(cell phone rings) – Hello?
– [Voiceover] Hi Quinta. – Oh hi, Britney. Why are you talking so weird? – [Britney] I’m happy. – Happy, why?
– [Britney] I’m engaged. – [Voiceover] It’s an epidemic. – Guys, come check this out. – It’s happening to everyone. Just look around you. – This is pretty scary, you guys. – This is nuts.
– This is B.S. Not everyone is getting married, you guys. (knock on door)
I’ve got it. – What’s wrong? – It’s my brother, he’s engaged. (cries) – I’m so scared. – He was so young. – He hadn’t even been to a strip club yet. – I don’t want to buy a wedding gift, or an engagement gift, it’s too expensive. – [Woman in Glasses]
I’m losing my friends, I feel like I’m going crazy, I’m so alone. – Do you think Zach’s been
acting kind of strange? – Hold on babe, I’ve gotta tie my shoe. – OK
– What is this? No no no no, this isn’t mine. No, No! Ahhhh! – [Zach] Are we gonna
have to do the Macarena at the reception?
– [Man] I don’t know! – [Zach] I don’t know how to do… – [Man] Well learn it! – Why is this happening? (breathes heavily) (extended beep) – How long before it’s you? ♫ Here comes the bride, ♫ all dressed in white ♫ Will you marry me? Will you? (gasps) (upbeat music)


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