Wedding Planning Tips: How Much Should My Future Spouse be Involved?

hi nearly weds I’m Susan Southerland and
welcome back to our wedding planning video series today we’re going to talk
about how to divvy up all the wedding planning tasks right we have so many
wonderful just marry couples who have one spouse or the other planning just
about everything and they often ask us how much should my future spouse be
involved is there anything he or she should be doing or how do I make sure he
or she feels included and that is the topic that we’re gonna cover today
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we have a new video up every Wednesday so on this week’s segment of tips and
tricks from the recently hitched one of our brides Kate actually gave this
advice that she wanted us to share with everyone she said I also should have had
a conversation with my husband about how much he really wanted to be involved he
liked to take part but having to cross-check decisions with him made
everything take longer after the fact he said he probably didn’t need to be
checked with on so many things but he usually agreed with me anyway by the end
of this video you’ll know how to have a conversation with your future spouse and
how to decide how much that person wants to be involved and how you can get them
involved and have fun while planning your wedding so here are some ways you
can get a reluctant spouse to be involved in your wedding planning
process first of all everybody loves a cake and
food tasting right am i right out there listening to me who doesn’t love to go
taste cakes and who doesn’t love to taste the food that’s going to be served
on the wedding day so that is one that I know that even our most laid-back either
groom or bride wants to participate in so that’s a really great way to get your
future spouse involved the second thing that I think everybody likes to be
involved in are coming up with music selections for the wedding day you know
it’s such a personal decision you have romantic memories of when you first met
maybe there was music playing or when you first fell in love or something
wonderful a special time that you share together so very often both spouses
would like to make some sort of contribution that way and let me let you
in on a little secret I actually had a wedding where the bride picked out a
song on her own that turned out to be the groom’s song with one of his future
or excuse me ex-girlfriends so you really want to make sure not to include
that so be sure to run those music selections
by everybody involved are you enjoying the video so far if so leave us a
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three a really great way to get your reluctant spouse to be involved is to
have him or her help pick out the bridal attire or the groom’s attire you know I
know I personally would get really freaked out if my husband came up to me
and said honey here’s this great dress that you’re gonna wear on our very
special day everybody likes to be involved in how he or she is going to
look and that’s a great way to get that person involved in making some decisions
now if you’re looking for some other tips on what you can get your future
spouse involved in be sure to look in the comments below or the description
below and see our link and you can download some of our best tips with
regard to that number for a lot of our couples like to come up with little
surprises for their guests you know we work in the heart of Walt Disney World
so very often we have Disney characters coming or you know special
transportation like a horse and carriage get your reluctant spouse to be involved
in making decisions with that and even if you don’t have Disney characters who
can become involved there are other special things you can do special
getaways with sparklers or like batons special favors whatever it is see if he
has any ideas he or she has any ideas of some special touches you can add into
your wedding day so whether your future spouse wants to be really really
involved in the planning process or maybe just help out a little bit find
ways to include him or her in the process you know this is all supposed to
be a fun journey that you take together and certainly if he doesn’t want to be
in on all the decision-making you can find a few things that the two
of you can do together for fun I want to let you in on a little secret you know I
am a wedding planner and I work with a wonderful wedding planning team and you
know one of the greatest things that you can do to make sure that you have fun
during your planning process is to hire a wedding planner so yes this is a
selfish tip to give you but if you go to WWE comm and we’ll put the link below
you can check out some of the great services we have to offer our clients
and that way just the two of you can do all the fun stuff you want to do whether
then rather than all of the busy mundane things so make sure to check out our
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