Week 8 MICE and Event Management Clip 18 SMART MICE Concept and Theme

Hi everyone, welcome to the MICE and Event Management. This topic is smart MICE. Today, we are going to learn more about a smart MICE. Okay, let’s start. The development of smart MICE must be creative and the technology will help to organize the events more convenient, smooth and more effective. The choice of creativity and technology was considered and it might be given to the type and nature of events, also considered the appearance of the participants such as in formal events. Creative may be more innovative than formality, which might be following the venue of the map. Some types of the technology can be used to help to organize the events as we can call the High-Tech while some types of the work require interaction and service for the personal rather than depending on technology as we can call that High-touch. Smart MICE Events which are combinations of the creativity and technology are divided into four groups: 1. Creative and high-touch concept, 2. Creative and high-tech concept, 3. Formality and high-touch concept, 4. Formality and high-tech concept. 1. Creative and high-touch concept Creative and high-touch concept for the event management is not only used for a creative thinking, but also maintained interaction with the participants. This group will focus on using creativity to change the layout of the novelty and more interesting. Technology can be used to help but not focus more on the technology Creative and high-touch concept are suitable for MICE which wants novelty and informal events. 2. Creative and high-tech concept Creative and high-tech concept is a creative event that come with the use of the cutting edge technology. This makes it amazing, creative a good experience and impress the attendees. Creative and high-tech concept are suitable for MICE with a content learnt through technology. 3. Formality and high-touch concept Formality and high-concept are a formal event, and require the action with the participants. Organizing this type of events is usually done in the form of the formal map. It is necessary to maintain the service from staff which can interact with the attendees more. This type work is suitable for formal MICE events such as an international event attending by national leaders or formal events 4. Formality and high-tech concept Formality and high-tech concept are the use of technology to help to organize the formal events or standard format to improve the efficiency of the events. It facilitates both organizer and participants. Formality and high-tech concept are suitable for general MICE which wants to reduce the task in workforce. The example of the creative and high-touch concept includes secrecy event, travelling MICE and sustainable MICE. Sustainable MICE is to organize MICE events taking into account social and environmental issue, discovered the selection of venue, the choice of natural material, eco-catering– prepare and use environmental and friendly containers, prepare food, which is suitable for the participants, proper food management and escape food waste, support local product for community and employment of the disable. Sustainable MICE can be applied to all MICE activity. This can reduce the cost of the organizing events, reduce the impact on the environment, especially, in remote area where waste management and waste management system are limited. This also enhances a good image of organization and represent organization. Example of system of MICE is about the community and environment like Microsoft convergence. There are seminar and exhibition related to the software. There were more than 9,100 participants with three main goals for the event. Reducing waste management of the rest of the world is including local community support. As a result of this goal, waste can be reduced by more than four tons compared to the previous year. 94% of waste from the work is properly managed and donated over 16,000 US dollars to local organization. Example of the creative and high-tech concept includes hybrid event, high-tech event and virtual trade show. Hybrid event The hybrid MICE is a typical MICE event alongside or live event, a mix of general MICE and virtual event that are connected by the wireless technology such as application, email, cloud. This type of event is suitable from the large meeting and corporate meeting from many countries, or many areas. Hybrid MICE event is given an opportunity for those who are far way and help them can access the event from online channel and they bring the expansion or attendees reduce the cost of a organizing and attending events such as food venue rental, travel and accommodation and can communicate with the visitor online throughout the social network. Example of hybrid MICE event such as the social good submit in New York, the brain storming section will comment on the impact of technology and media attendees can participate online by sending their feedback. We had a social networking channel. In the social, good submit video streaming, was created a virtual conference alongside the main conference. They are also translation into 7 languages and there are over 15,000 online participants from 150 countries. Example of formality and high-touch concept, event includes cultural event in regional country, national culture and sub-regional culture, national culture organised by national culture format. It is organized under the concept that that reflects the unique national culture to provide opportunity for participants from other nations, learn how to live and culture through the MICE. Example of the preparation event reflects the pattern of national culture such as cultural performance, folk dance, national food service or to prepare national costume for the participants. The use of technology to support the formality and high-tech concept can be applied to all MICEs, corporate meetings, incentive travel, workshop, seminar or conference, exhibition and trade fair. The technology is used to enhance the efficiency of the event such as the mobile registration, booth management beacon and interactive Q and A, for example Bacon technology, this is the technology used to track attendees. This is useful for attendees to know the step are updated, and know where is the work area, where is the attendees crowded. The application of bacon technology has many forms such as use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), or NFC (Near Field Communication) on the label given to each participant to track the status and address of the attendees, or tracking through the mobile application in order to assess the number of visitors in each booth.

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