William & Bentley go to Suji’s wedding! [The Return of Superman/2019.01.06]

Meanwhile, the Hammington family goes to a wedding. – Gosh, the bride has beautiful arms. / – Indeed. Where is Aunt? – We need to find Aunt. / – It’s him. At last, the bride will be revealed. It’s Lee Suji. I must be nervous. Look at my face. You looked beautiful that day. I was there too. I was so surprised by you. “I didn’t know Suji was this beautiful.” William. I’m Princess Suji. – William. / – She is like a princess. – She is like Elsa. / – Elsa. (She sings a song children love.) (William only looks at her.) William, come here. Why don’t you say hello? – He wouldn’t come to me. / – Why not? I saw William always runs to pretty aunts. – William. / – I guess you were too beautiful to approach. Come on. This is a joyous day. She is pretty, right? Am I pretty? Who is prettier, Aunt or Mom? – Mom. / – Who? Mom is prettier? Who is prettier, Aunt or Dad? (Suji versus Sam) (I have a chance of winning.) Dad. Is Dad prettier? Who is prettier, Aunt or Bentley? I like Dad, Mom, Grandma and Bentley. He mentioned everyone but me. I guess I’m on the bottom. Let’s take a photo with Aunt. We took a photo together. – In one, two, three. / – I was impressed with the way Sam took care of his children. – Any parent would be impressed. / – I know. – He is very good. / – William, would you take a photo? – Give it a try. / – Please take a photo. (I will give it a try.) Here. I will put this here for a second. (I will take pretty photos.) I think he took photos of my ankles. He took about 100 photos that way. Is he taking selfies? Hold on. What did you capture? Did you take selfies? – It’s the dress. / – He aimed low. William, we need to go. Aunt needs to get married. Aunt Suji, good luck. See you later. At least he wished me luck. – Have a nice wedding. / – “Have a nice wedding.” Thank you, William. I will. (Lee Sieon and Yoon Hyunmin) Hyunmin came to the wedding in the middle of the shoot from Hapcheon. From Hapcheon? (Park Hwisoon) Are you in the middle of the shoot? (Park Jisun and Oh Nami) I’m Suji’s coworker, Shin Bora. – She sang the celebratory song. / – It was nice. There were more stars there than any award shows. The wedding will commence now. We will begin Lee Suji’s wedding. That day, William and Bentley – played a big role. / – That’s right. – Make sure you walk together. / – Look at his hands. Before the bride and groom enter, we will see the flower boys. They are the kids you love. – They played a big role. / – I know. Look at Bentley clapping. William and Bentley are the flower boys. They were so popular. Are you ready? Go forward. – Go up the stairs. / – Look at them. (This is something new for Bentley.) It’s hard for children to walk through – a sea of people. / – I know. You are right. The cute flower boys, the bride and the groom will enter. (They finally enter.) (My goodness.) His legs gave out. There was a bit of an incline. He stood up right away. (They walk between the newlyweds.) – He is worried. He is. / – Sam is worried. They did splendidly. What is it? It’s his pacifier. (Hanging) Gosh, what is that? – It ruins his style. / – My goodness. Please give them a round of applause. Don’t go that way. He follows direction well. (Thank you.) My goodness, you are good. All right. (Everyone wants a photo of them.) – Bride and groom… / – He is playing with his hands. The flower boys are so popular that the couple can’t enter. – Sam walked with them. / – Go with William. Where is William? You need to cheer them on. William walked diligently. – I know. / – He pushed the cart too. (William, wait for me.) (They finally walk side by side.) They walked down the aisle first. William. (Turning) The flower boys are leading the way, and the couple is following them. Look at Bentley. (Making a noise) Ben! Ben! Come here. Come here. (He marches to his dad.) (Bentley gets off at the end of the aisle.) Good job. William leads the way until the end. – He did splendidly. / – I’m proud of him. He has a sense of responsibility. Good job. Good job. He is standing there. (Thank you.) I didn’t know the guests would cheer so much. Both the children and I were surprised. Thank goodness Suji liked it. Whether the days are good or bad… – This is embarrassing. / – You know… I don’t know if I can say this, but his side profile resembles mine. You are right. Didn’t the ring fit? No, no. Let’s fast-forward. No. I couldn’t hug my mom. I was afraid I would cry. You would have cried. She can’t hug her mom. What’s wrong, Suji? All right. The bride and groom will march. Applaud! Bride and groom, march. (Many people bless them.) Congratulations. (They take their first step as a couple.) Aunt, congratulations on your wedding. William made sure – I got married nicely. / – He really did. – Excuse me. / – Hello. (He says hello to familiar faces.) Hello. – They are so cute. / – Thank you. Say hello to Uncle. You are with your dad. (He suddenly approaches the children.) My goodness. – He got an allowance. / – He did. Gosh. – Uncle Nam Heesuk. / – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. They played well in the other aunts’ arms. They are popular. My goodness. It was like a war. Is that Park Jisun? Park Jisun and Oh Nami had a war to get the bouquet. It’s a ruckus. William is startled. (Are the aunts fighting?) (They pose amicably for photos.) She just needs a boyfriend now. – Did she get the bouquet without one? / – Yes, she is currently single. (Congratulations on your wedding.) Again, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. – Aunt… / – Hello. – Hello. / – Say hello. – William, he’s older than you. / – Lee Hyunyi’s son. – I’m here with my husband. / – Oh, hello. Hello. He is handsome. – Is he a celebrity? / – No. – He is an office worker. / – I’m jealous. I’m jealous. (Yoonseo grew up a lot.) Yoonseo was known as a baby who resembles Sian. They look alike. (He carries the charms of an older boy now.) Hello. He looks a lot like his dad. – He takes after his dad. / – That’s right. Isn’t it hard to raise kids who are so close in age? In one sense, – it’s not hard at all. / – It’s not hard at all? In another sense, it’s really hard. – Because… / – It’s like that. As they are close in age, they become friends. (Fighting) They play together. (I like having a brother like a friend.) See you next time. My goodness. William is expressing that he’s happy to see him. He is so forward. Sam. – It has been a while. / – Hello, William. – William, say hello. / – Hello. (You did well hosting the wedding.) Hello, Bentley. I heard a lot about you. You have the eyes of a food fighter. – They recognize each other. / – They do. – That’s right. / – Bentley will be cast. Are you scared? They recognize each other as a food fighter. That’s right. It’s similar, right? – Bentley is happy. / – It’s similar. I guess it feels similar to his dad’s hug. That’s right. He is comfortable. Shall we go and film an eating show? (His eyes light up.) Look at his feet. He is moving his feet. Will you go to the buffet with your dad? Yes, he will. When you are at the buffet, you will see some greens. They are dangerous, so avoid them. Avoid the greens. The professionals avoid the greens. – Come on. / – They only go for meat. That’s right. He is paying attention. They are connecting. He wants to keep me from eating. So that’s what he talked about at my wedding. He wants to keep me from eating. – Did you listen to Uncle? / – Food. – Food? Food? / – He wants food. – Wow. / – He wants to eat. – Food? / – He wants food. Shall we go and eat? I wish I could eat with you, but I need to leave for a shoot. Okay. I’m glad you are busy. – Bye. / – Okay. Bye. – Bye. / – William, say bye. (Uncle, bye.) (Let’s film an eating show someday.) – What do you want? / – This one. – Which one? / – This one. Here. Good boy. Good boy. (He picks his food carefully.) What is this? What? – Corn. / – Corn. Good boy. Gosh, you are so heavy. My goodness. Hold on. (He has to carry a plate and Bentley.) Take care of him. Hold his hand. (Bentley refuses.) He shook off William’s hand. – He is focused on food. / – That’s right. Hold his hand. Hold his hand, not his head. This is driving me crazy. How am I supposed to eat? (Eating at a buffet with two children is hard.) That’s real life childcare. That’s right. Hold on. Stop. (They are about to go separate ways.) The two of you are all over the place. It’s really hard to go to a wedding with two children. – It seems so. / – Hey, hey. (This won’t do.) Why didn’t I think of this? – What’s that? / – It’s more convenient. (They use the flower cart.) – They’re flower boys again. / – William, push it. – We need to get food. / – It’s an ingenious idea. Bentley will definitely follow since he has his eyes on the food. (Bentley wants to take the food.) (This is my chance.) Will he eat while they’re walking? (He is precise and fast when it comes to food.)


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