WHY THE WEDDING IS CANCELLED – Overcooked 2 with Marzia

FELIX?: Hey everybody, It’s me! FELIX?: and today I’m here with- THE REAL FELIX: [gruff voice] It’s Marzia, everybody! FELIX: did you-
MARZIA: Sorry, I didn’t move FELIX: [gruff voice] It’s Marzia! Hey everybody [Felix laughs]
Marzia: Why do you keep on doing this? [??] F: today we’re playing overcooked! [clap! x3]
M: 2! F: the best game! [Clap, clap… clap] F: about teamwork… [M: mhm] and friendship. F: Fist bump for friendship. F: Yeah! Alright, I’m gonna be the grandma. M: No introduction? -On the game? F:This is a game about cooking. F: Grandma and panda, sitting in a tree. F: best friends forever. Cant you see? [CLAP] F: If you play Overcook and you don’t get -Overcook?- …And if you dont get three stars F: You might as well consider yourself not an epic gamer.
M: Mm-hm. F: Uhh okay so we have to make [clap] dumplings, right? Is that it? Sushi! And dumplings. M: Did we take an order each? And we care for it? F: We have to work it out together as we go M: That’s what I’m asking! F: Okay. All right. Here we go, everybody. Grandma. First order. M: I can do the second one. F: Okay. Now we- we have to work together. F:You prepare the flour. F: Prepare the flour! And then I’ll prepare the shrimp and you- M: NO! I was already cutting it! F: But we can cut it together. M: I don’t remember anything [ Both giggle] F: And I-
M: This is terrible! F: No, no, this is great!
M You already decided- M: This is not teamwork!
F: This is teamwork. Just listen to everything I say. M: Yeah.. F: Did you work on the fish..? M: Yeah, I chopped it right? F: you gotta steam it woman. M: No you don’t F: You dont- Yeah, you steam the fish. Are you crazy? M: Really? F: You gonna soup raw fish? [M: why not?] F: What, is this sushi? F: Alright, I’m serving the meal! We did it! F: Fist bump. [Bump] Epic style. F: Sorry! [????] F: Don’t tell me to move. M: Okay, so this fishy and- F: Carrot-! Chop some carrots.
M: alright F: This is just like that one time… we cooked food together. M: mMmm F: Marzia? M: Which never happens, basically.
F: What? F: WhaAt? F: You didn’t put the flour! M: Just do it then! F: What kinda dumplings are you making? Both: Oh wait!
[Then theres a bunch of talking and screaming at once] F: It gotta steam! [?] M: Why is the meat on the floor? F: We don’t-… It doesn’t matter. M: Okay, fish… F: I’ll do the fish, you do thuhh… meat. F: We are doing so well Marzia. M: Are we?
F: I am so proud of you. M: What am I doing??? F: GOOO PUT THE MEAT IN! M: Which meat? M: oh wait-
F: It’s done, it’s done it’s dooone!! M: Why did you say put the meat in??? F: Steam it- steam it! [Felix whispering ‘steam it’ multiple times]
M: Where is it standing? [???] F: You keep fo- if you forget- [???] F: [breath in] Okay. Flour. Okay. Let’s go!
M: Come on, we’re not gonna make it! F: Let’s freaking go! Epic style!
M: We’re not gonna make it! F: We’re gonna make it, we’re gonna make it. M: Serve that! Serve that!
F: I’m serving it!


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