Wedding Showers : How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower

So, you might be a Maid of Honor for your
friend’s wedding and you’re in charge of hosting the bridal shower. You want to think about
doing something a little bit different but not quite sure how to do it. Well, my name
is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events and I’m going to talk you about how to host
a tea party bridal shower. The first thing you’re going to want to do is come up with
a guest list and you’re going to want to talk to the bride and the bride’s mother and family
and see you know who wants to be invited and who you should included in that guest list.
The second thing you need to do is find a location and you’re going to want to find
a location that kind of sticks along the theme lines as your tea party. You could it do in
an outside garden area. You could do it at a Bed and Breakfast. Maybe just a tea house
local tea house if you have that. You could do it at like in a Victorian mansion. Think
along the lines of your whole theme. When you’re having a tea party make sure that you
have decaffeinated along with caffeinated teas on the table because some people don’t
like caffeine and rather have decaf. You’re going to want a selection of different teas
and flavors. For your table, make sure it’s nice and really pretty and girlie maybe Victorian
having little pennies in a jar. Maybe for favors, you can give away like little tea
kettles or tea cups keeping it very pretty and Victorian and lots of flowers and gardening.
You might want to have some nice classical music in the background playing. You might
want to have like the big hats if it’s outside for everyone to put on and kind of play dress
up a little bit. So, those are some ideas when you’re planning a bridal shower tea party.
Again, my name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events and have a great bridal shower.

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