Wedding Present for the Guy Who Has Everything!

– They don’t know that
we are here right now. It’s a surprise. (crowd cheering) So about a month ago, I
found out that my friend Zack is marrying his girlfriend Cambry. They’re getting married
on August 31st, 2019. – Let’s get started – So then began the dilemma. What the heck do I get them for a present. Zack’s already got everything he wants. His Toyota truck, all the mohs picks in the world, he built a stinking elevator inside of his living room. He made a neon sign of
our What’s Inside logo. Am I gonna buy him some
pots and pans and a knife? What do you give a guy, that (laughing), what do you give a guy
that already has basically everything that he needs in live? The only thing that I have given him as a gift, has been like, I gave him a thousand tootsie rolls once. You could take it to your office. We got 90 pounds of Tootsie rolls for ya. Then also when we went to Japan, we gave him a Trump squishy cause he doesn’t like Trump very much. We thought it would be funny. So now they’re wedding is fast approaching and, I had to start scrambling and thinking what can I give these guys for their wedding present. So Zack and Cambry, this video is your wedding present. And no it’s not gonna
be me just sitting here the whole time. Right now, if you haven’t noticed, I am not in Utah anymore. This is Mombasa, Kenya. That’s right, you can’t actually touch your wedding present unless you wanna come to Kenya and see it. Claire and I flew here for one day, and for one reason. (peaceful music playing) We’ve got a crowd. Okay Claire. We pulled up to a school and it looks like they knew we were coming or else they’re waiting for someone else. – No they’re waiting for you! – They’re waiting us? They’re waiting for us! (children singing) (Claire giggling) (Claire giggling) What do you think of this Claire? We’re walking into the school. This is the first school
we’ve been to today. They’re taking us by the
hand and taking us in. Hi everybody! Hi, high five? High five. And yes lots of high fives. Look at all this high fives. Yes. Yes. How’s it going Claire? Did you make some friends? (Claire giggling) (children playing) Okay. Everybody (children drowns out speaker). Now they’re all going to class Claire. Look how fast they go to school. So excited to go to class. (children talking loudly) – Sit, sit, sit, sit! – These are the old classrooms. You can see them with the mud walls, with the dirt floors. This is a third grade classroom that is currently used but for the longest time for years and years and years this room only had dirt floors and the kids would still come here to start their paper and they would still do their homework and still do all their work in this room on the dirt floors. Until some nice donors take a look it says Traeger & Brian Oleska this says a different one the Burnett Family. All of these desks were donated by donors they gave money to Koins for Kenya and then these desks were
built by local Kenyans and so the cool thing about it is that it provides a desk for kids to actually do their work on but then it also provides
jobs for people to learn different skills
on how to build desks. They have it milled into
this really thick wood. And why does it matter that it’s thick? Cause some of the desks
the people make here are really really thin wood and they just don’t last that long. This should last 20 to 30 years and three to four students
can sit on these desks. They are made with screws. There’s a lot of screws in here. There are no screws to be found anywhere in Kenya. Every year the groups that come out, they’ll put maybe 10 pounds of screws inside of their luggage. Someday hopefully some donors will donate some more money and then they can build some real walls and some concrete floors and walls here but for now, the kids are happy. They can actually have desks now at least. That’s an upgrade. And then when they get to the older grades they’d go into this school over here or this school over
here that was just built within the last few years that was paid for by donors. So this right here you’re looking at the principle’s office. He has a nice little desk and chair here. The principle’s office is in the older part of the building. What grade is this one? – (mumble) level two. – Second grade? – Class two. Class two. – Hi! Look at all this math
they’re working on here. Nice. – [Classroom] Hi! – Hi! – Good morning! (teacher speaking foreign language) Good morning class! – [Classroom] Good morning madam! – (teacher) How are you? – [Classroom] We are very fine thank you and how are you madam? – (teacher) I am fine thank you. Sit down. – [Classroom] We are
sitting down thank you madam and welcome madam. – (teacher) This is class? – [Classroom] One! – [Teacher] (foreign language) – (children clapping hands) (children drowning out speaker) – You think of this school? Is it different than in America? – Yeah, it’s very different. (peaceful music playing) Okay we made it to the school for the whole purpose
that we came down here and we got a few people
that wanna greet us. (children cheering) All right Claire. – I can’t even open up the door. – (laughing) you can’t even open — (children singing) I think they’re excited. (children singing) Did you make it? I lost you in there. – That was way crazier than the other one.
– Yeah? They are crowding my
(crowd drowns out speaker). – Imagine, have they
touched your hair yet? – Yes. – Sorry bout that. – Did they touch your hair too? – So this basically is kind of the grand opening. This is the official ribbon cutting of this particular school that just got finished about a week ago. This is… It is a big deal. (crowd singing and celebrating) (peaceful music playing) – We are getting a
member of our own blood. He recognized us and gave us this. Now we are showing appreciation by giving him our name. He belongs to us. (crowd drowns out speaker) His name is? – [Crowd] Ndoro! – What name are you giving her? – Muche! – Muche! – [Crowd] Muche! (crowd cheering) – These desks say Zack and Cambry on them. They like helping people in the world. They’re getting married
on August 31st, 2019. (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) Just so you guys know halfway across the world you guys keeping it together is making a positive impact on the world. We wish you many many years together. Someday, come to Kenya
and meet these kids, and see the school that
has your desks in it. Zack and Cambry this is your classroom basically right here. I know that this is a
present for Zack and Cambry but I do have to say that I probably gained more
out of this experience of meeting these kids, meeting the people and just seeing the impact of what a relatively small dollar amount can do over in America to impact these kids for generations like literally for generations. (peaceful music playing) If you guys wanted to
help us build a school we are going to have a
donation button in here and all the money is going to go to Koins for Kenya. It’s a new thing that YouTube has on there it’s like a donation thing. I think he’s gonna be
okay without me buying him some pots and pans. Let’s head home. – Okay – Goodbye Kenya. Any last words to Kenya? Any last words to Zack and Cambry for them getting married? – Oh (singing) congratulations! – Jazz hands even, wow! That is a gift right there (mumbling). – Yes no need to applaud. – Okay. Okay I won’t. I’ll hold my applause.


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