Week 8 MICE and Event Management Clip 16 CREATIVE MICE

Hi everyone, welcome to the MICE and Event management. This topic is creative MICE. Today we are going to learn more about creative MICE. OK, let’s start. As a key concept model of the MICE quality, create event are bonds of creativity and innovation in Thailand. Business events don’t just rely on the kingdom diversity of the venue and accommodation, outstanding value of money and easy accessibility. These attribute guests are spired up by Thailand’s distinctive culture inspiring setting and friendly fun-loving people The project uses an approach known as creative MICE which concentrates on four key concepts: Turn, creative, change, and transform. Turn the economy around creatively, Create business opportunity creatively, Change the way we operate creatively, Transform the concept of MICE creatively. This idea depends on 6 important themes that are employed to drive Creative Business Events in Thailand. 1. Adventure Through an array of exciting team building challenges. 2. History and culture: Instilling pride in Thailand’s distinctiveness. 3. Authentic experiences: An inside look at the operations of the Thai business in your industry 4. Green Awareness: Business event that fosters environment consciousness. 5. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Inspiring activity with local people at the community level. 6. Luxury Exquisite special events designed exclusively for your organization. What are your ideas that apply the concept? Example of some of the innovative ways that creative MICE is supporting the economy include and event inside the Indoor Stadium in Chonburi on Thailand eastern seaboard and is mid-west function inside art and cultural capital Chiang Mai Play House Theater Complex and a conferring on board the Royal Navy state-of-the-art and armored cruiser. Overall, the goal is to benefit, not only primary stakeholders like a venue organizers and hotel, but also entertainment providers to operators restaurants and transportation and communication providers and of course, YOU.

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