Wedding Showers : How to Host a Work Related Wedding Shower

Planning a work related wedding shower can
be a little time consuming and difficult so I’m going to go over some steps in planning
your work related wedding shower. First, you want to check with the boss and make sure
that is appropriate and that you’re allowed to do that. Also, you want to make sure your
office has a little break room or area that you can host the shower in. As far as the
invitations go, do it something informal, sending an office memo or sending an email
is the best. You don’t have to really get into the paper invitations because you don’t
have to mail them out, basically, everybody’s in the office setting as it it. Another idea
is to keep the food and menu’s simple. You don’t want to get into anything that needs
to be heated up or cooked, pick something that can be brought in or delivered. Keep
in mind, have something that you can refrigerate so you can just take it out of the refrigerator
and serve it. You can do just something simple as cake and coffee and tea. As far as the
gifts go, if you want to do a group gift, that’s always nice, everybody can pitch in
and get a card and get one big gift to give the bride and groom since, technically, the
bride will probably be having another shower with her friends and family. Those are just
some ideas on how to plan a work related wedding shower. Again, I’m Jessica Meiczinger with
Simply Divine Events and good luck in planning a shower.

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