Wedding vlog 2020 | mere bhai ki shaadi

Namaste India! How are you all! Today is my cousin’s pre-wedding party Tomorrow will be the wedding In today’s party all close relatives are invited And we have all come from India Lets see how this wedding is going to be, as this is also new to me. I am going to be using my DJI Ronin for the first time in this vlog it is very difficult to make vlogs in this party as everyone around you knows you very well Over here I can confidently say anything and nobody is going to understand Now even we’re also in demand these days girls are clicking pictures with me Saying ” Hey Handsome, lets click pics” Chuckles!! See I did not tell him anything Increase my subscribers NOW! Yesterday night we slept at 2 AM, chit chatting We have to get ready at 7 am only 1 hr left Hey bro are you set for the wedding You must have initially tried to convince the family about the marriage Both the families are understanding and they liked me as I am. I told them everything about me and they liked it For the marriage I will get ready quickly I have not taken shower yet The groom is all set and I have also been given the vietnamese tradtional dress by my Bhabi(bride) I have attended Punjabi wedding, Bihari Weddings I have attended lots of weddings but this is first out of country wedding, I am attending International wedding is for the first time It is actually international. Two nationals connection So now the wedding flower is being added to my dress This is welcome gesture from the bride’s side I’ll show you the wedding car My brother’s friends have already occupied the car seats. Finally the wedding is over Now I’ll get food!! I’ll eat food now I am very hungry, Yesterday also I only had fruits because of vlog And now I am going to eat whatever I’ll get on my plate Now you’ll take the bride along with you Gents are all set for the reception The ladies are not ready yet Like always they take time to get ready Car is waiting outside We are getting late But we will reach at the reception I am sure the reception is going to be grand more than the wedding I’m also very excited about it I’ve got a call from my brother that come soon, but the ladies are ladies as usual Chachi( Bride’s aunt) I’m groom’s chacha( Uncle) Chuckles!! 🙂 Uncle is very funny I am very happy to see him like this So in the entrance now k we can see the beautiful decoration It looks very royal My brother and Bhabi are standing behind In India the groom and the bride normally stand inside the hall Photosession is happening


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