Wedding Planning: Mother of the Bride or The MOB

she arrives in five minutes make sure everything is ready everyone is smiling and the guests are lined up to greet her but the bread got here half an hour ago who cares about the bride the mother is coming the mother of the bride or the mom sometimes can / shine the bride and her demands and add you many times vendors don’t even know if they should follow the bride’s or mother’s requests especially if they contradict each other so you 100 we know you won Oh No what if you’re the bride and you know that your mother is going to make it all about her feel free to let us know it’s my mother’s wedding but I’ll be the one getting married today wedding professionals always go an extra mile to please a client one happy bride will bring us another bride one upset bride will cost us twenty future brides that’s why a good vendor will always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and make you happy the confusion appears we’re parents of the bride pay for the wedding technically they signed the contract so I have to follow their requests my money my wedding I know my daughter said doves no I can’t you yellow butterflies if we’re having that kind of mother of the bride everyone knows about her before she even shows up the mob has landed I repeat the mob has landed places people she was there every step of the planning attended every meeting argued the contracts she led the key to knowing that her chicken tastes better and finally she wrote your own vows for you because she knows better I know you all spent weeks writing your vows but this one’s will make everyone cry now go practice not a dry eye in the house and then she appears on the day of the wedding criticizes everything but dances the night away without even noticing that the right and groom were sent off an hour ago so where’s wedding is this Mama’s we know you love your children and you want the best for them but please you’ve been smothering them with you love all their lives let the kiddos have the wedding they want I’m Vegas wedding splitter to see you next week a cage of yellow butterflies I know you’ll spend weeks writing your vows but this one will have everyone cry now go practice not a dry eye in


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