Wedding Planning Tips : Choosing a Wedding Style

The style of your wedding, represents you
and who you are, with your fianc?. This is Kathie Millen and Vivian Miller. And we’re
with Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events. The style is all about you and your fiance.
What you all want to present to your guests. Thats right, it’s all about you. Again, they
could be simple, extravagant, fabulous. Down to earth or just a simple Texas theme will
do. It depends on you guys. During your wedding process, you’re not going to make everybody
happy. But the two most important people to make happy, is your new fiance. So when you
decide what style you like. Talk to each other and see what. Yeah. What it is about you that
makes yours so special. You’re going to get lots of different people telling you different
ideas. So take in some of that or what you want to hear. Let the rest go. And really
concentrate on that. Respect what your parents have to say. They’ll have some input. Especially,
if they’re helping pay for that. And make it all just run together. Where you can keep
them happy too. Like, you know, there’s a point there. And then just make it all about
you and have fun with it. And don’t stress over the style. I mean, again, the colors,
the. Everything you want to bring into it. It doesn’t have to have a theme. But try to
stay with that same style from those. Save the dates and invitations that you have through
the whole event. This is Kathie Millen and Vivian Miller. Make your style shine!

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