Wedding RSVPs – Top Tips to Make It Easier

Before you mail your wedding
invitations. In fact, before you start to assemble
your wedding invitations, make sure to watch this video because
I am sharing some of my secret tips for things to do as you are doing that
assembly to make it easier when those response cards come back
to you. So let’s get to it. Hello and welcome back to my
YouTube channel hitched Academy. My name is Kimberly Rhodes and I’m
a professional wedding planner. I have been since 2011 but I am new to
YouTube so I would love for you to hit that subscribe button and ring the
bell to be notified when new videos are released. I am sharing some
of my best tips and tricks. You can plan your own wedding like a pro
and if you saw my video last week I was talking all about wedding RSVPs and more
specifically what information you need on that response card so you get the
right information back from your guests when they mail it in. If
you missed that video, I will link to it below and I’ll also
tag it up here and make sure to check it out. But this week I’m sharing just a couple
of extra tips about wedding RSVPs and some good information here. Let’s
start first with the envelope. So obviously the response card envelope
should be addressed to the person who’s going to be collecting your RSVPs. That
might be you, that might be a parent, it could even be your
friend. For our clients, they’re mailing them back to us as their
planner. We are doing that for them, but whoever is tracking all the guest
responses that’s whose address should be on that envelope. Very straight forward. The one thing I do want to point out is
that that envelope should be stamped, so just irregular us forever stamp works, but you’re going to pre stamp all of
those envelopes just to make it easier on your guests. They shouldn’t
have to look for a stamp, they shouldn’t have to buy a stamp. All they have to do is
fill out the response card, tuck it in the envelope
and drop it in the mail. Now the one thing to keep in mind, if
you have any international invitations, meaning you’re mailing any
envelopes to another country, you’re going to exclude that stamp so
you won’t put a U.S. Forever stamp on it because that person will need to use
postage from their own home country. So if they’re mailing
this envelope from Europe, they’re not going to
recognize the U.S. Postage, so you’ll just leave that blank. But just keep that in mind
for international invitations, your U.S. Postage stamp is not going
to work for them to return it to you. Now the other trick that I have to share, and we do this with all of our
invitations and it is a huge help, you would be surprised, but sometimes guests don’t fill out
their response card correctly. In fact, I have one here that literally
we got mailed back to our office. You can see that it looks
like two people are coming, but I don’t know who they are
because they didn’t write their name. Surprisingly. This happens a lot. I don’t know if people
don’t know the line is for, they obviously need to watch my last
video about that or they just forget. But a card like this where it has no
name, whether they’re coming or not, it is not helpful. One of the tricks we use so that we can
always figure out whose response card it is, is we number the back of the response
card very lightly in pencil to correspond to the row number on our
spreadsheet. For example, if we’re mailing a hundred invitations, our spreadsheet would be numbered one
through a hundred and then we’re numbering the response cards one through a hundred
so we know exactly which response card goes with which guests. This is really helpful if (a) they don’t
write their name on the card or (b) they just have terrible handwriting
and we can’t recognize the name. So that is a great tip and we do that
with all of our clients and honestly, who really flips over the back
of the response card anyway, the number is so small, it’s so
subtle. Even if they do see it, we don’t really care, but it really is helpful when
those response cards come back. When the one or two people
don’t know how to fill it out. Wedding RSVs can be a huge pain, but
hopefully these tips have helped. And next week I’m going to talk more about
the response card and what to do when someone responds, not how you expected. Thanks so much for watching
and I will see you guys soon.


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