Wellness Happy Planner: After the Pen October 2019 Weekly Spreads Flipthrough

Hey everyone, welcome back to Caroline Plans Channel today, we’re gonna be looking at the October weekly spreads for my wellness planner. So let’s get started. Okay For the first full week of October We have a watercolor spread. So this is the watercolors sticker book from happy planner and It’s a pretty old book, but I wanted to see if I could go back and use some of those stickers so first, we have a tracker on the side for reading going to groups like AA or DBSA and eating three meals and the words on the side come with the wellness extension back and I did a lot of Journaling here as you could see on the bottom and then there’s some fitness with some Fitbit stickers the workout log Some more Fitbit stickers. These are some of my favorite stickers in here these two I also wanted to track my breakfast so you can see here I have the little breakfast stickers because sometimes I’ll forget to eat it but lately I’ve been having a really good smoothie with kale Almond milk Bananas and peanut butter and yogurt which has been really good and Then I also have on here. I have my Bible study that I’ve been going to and I also have here the spoons theory Which is something that I’ve researched because I do have Hypothyroidism so the spoon theory says how much can you? Keep and restore of your energy So you’re giving a certain amount of spoons during the day and it’s like how many spoons that use doing certain Tasks and how much can you restore by resting So that’s something that’s really helped me Let’s move on to next week So the next week I use the pastel mega book and the wellness sticker book from happy planner and I started with my happy list on the side with things that I’m grateful for and I have my daily reflection sticker about how I’m feeling. This is from the wellness extension pack and I have some of the Journaling that I’ve done on the side and then I have a sticker for next week the things that I want to accomplish I also use one of the meeting stickers for an AA meeting So that’s a way that you can use the sticker For something that’s not related because I’m sure this is for like a business meeting or something like that and then I have some brief journaling on what I do each day and yeah, I like how I used the wellness stickers in this – the daily highlight stickers and I was able to go to New York City, which is pretty close to me with my family, which was good And one of the things that I’m always grateful for is the Nature Center Because I love to go there and walk and then back to the sidebar I have habits for journaling, reading, and drinking a glass of water so trying to wake up right away or in the morning to drink a glass of water because you need to have More water in the morning when you wake up and that’s the spread. So let’s move on to the next spread Okay, for here use the glam girl and the be well stickers which is a little sticker pack, let me see So you can see here, it’s just like a little sticker pack with some Pages Quick flip through really quick. So here I used the daily gratitude on the side So every day I would write my daily gratitude and if you’re interested in seeing how I filled all this out I did a plan and share video. So every night I would fill this out and fill out my monthly spreads And here I wrote no expectations for sleep because I didn’t want to have any good expectations or bad expectations towards it because I was having some insomnia, so I didn’t want to Go into sleep thinking I would have good sleep or bad sleep because I didn’t want to have regrets over it and then I also Have no screen time because I do turn off my electronics an hour before I go to sleep Okay, so I also have some of the workouts that I did so I have the mini fitness workout log I Did chair yoga at the program that I was going to and I walked and then I also have this journaling card for walking outside and This is actually a fitness journaling card, but I took a sticker I think it’s from glam girl and I wrote me time or me time sticker and then I wrote down everything that I did that day for me time and then for church I write the church topic and then I did a little collage of the day because I went to the board game group that I like to go to every week and Then I just wrote about this week overall on the sticker So you can see there’s a lot going on in this spread and if you’re interested you can watch the plan and share So you can see how I fill it out every day Okay And I love this spread Cause I think it’s really unique for me because I don’t usually do green Okay, so here’s an example of the self-care weekly sticker So we did a reading, exercise, vitamins, and daily gratitude. And then I did some journaling in this spread. I did some of the Fitbit stickers over here, and I kind of try to use these stickers In a way that would be for wellness because they’re not really from wellness and I use the student icon book, color story book, choose happy, and be well books so there is a lot going on here It all looks like it’s from the same kind of book, but it’s not there’s a lot going on and this is one of my favorite spreads right now because it is something unique to me and I really like all the green and I like how I took all these sticker books and brought them together And I also graduated from my mental health program this week. So I was very proud of myself and that Day, I played badminton which is kind of random but fun and I like these little bewell stickers so like a candle pumpkin and I Did PMR which is progressive muscle relaxation Which I’ve talked about before in other videos which is where you tense your muscles and then let them go and you do that throughout your body and I did a guided meditation. So these are the kinds of things that I do to cope if I’m feeling overwhelmed And I got a new car that day, which is great so Yeah, this is my spread. I think this is yeah, this is it. This is next week. So that’s going well and Those are my weekly spreads for October. This is the last full week of October. So that’s where I stopped So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, please like and subscribe to my channel Caroline Plans and keep watching for more content after this video, I’m also gonna have a video for my regular planner and for the monthly spreads that I have for October and November So I hope that you enjoyed and keep coming back. Ok. Bye!

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