WEIRD WEDDING VOWS (You Grew on Me | Tim Minchin | Cover Song)

You grew on me like a tumor and you spread through me like malignant melanoma and now you’re in my heart Should’ve cut you out back at the start Now I’m afraid there’s no cure for me No dose of emotional chemotherapy Can halt my pathetic decline Shoulda had you removed back when you were benign I picked you up like a virus Like meningococcal meningitis Now I can’t feel my legs (laugh) When you’re around I can’t get out of bed and I’ve left it too late to risk an operation There’s no chance at all of a clean amputation The successful removal of you would probably kill me too You grew on me like carcinoma Crept up on me like untreated glaucoma Now I find it hard to see This untreated dose of you has blinded me I should have consulted my local physician I’m stuck now forever with this tunnel vision My periphery is through Wherever I look now all I see is you When we first met you seemed fickle and shallow but my armor was no match for your poison arrow You are wedged inside my breast If I tried to pull you out now I think I’d bleed to death I’m feeling short of breath You grew on me like a tumor and you spread through me like malignant melanoma I guess I never knew How fast a little mole can grow on you Hey, congratulations! You are now legally married This song is by Tim Minchin and if you don’t already know his brilliant
music check it out immediately A big thank you to my patrons at My videos would not be possible without them Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon
with another one 🙂


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