Week 8 MICE and Event Management Clip 02 Background of MICE Interview Part 1

Hi everyone. Welcome to the MICE and Event Management This topic is background and history of MICE. Today, we have a good opportunity to talk with MICE expert with the MICE organization in Thailand such as Thailand Convention Exhibition Bureau or TCEB. Thailand Incentive Convention Association or TICA. and Thailand Exhibition Association or TEA To get more detail of the background and evolution of MICE in Thailand. OK, come to join the interview. History of MICE probably was way back 25 years ago that we have not really a MICE that we call. We have the industry call Incentive that’s related or very close to tourism meaning that the group of companies were getting together and they traveled to Thailand in order to reward the staff and enjoyed the trip. But at that time we still did not call it as an incentive. We called it as a group travel, but very exclusive. The number of delegates or visitors that came on that trip was very important. There were from the corporate and also a way back, I can say that the meeting industry and also the exhibition industry not yet booming like nowadays. For a meeting industry Thailand has been hosted a few regional or international conference that’s especially in Bangkok is a host city and now we have the five-star hotels that have variety of meeting rooms and ballrooms as a convention hall at that time and we also have the exhibition that I would like to focus because exhibition history is quite one of talk of town in former time. It’s very classic case. We didn’t have the venue like nowadays Queen Sirikit or IMPACT or BITEC. What we are using is a stadium or we are using Suan Amporn Park as a exhibition hall for Motor Show or some of the shows, we are using the car park at the Central Vibhavadi at that time, and when the exhibition has been booming. There a lot of international organizers from oversea come to Thailand to start to have thought about more space to display the exhibitions. So that’s the beginning of having the Queen Sirikit. Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is the first convention centers that are constructed in order to host the World Bank. Queen Sirikit also represents the countries when we want to bidding for a big convention and also the trade shows Okay that’s the beginning of MICE industry and because of the growing tremendously for this service industry. The government and private sectors also negotiate and discuss that we should have association that supports the MICE industry So the first association that supports the MICE is Thailand Incentive and Convention Association or TICA. They are the starting point for especially focused on meetings and conventions and MICE industry as part of the tourism. So, with Tourism Authority of Thailand, they set up one of the department called Convention Department not even MICE only the convention of meetings. And Meeting is one of the sector’s or department office in TAT with a lot of international and local MICE or meeting being held in in Bangkok and private sectors, organizers and also service provider they think that MICE and tourism is not the same. The channel of promotion channel of attracting the event to Thailand is so different we are not the tourism. So they getting together and request the government to separate MICE from tourism. So, we has been pulled out from TAT and set up the organization called Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB. And we think that because the importance and the detailed content of MICE is more on economy, more on business, not the real travel So, the private sectors agree that our body or our agency should not be under the umbrella of tourism. So we are not under ministry of tourism but directly report to Prime Minister in order to make change for the country for this industry and not being a totally as a government system. We are able to move very fast in order to be responsive to the international requirement. That’s where we has been set up. It’s established already this year which is 15 years. for the beginning of establishment of TCEB, we only acted as only marketing or marketer doing the marketing for the country to be promoted and having the organizer around the world know us and select Thailand as a preferred choice of destination but nowadays things have changed we move to be a facilitators and also the total solution provider as an advisor to the organizers from around the world that they wish to have the event in Thailand So, mainly our role now shift to first to win meaning to attract the new convention, conference, the new corporate meetings incentive and also attract the new trade shows to be held in Thailand; and at the same time we are growing organic grow creating the new MICE event which may be organized by the local in order to diversify a lot of event out of Bangkok. This is our role to attract; the first role is to win, the second role still we are doing the promoting act as a promoter of Thailand to promote Thailand as a preferred choice. Right now we are aiming to be the better choice in Asia. Another role that we are getting stronger and stronger is acting as developer we have the MICE Academy with the high aim of being the center of Education for MICE in ASEAN, and also we certify some of the standard; for example, Thailand is venue standard that we right now certify the meeting room, certify a venue, convention hall, and the public area that can be used to be a destination hosting the event and also we attract a lot of certified program from overseas. The well known MICE curriculum in order to help develop the professional of MICE operators to be able to uplift their elevate the skill being able to compete with international level in the world arena, and the role that we have to say that it’s the new role that we have established the achievement on the destination management because the government wants to increase the economy in every province and city around Thailand not to be only focus in Bangkok. So, we have the new mission in order to uplift those destinations to be the MICE city as you may aware that tourism and MICE business event is different. So, in order to build the capability of the city, of caliber of the professional service provider in that certain area is very important. So, establish the destination management or destination development to build the whole city around Thailand is very important, and another role that we have been supporting the organization and private sector is to facilitate. You may not believe that in Thailand in order to organize one exhibition or even a convention, there are more than 215 roles and rule regulations and we have to pass that regulation in order to import the goods, the exhibiting products to Thailand, and also part of the visa, and nowadays we have the collaboration with 35 government agencies who are taking care of ease of doing business; for example, Customs, Food and Drug Ministry of Public Health, the employee the Ministry of Social Development, and so on. we are working with them together to help and support the organizers in order to have the special; for example, Green Lane for bringing the product to exhibit in exhibition and convention. This service has been known around a row and really facilitated and helped the event to run smoother. This is the the role of development and the role of being and marketing to attract the business event to Thailand and at the same time promoting. This is our roles nowadays To talk about the global MICE trends actually MICE is related to economy or economy global, economy of the world.

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