Wedding Showers : How to Host a Couples Wedding Shower

So, you might be a Maid of Honor of your friend
in their wedding and you are supposed to be hosting the shower and looking to host a couple’s
shower and you’re wondering how do I do this? Well, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events and I’m going to tell you how to host a couple’s shower. The first thing
you’re going to want is get some input from the bride and the groom and see kind of how
they want to do it. The next thing you want to do is come up with a guest list and you’re
going to want to think about the location of your party maybe not doing it so much at
someone’s house because you might not be able to accommodate all the guest at your couple’s
shower. Maybe think about doing it at a local restaurant and getting the party room. You
might also want to think about doing at a park. When you’re doing this, you want to
think of a theme. Maybe you want to do like more of a casual theme like a barbecue outdoorsy
type thing. So, you’re suiting likes of the women as well as well as the men. Lot of times
at showers, there’s games. You might want to think do we want to do games or if we do
games, think about including the men in those games as well so their not getting bored at
this couple’s shower. Also, when they opening presents maybe on the registry, talk with
the bride and the groom and say you know you might want to have some more groom gifts on
there maybe some outdoor grills. That sort of thing so when they opening up the gifts,
the guys aren’t bored seeing all like the girlie type gifts and their china and things
they probably don’t care to look at. So, keep the men in mind when you’re doing that maybe
having a sporting event going on TV while they’re opening up the gifts so the guys can
kind of wonder you know look elsewhere because I’m sure they don’t want to hit there for
you know forty five minutes if you’re opening up your girl gifts. So, keep some of those
things in mind when you’re having your couple’s party. They’re a lot of fun. It’s becoming
a lot more popular. So again, my name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events and have
a great couple’s party.

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