With the leftover food from the wedding, I fed the dogs.

I brought greetings to everyone, from my brother. My brother sent these foods. He prepared these foods for you. There was my brother’s wedding last night. These are the foods I collect after the wedding. Even at my brother’s wedding, I think of you guys. Let’s call here? Or let’s go that way. Come. Come. Come. Run. Run How nice they run. They must be very hungry. Please line up. But these are cute. A very large chicken leg. Let’s see who wins. But he took it from his mouth. Who does not eat? How nice food I brought for you. You ate the chicken you deserved. You also ate the biggest chicken leg. Are you still saturated? Children. Didn’t we feed you? My brother says hello to all of you. I brought you the food from my brother’s wedding. We brought the food of 35 people who did not come to the wedding. Thank you to friends who didn’t come to the wedding. We’re so glad they didn’t come. 35 portions of food. 300 portions of food residue. Unfortunately, the food is over. 300 servings of food is not enough for the dogs here. Because they’re so many. There are 20 dogs at each stop. We fed about 150 dogs But it wasn’t enough Please don’t eat the car. If you eat my car, I can never come back. My hand is greasy. Can you lick my hand without biting? There is a banquet Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. How? Do you like food? Do you think this dog deserves this chicken leg? Of course. A big chicken leg. Enjoy your meal I wish you had chewed before swallowing. I wish you had chewed before swallowing. Can you tell me what’s on the menu? Friends. What’s on our menu today? We’re looking at. Chicken legs Rice and potatoes Pea Enjoy your meal. My beautiful children Can you show me the chicken leg in your hand? We should give this friend another one. How is he looking at you Son. My love. Did you like it? Did you swallow it? Enjoy your meal. My beautiful child. From now on, I will always find and bring food to you. Brother is the sponsor of today’s food. My brother had a wedding yesterday. After the wedding, I gathered the rest of the food with my wife. Please Don’t Bark If you bark, I’m scared and I can’t talk. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t scare me. Where are the other dogs? There must be more dogs here. You’re a big, sweet dog. You’re a big, sweet dog. This must be an old dog. If he wasn’t an old dog, they wouldn’t have thrown him out. Look at that dog, he’s got one of his chicken thighs in his mouth and he’s going. My wife is feeding you with her hands. Because she loves you very much. Because he’s afraid of other dogs. He can’t get in between these dogs. Because other dogs are attacking. That’s why my wife is feeding it with her hands. They even eat potatoes. Rice potato chicken What did I tell you? I told you you’re not going to the side of the road. If you come inside, I’il give you food. Gather. Gather. Gather. Wait for. I will fill them Let’s split the food into 2. And we have to give these dogs food. They left dog food here. We should give it to this dog. That dog shows his teeth to other dogs. A fight for food? We’ve brought enough food for all of you. Come here, please. Come on, you should eat. You should taste it. Will you like it? I’m gonna get that sick dog a chicken leg. You guys are having a picnic. They didn’t give you all that food. You should eat together. We just didn’t bring you food leftovers. We brought you the food of 35 people who did not come to our wedding. We brought you fresh chickens. Never touched foods. I brought you 35 portions of food. I hope it’s enough. We’il be back in a week. This dog is still not saturated. Watch this dog. Dog should not eat the plate. Do not eat the plate. I think he’il eat it too. How? Did you like it? I’m not giving food to dogs on the side of the road. No food for those on the road. Cansu. Don’t feed the dogs on the road. We should give it to the dogs inside. Don’t let them get to the roadside.


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