Wedding Witness Prank- Random Acts

♪♪>>[Sighs]>>He’s not going to show up.>>You don’t think so?>>Well no,
we just… we got to go.>>I know. Have you called him?>>No, he’s not coming.>>Oh my gosh.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you.>>We’re hoping it’ll happen.>>Is this your big day?>>It is.>>We’re hoping it will be.>>That’s exciting! When are you getting married?>>It was supposed to be
an hour ago.>>But our friend
hasn’t shown up yet. He’s our officiate.>>That’s horrible.>>He hasn’t shown up, and we’ve got to catch our
flight for our honeymoon.>>You’re joking.>>No.>>Everything is done. We just need a witness to watch us just exchange vows
and sign the paper.>>Would you guys mind
being our witnesses?>>[Laughs]>>It’s just a little
paper to sign.>>Yeah.>>And then sign the papers? That would be so amazing!>>Sure!>>Really?>>Is that good?>>I guess, yeah.>>That’s amazing. Thank you guys so much. We’re going to
exchange vows, and uh…>>I’ve got him,
is that all right?>>Yeah, that’s great.>>This’ll be a fun story, right?>>Can I take a couple photos?>>Oh, sure.>>Oh, that’s amazing.>>Where are you going
on your honeymoon?>>Paris.>>Paris, yeah.>>You guys look nice.>>Thank you.>>How long
have you been married?>>36 years.>>36?>>Is that better?>>I think this is okay,
but get closer in together.>>Could you hold this
for a minute? Thanks!>>Oh my gosh, this-
oh, that works too. There you go.>>Are you ready?>>Yeah, I’m ready.>>Okay. [Exhales] From the moment I met you,
you were the man of my dreams. You’ve taught me that love is not just a simple word
that you say, but it’s the random acts
that you do in life, and you’re always trying
to brighten people’s days to make this world
just a little bit better. I really can’t wait
to better the world with you.>>That was very well-written.>>Thank you!>>And I wrote
a small little poem. The first time I saw you
was my greatest day. I was struck
by your beauty->>I’d like you to start again. One, two, three.>>The first time I saw you
was my greatest day. I was struck by your beauty
and didn’t know what to say. Things have only gotten better
as the years have passed. You’re kinder and more beautiful
and don’t mind my gas. [Laughter]>>This is why I’m marrying him.>>I want to be with you
for oh so long, so please join me
in our favorite song.>>Really?>>Really.>>Okay. [Both singing]>>♪ Oh, oh oh oh. ♪ ♪ I want to spend a lifetime
with you. ♪ ♪ Oh, oh oh oh. ♪ ♪ You and I will
go with the flow. ♪ ♪ Oh, oh oh oh, ♪ ♪ you’re on
a hidden camera show! ♪>>You are the kind person here,
witnessing- witnessing…>>Our shenanigans.>>[Laughing]
That is hysterical.>>We now pronounce you- >>Good Samaritans.>>You guys are on a show
called Random Acts. You didn’t have to
stop and help us, but you did.>>We did, though!>>It comes back to you, dude!>>I’m sad it wasn’t real!>>A little piece of me
is sad every time too.>>You guys
are the cutest couple ever. You should get married anyway.>>So when we’re singing,
what’s going through your mind?>>I thought it was so cute.>>I thought, “I can’t wait to
write all my kids and tell them what
we got to do today.”>>Today was
a picture perfect day.>>It went better
than I thought it would, to be honest.>>So many people
stopped and helped. So many people were so excited
to see us get married.>>Hi!>>The only
downfall today is my mom is going to be
very sad none of our
12 marriages were real. It will happen one day, Mom!>>Just not today.>>Yeah, not today. ♪♪ Well we asked a lot of people
for favors today. I have one
more question. [gasping] Will you subscribe to
our YouTube channel? Say yes! I come from
a great family, I have a wonderful
relationship with my mother, He’s so handsome. And I’m pretty
darn handsome. He can grow a
5’o-clock shadow in 20 minutes.

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