Wedding Planning Tips : Wedding Ceremony & Vows

Your wedding ceremony and vows, boy that’s
where the pressure comes on. That’s a real important topic there. I’m Vivian Miller,
I’m Kathie Millen with Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events. We’re here today to talk
to you about the ceremony and the vows and I suggest start early. That’s where a lot
of the couples start to stress out because they kind of put it towards the end, there’s
so many other things to think about. Especially the guys, I’ve noticed, the girls are usually
kind of on top of them, guys usually wait to do their vows the week of. Because it’s
hard, so if you want to write your own vows, I suggest starting six months out. Picking
and thinking of different things, be it little poems. But don’t write when you’re mad at
him though, that might not come across very well. Pull things from different poems or
scripture, things that you love about each other and you can really just intertwine all
of that together. You can also do traditional vows, you don’t have to write your own vows,
I see most couples using traditional vows, but it’s something that takes a little bit
of working on. And, if you do write your vows, they don’t have to be long. Nothing says you
have to write a book. But, when you do, make it simple and from the heart and you don’t
have to memorize it, and you never can go wrong. You don’t have to memorize it, you
can have it right there with you. And, I always suggest giving a copy of that to your officiant,
and I’ve seen them kick in and help out the couple because it can be very emotional and
very touching. This is Kathie Millen and Vivian Miller, have run writing.

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