Wilson Phillips On Growing Up With The Beach Boys And The Mamas And The Papas As Their Parents

(applause) – It’s been 30 years since
Billboard ranked “Hold On” Song of the Year. Was there a time in your life that you, kind of exactly on point, and
needed to hear that message? – Oh, yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. – No, I was really in a dark, dark space when that lyric was written. I was really at a point in
my life where I felt like if I was at a crossroads,
and I really felt like if I didn’t get my life together and stop doing a little drugs and had a really bad boyfriend at the time. I just was in a lot of
pain and I just said, “If I don’t change my course, I’m gonna be “in a lotta trouble.” So I knew that I was at
a crossroads and that I either had to like, hold
on for one more day or just die. (laughs) – Can I thank you for
being honest about that? ‘Cause not everybody is honest about that. – I’m sober 15 years and, you know, I was gonna say I need it now
in this world, in this time. You need, you know, inspiration like this and songs that can help get
you through it, you know? So I need it now. – [Kelly] Music heals. – Music heals. For sure. – So what are your like, favorite memories from the time it hit number one? Like, did you splurge? Or did you do something
fantastic, perform somewhere that was just like– – The first time I heard
it it was on my birthday on the radio. The first time I heard “Hold
On” was on my birthday. – [Kelly] That’s a gift. – What a great gift that was. – Wow! – We were in Tennessee
in a van, I remember– – Yes, we were! – I remember all the details. I swear to God. – How do you remember that? – I don’t know. I was terrible in school,
I have no clue why. – I know, I retained nothing. – But the dates and
stuff like that is weird. But just knowing that we were so young when this happened, you know, we were on the whirlwind on tour, we were just, we didn’t know anything except we were a group, we loved to sing, and we just were embraced by the world and we’re grateful for that, you know? – [Women] Amen. – Lotta hard work. – So, like– okay, you just said something interesting and I confessed this
when we were rehearsing, but I had no idea– everyone make fun of me now– I had no idea who your parents were. (laughter) – Not everybody does. – Until last night. Until last night. I was like, “Why do they keep talking
about The Mamas and The Papas “and the Beach Boys?” I was like, “I love The Mamas and the Papas,” I was like, “What does this have to do?” And I was like, “What?” I was like– I had no idea like, I just
want you to know like on your– – We take that as a compliment! – On your own merit, I was a fan. It had nothing to do with
parents or anything and I think that that’s kind of something. ‘Cause like to grow up, and I imagine that was very hard. I’m gauging that and
navigating that with my kids, I’m sure you have to as well,
but being in the public eye, having parents so famous
and trying to navigate that and like, what is normal? And how do I… – [Chynna] There was no normal. – It’s so hard. – There was no normal.
– That was our normal. The chaos.
– right, right. – [Kelly] I know, that’s not good. (laughter) – Well, but it was exciting too. – Says my therapist. – Yeah, right. But we also have a great mom, Marilyn, who’s in the audience today. Our mother Marilyn. But she was really, she was really great at
keeping it, you know, steady and being real about things, you know? Not everything is normal
or what is normal? And you know, building
our self esteem as people and showing us love. And now we instill that in our kids. – Yeah. – [Carnie] It’s important. – It’s a weird thing to navigate. But like, I know… So since finding that
out and I kind of read in a thing like, one of you was put to
bed by Sir Elton John, and I was like, “What?” What is your life? That’s insane. What was he doing at your house? – He told you a lullaby or something? I don’t get it, what? – No, no, no. He reminded me when I was just on “The Talk” with him
a couple years ago that, “Don’t you remember? “I put you to sleep.” And I’m like, “What?” – I’d be like, “No, but I’m telling everyone.” – Yeah, exactly! He literally– I mean, he just wanted to buy Dad’s piano that Dad wrote “Good Vibrations” on. That was his mission. – [Kelly] Solid piano.
– Solid piano. Lot of memories there
and he wanted this piano. He came over and he was
probably begging for it. My mom said no. But he, I guess I came
downstairs and they were chatting and doing
their thing and he said, “Time to go back to bed,” and put me in my bed and that was Elton John putting me to sleep. – Okay, the best… The best part, it turns out, of this story actually isn’t that, it’s the fact that your mom was like, “No, you can’t have our piano. – [Carnie] I know! – To Elton John! – I know. Well guess what, that piano’s mine now
so I’m very, very happy. (audience cheering) She said I could have it!
– She said hey! – Wendy.
– Thanks, Mom. – Thanks, Mom, great. So what are you working on now? You said you do a show a month, like everybody can find you
doing a show but what all, I know you each have kinda
different things you’re into. – Yeah, so we do our one show a month and I’ve got a YouTube
channel up right now, which I’m really super excited about called California Preaching and it’s all about– okay, I believe Jesus is the son of God. And so I talk a lot about Jesus. (audience applause) – That’s amazing. So that’s what you do
in California Preaching? – California Preaching, Chynna Phillips, California Preaching YouTube. – Yeah, I love that. Passion is good, spirituality is great. – [Chynna] It is. – What are you up to, ma’am? – So I’m raising four boys. – Whew, girls. – That’s a handful! – Teenagers. – So I will be giving you
a lot of wine backstage. (laughter) – I need to start drinking wine. – Wendy! – I’m just kidding. But I’m also trying to develop my own personal care products. Line of personal care
so I’m working on that. – Are you really into
all the healthy things? I found that happened with me. I never cared about me
but once I had kids, I was like, “What’s in this?” It was like, you feel responsible. So that’s amazing. – I was always that
way, I was always like, a health nut, you know, wanted to know the ingredients and stuff. But yeah, it’s important to me, for sure. – It should be important to all of us. Yeah, all right. – Yeah, and let’s see what else. Well in terms of Wilson Phillips we just re-recorded “Hold On,” it’s
called “Hold On Today,” check it out on Spotify. – [Kelly] Awesome. (audience cheering) – Yeah, and… And I was gonna say that
Jesus does for you what pound cakes and cheesecakes do for me. – Yes! – So I followed my heart and
my vision and I created– – It’s my spirituality as well. – That’s right. And I created Love Bites by
Carnie, it’s a nationwide– we’re launching grocery this year. – That’s amazing!
– It’s a dessert line, a gourmet dessert. There’s always a thing with the weight and the whole image but the truth is, I’m not giving up sugar, I’m
just gonna have a little bit and that’s the message I think is healthy. (audience cheering) – No, I think it’s a realistic thing. It’s a realistic thing
for you to actually say, “Look, this is something I–” and for me, personally, I’m always like, “Look, I struggle with
this so I’m gonna allow “a little bit, like portion–” – That’s healthy. – And try and stay, you
know, true the whole time. ‘Cause that’s the only way
you’ll be able to get there, I believe but. – [Carnie] It’s realistic. – Yeah, anyway, I love cake. (laughter) So I got a video from you last night and I wanna show everybody the tape. It’s awesome. – Okay, so Kelly, it’s the day before the show,
the night before the show. I made peanut butter
cakes and then I heard that you didn’t like peanut butter. So, I rushed back in the kitchen
and I made you lemon cakes. So here are your lemon cakes for tomorrow. Those are little bites. And I made you, I got some
beautiful frosting going. Some lemon marshmallow glaze. And I’m gonna glaze these
puppies and bring ’em in to you for tomorrow. – All right! So here we go. Would y’all like one? Would everybody like one? I’m gonna– well, I’ll go first, fine. – Yeah, good. Go ahead. I’ve had five million of these
so I’ll skip it right now. – No, but I was gonna say though, if you do have a sweet
tooth, I think that this is amazing because– – [Carnie] Look at the size. – Yeah, the bite size. So it’s like you’re getting it
but it’s not like excessive. – They’re like my children. (laughter) – My problem is I get this at home and I don’t eat just one. (laughter) – [Carnie] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.
– Oh my gosh, these are so good! – Lemon, and it’s lemon marshmallow. Hello! – [Kelly] You have mallow in it? Is that what you were gonna say? – Yeah, yeah, lemon marshmallow. – Oh my God, we are sisters
from a different mother. – I know. I’m definitely coming over,
we’re baking together.


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