***You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button below I need a drink Okay idiots, are you ready? I just can’t stand the faces of you people Those dead, questioning eyes You dummies don’t matter Greedo? What happens when I scratch a horseradish all over my face? Now why would you do this? Well I’m definitely gonna scrape it somewhere Yeah, you don’t matter — Mangey… My beard itches pretty bad Is this because of my bugs? You have literal bugs? Uh-huh – I think it’s mainly bedbugs Okay, you gotta go Wait, is this about the bugs? Yeah it is — Stank? Yeah, when is the Roswell alien — EHHH – you really thought I’d take your question? You suck The way you talk to me I mean, do you need to talk so evil? Uhhh, do you need to look like a stuffed baked potato in that Wal Mart shirt? Cuz you suck… Lanky It’s been a whole hour since Kristen sat on my whistle I did not sit on it Then where’s my whistle? It’s a really important issue — Chomp? Yeah, what about guys like me, you know? Like, our eyes are really honest, but then our brains got a violent virus! I could not care less… Creature? How can I tell if my Labrador is female? Easy – you suck Let’s see… Sasquatch Steven Would you rub my feet if I tickled yours? You’re weird, nah-uh, nope Not even fun tickles? What is that? Listen, I’ma punch you and I’ll punch in your esophagus Great! Chocolate Curl? You know how I was part of a gang that made bed quilts? Uh, sure, mm-hhh OKay, so, this one guy, Benji Binkelmann, had this horrible breast problem — Okay so maybe we’ll just wrap that up — Turd? What I really need is a craft table, a magic wand, and someone to feed me pickles Okay — Jeeves? Do you feel you prefer ice sheets or maybe like Summer rain? Or I could feed you to the polar bears? Ummm – all right GYNA It’s Gina That’s what I said – GYNA GINA I’m sorry? Gina? Yeah, I don’t know Chachi Stink Leg BORK Varicose Ken This jerk Hey, I’m crazy about ya When can I see ya? You know, never sounds like a good day Hey, I’m sensitive yet dangerous And I make nachos Okay to be honest, I think that most people in the world will find you disappointing Why you saying this!? Cuz you suck Wait a minute Roast beef for sale Marriage is for the lemonade It’s all we will get I’ll bury you people


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