Weddings in S. Korea canceled over COVID-19 fears

the Cova 19 outbreak is adversely
affecting couples who plan long and hard to tie the knot many who were set to get
married in spring had to call off their weddings as if the disappointment isn’t
painful enough some could even be hit with cancellation fees Youngman files us
this report our wedding was initially scheduled in
April because it was a special date for us but due to the covert 19 outbreak the
wedding has been cancelled and we now have to pick among the dates that are
left this couple from the city of Gyeongju had to call after a wedding
planned for April 18th wedding invitations will be discarded the Rings
will be kept in their box and all the other preparations are on hold they made
the decision last week when hundreds of cases
Ukraina virus and multiple deaths were reported which they say left him with no
other choice oh my husband’s relatives are integral where the majority of cases
have occurred and hundreds of guests will be coming from all over the country
which should be avoided at this time and this couple is not alone
a wedding organizer says most of the ceremonies that were planned for the
next three weeks have been postponed especially those involving international
couples and according to a tegu base wedding company the situation in that
city is just as bad if not worse 95% of weddings until early April have been
cancelled kovat 19 being the reason for all of them in my seven year career I’ve
never seen this happening not even during the 2015 morell break and these
couples are faced with another problem the cancellation fee according to
consumer law couples can only get a refund if their cancellation is due to a
natural disaster force all calls social disasters like fires or car accidents
they still have to pay a cancellation fee and Kovan 19 falls into the category
curve at 19 is classified as a social disaster under the disaster safety law
so the penalty exemption does not apply to cancellations caused by the outbreak
we’re no place to ask for help couples have started a petition calling for the
government to come up with a penalty waiver policy jung-in arirang news


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