Wedding Vendors – 7 Tips to Getting the Vendors you Want

Hey everybody welcome to this video I am
sitting in my outdoor kitchen in France and I am in love with it
Look at that tile! Today I want to talk with you about a really important thing and that’s getting the vendors that you want to collaborate with you as you
start to grow your businesses whether you’re a florist a photographer a
stylist investing in the right kinds of collaborations are key especially now in
this market because everything is really really saturated if you are trying to
submit styled shoots for the most part the main blogs are full until almost the
end of the year so that means you probably want to shoot less but make
sure what you are shooting and what you are doing is a lot more cohesive
collaborative and involves a lot more vendors than you’re currently working
with so I want to talk to you about the things that really draw me to work with
other people and the ways that I’ve gotten other people to work with me so
the first thing is is that you want to find people with your similar style if
you go on to an Instagram account of a photographer and you look and look and
look and they’re never photographing anyone wearing hair accessories you
might not find the best luck with that photographer to work with them if
they’re not shooting hair accessories I’m shooting less and less of them then
they are not the person that you want to spend your time emailing and
collaborating with you want to find accounts where the people are adamantly
featuring things similar to what you offer for example if you are a florist
and you use a lot of hydrangeas I don’t even know I think I didn’t say that
right hydrangeas hydrangeas and daisies and baby’s breath I know that most of
you don’t use those things but let’s say that you do and you approach a
photographer or a stylist who is featuring really natural open bouquets
with garden roses and a lot of foraging chances are you’re not going to mesh
well together you’re going to think that you are
you like their photos or you like what they’re doing but they’re probably not
going to respond to your email so the first thing is find your tribe find the
people who really are producing what you want if you see somebody’s Instagram
feed and it does not match your feed chances are that the collaboration is
not going to be worth your time because they will not end up featuring you on
their Instagram and at this point that’s the main reason you’re collaborating to
get to know people and to have you all post the same types of images on
Instagram to grow your following grow your business and grow the awareness of
your social media so another thing that I think we need to do is don’t just
approach the bigger industry people saying that you want to collaborate they
get a lot of these kinds of emails if they’re a very big dress maker they are
probably getting email after email after email every day saying the same three
lines hi I really love your dresses I mean this photographer would be great to
work with you sometime such a generic email is never going to get a response
they have a ton of things happening already and you have not made it easy
for them to collaborate with you you want to make it very very easy for
people to give you things to use in your shoots or vice versa if you’re a florist
you want to make it easy to bring the florals to the shoot to make it as easy
for the people doing probably for the photographer because they’re the ones
who ultimately capture everything that needs to go on Instagram you want to
make it easy as possible so most of the vendors who don’t want to work with you
are too nice to say it because we’re trying to be very very nice so they’ll
just say that they’re busy and that they don’t have time to work with you or they
just won’t respond and you’ll sit there taking it personally and getting mad and
thinking how high and mighty but the truth is their inbox is probably getting
really really full and what are you going to do to promote them how will you
help their business we all have to make strategic choices in our businesses of
who we collaborate with and when so you want to realize that you’re not everyone
style but you want to become aware of that before you ask okay
I have my notes right here I’m looking at them so the next thing is the more
you grow the more your fill of collaborations will grow that might
sound like a catch-22 you’re thinking how am I supposed to grow my business if
I can’t get the vendors that I want to grow my business but innovation
innovation innovation these other vendors are not making your career and
they never will they may help but one of my first shoots that I got a lot of
attention on I scoured a local store for months they sold these wedding dresses
that I don’t know if they were ill-fitting or what but they sold them
at a discounted price and one day they offered them for 90% off and I went in
and bought a really unique dress for $28 and with that $28 I took what I had I
sweet-talked someone into a really great venue really worked with them networks
and got that shoot in it was a very simple simple shoot and it is still to
this day in my career some of the photos from it are some of my most pinned
photos on Pinterest and that was right when I was starting out about four years
ago so that I really truly believe when you were creative and you were
constantly searching and you are out there looking for things to help grow
your business instead of looking for people to give you free things or
looking for people to feature you you will find it your business will grow and
then eventually people will come to you and want to work with you and that’s
awesome so the next thing that I think is really important is give specifics
okay you want to make it easy for them so when you just say would love to
collaborate some time with you people say that to me all the time if any of
you know me my travel schedule is all over I am never in one place very long
and the word sometime goes off into a future vast place of I just don’t ever
respond and so a lot of you are probably thinking I mean because I don’t respond
but it’s not true it’s just because I’m in France and I don’t want to be
my computer but what you want to do is get specific I’m saying that word weird
too but you get what I’m saying get a mood board come up if if you do some of
the work if somebody approached me and they had a beautiful model who was
totally my style they had a dress maker completely on board they had the venue
already found they had you know all they had put all of this work into it and
said Darcy we would love for you to come on this day in this time or this range
of dates probably am photograph this piece and I think it would be amazing
for York you know for us to collaborate and we would love for you to shoot it on
film and hey I’ll even pay you for the film that you shoot I know I’m getting
into dream tour territory here but this has happened to me before and these
shoots have become my favorite because sometimes I get approached by a florist
or stylist hey I’d love to collaborate with you sometime I love your style well
all I see from that is okay I am gonna have to do everything they want me to
find everything to do and put it all together and at this point I don’t
really have the time to do that because I’m running my workshops and I’m running
my wedding business and I’m doing a couple other things on the side so if
you can get a mood board even a mood board and email it to them with your
vision of what you want to create and get them excited that is one step that
is a million steps further than what anybody else is emailing me or other
people at this point to get them to collaborate and that’s what I did at the
beginning is I would create mood boards I would make it easy for people I would
pay for shipping I would do whatever I could to make it easy to let them say
yes on every level that it wasn’t going to be extra work for them you want to
stand out and you want to go above and beyond and one of the other things is do
not use somebody else’s name if you don’t know them so let’s say this
happened to me a couple of times where somebody saw me using all these dresses
from a dressmaker that I really really admired and for some reason
you know they would they emailed this dressmaker and said Darcy said you would
love to lend me all of these dresses something along those lines which made
the dressmaker wonder why I would say that when she knew that when I knew she
had a really busy schedule already and it made me really not appreciate the
person using my name who I had never even met before so that was kind of a
weird thing but I think it happens a lot we’re so desperate to use these things
that we use other people’s names when we really shouldn’t
and finally this sounds really really easy but spell people’s names right
every email I get I know I know I have a crazy French difficult name with an
apostrophe and a capital A and all of those things but when people take the
time to spell my name right and actually write a little bit about me or get to
know me it makes me want to pay attention to their email more most of
the emails is generic there is nothing that stands out about them they have not
attached any of their work some of them have not even attached their website so
I can’t easily click on it so I’ll have to google their name and look for it and
try and search for things that they’ve done to see if I even want to work with
them they don’t make it easy they make it more work so at the end of the day I
just don’t look at them that much I kind of click on it if my name is spelled
wrong if there’s nothing that tells me who this person is if everything is
dramatic not dramatic that’s not the word I’m at if everything is just like
it is hard you know to do to find to figure out then I don’t do it the other
thing you don’t want to do and I know that this might sound very passionate
but don’t just ask people out for coffee if what you really want is free business
advice if you want free business advice be honest and say hey I really want to
talk to you about how you’ve grown your business could I take 30 minutes of your
time when I’m working with my people I give 30 minute free discovery sessions
I would much rather have somebody be very honest and say I want 30 minutes of
your time to share an idea to get some business advice
to do something like that so that I come prepared and stead of somebody saying
I’d love to get coffee with you and then the second I sit down with coffee they
sit there and ask me how did you start your business? how long have you been
doing it? how did you get this person to work with you? how did you book this
wedding in this country? how do you become a destination wedding
photographer? like you can answer that question in one hour over lunch it’s a
little bit more extensive than that but it makes the person being asked out for
coffee all the time actually not to feel like a person and it’s it’s tricky so if
you really think about your true intentions with wanting to collaborate
with this person are you trying to ride their coattails or do you truly feel
that you have something valuable to offer and that you really believe in
your product because no matter where you’re at even if you have 200 followers
on Instagram if you really really really believe in your product and you know
that what you’re offering is good and you value yourself and you approach
other people and you value them and their time and you think it through a
little bit than just sending a little Instagram message of please work with me
you are going to get the responses that you want and the responses that will
carry your business forward and the responses that will bring amazing
friends and talents into your life and into your business and that’s the
ultimate goal that’s why we do the styled shoots, because other reasons like
just getting them featured on blogs are kind of going away they’re getting
really oversaturated so you want to create relationships you want to create
content for your social media and your blog and you want to really really offer
and serve other people with what you what your talents are so I hope that was
good advice I know that if somebody came to me and had really thought through
everything that they wanted from our interaction together it would be so much
more it would just be more joyful it would be more straightforward it would
be easier to decide and just even if people tell you no they are gonna be a
lot of vendors who tell you no just keep going don’t be dissuaded by the nose
keep going and the people who are supposed to work with you will work with
you your business will grow and yes that is that I think I’m finally done talking
Ok have a great day bye-bye I have to
figure out how to turn this off without looking too crazy ah there we go

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