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I’m Natalie, soon to be a Mrs. I’m Malindi, recently married, so today we are talking
about wedding trends. I had silver at my wedding. Is rose gold still a thing? Well, I actually
don’t know, so watch this video to find out what the experts have to say on the latest
wedding trends and guys again if we’ve left anything out, tell us below in the comments,
tell us what you’re doing for your wedding, tell us what you think about the latest trends.
Enjoy the video and happy planning. Wedding trends is such a massive topic. So trends
in terms of look and feel. Forget about what trends are. South African trends we’re finding
a lot of our international clients wanting to make use of them uhm very much the entertainment
side of things. One of the favourites is the marimba band which is really an interactive
experience and then we also incorporate like the face painting, which is really something
special and it’s a ceremony when guests arrive, we do the handwashing and those are African
elements that we try and incorporate for our international clients. Even some of our local
clients have started incorporating cause it’s something special and very traditional and
then with the food, the night before all our clients are really enjoying the traditional
South African braai, as we like to call it uhm and it’s something everybody loves. They
love knowing what the different foods are and I often get involved, I can’t miss it
for the world. We see them move away from just having one-day celebration to a two or
three-day celebration, so with that budgets become larger uhm guests that must… May
or may not become smaller in able to afford the complete experience across two or three
days, which is very very cool. You get to experience two or three different venues,
different locations. If it is actually a destination wedding and your potentially coming from abroad
to South Africa, you know, that allows you to experience the country and many different
fascists. The Winelands, maybe potentially a Safari situation, something on the beach
and urban setting, really cool. Foam-free floral uhm where we, the eco-friendliness
of everything and I think, you know, we’ve all started to look at what are we using in
terms of our mechanics. Looking at uhm fynbos plants as opposed to flowers that get chucked
after a wedding. There’s a trend towards lunch celebrations as well or slightly earlier weddings.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be a late-night that ends at 02:00 in the morning but really
start a bit earlier, maybe around 12:00 with a beautiful ceremony uhm and then have an
extended lunch that could potentially end at 20:00 or 21:00. Very different feel gives
room for decor, sightly different outfits uhm and you experience nature. If you are
for example in the Winelands or on a private estate in a private home, really quite different.
One of my favourite trends is really the food stations. A lot of couples having yet started
incorporating it, they still feel very much the traditional canapés is the way to go
but I love the interactive food stations, so it gives guest something to do during pre-dinner
when they go around, they can make their own taco bar or their own bao bun uhm you know,
they can make their own yakitori uhm and it really something that I find that guests love
uhm even our couples, they don’t want to stay away at couple shoots too long cause they
wanna be apart of the experience. Then, of course, we have the bars on the other hand
uhm you know, there’s the Gin bar, which is still very much a trend and it’s not going
anywhere, anytime soon uhm and then you also have the Prosecco bar, you have the champaign
bar. We see another trend which is involving people, suppliers, ideas with a really cool
story, so the wedding itself becomes about telling a story, not just a celebration that’s
beautifully designed with nice entertainment but trying to read through an experience from
start to finish. That touches people across all their senses. Gifting I do feel is becoming
quite a trend with whether it be what is given on the table or if they are staying over uhm
when it comes to the accommodation, the thank you for joining us, hope you have a wonderful
sleep. Hangover kits uhm afterwards, those are quite nice trends that are coming in.
We are big fans and that’s a trend which transcends any wedding, whether it’s a small one, a large
one, it doesn’t really matter budget are irrelevant in that case of customising something for
your celebrations. It could be a lampshade, it could be I don’t know, that you’ve customised
a band constellation and how you’ve brought people together. There is always a way of
creating something even manufacturing something really unique and special and quite mindblowing
that has your signature and that is not a Pinterest copy. You would have all seen it
are ceiling suspensions and what we call ceiling architecture. That is most definitely a trend
that is here to stay. There are many different ways of doing it, we see a lot of greenery
coming from the ceiling. I think that is sort of slightly on it’s way out but using the
ceiling to suspend intricate, interesting design elements. When it comes to the colour
schemes of the weddings uhm mustard is very much a colour that is coming up, your pumpkin
colour is coming up and violet is very much trend for next year. We have had violet a
few times in past but it’s still there and uhm you are finding black and white, pure
black and white. So black is definitely back at weddings, it’s not just white, it’s not
just gold, it’s not just pink, no it’s black uhm and getting creative with that is a really
really exciting concept because it’s a beautifully contrasting colour that pops against any other
shade of whatever you might like, so be a little bold consider that one. Another trend
is about vibrate colours, whether it is in your wedding gown if you really daring or
just in terms of florals and what you put in the forefront across your lounging etc.
It could be pink, it could be blue, it could be all of them together, so making a statement.
Walking into a room and people going oh my goodness, there’s no pink. You know, there’s
no cream, there’s no champaign or blush. It is just an array of beautiful colours, that’s
a way of really making a statement and if you are a funfilled person or a funfilled
couple it’s something you should really consider. If you start speaking from the heart and what
means and has value to you as an individual. If you hand that information over to experts,
you will be blown away about the spontaneity and the originality that will be coming to
your event. That then becomes the trendsetter. So please please when you look at trends,
you can use that for inspiration but then take what you love and make it your own by
changing something. Thank you guys for watching, if you liked
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