What To Do After You Get Engaged | Advice from a Wedding Planner

– Hi, my name is Kari Scruggs. I am the owner of Two River Events, a wedding and event planning company based out of Newport News, Virginia. I’m here today to talk to you about what you should do
after you get engaged. Getting engaged is such
an exciting time for you, your new fiance and your families. Be excited, have a party,
celebrate and truly enjoy this time because it
goes by incredibly fast. One of the first things
that I recommend you do is unfortunately take that ring
right back to your jeweler. I know you just got it. Take it anyways. Make sure that it’s sized correctly, make sure that it fits
your finger appropriately and most importantly while you’re there, get it appraised if it
hasn’t already been done. This is a critical step in making sure that your ring can be insured if anything were to ever happen to it. Secondly, before you start any planning, talk with your fiance about the type of wedding you both want. Get an idea of what’s important to you, what’s important to them. What ultimately this is is a
celebration of the two of you and talking about these things
right from the beginning can help send you in the right direction when you do get started planning. Third and probably most important out of all the five
things I’m gonna tell you, sit down and do your guest list. Absolutely this should be one
of the first things you do. This is one of the biggest
determining factors in what your bottom line cost
will be for your wedding. For example, if you have a $10,000 budget and plan to have 250 guests there, well what you feed 250 guests may be a little bit different
than what you feed 100. Plus it will really help you figure out how big of a venue space
you will actually need. If you don’t need a space for 250 guests, don’t rent a space for 250 guests unless your heart is set
on a one of a kind location and you can afford it within the budget that you’re working with. Your guest list will also
help you figure out right away if you need a bigger
venue than you thought or if you can have the
small intimate wedding that you’re planning for. Fourth, talk to your
families or anyone you think might be helping you pay for the wedding. Figure out from the
beginning what type of budget that you are working with and where you and your fiance
may need to pick up the pieces to get you that dream wedding. Money is never an easy topic
so take them to a nice dinner in public so no scenes will be caused. And last but not least, if you feel overwhelmed and
don’t know where to start, reach out to local event planners. They can help get you organized,
help maintain your budget, listen to and truly understand your vision and point you in the direction of vendors who have similar designs, foods, looks, ultimately getting you to that dream wedding
that you’re planning. Don’t hire a planner whose
budget works for you. Hire a planner who you feel
comfortable talking to, who you connect with, who you
enjoy spending time around. This person will begin
to know and understand your wedding vision just as
much if not more than you will and they’ll be there on
the day of your wedding making sure it’s absolutely perfect and just how you’ve planned. Let them worry about the
arrival times of your vendors, making sure dinner is ready to be served, directing your guests to
where they need to be, maintaining your timeline and
packing up your decorations. On your wedding day your biggest job is to sit back, relax and soak it all in. I hope this has helped. If you guys need anything else, please feel free to reach out to me. Again, Kari Scruggs with Two River Events. Bye, have a great day.

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