Wedding Planning: The Real Cost of DIY Wedding Decorations

I can talk about the travels of DIY weddings forever I’ve actually recently done a vlog post about the horror stories of DIY weddings it was very fun and cheesy and you can watch it here it’s like a holy grail of never ending problems the wars are always DIY decorations there’s so much advice on internet about how to DIY this so how did I write that all you need is a circular saw I blast more and a pilot simple it sounds so easy but if you don’t do it on a regular basis it might cost you as much as if you would hire professional yeah we got all the decorations done with you three week but we save 12 dollars besides it takes so much time are you sure that between living your life taking care of the family planning a wedding that you will have time to DIY all your wedding decorations honey I got one done and it only took three hours only 99 more to go it’s especially tricky for destination weddings okay make sure you write fragile and this way up and bubble wrap it like your life depended on it the shipment costs the postpone delivery the lost items whatever it is is such a huge headache a bridal mind actually really wanted to do some decorations so she DIY it all her bouquets and all her centerpieces I have to say they look perfect they were so beautiful but they were so tiny they the tables look naked can you imagine a 6-foot round table with a small 4-inch floral centerpiece in the mason jar you can well then you better hire professional you have to take into consideration such things like high size fabric the lighting you really like fancy looking play settings and you want to bring the china and silverware to your event awesome are you sure that the cute team will be busing the tables picking up your dishes scrubbing and washing them not toss them your grandma wants to bake a cake for your wedding great those cakes are the best but who is actually going to cut and serve the cake to all your hundred guests how will it be served [Music] two hours later [Music] well the venue service pass it around or will be placed on the table see you have to think about all those details I’m not here to discourage your creativity I just want you to think twice before deciding to DIY something for your wedding painting hundred mason jars or making your own soap bars for the wedding who might turn into your disaster let me know in the comments below if you think otherwise I’m Vegas wedding planner see you next week let me know let me know how I know yeah we got all the decorations done like I forgot in real life [Music]

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