Wedding Pullav (Uncut Trailer) | Introducing Anushka, Diganth, Karan V Grover, Sonali Sehgal

Guys, how do I look? You look just like yourself, man. If I get engaged without Lambu,
I will be doomed. Lambu! She’s Adi’s best friend. Anushka. Just came from London,
in business class. You’re really hot. Wow, man! You’re set. You’re coming to the wedding,
aren’t you? Uncle, if I don’t dance
in his marriage procession.. ..then how will the wedding happen? “How many ever bottles there
may be I want to empty them.” “I want to party.” Hey, who are you talking to?
– It’s Jay. Who’s Jay? – My boyfriend. Jay, are you done with me? Aunt, do you like such boys? It’s good enough
for us that he’s a boy. I say, let’s do Anushka
and Jay’s wedding together. “Make arrangements..” I’m the General Manager of the hotel.
Lavindar Kapoor. You can call me Love Kapoor.
– Gulabo. What? – Like a name. First of all,
let us begin by applauding.. ..the two lovely couples. Adi and Riya. Anushka and Jay. “The wedding confusion.” “The wedding confusion.” Did you like Riya? If I say no,
will you cancel the wedding? “O beloved!” “What is this feeling?” “It feels like love.
What have you done to me?” Are you happy? What do you mean? Aren’t you happy? When two people are in love,
they must confess immediately. Or else.. – Or else what, Adi? It becomes impossible to hide. And the problem is that
neither you can hide it.. ..nor I. “The girl goes on.” “She cannot hide anything.” “Recognize me.” “You’re a bad boy.” “I’m a good boy.” “You’re a bad boy.” This happens only when there
is a twist in the love story. I’m trying to understand
whose love story is it? “The wedding confusion.” “The wedding confusion.”


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