the page and 1/2 meanings of
t so smaller hard and one of those
meetings used testicle and so
forth and I’m speculating here
that perhaps it was eight more
gen a banquet in the earlier you can
make that because of another
call their work to the road of
this year’s show I wonder if
maybe it all back and get a better
shot at her injured, one of law
and poverty of one of the guide
that political event is the
fifth-s will appreciate your help and
one that it thinks that, without
Sanders a call (877)-929-9673
tough talk design phase but we
have tried it and you get help from
printing of the region are doing
well, what to do for you and
wandered out whirred in that she
ma and I’d had difficulty
pronouncing it in my
granddaughter and are now. On and it mean, N Datuk Leo board where a lot of
little value and I I’d like to
help you can help get on it and
come up that how you can hurt yo fox and not serve my ultimate
goal of both the kitchen part of
the not-quite at the Nike
accident. I have been back and
think an what the knot eight mentality
alley that they should serve as
you out there and then rate that
bytes, word and excel in tests
do you are. Are you sure bet that
way at AR, at the line. I will
make her captor, but in
Australia the second and you’re
out why ar the demands of like pat and but
I like all the night with that
would mean a lot of people that
point, we got interested in
Jesse on your picnic at an art than on
shelling out for the fifth of
the foot of there’s nothing if
you can browse as word fluidly
wit that this work was calling out a
bunch of words that mean nothing
are very little sold clock see a
fellow CCI and not seeing a U in IP HILINPRM Kelly PI tell IE
and that’s the case and just as
eighth a suffix in terms of the
fixes into and out of basics of and the eight segments about
what hyphens between but the
syllable are signs that the
segments numbered segments of
the new indi or contact your taking care not
to deny dean but I do a lot that
bite of a of the five were way with words
listen to years of past episodes
away with reviews on order to
find issue in the contest after
a grates and Iran to change the
way we’ve listened to think
about language in New York
making it happen thanks also to
senior resi support for a way with words,
summers and fauquier on employee
put on the honest, I’m proud
sponsors of wayward ink the
nonprofi and are the home itself for
those of last week S2 to start
with a tape of three and three
syllables rated in cursive but flip one
connecting segment from the
bottom of the letter to the top
and you now have a piece of
clothing i of the answer is juniper ridge
becomes a jumper are winning streak is Tara on it
and listens to keep year we
invented the the question is who is one of
these means all have in common Dirk bob wade through real and
power and as a hint disposal is
relevant to this time of year to again what property to these
names all have their pick of that we do real
and order when unit in¢ you name your
answer and the station which in
the puzzle to puzzle at PP of
the data were also like to one
winner II knew I assume this is as
decorative has often the death
of his 26 1000 is produced at TTL the high
desert community radio a new B like you listen to global
community radio to listen to
stay informed to listen to
discover music you have
questions, as are qu we look forward to hear this is
a global community radio channel
one news and more portions
rebroadcast on KFC or OP Frazier
par I have a VW of the Nazarene of the mountain to deal with these
Wells link between the personal
stories on this week’s time the
widely reviewed civil society to
som has a I think these kinds of its
communist my daughter could
afford the mortgage and more
in-the-he spends his time and
again fr the financially Mallett and you’re
listening to weld link chairman has spent the last six
years trying to find out what
happened to outspend some that
somebody so that was a widely
rever his disappearance strange
international relations with the
communist government in louts
the U.N. the EU and several in
GIS cont to DWP Board increase tensions
met with cement to return to the
scene of the high -dose of a minute of my life
that an almost see a slowdown in
life is nothing, in that items and shortening to
take a listen, like Shumate and
the 22922000 12th to change the
life is a main streets going to
what’s my house Air OTS, tie
their own hand out that night I kill some
nice job back to my house passing day of
the smallest this was a vote
some of them his wife used to
take every day on their way home
and it was a nonleague game. They
have to get them said it was a rainy going down
so it was as if it’s got a dining hall in separate as I
wasn’t sent us behind a study in the net as the upcoming closer to the
extent of tension of the
abduction detectives charity
contest and sat in the same as they have a
stunning pay attention to see the day-ahead and behind
a behind a traffic light estate agent 5¢ and stations
eight sometimes genocide
sentence on this case, it’s
cheap and stopped IDC Data and that is she was
stopped by just write home banking of debt that had been
there at that point , it is a close and open space
posts but it seems safer to stay
in the car 81 to stop day and
ask questions as many as IDs may
s if you want to get a second
study than your fellow, got that name the giant to take the
risk that chilling minutes to the whole of
security for the state shells
with a chilly happened that
night sky to police station that it takes a while to find a
file on the computer is an ADC
89 green had me to want it
anymore and the like to watch it the system as she conceded for the CS Dominguez this and it shows and then
getting out of it, CC in this system that he cut down and while defensive end and many reading
and motivate his C hearings into the police
post he walks and again every
move some doubts about his, and
then see see a shadow that channel issue means
husbands it is a loss in the
changing before his
disappearance that included
people working for them a he’s forced into a police car
and Russian women to the sea. Until softened even before
the election takes one to understand why he
and I don’t understand why the
funnies TTS that’s is associated
with the state that the CC no then I have of
wood reasons for the state has
to win in eight someone else’s
one party, missed Republic was
harsh in the studio into fuel before
his disappearance some of talks
about his strong belief in
ecologically sustainable growth
price this approach to the setup and
it’s which she always used 21 to
total community’s peace and it’s
in the police rejection of inti line and Michael as old as the society, 71,000 knowing
everything it needs many
perspectives, so we can also use
it to the government has had a
conversation wi guarantee of co-opt not it’s been a mystery to go to the
spaces and 20 that they call into this to
Steven B some of the
significantly damaged reputation
of the house on the
international scene B a re B. Marshall main things to
search for clues about his
whereabouts has reached a dead
and spas to more than six years whenever she misses aspen’s
chilling rights are at this time as a means to express jays is talking to him : sitting on the day he sent eliciting to some men
and venting C Meyerson that I’m continuing to
send you my face and of
investigations for you could
have now been in happens knowing that no massive way you
on us than enough taste in this
0:50 and you know if you whether you are shooting the whole as being left in me is beyond sat his intentions in that report by
christensen’s the eye of the
move a the eye in the cost of housing
has become a hot topic across to
any kind of mind and my supply
at closing ranks to skyrocket
acc in the capital 1,000,000,000
range has shot up by over 40% in
the last decade not buying the house population
growth and lower than average
wages exacerbated the suit they
also made it a time to squeeze
the companies are buying up cable
points and then jacking up the
ranks of today modernize the
buildings it’s become such an
issue th rent is meanwhile, finding
strength in numbers do not use
loved a right to make up with
someone and she sends us this
report . In lack even if they found one
man and-found 95 and 10- now than I intended to be no
plan to the fact that not more
expensive to see some of the neck and
Daniel it all started when I had
that building for being felled
and unlock the riots and it
came, of because rows with the goal mouth
of acting everywhere it’s not
like it’s not just about using
life of an audience of 4 to 1
that there’s no arrest: one it was
the kind of math events is here
and there may have come to Trent
ana’s building in southeastern
Ba meaning everyone renting a flap
that was half to pay more
because the sides of this year
old social worker Susana
business in th time-to five days Sisson is
facing a grand prize of more
than 200 yards to take a hike
the 50% season to the fact that
last eigh and it’s here that I’ve come to
hear about the tenants
experiences, as one of the month
of may and has 81B89 year old
and has be receiving a massive through her
future and sunsets and see how
many batting at his 921 and
studying all had been living in
the s is a priority they have their
own 25 years since something you
want to keep forever and away
the majority of panama’s
contents n faced with losing their hands on
your comments is a new and then
made this does anyone think
today to fight back in both
buildin if the owners could not and eyes
and they would renovate and said
that they don’t need the council
commission can renovate and d margin icing involve more
comprehensive having much
fun-500 jobs to tenants in the
form of around five pounds on an unused buildings
that have been went on all
windows version of shows also
means that all of the NFL in
getting depr it was just before Christmas 28
seen many of an estimate as well
wait for the holidays and that
while five films are no easy ana precedent in the wall at this point is is a mistake to
some sites such as C will have
to open about its historic and they say they say
the whole buildings, they can
scaffolding and around holding
days and the defeat CNN compass
grou hands on some of the wolf school
as of the placid being checked
off alive but those in favor of
ailment for a flat behind of the attribute images. And I think
the new reservoirs the markings M-one in
Spanish-site of an HTML and
others. That he sees as if I say to the
supposed to be the film and I
using unfair methods as a-one is
the one he had been made as one
o here they just read one of the
convicted and sent from him and
a disparity space masses of the
neighborhood menace in order to
p if the land of countries to the
local council that at least 10%
of the facade needs repairing
the council have stood at once
in and it does building’s tenants
are wasting on any decision from
an April council’s about what
just happened next the process
has too tired to do it for them to
stress the scenario that he
hadn’t gotten this takes someone
was not as easily as it says is
a mo an IMS Property game is already
driving people away but it’s
also bringing them together to
stand up for the community’s I
like so this is lying I also find
it’s frightening me how to fix
things can change and voted us
to the people it’s a fee
assessed by have the rights DW Hermann ranges in daily and can’t be
ugly ones fighting for a place
to leave easily is time to up to
180,000 Reina and seen T around
40, the government wants to close
these camps and missed a
residence into social housing
but when Reina families are
assigned a flat the real buy a home they can see the move from his
home from 2:00 PM markup: the
tools to do business in tune,
who has said is his son to them
via t , neighbors and all that happy
and the members of the new
fascist and who has a home and
mobilize that is an improving
and the P one who’s a a a a one thinks
moment, since the mission of the
seats solution-one a a I think
these funds to get away from the
in I am 101 of these people are
Italians have the same rights as
you would also the system
doesn’t work that stone to 2000
these pe to me know whether they were
hidden taxes are able to pay the
rent is considered to Italians a
home Hussein this seems like the do this so that all the
outskirts of the city hall may
have made a mistake and stews
and too much- a Sunday as an activist and
becoming the situation that
flights and rise of Rome and 60
units in the new company be all
male eac . If either way through the
group of private, teams
1,000,520th of each of the
incident occurred Monday the
family is scared the they’re terrified that I have to say, the one who saw
from the apartment is a place
with humor of each family use it
if the Sonoma County and not
easy to and are the products made from a
coordinated by an end and most
of the 111111111111 billion tons of two
can then call waiting for me,
that Mrs. and they all sound of
attitude like to miss the
because But in the home run more than 80,000, is
seen to units in the most of
them have Italian citizenship
and it’s improper homes only
40,000 of some early because the garbage
and withholding any running
water or sewer system designed government wants to
close all these scams and move
people into facts but that’s
easier said than done the same as the nominee of one
of the office, the woman doesn’t
want me to come into the cabin within seaside its small wooden
table in the center and lost to
the Moon is a look around and
post-for the addresses issues of the outside
world except for the Kona is
willing to share the blame is no 11 11 of the free and open up to the
wheel rim of the new morning
about these two little doll
houses in line to sleep with my
wife and mo run the waiting list. Two points
based system and we don’t have
enough so we’ll have to wait a
long time ago after the war in
Yu he met his wife into me that
they had three children he and his mother still lives
service to the ship his children
and wife are sons you live for
the united coconut. What if I
had the home is in front of him to
see them in the two of the
family continues today is that
this on the city of firms to its
ground few weeks earlier than another,
the 60-has convened to pressure
and decided to remove the number
from the families from the new of france’s even got involved:
if Linda gray sheen and
receiving 500 from a family’s
the chicken in the meantime you manage
family still insist he got the
back to the safety fair comment
is still no way to go before the
money as a DC, and a -day of the in a the welcome back to D W’s world
link with the national enough sunlight and fresh and frozen
for gardening can do just the
treaty, the stress mind that can
also help if woman ties one
that’s and projects mind is made this
field was set a fire crews to
ministry to help rehabilitate
refugees have experienced form a
join -time at home and 1/2 Saturday
afternoon in colmar Georgia
employees feeding her chickens
and goats and docs there’s even
a Dot seven actually wanted to be on
the scene and 59 a, and the grassy better than
a minute left in the
handed-hitting the man in a move
on tells me about her life
before coming he says they force your family
to carry food and other supplies gardening of the neighbors feel
she says provides some relief
from most painful memories that he of the Fontana for the
final of sun and meaning that if
I then how are they find and go for
that the message N main event
she says Burmese soldiers
kidnapped her father and used
them as a por before moving to the United
States with her husband and
children they relocated to the
landing area before settling
here in colm the month when issues. Our Marc
Allen see always meant to
protect A not work in the fund
so when see farms it’s made from
Mikhai I’m a home country mother
country is something that so
that this was seen some of
people than they were still was a place
for healing from Paul she comes
here twice a day except Sundays
Sunday’s a corps are four churc she shows me around the garden
and added that he and must have an EN that’s
the fact that half of the data we get to that the time of the
sea at the end she could all be dead if
all its that you need it takes no
callback to memories of her
family that kept in the man Keenan T8 Kwan the most of the time everybody
includes the bomb . The way the next fall unit to be survived and that’s what makes this
garden all the more meaningful than vegetables growing fear
they’ll look like a typical
produce that you’d find at most
supermarkets in the United
States that’ constraint being green many Lady
Allen had been cut expert, and the
name of them on the MFN status
51 thing in the flavors come
until light and cause soil are
just a s for large plot in the $100 a
year about this man says it’s
incredible to see how work in
the farm helps build community -NSF writing to me as an actor
named Emily Davis and maintains
that our people came down and
watch the handling fee and a
male p they can figure out how it could
have reading anything case
gained a suspect that we think
are we in the content that
people be on Shawn powers four VW in
Atlanta home the e-mail: Islam is the official
state faith according to the
constitution and the same time
everyone is guaranteed freedom
of reli exchange that often takes its
huge amount of courage and
patients this report from James
bush’s is presented by its ear
Stephen for academic doubt that the name
when he converted to
Christianity it’s a church to oppose a fix is
in the wall intervention sit on
the other side of the room on Sunday and some of his fellow
believers gather here to worship
to join the nose first announced
until they come here sometime Adams says the authorities must
set me know about his services
and the tolerant than but
converting to Christianity in
Morocco i and I just family neighbors to
see some movement in this dish
has released a sometimes people
themselves on strict most of
those his wife found that says she’s
never experienced anything like
this she’s also converted to the
protestant faith in Pasco-up, th and first her family was taken
aback by your conversion but in the meantime they’ve come
to an arrangement they don’t speak about religion according to the Mac and
constitution is not as the
country’s state religion and
officially weapons enjoy freedom
of religion on marriage for example when she
and add and assign it to get
married in was impossible to
formally registered the
Christian faith she would like to call her
Julianne that the authorities
didn’t accept that name than the
one now goes by a much more so here live some hazard and
have also experienced firsthand
how difficult it is to convert
to Christianity in Morocco so
here’s because the family meeting and
so here’s father one of his
brother to say a Muslim prayer
to prove he was still a Muslim
his bro it was 17 and they just someone
slipped and some of the same
course him scientists that’s
when of money when of those in
the 19 but some himself became curious
what was it around so upset if
you as later he also decided to
convert since then I’ve done many
discussions the family is made
their peace with their sons
religious reasons not to
increase chance of but they’re able to live their
faith, and another stuff you
intend to go into some problems
as for the Moroccan Ministry of
reli says Stephen with that report by
Jens bush’s days of taxing try that in the
Iraqi City of Basra this finding
your way to transport his
customers throughout the day on
the in that CNN and enjoy up book reads
the highway sign of ending in
the back window of Hollywood and
castles density of taxi it’s a w for the last few months to 20
rose has been working as a taxi
driver in the Southern Iraqi
City of Basra to finance his
studies I said they were welcome to read
the books as well and that’s how
I became the reading taxing
witness had a lot of body and
one of the things as passengers
waste too much time on the small
firms of the 50 stain on the
story of the other than one
domain. Wh , so the facilities of all
that’s the age of 14, divergent
interests in the church he reads
almost exclusively a fuel first
nove he’s collected about 70 books
and now he’s decided to share
his passion and it had the
unintended a fix it, I’d
challenge my pas some days I give away three
books Sunday’s loss of some
customers think it’s a nice idea
but say they don’t have time off
for th and Ali has even won two awards
Monday he hopes to study drama
meanwhile the reading taxi has
found fame be on sponsor, has
been the woman in our next story also
has a passion for books all
found Mayor Brian has spent her
life writing teaching and
fighting between 1910 times 1970
thousand’s of aboriginal
children were forcibly removed
from their families and send to
wine times to as this forced separation decrease
god many aboriginal families
leaving a legacy of former benj
displacement May O’brien has
mixed which she has dedicated to
speaking up for indigenous
communities we had not against
invading their business in many
in the west new ones whose the move was as soon as Houston one lead UC 91111 as the ones responsible
for publishing the extraordinary
works of maple drive in the four
era was a teacher and writer and as well as a campaigner for
women’s rights and the rights of
her people belong to the
community of Western Australia,
was born i the momentum of this event in
having to run the process. Two
young mean, there was a mistake
on an eight-a-day as a fiery
seller have the tape used to 10 delegates are
floral pattern interest in the
course of lucky slows only
storms this to talks about what
needs to unknown movies than 181 this is
a MN and the busing. Sometimes
he’d been in the event is
stationed in this point in the
campuses 5 to 1 as this 11-1 only one man
dead at one and one of the move a man in the growth in the heart
of the stream gold fields in
Opec reaching about the size of
the soonest and strewn bush at
the t the news sent begin to realize
that this going on ad was facing
sophia’s because I did know what
it was then the only thing that been split the little to be
fragmented and that periodically
but when I was growing up in the
mission until we hear waiting in
t today when trying to accomplish
in move a a a one to many mixed
race children may was taken away
from a reverential mother and central mission under the
pretext of getting a good
education in the coals to
assimilate are along with the
other first cont was the mound Margaret mission
was founded in 1921 remote area
south of the gold mining town of
leveraging they spent 12 years t at the same time I was in a
request I didn’t go out to sea
with some of those kids hanging
them prior to get to that I was
also told by the missionaries we had,
since we went unpaid Nixon, it
was so exciting than a New
Orleans thing is the state’s
enough t a bad display for years has removed by
television is yes and during
moments of reflection and almost
childlike expression returns
surf of original concepts and systems
1000 right and wrong wasn’t
decided by the informant,
thereby an abstract set of rules
stating a no-win for the safe and it’s
easy to spot name on the other
children the scheme is one of
the station face has to have
some rout And we’ll even though next word
and the mission to find a way out
one solution is to engage in
this movie from the ban is still
has been one million more than a
who and then came the same thing can
ask whether my name is saying
that has moved I misses his more than her
childhood experiences into work
in the 1990s she became
celebrated for children’s books stories that often have a clear
moral for example that paragon
says a character flaw that can
lead to loss of respect and
attent in my story because that once
and giving what he and
independent, 5 1/3 our stories
at all that comes to eight and
they knew abo that by simply storing language
issues several other than the
two children English isn’t this
language: infinity-system it all
i after spending 12 years on the
mission may was sent a high
school in Perth it was there
that she discovered her love for
literat to Sutherland explains saying
they then level of May’s rioting
is really interesting enabling a
fresh voice two stories that I w scattered through the story is
his wallet and angry to this end
of the mall in a lot of weight
now and I say it was cutting
into she also became head of
aboriginal education in the
state government’s leading
efforts to improve education for
indigenous Austr at the same time she kept
reading books and the two
stories for children she also
penned educational materials for
schools and c even she will admit she’s had an
interesting career one name on
the occasion as anything . Nothing is as you would be as
one in the game , where he was lucky she points out that
a specially for many young
aboriginal Australians living
standards have not improved much
of th 1118 late in the game home the
go-it is one has one as one man had an Anaheim and I had a
net that report Friday
10-standing into was presented
by the billboard and now another trail blazed up
Dr. Millicent freeman is an
African American talk to in New
York City could again practicing
med Tuesday in a tiny and not just
African American women in the
medical field but for women in
general and get these shoes of
the n were enormous the one you the
latest move is a move the steps of the other
stats are, since 1981 as well as
they’ve seen 81, the cases of
all to those of us is the only
one in bind an hour old enough, not
buying a business to Dr.
Freeman’s private connect to it
as the number of finance office
now nobody down in the northeast side of
about a one-armed it’s not
unusual to find are here working
right into the main hours as a
recepti working with a single ski:: she
wants to keep going, she wanted
to go national with no known him
as an idea she truly enjoys tha and freeman was sitting in my office were
sitting in my study, at 147th
street and no problem, said
slowly route a school that her
age but I who were never any doubt women
of African descent and went to
another in a system set them
down and say when the tension in
the who want to get into medicine
that seem like an unattainable
dream was not only for 1/2
million women for women in
general, was and work in a loving family and
work in this section of the
Bronx unknown as Williams bridge
and education was also the size
of team will open the moral tale of
them that he wanted me to
teaching, she was able to attend
the mention of your father group
and grandmother were slaves they
were born a slave. Her father
was in the slave of taken away
from his mother as a child can
mean th , who moved from the south to
New York City, the Bronx given
this question with us as when
children is children told this
story I would imagine life of another
am trying, most of the area of
commotion time for him to veto
the way from her and city of
each 22nd, and at what they did was
to open the potential of the
fields and threw that what he
did we never know what you learn
more but do we would win out the
morning to school with two when
papa he was secretly acquired as
a white man for a new
requirement w and are there was a favor and
they had when I learned to play
the piano and this week to play
the same for him and he would
sing sleeveless in the mall owner of
the one long as my sister is
listening is and was very much
in the march was a horrible time and I guess you could then use
it had to think that people just
treated like animals and it was
in the recent past was a grandfa the Kentucky available and into
the kind of life are you a maze
of how things have changed in
this country because it’s a free
a the Polly was thought that some
believe level of rapid-live. The
Clinton people who never before
possible are those of one of th lousy have retired chief and
all-working in this field for
sex enough tickets and other
gulf coast until we see
something like s when you do these things I do
this in which you can only doing what I want to do
to help even if he does Mr. Mills has
inspired this 127-2211 to one is
the secret rejoin a full healthy
and hearty life like you have I think it’s love of wanting to
help the women in a family that
we have a small business school
and fishes for helping hand you -consuming to be in message
news: Holmes says it is in its own
news of new column fleeing
reporting D and that that’s up
this week’s edition of
sweltering heat an and Gemini if you’re noncommercial radio
station is looking for new
programming service to their
when the local programming is
broadcast or for more information about
becoming a global community
railroad broadcaster e-mail loss
of global community radio FG
male dog, this is a global community radio
channel one news and more
portions rebroadcast on KFC or
OP Frazier park KIECOP Monroe
failed u WR O’Neal the gap wm UUOP
Madison WR ECU OP Angelica WX of
your OP New Orleans and WX IROP
Rochester a the VW will the program as a weak time to stop the express your own opinions is not
a given a fine of one that meets
the genesis in South Africa and
Mexico as the movies since the and only to famous pop star from
Vietnam was not allowed to sing
in their home country a madman
signs to censorship system with II looked into this environment
and a spot in bonds in many
everyone has the right to
freedom of opinion and
expression sense. U or more countries in the world
are on paper at him into this
U.N. resolution in practice people face many
parents in some countries
artists are forbidden to perform
all access to the Internet is
blocked by and media blockers in many
places face more difficulty
standpoint of Mexico is one of
the most dangerous countries for
journalis active and journalists the
assurance he would give them
better protection once he came
to power that’s despite the
current viole on one of the end of the one on a watch and
listen closely to go to the
streets recently in protest
after three of their colleagues
were kille the names were horseshoe was
again of us in a highly obata,
but once against journalists has
continued under the new Mexican
Pre last of these since the year
2130 Germans have been killed in
Mexico and I have already been
killed this year and one assist
in according to reporters without
borders and one dares to talk
about the entanglements between
politics and organized crime or
oth who coolly doesn’t think the
Mexican government is doing
enough to stem the violence, and
other women am PM this instance is it that some of
the one and of course protection
programs that help and, after
Jones family and friends a civil on the other hand there is a
great silence on the part of the
government is reaction to the
mothers of the three Jones was
minim he says that the Mexican
president frequently discredits
working journalists and publicly
denounced as reporters if the
reports the president has called a
semester and recently said that
we should behave instead of
telling us to work properly he
becomes al the President Lopez orbital
rejects any kind of criticism of points and made clear at a
press conference in April 2 juices nozzles on one of the
following are the British are
lists are also sensitive graphs
and they know what happens when
the d almost all attacks against
journalists and other media
workers remain unpunished
himself has been repeatedly
threatened most rec fetuses has targeted after its
post corruption scandals that
the local level to work for
community radio stations did
more else and an alarm clock to test the
system regularly but in the merchant seek help
would arrive for too late and
Nina 9 miles in as many rows of
the freight that something might
hap become just kill outs with kids
a place of the lot of fear that
come home from school, after
sales and medicines claim that
toge in the future he wants produces
radio broadcasts from Mexico
City because it’s safer there
may still wants to returns home
state still be accompanied by a member
of the police or the National
Guard but he does even trust
them fully B is the data was
availab faces Medina B’s Holm country
Mexico is college department in
the map published by reporters
without borders in his ear wept
and and all scholars a very
prominent on most continents in
the 2019 addition of them at the
end of the same time the number
of coun interest and if you look at the
map of Africa is he not soft
documented back that on the
southern tip of the continent SA
and sw SA even ranks before countryside
Great Britain and France in the
press freedom index but there’s
still room for improvement repo so I think that the constitution
that many across the world think
of as exemplary and press
freedom is just one of the
rights pr muscle, Leo F reinstall a sense
of Africa says she doesn’t have
any issues: the job I intended
to kill me, freely without any
in was enough and his days at the
times had been here is that he
renounced the rights to the park
on the 29 and excerpts from
neigh the president will give your
computer or go into American
prisoners in premiums for the
figure is visible baiting them
into thei not named in a reason principals
I don’t think most recent
earnings and people in South
Africa at the detention you deny
to tell suffered chest protector of
state information, which account
the past six years ago has made
it more difficult to uncover
scanda that we knew that it has to be
enforced or that had expected
the example is aiming for
example this morning in only
just wanted the priest that the defendants
and their also political groups
that I’m not even press freedom
party’s grip strength it’s not
th meeting practitioners of
propriety have threatened to
investigate if the last on
several occasions to the pros
takes the reins a other 800-per-share what about
the capital of the democratic
Congress are one of them. Other than to ½-brother of word
that monitor it says like this have
happened before flying sense and
honest were physically
threatened because if reporting
on possib How to prevent of the company
will have to offer that include
the use of the good-enough to report in order to know,
confirming a lot of you are
report. That could have. Number. But should the newspaper
business in general has been
facing a number of challenges in
South Africa the number three
this has be it’s published in English and
sold across the country at the
end of last year the paper had
to publicly apologize for money
that at the moment we are starting to
get worried about the future of
times in a country and have
African countries visited instead of the net-known
and suggest a time when we do
have some right-of them using a
stands at the same time and it’s the institutions is the same as
the system was given to the
states and in some ways to
mention of his message is seen as a hint of those is of the media as well as those in
his 1-2 homes so as of the miles as the
differences button on some extra time off as
jaundiced smacks of freedom
albright’s visit to the success
of the game as a new home is as
the since becoming an active
interest in Senegalese singer
Mr. Miller was times if we can
say is a the the the a team that has been the city of which takes pride in
being the world’s largest
independent country has another
and easy relationship with the
laws that for decades successive
governments have used the
colonial U.S. edition law
against social activists
critical of the government t the nudity in 2016 the event
commemorated the situation of
simple to use only an activist
who push me quit incidence of
this was a I one student leader among workers
was accused of having charm to
separate this opens in charge of
sedition and constancy against a small group of radical left
the impression the students
showcase to produce with arms
and six to shun 2.3 all the
music howeve the Cuc to the players is a
lawyer representing the students
he says that the mark was
attacked by onlookers we first
went to co to stifle any worries that goals
against what the state receives
a smash as an oblique Jorgensen
and then always used to suppres 211 spot has spoken and written
by signs the bodies of letters
and tension remains were
attempts to bring into the
channel conte if you speak 18 dividend us into
this busy that she this problem
we’re facing right to engage in
life committee meeting last emp and independence leader Mahatma
Gandhi was tested under that in
1922 in more than India 170 years of
independence to resist forest
the Wyche the cockiness leases
was reason he was too often
complet 70 students would charge for 2
to 1 to stop the project match
against India and number of
people were arrested for
refusing to s in February this year for the
students often-used in
university in all the Indian
groups use a shopping and talk
to some student levy 9 to 2 of the selfish and
human rights documentation
center has been chronicling the
views of the city should all
closely t tapes that in India continues to
have it because it’s very useful
tool he was grabbed the Schrempf
would attack every decent the Rabin Ira get the idea is to
weigh you about the ideas being
committed to the club has taken
a list that if the title page
five has denied that 91 of the price
than in all this is often
critical thinking, she too was
chartered sedition in 2010 of fierce critic of the new
policy which means she was
accused of making a mountain
national speech in 2010 which
image of the c to scare people are giving up
the me up when nine out of 10
people in the routes gained 55 have been installed by the
center of the motivation to
alter the British U.S.
additional days when the U.S.
Supreme Court last y so many politicians including
the prison when the government
have to do want to get rid of
the British thermal citizen
garments but if you take a while I think
it’s got to become worse before
it becomes the topic was the
enormity of what the ugly tool
has will make up some school board
and you see almost upheaval of
the likes of each perhaps the
show has much it would be
crucial in De and finance report were going
for the east now an age of two
vehicles, tennis pop singer
Michael A is somewhat often
anomaly fel and spot Nationwide debate on
political participation in the
repressive states despite the
reprisals against are two
continues t by Clinton and got a call to his
Vietnam City began to a report
is present in IE commutes, a new low in the new home of the
man has he says some postulated ice
racing at shaw seen in the
streets of us is our season
uniform to detain people and not
as a Manhatt is considered an enemy of the
stadium, and country she also causes of an activist
and Christie of the regime in
the 19 of free speech tonight in
a freedom of movement to fake and I criticize the censorship
system when it and a small space
for arts and music to give a lot
to one of the business, the hig I was detained and interrogates
indicate ports I have been
placed under surveillance they
have insulated me from MSDN and
societ they have stopped me from any
money to make my own life more
difficult to publish as Mr.
Fannie’s o’clock
Because of the songs o I I have my 40,000 just take a
stand for him easy in 26 station
nominated as self-national
assembly elections on freedom of
the pl that contains Boston Nationwide
debate about committed to
seclusion in even though she was
not collected 200 parliament’s
most o instead she told the country
before many positive thoughts
and your she won the most
prestigious music-the end of the
state mone IIIIIII II I -one-half and on the side of the
head is that the latest DMV, the
name of the summer won the
competition in today’s issue was
ha the move was considered too
resting and too controversial
for celebrity, the monthly also
became an activist of the game
in town -criticized the government,
ousted the critical stocks 5 to
36 zero says she’s never
regretted taking a stand on
controversial i evening I would tell the story
of my life focusing on Montana’s
formation from the pop singer two of dazed and
activist easing music performance of the shots and
despite all the difficulties he
now faces for speaking out much
we said she feels great in the
regi eye to eye, who seemed I believe he is anti-bleeding
from 1 to 2 in Michael I also got to get
nonstrategic act of reading of
this edition off of all the
progress to some active faults
and pasta di the chin again next week when
we’ll find out why it tobacco
companies are now targeting
Indonesia and what impact that
has on yo of the of the discovery of the 77- they don’t have a 1-1, but I
have waited till the sun that
some of the many Tia and the 77%
to show that designs and the
islands so today we discussing what some
call it a haunted and also a
very sensitive topic and daddies
and not tax one on asked why
he’s paid in the cases from the judge
found out she managed in the
point is that NT everything
wrong man with a headache on
nights in of the one-is moving in a one-to -1 to 1 mall on backs up any novel we
also keeping tabs on what to eat
any math on office of page DW
Africa in the hands-today’s
topics a run a clean a file Africa and its
quality of the act at the Mage
as he does not have a specific
name but a maniac professionals
know w in a country makinen functioning
as social and always get
coverage some ID means turning
to be and finish on the debt is
a funny in a predominantly working class
neighborhood in a class 91, five
G sodium and is hitting C41 29 year olds fives we need to
move east coast he said on which
specializes in many fuel and
heating fuel its domain the season and
business is snow but that
doesn’t stop relatives from
teaching-called cell on death
and she can’t affo of a pound of us will face an affair so did at some of the
money of mild that anno that
knows a little under that once
every decade to go to school and
a f this form of income sharing is
common in Nigeria in many Black Communities this
is called the neck text without a functioning social
wealthy system and many other
people become the family’s sole
source of income to pile up and see it is a
situation like to deal with and
the striking a nice enough
you’re trying to move to four.
And the cit unease way to work on a 20
visits his father wouldn’t say
no and he lost his job a few
years ago that thinks decent using one
meal today john off rise 1-7-up
book too much into these press
because these monies on life
tools-l in order to save money by the
time she needs 3 to 4 clients a
day but today he’s been only one
not enough to get eight he
thinks thing the one-to -one to one and 14 undefined CNN as 191 has
to continue supporting the
family’s offer to meet on lives
on hold

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