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Your event has a superpower. It’s true.
Today we’re gonna walk through what your events superpower might be and why it’s
important. And if you read comics like, like I do,
what you might already know is that most super powers aren’t discovered by a
superhero until later in life, until like a surprise happens. Till like they, they
throw someone across the room or they, they burn a building down with their
eyes. And at that moment you realize what their superpower is and they realize how
to use it, how to leverage it, how to make the most of that superpower. And so what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna walk through some of the most important
superpowers that your event program could have and the KPIs and metrics for
how to understand it better. So, that’s what we’re gonna do today and I’m
excited to do it and we’re gonna get a little bit corny so I’m gonna ask you to
bear with me. Okay, so let’s dive right in with the most, I don’t know impactful
superpower and we call this the power of effectiveness, right? So, this is, this
is raw power so, think about this superpower like the Hulk, you know? This- does your event drive number of opportunities, number of leads, does does it just drive raw power? And so, as you can see here by us depicting it via a
funnel, are you seeing just incredible results? Does your event drive greater
results? That would mean that your event has the superpower of effectiveness.
The second superpower is kind of a counter to the Hulk and let’s kind of
talk about like, Iron Man because it’s, it’s the smarter version. This is the
superpower of efficiency, so does your event get more for less? Do you get
higher return on that investment? Are you able to use fewer resources and drive
impact? Okay, the next one is the superpower of brand building. So, think
about this like, like like a bat signal. Does your event reach lots and lots of
people? And you’d measure this by if your event gets a lot of impressions, sees a
lot of share of voice, if you get a lot of website traffic as a result of this
event. That might mean that your events
superpower could be brand-building and it’s like a bat signal it’s just
putting, putting the message out there, driving awareness. That’s a good one,
that’s a lot of top of funnel activity. So, maybe your event superpower is speed like, like the flash and that would mean that your sale cycle is shorter as a
result of your events so that there are fewer days that a seller is selling to a
prospect whenever they go to one of your events. That’s a really important one and
that, we call that acceleration, right? So, funnel acceleration would be the
effect of that superpower. So, the next one is a great one. Your event might have
the superpower of being able to close deals. So, if you find that when somebody
attends one of your event they are highly correlated to actually buying,
more correlated to buying then somebody who doesn’t attend your event, then your
event might be like storm, right? You can make it rain! I love that one, this is the
bottom of the funnel and that would be your event superpower. The next one, what if your event had the ability to take a deal and stretch it out and expand what
that deal was so, take an opportunity and make it bigger like Mr. Fantastic. So, if
you find that your event correlates to higher renewal rate or higher upsell
rate, then your event superpower might be expansion. Now, this next one, this next
one would be my choice for most powerful superpower. And unfortunately, I don’t
have a great metric for how to measure this, but like Professor X if your event
is able to find great attendees and connect them and build a community, your event superpower might be community building. Now, quickly I want to explain
why this is the most powerful superpower you could have. If you introduce one of
your attendees to another attendee and they form a bond, that is one of the most
powerful things that you can do as a marketer, because at that point you’re no
longer marketing to those two people, but instead they’re marketing to each other.
And you are the common denominator between them and the result of that is
that you have now added to their professional life, potentially to their
personal life, you’ve started to build their identity and you’ve done it
without pushing. You’ve given them the opportunity to connect to someone who
they find really valuable and for that reason community building it might be my
favorite and most impactful superpower. But, nevertheless there are some really
high ROI superpowers in here, a lot to focus on. Now, a superpower and
understanding that superpower is our greatest weapon in the fight for what is
right. And you know as marketers you know we kind of almost like venture
capitalists in that we have a certain amount of capital and we have to deploy
it only on things that drive the right results. Every event does something
different so, when you start to understand that superpower, you start to
be able to compare that event to other marketing channels and say, “Hey we should throw this event instead of doing let’s say, a content activity or a demand gen
activity.” But, you’re also able to compare that event to other event types so,
you’ll be able to say, “Hey we should spend money on a VIP dinner instead of
on say, a tradeshow booth.” And once you figure that out, once you figure out what
your event superpower is your next step is to do two very important things. It’s
to double down. To understand what it is and double down do more of that and
maybe the most important piece here is to communicate it. To rally your team
around that superpower, to set expectations and to beat those
expectations, but to do so deliberately. Because as marketers, it’s our job, maybe
more than any other job to communicate. Okay, I hope that was useful in thinking
about how to look at your event programs. If you have any questions please leave
me a comment, I know there’s a lot in there, but and I have to say this Mike I
know you told me not to but here we go. With great power comes great
responsibility. Yes, got it in! Okay, thanks for checking in, have a great rest of the
week and I’ll see you next time. Craving more event content? If so,
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