Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Must-Haves [Let Them Eat Cake with Cat & Jove]

– Well hello, I’m Cat. – No! (Jove laughing) – That’s one thing, weddings
should have name tags, so you know who’s who. – They should definitely
not have name tags. – They should never have name tags. – Let’s try this again. – Welcome to Let Them Eat Cake with Cat – And Jove. Unfortunately though,
the title doesn’t reflect what we wanna do, which
is let us eat cake. – We’re gonna let you eat cake. – Let you eat cake and the cake of the day is things that have to
be had at a wedding. – Must haves for your wedding day. (upbeat music) – A for sure must have at any wedding it’s food and beverage. – You’d think it’s a given, except that weddings can be expensive so people might say, oh
we don’t need a starter. – We don’t need past appetizers. – Right. – We need food. – [Cat] You need food and
you need a bunch of booze. – [Jove] You need a lot of
food and a lot of booze. – [Cat] Right. – But there are ways to get creative, maybe not a full open bar, you could just do beer and wine. I don’t think a cash bar is very cute, but you gotta do what you gotta do. – Would you buy heavy hors d’oeuvres? – Heavy, I love a cocktail style party. – Me too. – This is the thing,
get out of the mindset of I must have a plated dinner and get creative. What about a pizza party wedding? I would go to a pizza party wedding. – How about cereal? – Cereal’s a stretch. – Why? – I mean everybody loves cereal, but like in a tux eating cereal. – Sorry, everybody
loves cereal, full stop. Let them eat cereal. – Let them eat cereal. A lot of people have champagne
taste with beer budgets, go fancy where you can and then, you know, be reasonable.
– And then eat cereal. – To have a seating chart – Or not to have a seating chart. This girl would say don’t do it. – Absolutely you need a seating chart. – Of course you would thing that. – You don’t have to do assigned seats, but you definitely have to assign a table. – Here’s the thing especially if you’re at a round table, what if we just don’t have
anything to talk about? – Make a new friend. – Oh boy. – Socialize. – Okay.
– You look beautiful. What’s your name? I’m Jove. – I’m done with you. Moving on. – From a planning
perspective it’s a disaster if guests are picking their own seat. I mean imagine a wedding with 200 people cocktail hour ends, they open the doors, find you seat, seat anywhere you want? – Right. – [Jove] I mean come on. There’s 25 tables and
you’re like, there, there, where do I go? So this is my boyfriend’s
seat, actually, sorry, you can’t sit here. – I think you’re mistaken. – Oh no, but see his name card? – Sorry my husband of many
years was gonna sit here, – Can I get a salad? Salad? – Oh please, you haven’t
eaten a salad since the 80s. – Breadsticks? – You’re right this can get awkward. – Cereal, where’s the cereal? – Okay, you know what? – Where is the cereal? – Right you don’t want
the mosh pit weddings, so actually it’s a
kindness to your guests. – It’s absolutely a kindness, it’s a courtesy to your guests to at least give them an assigned table. – You should have hot ushers.
– Always. – If you really wanna
be nice to your guests. – Always. – May I take you to your seat? – Take me anywhere you want. (Cat laughing) – Something I learned about when we got into the wedding business was run of show. – I think is you start with the order. How do you want the night to flow? And then from there how much
time does each thing take? And you work backwards to
come up with your start time. – And be realistic, this
is where you’ll hire a somebody to save you. – Totally, you need the
professional experience. – You think it’s gonna take two minutes, it actually takes 200 minutes. – It actually takes 15. – Right. – I’m gonna be sure to ask my caterer how much time is it really gonna take you to pour wine, take
orders and serve a salad. They say five minutes, it’s not happening. Nothing’s happening in five minutes. Well, some things. – That’s another show. – That’s a whole other show. – To your point, have a timeline that’s distinct by the minute. – [Jove] Minute by minute. – But
– But, don’t be precious about it, be flexible, life happens, people happen, it’s a wedding. – You’ve already paid the money, you might as well enjoy it. To demonstrate what we’re talking about, we’re gonna sit here
now and just look at you for an hour. – I can’t do it, I have to talk. Why are we doing this? (upbeat music)

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