Wedding Planning Tips : Wedding Invitations

Hi, do you know that the invitation that your
guests will receive is the first impression they have of your wedding. Hi, this is Kathie
Millen, and I’m Vivian Miller, and we’re with Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events.
And today, we’re going to talk about how to pick out the perfect wedding invitation. So
where you need to start out at is, think of your color, think of your theme, exactly,
or the, you don’t necessarily, you know girls ask a lot of times about do I have to have
a theme. You don’t have to have a theme, but it’s the color and it’s the mood you want
to set for the wedding. And like Kathie said, that invitation is going to set the whole
mood and the scene for the entire event followed through the reception. Absolutely, also, your
invitation, if you get a really good person that you can get to do your invitation, we
have several real good ones around the Austin area, they are so trained very, very well
on how to word your invitation, exactly. No matter how your family is, if your parents
are divorced, re-married, twice over, cousin, I mean, they can word it in healthy with all
of that. And they have great, you give them the budget you want to stick with, they’ve
got books and lots of ideas on just the invitations. You can tell them exactly what your budget
is, they can go to a large number of books and really say this is what’s going to be
in your budget. And invitations are one of my favorite things. You can get so creative
and do lots of fun things with them, add in maps, your RSVP’s, just there’s endless things
that those invitation companies can help you with, favors, everything. Absolutely, and
don’t forget your save the dates. This is Kathie Millen, and I’m Vivian Miller.

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