Wedding Planning Secrets for Indecisive Brides

Hey welcome back to another Wedding Tip Wednesday! Today I wanted to talk about something that most couples experience
when they begin planning their wedding and it’s actually one of the main reasons why I started Wed-U and that is: when it comes to making decisions about things
that couples aren’t really excited about, they’re not really sure the best approach. So
what I come across often is questions like: Do we have to have a wedding cake?
Do we really need to do a first dance? Is it important that we invite co-workers and the answer I always have to them is well, no, you don’t have to do
anything that you don’t want to, but it’s really hard to actually commit to making
a decision like that because what we know of weddings in our experiences so
far are made up of what we’ve seen at other weddings from
our friends or our parents and we’re kind of bound by these really old, outdated
traditions where we end up thinking that these kinds of activities and aspects of
the wedding are really mandatory, but I want to promise you that they’re not. And in fact, you don’t have to do anything for your wedding that you don’t want to. So
when you are making decisions that you’re not too sure about, and you’re
asking also should we or do we have to, I want you to ask yourself these three questions: one, can you afford it? Is this something that’s going to fit comfortably within your
budget, or is it something that’s gonna end up stretching your numbers to the
point where it means that you are going to miss out on another aspect of your
wedding that’s possibly more important. Next, I want you to ask yourself do you
want to do it? Especially when it comes to things like a first dance. Do you want to do a first dance? I know some people are absolutely terrified by the thought.
Some people don’t want to throw their bouquets. Some people don’t want to have their fathers walk them down the aisle. So really get clear on whether this is
something that’s important to you and even if you want to do it. It is your day
after all and if something doesn’t light you up, then skip it. And lastly, just ask yourself if it’s going to make the wedding more fun. A lot of the times we get caught up on these little details that
at the end of the day don’t really make any difference to our enjoyment of the wedding. So things like having a wedding cake or having matching the soviet to your
table cloths. Are those things really get how you enjoy
your wedding day? If the answer’s no, to one or even all of these. Feel free to skip
anything that you don’t want to do. Because clearly it’s not something
that’s really important to you. Now is your time to be creating new traditions
and sharing things with your friends and families that you really really love and
care about. So forget all that details and just say no! To help you get clear on
those aspects of what is really important to you for your wedding day,
I’ve created a short video course that you can access by clicking on the link
below. Now, the first video of this three-part series is all about setting your must-haves and this is where we define what’s really important for your wedding day
and it’s going to help you make all of your wedding decisions as you go through
the planning process. So click on the link and come check it out! If you’d like
more free videos on how to plan an awesome wedding, visit

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