Who Pays for That?

Hey, welcome back it’s Wedding Tip
Wednesday! Today’s question is: we are having flower girls at our wedding, and we’re wondering who should be paying for their dresses. Is their expectations for these
kinds of things and how should we approach the topic. This is an awesome
question, but before we figure out what’s the right answer for you, you need to ask
yourself a few questions. So firstly, just how picky are you about what kind of dress these flower girls wear. Are you looking for them to wear something matching to each other, something matching to you, or to the other bridesmaids? And if so, is this
going to come at an additional expense as a parent would expect to pay for just
a nice dress for a special occasion. If the answer is yes, then I’d probably suggest
that it’s a nice ideas offered a paid for their dress, especially since you’re
asking for a really specific type of outfit for them to wear. The second question you should ask yourself, is if it’s in your budget. If the answer is no, you shouldn’t
feel obliged to offer to pay for the dresses, but of course if the answer is
yes then, why not. You have the space for it in your budget, so you could definitely
offer that as a nice gesture to your little flower girls. Thirdly, will you be paying for any accessories, or for their hair to be done, or bouquets. If you’re not too
fussed about what they wear on the day then I think it’s perfectly reasonable
to assume that their parents will cover the costs of anything that they wear, but
if you do want them to have a bouquet or a little tiara or any props or special
shoes or something like that for the day, then that’s probably something you could
work into your own budget. Don’t forget that the flower girls don’t have to wear specific flower girl dresses that you buy from bridal stores. There are plenty of other options of children’s clothing that are just as cute and for a quarter of the price. So don’t get
too carried away, and make sure that parents don’t feel obliged to go out and
spend a bunch of money on something that their daughters are only gonna wear once.
And of course, it’s always a really nice gesture if you give your flower girl
little momento for joining you on your wedding day, whether that is a
little tiara or a necklace to wear on the day, or whatever you think is appropriate.
And if the flowergirl’s moms have put in a lot of effort to get them there and get
them organized for the day, then a bunch of flowers for those parents doesn’t go
astray, either. If you’d like more free videos on how to plan an awesome wedding, visit Wed-U.com

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