Wedding Planning Tips : Planning a Destination Wedding

You definitely need a coordinator for your
destination wedding. And we love to travel. This is Kathie Millen, and Vivian Miller with
Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events. Today we’re going to talk to you about destination
weddings. They’re fun. Absolutely, and it is very true, it really pays for yourself
if you do have an experienced coordinator. A lot of brides that do destination weddings
are under the pretense that the hotel or the facility that they’ve called, their wedding
coordinator is going to take care of all of that. And that wedding coordinator, they do
help you with a lot of the details, but basically they’re there to represent the facility, the
venue. And after they leave, then you’re pretty much on your own and your on your own in a
different country. An experienced coordinator will be there. They’ll show up before your
wedding, they make sure all the details are taken care of. If anything happens, they’re
there to cover it, make calls, sort out what they need to do. And I’ve had a bride tell
me before that we did her reception here and she said, “oh Viv, I should have taken you
because the wedding coordinator was not there at rehearsal and then they showed up about
ten minutes before the ceremony started”. So it was pretty stressful. And it’s stressful
and one of the reasons a lot of times people go to destination is so it’s not so stressful.
It’s an intimate setting with family members. But again, it’s so important to get a coordinator
to bat too, so they can take care of all those details to insure that you do not have a stressful
event and that you are enjoying the beautiful surroundings that you all decided to get married
in. And take care of any last minute little issues that will come up. At least one will,
but anyway it’s wise to choose a well known facility where you’re going and to make sure
you have everything, your passport, your marriage license, and there’s different variations
on when you need to get that when you travel, and what countries and stuff. So give us a
call. This is Kathie Millen, and Vivian Miller.

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