Week 8 MICE and Event Management Clip 11 INCENTIVES Case Study

Hi everyone, welcome to the Mycenaean management This topic is the case study of MICE in Thailand. I am incentive. Have you dream about taking a special trip when your co-worker have to work and you can get more a pocket money to spend with If you say yes, this is a right on track incentive Do you know, incentive is the system rewarding you whenever you do the good job in your company Today, I would like to present you a case study of incentive That is the Ceva incentive and animal meeting 2013 Okay, let’s start it Event Ceva animal meeting took place between March, 1st and 10th 2013 and has 200 participants. Participants were in meeting all day with social event organizer in the evening. The meeting has two dimensions, the zone management meeting and animal convention. The social activity included a gala dinner as well as a dinner cruise. There were performance designed to meet the theme of event event co-leader worked with the performer and performing group at least two months before the event one of the highlight of the gala dinner was the transportation of the guest to the venue by Tuk-Tuk. This require was really carefully timing as well as ensuring a sufficient number of Tuk-Tuk This required also was on a street booking, Tuk-Tuk three hours before event The venue is the Athenee Bangkok, the luxury collection The hotel provides a world-class venue for personal access meeting and conference in Bangkok as the world first ISO20121 accredited hotel. The Athenee Bangkok used the sustainability event management system for planning and the delivery of sustainable meeting The host, Ceva Sante Animal was the fastest growing among the world top 10 veterinary health company during in the first ten year of the business It is now ranked as the nine largest animal health group …………… It advertises center on the field of pharmacology and biology where Ceva has dedicated. The term aims to meet the specific demand of the component animal. porters, luminance and swim sector It is continually start to find better solution to exiting and emerging diseases. which it will turn improve animal health and productivity Organiser, A Top tour and tranding company limited A Top was incorporated in Thailand in January, 1995 It was initially established as the traditional tour and travel agency but quickly involved into a professional convention organiser. Now, A Top established and has developed into a company deal with a wide rank of different event and location. Key challenged, A Top and the Athenee Bangkok were presented with two major challenges One is the number of participants included at the event the old ……….. and the hotel didn’t have sufficiency room to accommodate the additional guests due to high occupancy Two is the change that will still being made right up to the start of the event These problems were the consequence because of the following factors Bangkok hotel often overrated at the high or full occupancy At that time, it is not possible to find suitable room within the meeting hotel The event organiser and the hotel has to work closely together to find the appropriate accommodation For those who could not be houses within the hotel Hotel operation team need to finalize event detail at least three – seven days before hand to allow time, to order food and ensure human resource and a locate proper resource. Last minute change are difficult to deal with especially in a busy five star hotel Daily change in requirement made it difficult to respond to the requirement especially when it is so fatigued projection and AV technology was required Given A Top and the Athenee Bangkok experience They were well equipped to handle this challenge and took the following step the hotel staff and organizer work with surrounding hotel and sister property to access any available room inventory the hotel set up an internal structure to deal with last-minute change and to brief staff on the guests’ profile and company background. There was the daily briefing with the key stakeholders as well as a daily feedback section with organizer and operation team to respond immediately to problem The hotel staff was proactive in anticipating problem providing alternative solution to problem and offering wellingness to be flexible with the meeting organizer. Lesson Learn, communication and teamwork play an important role in ensuring success Daily briefing and feedback section throw out the event allow party to work together efficiently Respond to the problem immediately by all report and significant Documentation this event was an outstanding success they need to be careful planning for the both human resource and equipment to ensure that the hotel is in the position to respond to the client’s needs a realistic time life for the both pre-planning as well as managing the event is important Last-minute change are fairly common when working with the company which required the organizer and the hotel to be flexible and innovative? in the responding This is important to use brainstorming section among the hotel team to find creative solution Most importantly I can do attitude is critical to success I hope that this case study can give you an idea to discuss an operational issue related to hosting and incentive and business You

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