Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Guest Etiquette [Let Them Eat Cake with Cat & Jove]

– [Cameraman] Who’s gonna start? – That would be you.
– Ladies first. – You, what? Hey, I’m Cat Greenleaf, joined
by my friend Jove Meyer, wedding planner extraordinaire. – Oh, stop. – Okay, then I’ll talk about myself. I am concerned today
about Guest Etiquette. – Why?
– I think that a lot of couples don’t know how to guide their guests into proper behavior. But we’re here to help. – I think behavior’s hard,
and I think etiquette is, not everyone has great etiquette. – Aren’t they lucky they have us. – That’s true. (bouncy music) – A topic that comes up every season is is it okay as a guest to wear white to someone else’s wedding? – No, no, no, no, no. The simple answer is no. – (speaks in foreign language) – Because that is what the
bride or groom is going to wear and how dare you upstage
them on their wedding day. If it does not specifically
say it’s a white party, you absolutely cannot wear white. – Wow, you have heard it here first. Although, I’m guessing not totally first, like this is a thing. – No, it’s definitely a thing. I think we’ve had a
couple of clients where the bride was wearing white and three guests showed up in white, and the bride came up
to me and she’s like, “The nerve that that
(bleep) has, wearing white. “Like, what is she thinking?” For you, it wouldn’t bother you. – Not at all. – At your wedding, if
I showed up in white. A full white suit. – As long as you’re
not marrying my husband at the end of the whole
thing, I do not care. – I mean, I would, I love Mike. – He is a good looking man, this is true. So moving right along,
I’m late as a career. I’m never not late. – True.
– True. – This is a fact. – Fact, so RSVPing to a wedding. – What is in our human DNA
that we are procrastinators that makes us wait the
longest before replying? Like, what is it? – We’re very, very busy. – But where are you in their list of busy? Like you’re getting married. – On the list. – You’re one of the people they invited, and you choose not to RSVP on time. – Speaking of being one of
the people they invited, can you assume a plus one? – Nope, absolutely not. – So there’s no follow
up phone call allowed. Like my ailing mother, this is her last gaff
to spend a night out. – I mean you can always ask. I think there’s no harm in asking. The biggest part of
your budget is catering, which is based on a per person. – Correct.
– So if you invite everyone and their friends, unless you’re a millionaire,
it’s gonna add up really quick. – If it’s gonna end a friendship, and somebody shows up with
a plus one, feed them. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. I totally disagree. – What are you gonna do, turn
someone away at the wedding? – No, but they just can’t show
up if they haven’t RSVP’d, there isn’t a seat for them
– They have now shown up. They have now shown up
– There’s no place card for them, there’s no escort card for them. – There’s no place card? What’s gonna ever happen? I mean this wedding’s gonna fail. – I don’t think that.
– So, never assume. – Never assume. – Well we all know how
that little adage ends. – I forgot how you spell assume. (slaps table) – Two s’s. – No place card for you. (laughs) (bouncy music) Weddings are like Christmas parties. – Or Hanukkah. – Yes, but anywho. But the wine is flowing,
or the whatever is flowing. – Yes, alcohol is a key. It’s key, key, key, key, key. – So how do you know how to
pace yourself at a wedding? – I think they key is
most people don’t know. (laughs)
– Right. – As a planner, I’ve
seen a lot of hot messes. – I’ll bet. – We had one guy we cut off. He then went around table by table. and drank other people’s drinks. and then we had to kick
him out of the wedding. But I think people don’t
know their limits, right? So they’re like, “Oh I can drink
Tequila all day and night.” But when in your life do
you have a five or six hour, unlimited open bar you
don’t have to pay for? – And also, be kind. If you love these people enough that you showed up for their wedding. – Don’t be a hot mess. – Don’t be a mess. – Don’t be a hot mess
on their wedding day. – Right, and by the way,
this rule is applicable everywhere, all the time. – Yeah, listen, we’re there to celebrate, we’re there to have a good time. If you’re like nervous about dancing, a shot or three of tequila is definitely gonna loosen you up. – Maybe have a safe word with
the person you came with. – That’s smart.
– Like, “Hey, if I look like “I’m getting a little sloshy.” – That’s really smart. – “Say wheelbarrow, just say wheelbarrow.” – Wheelbarrow. What, wheelbarrow? – Use that in a sentence. Know your limits, know your limits. – Know your limits. You don’t want to be known as the guest that ruined
someone’s wedding. – You can wrap it up while
I down this tequila here in this to-go cup.
– Oh my god, straight up tequila. (bouncy music)


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