Wedding Planning Tips : Planning a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a wedding rehearsal dinner. Well,
guys you need to get busy and get with your mom. Find a great place. This is Kathie Millen
and I’m Vivian Miller and we’re with Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events and today
we’re going to be talking about how to pick a rehearsal dinner. Rehearsal dinners fun
and also, the rehearsal dinner/rehearsal place venue. I tell you the one thing that I find
that’s probably the biggest mistake is that they don’t pick a rehearsal dinner close to
the rehearsal site and it’s clear across town and lot’s of drive time, lots of traffic and
it’s always on a Friday; well, usually and you have the five o’clock traffic you have
to fight. So, when you’re picking your rehearsal dinner, have it relatively close to your rehearsal
and make it fun. If you’re having it out by the lake, there’s just; there are boats that
actually have rehearsal dinners and if you do it, it’s lots of fun and relaxing, especially
if you have an out of town guest, they can really see, you know, beautiful parts of the
city. Make it fun, make it enjoyable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on rehearsal
dinners and proper etiquette is that your out-of-town guest that you invite them to
that rehearsal dinner, but if you have a very limited budget, then do something more simple.
It can be having one of your mom’s friends, having a barbeque or something in her backyard
or at her house, which is lots of fun. People like a relaxed time because the wedding day
is stressful. And another thing that they can do that’s just a suggestion, is if you
have your dinner, just have your core wedding party there and then have a small reception
at a little bar or something (have drinks) where you can invite everybody and; and, and
for the rest of them just buy a few appetizers, you know, maybe a signature drink there and
then (or wine, or) something like that; something nice, which is fun, and then include everyone,
but have fun and relax. Yeah, no matter what you do, have fun. This is Kathie Millen and
Vivian Miller. Have fun.

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