William + Michael Wedding – Viaggio a New York

Hey ciao! This is Michael I live in MIlan, the big City. At the age of 27 yo I define myself as… a creative, a workaholic, a sociaholic and whatever else with “aholic” During these last few years, my life has gone thru different paths. From Milan Fashion Week behind the scene. To the most exclusive party with snobish people. From Paris Fashion Week to… To the marvellous sunset on the other side of the world… He’s William… my husband! Hairstylist for living, dancer for passion. Since we met on Drive now car, we’ve been inseparable We have in common the passion for travelling, A psyco-chromo organized wardobe. And love for selfies! After a bad period we decided to start again from day 0 And on the 700th day we got married! During these months, we observed, we learnt and instagrammed a lot! But now we decided it was time to stop living these experiences only Now we wanna share them! Future intentions? Did I shout enough? We are in NY! WE ARE IN NEW YOOOOORK! M: Hello everybody! W: Speak italian please! M: Sure.. but as we are in US so I just wanted to say “Hello Everybody” W: HELLO EVERYBODY! M: HELLOOOOO! We are now in Memorial Centre. And it is very sad! I don’t know if you can see it, but This is the black hole where there were the North Tower before 9/11 Water keeps on falling in this black hole And all around there are all the victim’s name Let’s say it is super sad and touching The new tower of the new “One World Trade Center” is named Freedom Tower with its 542 meters heights Here it is And next to it there’s a building that in William’s opinion is a snail BUT in my opinion is a Dynosaur And it is the new Underground Station NO NO! It’s a snail! We’re very close to the Liberty Statue M: I’m not gonna tell you the story of this Statue…. W: But it’s dirty M: I don’t think it’s dirty M: They don’t clean it! Let’s take a selfie! We are now at Ellis Island Where basically all the immigrants landed from all the region of the globe And before getting into the US they were brought on this island for checking any diseases, health, etc.. They said that there are lots of differents reasons that pushed people to immigrate since the 1500 A.D. Since America have been discovered Many of them for personal ambitions of finding a new place to call home Other escaping from war, poverty and slavery Actually many differents reasons for escaping… Did I miss anything? W: Honey! I don’t understand why I’m always Hungry!!! M: This voice is pissing me off so…. M: Don’t do in that way or you gonna break it W: I’m not breaking it, I was trying to remove the sunshine…. M: But you don’t have to say hellooooo! I’m saying hello to my followewers! W: Everything is so expensive here! M: Everything is so stinking here! W: But we are rich…. M: ……………rich in spirit M: Let’s go to the cashier and let’s say “Hey can we pay with rich-spirit-points?” Stupid me that I thought you were soooooo spontaneous! Well actually I have to do tons of things My arm is recording, while I’m thinking to what I’m saying W: Just Behind us there’s a woman saying “Oh today it is not clAudy”…… clAudy! Did you see? Sun and clAud

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