What’s Mackenzie McKee Been Up To Since ‘Teen Mom 3’? | Teen Mom OG | MTV

– [Announcer] Ever wonder what happened to your past Teen Mom faves? It’s only natural. Tonight find out what Mackenzie McKee has been up to since you last saw her. (cheering) – [Mackenzie] I’m Mackenzie McKee. You know me from “16 and
Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 3”. Oh my gosh. My journey started when I
got pregnant in high school. – [Woman] Oh my goodness. (laughter) – I was a cheerleader. (applause) My boyfriend Josh was a rodeo star, and we were totally in love. Ow! Then we had our son, Gannon, and our relationship hit the rocks. I’ve never been at the point where I don’t care what happens to us. – [Josh] Man, I have. – Why is it so hard to ask for someone to love me? And my mom was disappointed in my relationship with Josh. – [Mom] Oh wow, that’s a lot. – And I’ll give up on you guys if you guys want me to give up on my family.
– Can you shut up? (loud slam) – But Josh and I worked things out, and we even got married. After the wedding, Josh found a good job, and I started fitness modeling. Life was good. We had our daughter Jaxie
and another son Broncs. But right after Broncs was born, things got really bad. – [Announcer] After that, it’s back to back episodes
of “Are You the One?” Strap in. – [Kwasi] Group! (bleep) If you find out both of them was no match, who you can see yourself
in a relationship with? – [Zak] Morgan. – Now why Morgan? – Bria and I split things up early because we knew we both had the qualities, we didn’t want our exes. And I haven’t seen that
(bleep) in her yet. She has hella qualities that I like, – [Bria] You wanna know about yourself? Hold on, I’m not gon’ touch him. I’m gon’ touch him, I’m not. There you were. You wanna know somethin’
about yourself Zak? You honestly gotta be one of the weakest people that I know. – Okay. Then you need somebody strong, like Kwasi or Lewis. – I feel disrespected by Zak, because Morgan is trash. Zak is trash too! Don’t ever think you have a one-up on me in the house, in the game, in real life, in any situation ever, period. Whatever you think that he is really feeling towards you, I’m always gonna have the upper hand. But outside of this, don’t ever think you’re gonna
be able to hit his line, “Hey Zak, let’s kick it!” ’cause it’s not gonna happen. Trash and trash go together. You put trash in the same
place you’re gonna put trash. Everything goes to the (bleep) trash dump and that’s where Zak and
Morgan belong together. (bleep) you! – Peace. – You act like a (bleep) bitch, bro. – [Announcer] It all starts tonight at nine, eight central only on MTV.


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